What do you think when you see a person who has tattoos all over his/her body? Do you gaze admiringly and compliment him? Or do you turn your head quickly away? My reaction is to think he has defiled a body which God provided. The word "grotesque" always comes to my mind. Worse yet, that body is a Temple in which God lives (or did live). The Bible makes clear that our bodies are temples of God. Tattoos are equivalent to spray painting graffiti all over the holy Temple of Solomon in ancient Jerusalem. Tattoos are a blasphemous defilement!

Defiling the exterior surface of God�s Temple is bad enough, but what about one who offers poisoned food to the altar inside? Think about that. The Bible teaches that offerings must be the very best, without blemish, perfect. What do you think about one who offers foods which are toxic with chemical poisons?

Nearly every food sold in a supermarket is loaded with chemical poisons (boldly listed on labels) that would defile the inside of your body which is on loan to you. God has given you a flesh body for a purpose, that you might use it to express righteousness in a corrupt and ugly world. You have a body which can serve as a lighthouse through which God can beam His light to others. You have a purpose, a God-designed destiny for which a healthy body is of great benefit. So, how do you maintain and care for the Temple in your care? Do you defile the outside with tattoos? Do you defile the inside with chemical poisons that are in nearly every commercial food? Or do you care for your Temple by giving it only the purest and most natural foods that God has prepared in His animals and plants? As the caretaker, do you care if it is filthy, sickly, weak, and diseased? You might ponder whether God cares what you do.

Okay, perhaps the thought has registered in your mind that you have a responsibility for something greater than mere sensual gratification of your human nature. For those who care, let�s first consider what things are harmful to you, things which defile you and even destroy you. There are three groups of physical things which can defile you.

The three groups are Food additives, Pharmaceuticals, and Narcotics. All three are poisons which act upon you in specific ways. They are all DRUGS which will eventually destroy you. Later in this article we will look at something which John saw in his Revelation which indicates that such drugs will be used against God�s true children by their enemies. For the moment, we will look at the three groups.

FOOD ADDITIVES:   There are thousands of different drugs used for commercial foods. Some of them are so dangerous that the FDA requires they be listed on labels. Another fifteen thousand or so may be used without listing them. Many of these drugs preserve food from rotting by making it poisonous to bacteria. Some drugs are used to excite your taste buds; they are called "excitotoxins." MSG is an excitotoxin which is so powerful that it commonly causes atrial fibrillation of the heart. But, it makes food taste better! Some chemicals are used to color foods to make them visually appealing. Thousands of different chemicals are permitted under the label listings of "natural flavors" or "artificial flavors." Some chemicals are placed in foods by processors which stimulate your appetite so you will eat more at the time, or which cause you to crave more of it later (addictive). Then there are poisons which get into crops from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Then there are the chemicals which are most dramatically changing the looks of our society, from thin people to obese; these are the growth hormones (steroids) given to meat animals. Beef, hogs, chickens, and turkeys may be the most dangerous foods you could eat because of the many chemicals in them. Then there are the non-foods which are promoted, even through health-food stores, like soy beans and palm oil, and others which never were used as food by our ancestors. Refined white flour products rob the body of essential nutrition, leaving one deficient in B vitamins and minerals like magnesium and zinc. Sodium nitrite (preservative in bacon and other foods) causes colon cancer. All vegetable oils are dangerously harmful. Hydrogenated oils are in margarine and many foods today, even though the World Health Org. had tried to outlaw them decades ago. Hydrogenated oils cause cancer, birth defects, heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, and a long list of other serious ailments. Soft drinks leach calcium from bones. Markets are selling disease-in-a-box rather than food!  Then, besides all the chemicals, foods are made harmful by refining methods which remove all nutrients (as with sugar & flour), and you buy the non-digestible leftovers. Then there is the terribly poisonous chlorine in your tap water. Worse yet is fluoride which is put in tap water because it is a byproduct of the aluminum industry, and it is too expensive to dispose of it as hazardous waste. Fluoride is one of the most dangerous toxins on earth. Their disposal problem was solved by putting in the water you drink! Then there is the pasteurization process, most notably for milk, which destroys all the healthful enzymes, micro-organisms, flora, and anti-pathogenic bacteria. Perhaps no other food is so important to good health than naturally cultured raw milk. But, once it has been pasteurized, it is nothing but harmful to you. Sadly, well-meaning adults give it to innocent children! It is a genuine miracle of God that bodies can survive to adulthood with the poisons we feed them. Food manufacturers should be charged with homicide, for they do it knowingly. Back in the 1950's there was a radical health promoter, Jack LaLane, who is now in his nineties and in vibrant health. He has a simple motto: If it is made by man, don�t eat it. That includes all the agriculture crops that are chemicalized while growing. Some are even waxed afterward, so you can�t wash the poisons off! But they sure look good on display, don�t they?

