What is destroying this generation of children? They don�t know that their lives are headed for sadness and misery, but older people of experience can see what is coming. Children don�t realize how differently they are thinking from that of their parents and grandparents. They know how their friends think and act, and they believe that they are doing right, perhaps even smarter than their parents. Because they are young and inexperienced, they have not decided yet what is of real value and what is not. They are still testing and searching for answers. And, like every generation of children, they don�t want to be told to not do this or that. They want to be free to decide for themselves. The sad result is that they reject wise advice that might guide them to happy and satisfying lives. Certainly I'm not indicting all children, but the generalization is valid that all children are suffering modern influences from the media and from their peers. I thank God that some children are able to resist the lure of wickedness. It is to this ever decreasing number that we must look to do battle against profligacy and to perhaps salvage some values of the past. (profligate: abandoned to vice; lost to principle, virtue, or decency; vicious, shameless in wickedness. Webster's Dictionary)

Every generation of children rebels against the past in order to create its own future. That is actually God�s design and a good thing, mostly. But now they have an enemy who is seriously determined to destroy them. An anti-Christian movement has control of the TV media and even of the education materials, and it is working to destroy the whole Christian culture. The movement consists of people who are loosely categorized as "Liberals." Liberals hate Christianity and our entire European heritage and they seek to destroy it. They have made huge progress in recent years. Parents get frustrated and angry about what is happening without realizing this destructive plan is deliberate and well planned. Parents think their children are just going wild by their own choice. They try to tell their children how it was in the old days, trying to convince them that things were better then, but children don�t want to hear that; they have their own friends and culture and new values. They turn away from their parents. So, there is no real communication between the two. Rather, they fight a lot.

What is really happening here? Our safe, happy, and orderly society is collapsing as it turns to sex and violence and ignorance. We need to understand that a society can be successful only when all its members share common values. When someone holds a conflicting value, that disrupts the happiness of all. For instance, if a social group, perhaps a community of Christian people, holds honesty as a high value, then everyone can relax and trust each other. They need not lock their doors or worry about things getting stolen, nor must they worry about being deceived by liars. But if a family who practices dishonesty moves into that town, then things start disappearing. Houses get burglarized. Cars get stolen. People begin to fear they might be next to get robbed or cheated. They start putting locks on their doors, and looking over their shoulders. The good old days are gone and people learn to live with new fears. Everyone has lost a happy way of life just because they permitted a different cultural value into their society.

That example is just one small way that our happiness is destroyed. Our European ancestors came to America and developed it successfully because they all shared the same Christian values, namely the Ten Commandments, along with a worship of the same Lord whose words gave us guidance for our lives. It was a racial matter, and our people knew how dangerous it was to mix other racial cultures and values into ours. The Bible has given us a history of God�s warnings against doing that. Whenever our ancient ancestors violated God�s rules about race mixing, they suffered His punishment. God wanted the best for them, and that meant to keep them pure and to keep them united in their values.

Today, our Christian society is being deliberately destroyed by politically powerful enemies to force us into mixing with racial cultures who have very different values from ours. Consider one more example, marriage. Recent years have seen marriage become so unimportant that young people are having sex outside of marriage just as though it was a good and natural practice. They�ve been taught that it is okay by countless TV shows which are sexually enticing and which exalt the libertine lifestyle. The word "libertine" means "one who indulges his desires without restraint, a rake, a debauchee." (Websters Dictionary) Children of the past couple generations have been taught that it is okay to do anything that feels good. They resent the preaching of their parents that they must not do something. They�ve been taught that fathers are stupid and undeserving of respect. TV shows teach these things in such entertaining ways that no one pauses to question how such idiot men could have built this great nation and written such great literature and achieved such great inventions. Many children today resent any Christian laws that prohibit their libertine freedom. They resent any instruction or guidance or counsel that warns against any thing they want to do. They hold no values. They stand for nothing noble, but only for what they want at the moment. They believe they are free. And TV shows demonstrate how wonderful and exciting libertine freedoms are.

Children are inexperienced and don�t understand that they are being set up for lives of misery. Rather than knowing the happiness and satisfaction that comes from real achievement and from being honorable and righteous, they get burned-out by their early twenties with unrestrained sex, drugs, foods, and anything else their human desires have lusted for. Many get diseases that ruin chances for a happy life. Many have had babies killed before they were even born because those babies would have interfered with their libertine lifestyle. Such children have turned into nothing but depraved, unhappy, and worthless beings. They can�t have happy marriages because they were taught the libertine way of life. If they do have children, those will grow up in split homes with a parent who doesn�t have a clue about how a home should really be. So, the next generation will be even worse. Lives of misery result from the libertine path.

