The following letter is being mailed to many Christian friends across the nation, along with some televangelists, and as many Jewish leaders as I can locate mailing addresses for. Edomite Jews are the brothers of Jacob/Israel, but they are BAD brothers. Dominion over Israel for a period of time was granted to them by Isaac on his deathbed, about 1800 BC. Esau then left his Hebrew family to marry women of the Aramean race who were descendents of Cain, namely the children of Satan. Esau's name was changed to Edom, and his progeny still are led by a powerful instinct to destroy Jacob's descendents. Their history has been a continuous assault against the Israelites. The following indictment presents only a general survey of their injustices. The charges are here presented, and the judgment, sentencing, and execution will be accomplished by our God and Father just as prophesied by many of the Old Testament Prophets.

by Roger Hathaway, 1125 Goldfinch Lane, Jewell Ridge, Virginia 24622   March 21, 2004 Spring Equinox, beginning of the end


To the Jews,

        First, know that this is not a hate letter, nor do I hate you. You Edomites are brothers to Israel, making you my brother, and hate is not acceptable in Jesus' Israelite sheep. But, I deem that the truth stated in this letter will be difficult for you read, especially since it is from one who does not hate you.

        Jesus said to John,  "I know those who call themselves Jews and are not, but lie; they are the body of Satan." (Rev. 2:9 & 3:9) God said in Malachai 1:2, "Was not Esau Jacob's brother? saith the Lord; yet I loved Jacob and hated Esau." (and Romans 9:13) The prophet Obadias spoke: "the house of Israel shall take for an inheritance those that took them for inheritance. And the house of Jacob shall be fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau shall be stubble; and Israel shall flame forth against them, and shall devour them, and there shall not be a corn-field left to the house of Esau; because the Lord has spoken."

        At Jesus' trial, your ancestors called for Jesus' blood to be on them and on their children. And it has been so, for nearly 2,000 years. It was you Edomite Jews who killed Christ, and that guilt is forever. You have had your centuries of dominion over true Israel, and your time is nearly at an end. The end times have arrived, and your beastly civilization of World is about to end in a great catastrophe. The children of God are mostly silent, confidently awaiting that great day of God when we are avenged and you are overthrown.

        One can easily understand why you Jews think Christ's sheep, the European Christians, are stupid, and should be your servant goyim, for we practice a religious faith that looks quite foolish to you. We watch your culture-defining perversions on the screens, and we listen to your spin on your newscasts, and we read your twisted accounts in the printed media, and we say very little. It must look like we are completely under your hand. Until something like Gibson's Passion comes along and you stand dismayed and awestruck at the rising of the silent Christian majority to acknowledge our Lord! Yes, we are here, sheep, silently awaiting the return of our Shepherd.

        Certainly, you must feel contempt toward us who so na´vely succumb to your financial exploitations and your cultural perversions. Let me tell you why that is. Because our kingdom is not of this World. The lord of your material kingdom is Satan, as Jesus said. We accept your domination because that is part of God's plan during this kingdom of World. Isaac granted to Esau (Edom) this time of dominion, after which Jacob (Israel) will inherit God's kingdom. You must think that all Christians are ignorant of this truth because so many of our people have believed your revisionist lies. This letter will inform you that some of us do know some of the facts, a few of which I shall elucidate, as follows.

        You Jews are Edomites, descendants of Esau. Esau went bad by marrying Cain-race women. His Edomite progeny were later purged from Edom about 312 BC by the Nabateans, whence they migrated into southwestern Judea (Idumea) where you created great problems for the Israelites who had returned from the Babylon captivity. About 132 BC, the leader of Judea, John Hyrcanus, required you Edomites to be circumcised and convert to the Jerusalem Temple religion of Talmudic Phariseeism, something your people did with real enthusiasm. Within a few years, you Edomites dominated the land of Judea and the Temple, and from your fierce hatred against the true Israelites, you pushed them out of Jerusalem to outlying communities of poverty like Bethany and Bethlehem. In 47 BC, an Edomite, Herod, was appointed as "king" of Judea. Behold, the Edomites had become the new Judeans, henceforth to be called "Jews." Israelites were called "Israelites," not "Jews." Those Israelites and Judahites to the north of Judea were Galileans. Jesus was a Galilean, NEVER a Jew. By the time Jesus was born, your people controlled Judea and Jerusalem with an iron fist, and you oppressed God's true Israelites. It wasn't Rome who caused them to suffer, but you Edomites! Rome was a peace-keeping authority, and did not unjustly persecute those whom it ruled. It also was not the Edomite Jews who longed for a Savior (messiah), but God's children of Israel, most of whom were in Galilee. It's pretty obvious that Edom wanted no messiah or Herod wouldn't have attempted to kill the One spoken of by the O.T. prophets, when he learned about His birth.