PHARMACEUTICALS:  These are nothing but controlled poisons which are designed to affect specific symptoms you might be suffering. They do absolutely nothing to promote good health. It is not a secret that mainstream medical practitioners don�t believe in cures. They treat symptoms ONLY. They, with the protection and help of government agencies, actively oppose any cure that is developed or perhaps was used effectively centuries ago. They will prosecute any person who spreads information about an effective cure. For instance, diabetes is easy to cure by a change in diet, but doctors convince their patients the disease is incurable. Thyroid glands are routinely removed without ever informing the patient that a simple iodine supplement (iosol) will restore the gland to normal function. Surgical removal of the gland guarantees the patient will be purchasing the pharmaceutical synthroid till the end of life. There are many effective cures for cancer, but all are outlawed in the U.S. Graduates from medical schools have been trained in pharmaceuticals and surgeries while being brainwashed that all ancient healing therapies are useless folk remedies. Doctors graduate as true-believers that modern science is the ONLY effective therapy. Even healthy food supplements are being outlawed in favor of poisonous pharmaceuticals. The international codex alimentarius is already being enforced in Europe, placing herbs and nutritional supplements under control of licensed doctors, making them illegal for public sale. Even herbs, long considered as food, have been made illegal. Citizens are prohibited from healthy nutrition while being forced to rely on foods and drugs that are poisonous to the body. The recent passage of CAFTA makes that codex now enforceable in the U.S., so you might get ready for it. Soon you will be just a prisoner whose diet is restricted to the poisons which international officials prescribe. If that isn't a genocidal pogrom, what is.

Once you realize the facts about these organized and deliberate attacks against you, will you still reject the idea of conspiracy? You live a few years of youthful vigor and then you live a few more ailing years under the destructive therapies of mainstream medicine and expensive medical insurances. And then you die many years earlier than if you had not been poisoned. America has the poorest state of general health in the world today, and the highest-cost medical care. Doesn�t that tell you something? You are being deliberately destroyed, and it is a well-planned genocide that has been in work for many centuries. I could tell you the whole history of it, but that is too lengthy for this article.

Regarding ailments and diseases, they all have one thing in common. They all result from free-radical damage. Except for physical injuries and broken bones, all other problems are caused by free-radical damage. There are two kinds of food, healthy ones with anti-oxidants, and harmful ones with free-radicals. Free-radicals are created by chemicals used in fertilizers, pesticides, and food additives. Commercial processing methods, and even your microwave, convert healthy foods into harmful ones with free-radicals. Those free-radicals rob your cells of oxygen and cause damage to the mitochondria, the fuel burning engines, in your cells. Free-radicals scar arteries and other tissues so that cholesterol must be deposited as repair patches. Cholesterol is a good guy and, by patching the damage, keeps you alive longer than you could live otherwise. Cholesterol is used by the body to repair free-radical damage. Excessive buildup of cholesterol is only because you have been damaging yourself to excess. Then the buildup can actually block an artery, causing a more serious problem. Heart disease would not exist except for free-radical damage. Neither would cancer or diabetes or any other disease. What can you do about it? Simple. Stop eating unnatural foods. To correct damage already done, eats lots of things high in anti-oxidants, like blueberries or any dark colored berries, and cherries, and grapes, and dark wines. There are many foods high in anti-oxidants which can help you recover from damage already done. You might also wonder why the government is conducting a full-out campaign to lower your cholesterol, thereby leaving you without a natural repair tool to keep you alive. By the way, of your total cholesterol, 25 percent of it is in your brain, being essential for clear thinking. It should be no surprise that senile dementia and Alzheimers are diseases on the increase because of deadly cholesterol-lowering statin drugs and a national campaign to avoid such lifesaving foods as eggs and others which are high in blessed cholesterol.