Children who reject our traditional Christian values have no incentive to work toward anything noble. Instead of applying themselves to professions of high esteem, they claim a right to unrestrained depravity. They can�t become the producers of tomorrow. They can�t become responsible members of a society which works together. They have chosen to be prodigals who wish for nothing more than to wallow in self-indulgence. They�ve rejected their family values and their Lord, and after they�ve burned themselves out they don�t know how to get back to the home they left. They were tricked into destroying their own lives, and the consequences became worse than death. In recent years the suicide rate has skyrocketed because such prodigals had nothing to live for and could not escape the misery they�d brought upon themselves.

The deliberate assault against our Christian culture has been an effective method of destroying our society. We are pretty well gone now, without any hope of getting back. The older generations think back to those good old days when their neighbors and their town all held the same values. How exciting it was to live through teen age years with perhaps a secret crush on a girl or boy in school. And then, finally, one was old enough to be permitted to go on a date, perhaps to a movie, and perhaps to the corner drugstore for an ice-cream soda. No one kissed on a first date, nor likely even on the second. Kissing was a serious matter. Anyone who dared to be too free with his hands got slapped and the word went around that he was brash. There was absolutely no thought of getting sexual, for that would make one a tramp and he or she would lose the respect of everyone. A reputation ruined like that could not be repaired. A couple might date for months or years before getting engaged, which was a huge step. Even engagement did not include sex. Marriage was anticipated with excitement and some apprehension because both knew that it was for life. Plans were made regarding the future. His career was at the top of the list so he could provide a good home for the family. She would be a fulltime housewife and mother. And she taught the children to respect their father who had to be away from home working all day. The children happily greeted him when he got home from work. Meals were set and manners were learned. The family was held together by a love that was unquestioned. The radio was turned on for the evening news, and perhaps there was a cowboy program to listen to in the evening. Children went to bed and slept peacefully knowing they were safe and were loved.

Compare that with the chaotic lifestyles of today when both parents must work and kids are left to do for themselves. If there is a family meal, it is food from the supermarket and loaded with toxins. In many homes the TV is on from morning until late at night. The blaring racket numbs a person to any thoughts of his or her own. The father is considered a dufus by both the children and his wife. The kids side with their mother because she is the one who feeds them, just like an animal favors the one who feeds it. The father is tolerated better if he keeps his mouth shut because the children think they know so much more. His work was finished at conception, and isn�t needed any more. The government even wants to replace him as the provider. Meals are seldom a group gathering, but more like barnyard animals feeding whenever they can. Evenings are not spent at home because the kids want to get out and practice their libertine freedoms with their friends. Sex and drugs are the thrills that fill a young life rather than any mature development that might prepare for a future. The precious development years of youth are quickly wasted, and then in one�s early twenties he or she asks in frustration if that�s all there is to life. What�s the use of living? A number of past sex relationships have left one totally numb to the satisfaction and contentment of a stable marriage. The world then has on it a worthless being who eats and defecates and contributes no more than a forest animal, mostly burdening others with his welfare. He or she was born with a potential to do big things and to have a happy, satisfying, and fulfilled life, but that was wasted in the pigpen of libertine gratifications. Youth is past and there is nothing more to look forward to. Perhaps there is even a burden of children who didn�t get aborted. There is no successful career because the learning-years were wasted on pleasures of the flesh.

God must look upon such people with great sadness. He wanted so much more for them, and told them how to have wonderful lives. But they chose values opposite from His, and thereby destroyed themselves. Their parents grieved and felt indescribable anguish at the loss of their beloved children, but could do nothing to prevent it. The Liberal government prohibited discipline. Society has been destroyed, not just nationally or regionally or at the community level, but also at the family level. There is nothing left but heartache and misery. Our own European racial culture has deteriorated to that of primitive races who know nothing more than to angrily demand more food, shelter, and anything else they want.

That�s about it, isn�t it. I can write about this tragedy. Parents can grieve about their own offspring. Preachers can shout about it. But children have the support of all the television media, the printed news media, school textbooks, the government, and all the liberals who are promoting such libertine license. So, children cling to their friends and those who urge them to do whatever feels good. Parents lose the battle, and the whole society crashes. The children who grow up to be such prodigals will be different in one very important way from their parents. They will believe in caring selfishly only for themselves, while their parents had an abundance of love which they wanted to share with their children. The children will create a new society, but it will be a living hell instead of the happiness their parents wanted for them.

Regrettably, what I�ve described above might imply that all children are bad and older people were good. I don�t mean it that way because children are gifted with a potential just as great as their parents. It is not all, but many, who have been seduced by a serious enemy who has taught them to reject old traditions in order to enjoy the pleasures of selfishness and lusts. Perhaps by stating it as bluntly as I have done, some young people might recognize how they have been tricked into rejecting the values which make a happy life. It is from my deep concern for them that I write this.


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