    So, it was you Edomites to whom Jesus spoke, as recorded in John 8:39-47, when He went to the Temple to indict them,

"They (Jews) answered and said to Him, 'Our father is Abraham.' (True, both Jacob and Esau were grandchildren of Abraham) Jesus said to them, 'If you are children of Abraham, you would have been doing the works of Abraham. (true children should honor their father, but the Edomite Jews had clearly denied their heritage from Abraham) But now you are seeking to kill me, a man who has told you the truth, which I heard from God. Abraham did not do this! You are doing the works of your father.'" They said to Him, 'we have not been born of fornication; we have one father, God. 'Jesus said to them, 'If God was your father, you would have loved me, for I came forth from God, and I am here. I have not come from myself, but He sent me. Why do you not recognize my speech? Because you are not able to hear my word. You are out of your father, the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning (Cain killed Abel) and has not stood in truth, because the truth is not in him. When he speaks the lie, he speaks of his own things, because he is a liar and the father of it. But because I speak the truth, you do not believe me. Who among you exposes me concerning sin? If I speak truth, why do you not believe me? One who is born out of God hears God's words, therefore you do not hear, because you are not out of God.'"

        Certainly, Jesus would never say such things to His Israelite sheep. He was addressing Edomites, His natural, eternal, enemies. Jesus' words in the above passage also confirm the two-seed doctrine, which God made clear in Genesis 3:16, "I will put enmity between you (Satan) and the woman and between your (Satan's) seed (spermatos) and her seed." God refers to Satan's "sperm" in Eve. The two-seed doctrine (technically supported by Scripture but politically rejected by Christians) is that Abel and Cain were fraternal twins, Abel as a son of Adam and Cain as a son of Satan. The forbidden-fruit of the fall was Eve's intercourse with Satan (a man, not a serpent), and then with Adam shortly afterward. Thus were born two opponent races, one with spiritual instincts of Godliness from Adam/Christ and the other with natural instincts of evil (murder, lying, cheating, etc.) from Satan. Those two races would go on to perform God's pageant as a contest between good and evil. The two contestant races were later renewed in the fraternal twins, Jacob and Esau, for this very real contest in which we are involved today. During the half-cycle (12,000 years of the precession of equinoxes) kingdom of World, Satan's children have an advantage regarding material things, after which God's children will have the advantage during the half-cycle kingdom of Heaven. The end of the negative energy half-cycle World kingdom is imminent.

        Okay, there's the big picture. You Edomite Jews have unjustly exploited and killed the true Israelites, the white European peoples who still fly the emblems of the twelve tribes of Israel identifying exactly who we are. The Throne of David is still flagged by the Lion of Juda over the British Sovereign, a throne that has never been vacant, just as God promised. We are called Caucasians because we crossed the Caucasus mountains to get into Europe about 700 BC. When Jesus said, "by their fruits you shall know them," He wasn't meaning just you lying, murdering Edomite Jews, but also that God's children would be known by their instinctive goodness, compassion, benevolence, charity, the Golden Rule, love, honesty, righteous laws, and allegiance to God's Son, our Lord, Jesus, the Christ, of whose body we are the members.

So, what have your fruits been? It was your powerful influence (e.g. Poppaea) with some Roman emperors that got Christians crucified and thrown to lions during the early centuries. It was your influence in the development of the early Roman faction of Christianity, with some Jews even being Popes, that caused the adoption of the ancient Pagan mother-goddess religion into Roman Catholicism, and later that caused inquisitions which killed millions of white race Christians of Europe. Just as Esau sought to kill Jacob, so have you Edomites continued in your lust to kill white race Christians! It was the Edomite evil instincts which got formed into the Communist Manifesto by the Jew, Karl Marx, in 1848. It was the material/money lust and clever talent that formed the Jewish banking cartel, beginning with A. M. Rothschild at the time of Napoleon, which now controls the economies of the entire world, milking the goyim of all our profits. It was your Zionist meeting in Basel, in 1897 under Theodor Herzl, that proposed the extermination of the entire white race through wars and forced race-mixing, a work obviously still in progress. It was your Khazar Jewish Bolshevik movement that conquered Russia and killed its Christian rulers, and then under your proxy, Stalin, massacred more than fifty million (Solzhenitsyn says "66 million")  northern Europe white race Christians between 1920 and 1940.