NARCOTICS:  The entire world is plagued by narcotic drugs. Rather than the gradual decline in health from poisoned foods, or the more agonizing attack on your body by pharmaceuticals, these narcotic drugs are the fast track to death. Up until the early years of the last century they were legal for public purchase in America. Coca-cola became popular because it contained cocaine. Laudanum was a tincture of opium popular for all kinds of purposes by the common people. Heroin and marijuana were legal. Absinthe (aka wormwood) was the popular drug of abuse for those willing to abandon their lives to that slippery slope of destruction. But, most people used drugs responsibly and they never became the horrific social problem we know today. Early in the 20th century such drugs were outlawed in America. But, that did not stimulate enough surge in their abusive use, so the Prohibition Act was passed to make alcohol illegal. The authorities actively prosecuted alcohol use but paid little attention to the opiates, resulting in a transfer from alcohol abuse to hard drugs. When the market became great enough for hard drugs, alcohol was made legal again. It was all planned and deliberate.

The story behind drugs-of-abuse is a long and complicated one. For the past two centuries a world drug cartel has controlled the economies of the world, and most of the political governments. Yes, we have been under the dictates of that world syndicate (Illuminati) for nearly two centuries. Without going into the lengthy history, I will sum up the facts briefly. In the 1830's that drug syndicate used the fastest Clipper Ships to transport opium from Afghanistan to China, which was the major market. The recent war in Afghanistan was necessary because the Taliban had prohibited the opium poppies. Afghanistan has long been the major supplier of ninety percent of the world's opium. In 1832 a subchapter of the world drug syndicate was incorporated at Yale University with the official name of William Russell Trust, to become known by a nickname of Skull and Bones Club. A competitor drug group located in Boston was then merged with the Yale organization. Because of the various international intrigues that accompanied such lucrative and dangerous ventures, a sophisticated world-wide intelligence network was developed by the cartel. In 1955, when the U.S. wanted its own intelligence agency, the Yale club offered theirs. It was first known as the O.S.S., but the name was later changed to C.I.A. It�s directors have always been Bonesmen from Yale. George Bush Sr. was head of the CIA for a while. China is still a major player in the world drug business, and George Bush was also an ambassador to China. Today, Bush Jr. works for the same agenda as his father and his grandfather. They are achieving complete world domination for the Jewish Illuminati. The world drug trade and the United Nations and many other globalist-seeking organizations are all headed by the same upper echelon. One of their primary goals is to exterminate the white European race of true Israelites; they do it by promoting race-mixing, by wars, and by poisons in foods, medical drugs, and narcotics. Secondly, they must crush all Islam because the Muslims will NEVER yield to Jewish dictatorship; they will die for their cause and that makes them unconquerable. Islam (the false prophet of Revelation) must be destroyed. Muslims know that if they lose in Iraq, they lose all! For anyone interested, you can find lengthy information about all these things on the internet. You merely need to wake up and look behind the mind-numbing media and the lying politicians.

I said I would speak further about what John saw in his Revelation regarding drugs. It is in chapter 8:10-11, being the 3rd Trumpet. In the book of Revelations, Trumpets announce tribulations for God�s children of Israel, which are the white European Christians. Bowls of wrath indicate tribulations for the Edomite race of Jews who are the eternal enemies of Christ�s true sheep. The Jewish assault against Israelites (later called Christians) began even before Jesus was born. John�s vision was symbolic of the drugs and poisons which would plague us. 8:10 (TRUMP 3) and a great star fell from heaven, burning as a lamp, and it fell onto a third part of the rivers and onto the fountains of the waters; (11) and the name of the star is called Apsinthos [wormwood]. And a third part of the waters became Absinthe, and many men died from the waters because they were made bitter.