        Now, as Director of ADL, Mr. Abraham Foxman has complained about Mel Gibson comparing the Nazi holocaust with the famine in the Ukraine in 1933. What famine? They had food, but you people stole it, locked it up under guards, and forced death by starvation upon millions of white Christians there. That is what you Jews call a "famine?" What an audacious lie! I tell you, if six million Jews had died in the alleged "holocaust" that would hardly be a tithe in return for all whom you murdered.

        But, there again, another of your lies is that so-called "holocaust." It is now known that the so-called "gas chamber" building was built sometime after the war was over, and there is no evidence whatsoever of any gas being used at any time. Your puppets, FDR and Churchill, blockaded ALL food supplies into Germany, forcing the whole country into starvation, including the prisoners who were mostly non-Jewish. You seem attracted to the use of starvation! Yes, SOME Jews were probably in those prison camps, but there couldn't have been very many because most had fled Germany in 1939 and 1940, long before 1942 when Hitler finally began arresting Jewish Communists. Lies upon lies have become difficult to see through! The Red Cross was present at the Concentration Camps and testified in an inquiry in 1957 that there were no gas chambers or crematoriums, that the Camps were not "death camps." Ending the inquiry, the judge declared all that evidence to be sealed, therefore it is not available to further hearings. Consequently, there have been no hearings where all the evidence disproving the holocaust could be presented against your total lack of evidence to support your claim. Simply, if those were "death camps," then why have more than six million Jews been receiving monthly compensation checks as "holocaust survivors!" So very many survivors???  Of "Death Camps"!!!

        In 1933 you Zionists declared open war against Germany. In 1939 you Zionists published a book, GERMANY MUST PERISH, in which the complete annihilation of the Germanic race was outlined, partly to be accomplished through wars which you start and the rest through your promotion of race-mixing, which is the greatest plague affecting America today. The German people had just seen the extermination of millions of their own race, somewhat hidden behind your Iron Curtain, and knew that they were next on your list for extermination. The German people would have followed anyone, because their own survival was at stake. By the way, Hitler wrote that he believed he was doing Christ's work to unite the German people and to oppose Jewish Communist's genocide pogrom. Hitler's attitude toward Jews was still more tolerant than that of Martin Luther, who had also recognized your evil agenda. And then, we should remember that after Germany was defeated, your General Eisenhower turned the defeated Germans over to you Jews, whereupon you massacred about nine million more men, women, and children. Your textbook writers omit some of these items in the history books which our Christian children are compelled to study! Not much truth in Jewish-produced textbooks! And today we learn that your Zionist motto is "By way of deception, we shall do war." Like Jesus said, you are liars by nature.

        And then, we should address your lie about the modern people of "Israel" being God= s chosen race. Truly, you Jews are "chosen," but not in the fraudulent way that you present to the Christians. You aren't even Israelites! You were chosen by God to express the negative energy of wickedness and lies for God's purpose of strengthening His own children of Israel. Nearly everything you ever say is a lie, the very opposite of truth, for that is your nature. Because of your deep hatred of us, you accuse Christians of hating Jews, even while they befriend you as God's chosen ones. You victimize your neighbors while screaming to highest decibels that you are being victimized by them. You massacre Palestinians while claiming to be victims of them. Your merchants claim "I got a good deal for you," while cheating another sucker. You set up a Jewish defense organization, claiming that we are anti-Semitic, while you orchestrate our racial destruction. As for that word, "Semitic," the true white-race Israelite tribes who migrated into Europe after 700 BC ARE Semitic. The Arab race of Ishmael is Semitic. And I believe that your Jewish race from Edom is also truly Semitic, contrary to your scholars who claim your Khazarian ancestry traces back to Japheth rather than to Shem. If your scholars are correct, then you are not Semitic, and that would make you the ONLY ONES who really are anti-Semitic with your hateful genocidal pogroms against the Arabs and the white race. However, your Khazar legend is that your people came originally from Mt. Seir, which is the land of Edom. So, I'm convinced that you are those Semitic Edomites, and your fruits certainly expose you as the expression of evil in God's grand pageant being performed on this world stage. Other than from Arthur Koestler's book, some of this information is from History of the Jewish Khazars, by Douglas M. Dunlop, Princeton University Press, 1954. About 70 AD, the Semitic Edomites migrated to Khazaria in south-eastern Russia after being purged out of Palestine. Confirmation of that migration to eastern Europe, I found on internet at a Jewish web site: Their statement reads: "The 'founder effect' refers to the chance presence of these genes among the 'founders' or ancestors who immigrated to eastern Europe at the time of the Diaspora (70 A.D.)." Geneticists agree that Khazarian Jews have the same DNA as those Edomite Jews who left Palestine in that 70 A.D. Titian purge. From that time we note your race of Cain continuing its war against God's Israelite sheep, the Christ-race. From Khazaria, in later centuries you migrated into Hungary and Germany. Khazarian Jews are known as Ashkenaz, while those who had emigrated to Spain became known as Sephardim, both groups being Edomite race. Your people have been expelled from many European countries after first being welcomed. Then the Christians suffered under your wicked financial exploitation and other political corruption. There never has been any so-called "anti-Semitic" attitude! Most people don't even know what that means, but there certainly have been ANTI-JEW attitudes toward your exploitation and you people who robbed us of our lands, wealth, and culture.

        And how about that so-called "Hebrew" language, that you claim was the language of our ancient patriarchs. Nonsense! When our Israelite ancestors went into Assyrian captivity, 8th C. BC., they spoke Phoenician, which then got mixed with the Afro-Asian dialect of Aramaic of their captors, to become the mongrel language of those Iberi (Hebrew) people. That mongrel "Hebrew" language later came to Palestine about 510 BC with the returnees from Babylon, and was limited to the Jerusalem Temple area. It got adopted by the Edomites when they took over the Temple and Jerusalem, but there was no Hebrew written alphabet until the Herodian script was created during the century prior to Christ. By the time of the Jewish diaspora in 70 AD, the Temple scribes had translated only a couple parts of Deuteronomy and some Psalms from the Septuagint Greek O.T. (of 285 BC) into the new square-letter Hebrew script, which then got hidden with the rest of the Temple material in a collection now called the Dead Sea Scrolls. By the way, Qumran was a Roman Fortress, not an Essene community. It would not be until nearly 1,000 AD that the Jewish masoretes completed their translation of the Old Testament from Greek into the Herodian Script, which they then presented as the ancient original language. The Roman Catholic Church adopted it without question because of the influential Jewish presence there, but the Eastern Church knew better and retains to this day that Greek Old Testament (Septuagint) which Jesus read and used. Today most Christians believe that your fraudulent Hebrew O. T. dates from ancient times, when actually it is only 1,000 years old. Just one more Jewish fraud!

        You Jewish people have attacked our Christian culture, attempting to pervert it to the degenerate values of your Satanic Talmud with all its emphasis on perverted sex and other wickedness. You have robbed us of our money through your Jewish banks, especially through your Federal Reserve System which loans us non-existent money and requires repayment from our earned incomes, plus usurious interest at a rate which you establish. Communism and Capitalism are but two different Jewish methods of exploiting the product of white-race producers, neither of which requires Jews to do any labor. You have robbed us of our industry by crooked management, and by recent outsourcing of our jobs to foreign nations. You have robbed us of our Christian values by your media of all types, all of which you control. You robbed us of our honor by promoting moral relativism, and perversion of our Godly values. Your entertainment industry is based on pretense/acting/fraud. Jews make the best actors because lying is your natural talent. You rob us daily of the truth by spinning the news to suit your pogrom. You robbed us of our history by writing revisionist textbooks that denigrate our noble heroes, and by making up lies about a holocaust which never happened. You rob us of our health with your pharmaceutical poisons and your medical pogrom against us. You rob us of healthy food with your chemical processing, and with steroids and other chemicals in our meats. You rob us of our racial identity by flooding us with foreign immigrants while you promote race-mixing through your many media. You rob us of justice by controlling the judicial system with your corrupt judges who are lenient to Jews but severe toward whites. You rob us of our young men by wars which you create for your own purposes, most of which are related to your world-wide drug cartel. You rob us of our Christian society by designing its demise, as directed by your Illuminati (Adam Weishaupt's), under which chapter 322 is the William Russell Trust, commonly called Skull and Bones, of which the two Presidents Bush and also John Kerry are your operatives. When I say that you robbed us, I realize that you are only half to blame; we who permit it must accept half the blame. Satan can= t make us do anything; yielding to you is our guilt! It is truly perplexing beyond all reason that followers of Christ might see your fruits and still think you are His chosen representatives! Your fruits well identify whom you represent.

        Whew! And I've only begun! Your list of crimes against us is nearly endless. And still we survive! I suspect you know that you can never destroy us, nor prevent the completion of God= s plan with its inevitable destruction of your Edomite race. Read those O.T. prophets whom you despise.