Interpretation: A star is an angel, a spiritual force, and here not a good one. In this case it stimulates an attraction to drugs. The Absinthe drug is sometimes called Wormwood. It was popular in Europe and America until the early twentieth century when it was outlawed. It was highly addictive, mind-altering, and mind-destroying. Wormwood here in this text is a SYMBOL for drug-abuse, more prevalent than ever in these end-times. It is the Jews who promote and profit most from the drug trade, just as they did with the slave trade. Because of this, the Jewish politicians will never really oppose it, except in pretense for sake of votes. Drug addiction tends to kill one�s spiritual nature. "Many men died from the waters." Many children of God are lost to this devil in present day. In a very real way, the euphoric feeling attained through drugs is the devil's substitute for the spiritual bliss one might feel during prayer, Bible study, or meditation. Perhaps drugs provide Jews with the only spiritual bliss possible for children of Satan. This plague that serves the testing and strengthening of God�s children also serves to punish that race which foists it upon us.

CONCLUSION:  Your body is a temple of God. You are the caretaker of it, appointed by God. It is important how you treat its exterior and its interior. Just as you would never think of tattooing your skin, so you should be equally reluctant to poison it with commercial foods, pharmaceuticals, or narcotics. Your health is important to God, but it is your responsibility. Once you realize there is an active war against you by an enemy who wants you exterminated, perhaps you can then stand up boldly and think for yourself. Perhaps you can extricate yourself from his clutches, but it won�t be easy. You would actually have to DO something to make changes in your lifestyle, your behaviors, your habits, your addictions, and even perhaps the location where you live.

Pharmaceuticals are fairly easy to give up. I can tell you personally of several people who were dying and by giving up ALL their many prescription drugs, which their doctors said were essential, they revived to live active and healthy lives. One was my mother, around whom the family gathered years ago because she was nearly dead. Today, she is active, walking the malls and enjoying her life. Her quadruple bypass was fifteen years ago, and she is doing wonderfully since getting off all pharmaceuticals. Foods are more difficult to change. You will not give up eating entirely, but you need to find natural foods that haven�t been processed by any company. That pretty much means you must live away from a city and have your own cow, chickens, garden, etc. where you can avoid the poisons. That is what my wife, Lisa, and I have done. We rarely buy anything at a supermarket anymore. Our diet is simple, and we feel marvelously better than when our bodies were loaded with toxins. We have no health insurance, or even Medicare, nor do we go to doctors.

If you want to venture forth on a path to good health without doctors or expensive health insurance, I recommend you get a book by Kevin Trudeau publ. in 2004, Natural Cures "They" Don�t Want You to Know About. It is sweeping the country right now, as an expose of the medical industry and the food industry. It delights me that it is written by a Jew who has the insights to expose his fellow Jews for their crimes against us. As good as the book is, unfortunately he tends toward vegetarianism and he stresses that one eat foods which will make your urine and saliva alkaline instead of its healthy slightly-acid pH level of 6.4 to 6.8. If you are cautious about those two errors, the rest of the book is a mind-blowing explosive revelation about the industries which are intentionally trying to kill us. You can get it at for $17.97 instead of its normal retail price of $29.95.

Personally, I believe that I am an heir to the vineyard which my Father has prepared for us. It is my primary goal to prepare myself for that inheritance and my destiny. I encourage you to consider yourself as an equal heir, and to enjoy the freedom from all the poisons in commercial foods and from your doctors. God is the great healer and there is nothing He cannot CURE. You cannot trust in poisonous drugs and also in Him, for the one will cancel out the other. Jesus said you cannot serve God and mammon both. If you dare to make a clear choice between the two, He will support and strengthen you. Otherwise, your demise is quite predictable. I would be thrilled to walk at your side into the new kingdom. It has been promised that we shall rise up with wings as eagles; we shall run and not be weary.

by Roger Hathaway, August, 2005

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