        You Edomite Jews are our BROTHERS, as Esau was Jacob's bad brother. We are the only two races born from divine sources, us from God and you from Satan (granting Satan a divinity of a sort, even though the negative side of the coin). The other races are but pawns as we two do contest in this arena. You can kill us innocent ones over and over again, but you can never destroy that which we truly are, spiritual children of God who live eternally, while these flesh dwellings are but temporary stage roles. Do you ever wonder why Christians accept death of loved ones so calmly? It's because we know flesh-death is not the end. Sympathetically, we can understand why your grief is so extreme at the deaths of your family members, because you know there is nothing beyond. Brothers we are! Yes, but very different. And because we are brothers, I do not hate you. God might hate you, but it is not my place to do that. I am angry at you for the injustice you have committed against us during your time of dominion, but I understand you are following your lord, Satan, and doing his will. In the end, my heart is pained for you, because I've read the prophecies, and know your terrible end. It wouldn't be so terrible, but YOU EXERCISED YOUR DOMINION BADLY with your terrible injustice. It is that injustice which brings you the full wrath of our Father. Your race was generated for a special purpose, dominion during this kingdom of World, but your dominion could have been more merciful. Instead, it was all injustice. That is the crime for which you are indicted, and for which the justice will be executed by the direction of God, our Father.

        I wrote this letter to you in but a couple hours, pouring it forth as the thoughts came to me. It but hints at the terrible crimes you are still committing against us, unjustly. I could pray for God's mercy for you, but I think His wrath would drown out the whisper of my prayer. As for me, I forgive you because I know you were expressing your natural instincts. You view this World as the kingdom for which you lust, and upon which you yearn to exercise cruel mastery. We Christians see this world as but a foreign testing ground, where we might live as Jesus directed, in innocence and charity toward all, loving and forgiving instead of hating, and following our Lord into death. In the coming kingdom of Heaven, when we rule, then those of you, who have done goodness and get to cross over, will enjoy fair treatment and the Golden Rule, without injustice or exploitation.

        There, I've spelled it out for you as best I can. I would like to thank you for making Gibson's Passion a blockbuster as it deserves. While you meant to do him harm, God turned it to good. And that's the way our Father sometimes does. While God permits His Son and His children to be tested severely, even to death, we accept that as His divine plan, knowing that He, our Almighty Father, is in ultimate control. Thwarting His will is futile, a fact which should strike terror in your hearts and minds. If I tell you that I forgive you, might that help you to be content with God's agenda, and to exercise your remaining short time of dominion more honorably and mercifully? More likely it amplifies your contempt toward me.

        For a preview of the coming months and years, you might look at Ezekiel 38, which tells how God will call you forth against His true Israelite children, for His purpose, and then will intervene with His justice. I suspect you will enjoy the first part, but then B B B even I shall weep for you, if God has not had me lifted up first, like His own Son, which I also am.

        Humbly do I present this indictment, praying that I never be burdened with any judging or sentencing.

From a genuine servant of my Lord, Jesus, the Christ, I am

                Roger Ray Hathaway


P.s. If you Jews want to claim your ancient homeland, move back to Edom. God first gave Palestine to His children of Israel. You then, as Edomites, took Judea from them, and now you are taking it from its rightful Palestinian owners by a genocidal pogrom against them. You scream loudly when they throw stones, but your newscasts neglect to mention your massacre of hundreds at a time with one of the most powerful military forces in the world. You attack them with horrific weaponry, and they retaliate by throwing stones at you, and then you scream "victim!" to all the world. True history will record your people as the most accomplished terrorists of all time! It is your traditional method to loudly accuse your victims of whatever you are doing to them, and with your control of the news media, the world hears it your way. Your lord, Satan, is certainly very clever and conniving and deceitful and merciless, which on reflection means you have been excellent children to him. I wish more Christians would be equally good representatives of our Lord. Perhaps they are just now beginning to awaken. Time is short.

        I see your ADL website says you fight bigotry of all kinds. Your genocidal hatred and bigotry against Arabs, whites, and blacks makes it clear that you only mean bigotry against yourselves, especially the non-existent bigotry which you make-up in order to work your deceit of being the victim of everyone else. By the way, since my white race is Semitic, too, this letter is NOT anti-Semitic! And while Truth might seem like hate to you, it really is not, nor do I feel any such hatred like that which motivates your lives. That might not be possible for you to understand!

        Just as Jesus indicted you (John 8:44) so do I now indict you, without apology. Amen.


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