Any follower of Jesus, who is willing to hear what He said, knows that His central theme was for us to disconnect from this World. He taught that we should not worry about tomorrow; donít store ahead for the future; and finally to give up oneís physical life. Well, thatís quite a recipe for success, isnít it? On its face, the success is not quite apparent! So, there must be a higher goal for which one should abandon this life completely. So, what is it? Heaven? Is Heaven the carrot on the stick which motivates you to do something to move toward God? Ironically, the Christian movement has never defined Heaven at all; itís just the good place where you go after you die.

Heaven is not the subject here, but the Greek word for it is aion, which means "during ages," namely the ages of the Kingdom of God/Heaven to come. But, I contend that Heaven should not be the value which motivates one to follow Jesus and to live Righteously. It is a shallow and selfish thing for one to do good just so he can get the gift of Heaven. God has a much greater plan in motion than to just provide an eternal bliss for whoever believes in Jesus. And He has a greater purpose for His Elect race of Israel than to merely sit around Heaven playing harps. Rather, God is working a dynamic process during long cycles of time in which opposites play against each other: positive versus negative, good versus evil, light versus darkness, war versus peace, knowledge versus ignorance, truth versus lie, matter versus spirit, killing versus nurturing, hatred versus love, et al.

Our Father beckons us to do contest in His great pageant as representatives of Good; our leader being Jesus. Our opponents, whose leader is Satan, represent Evil. While I donít want to spend time discussing the instinctive natures of these two races, it is very interesting that Satanís race of Edomite Jews, has as a motto for Zionist Israel, the words, "By way of deception, we shall do war." They know their natural instincts and brazenly admit their lying nature, just as Jesus described it in John 8:44. Anyway, it is the purpose of Godís offspring to do battle against that evil in this great contest. What is the goal? Each team claims that it wants one thing, Peace. Each views its adversary as an obstacle to that Peace. Godís children want a Heavenly Peace in which no one suffers any injustice or pain or any evil thing, and where they are permitted to enjoy happy and fruitful lives by their own efforts. Satanís race wants a peace in which it alone is permitted to exploit, cheat, and kill whomever it wishes while enjoying the thrills of sensual satiation and perversions without reservation, and to live by the efforts of others (goyim) who are its slaves. By understanding the difference between those two natures, just described, you can see Spiritual Godliness as distinct from earthly passions/perversions. Godís children are motivated by spiritual instincts which are really a participation in God Himself. Satanís children are motivated by the most base of physical and emotional urges.

Spiritual instincts and wicked instincts are VALUES which serve as guides for living. Being opposites, those who are true to their racial natures are led in opposite directions. Sometimes one contestant is ahead of the other. Such victories and defeats happen in cyclic patterns. During the 12,000 year Kingdom of World, the negative energy is a more powerful influence over all life on the planet, giving Satanís race an advantage and to a great degree dominion over the other races including the European white race of true Israel. At the end of that 12,000 year half-cycle, the energy changes to positive and Godís children have an advantage. But the struggle goes on! There is no such thing as positive without a negative counterpart. Not in this world, not in any part of Godís design, nor in that 12,000 year half-cycle we call Heaven. I will say it more clearly; even in Heaven we will struggle against wickedness and an opponent race who wants to destroy us. What will be different is this: that we Spiritual Elect representatives of God will have an advantage over the worldly ones. We will have some powers that no other race can possess because the powers are spiritual in nature and only Godís children have the spiritual nature.

So, there is the purpose for our existence, to develop and perfect our spiritual natures in preparation for inheriting the Kingdom of Heaven. The problem is that during this kingdom of World, we have been terribly corrupted by Satanís temptations and lies. We have been suckered into believing that we are weak victims of a material universe rather than the actual creators and masters of it. We have bought and now claim as our treasure, the World. We have placed ourselves into bondage, not just to a false belief, but also to the lord and instigator of that lie. Consequently, until we learn the truth and reject the lie, we cannot have the Truth. We canít follow Jesus and Satan at the same time. One must be rejected and abandoned. How does one reject Satan, his lie, and his World? Only one way; die to it. Work at rejecting it in your daily life, in your values, in your possessions, in your heart and in your soul.

But, BUT, to reject everything of this World leaves one with nothing. Thatís right! But, preachers canít attract followers if they offer only "nothing." So, they promise Heaven, and they make it easy: all you do is believe in the name of Jesus, and itís yours. My message is different. I tell you that you were born to represent God and Righteousness for the sake of nothing more than that career itself. The ages to come (Heaven) will be something for another lifetime; they arenít the carrot which urges you  to be good simply because God knows "if youíve been naughty or nice." Rather, this lifetime is your opportunity to realize who you are, Who you represent, what the World really is, and why you should reject it. Jesus taught us that Death is the only way to reject this world-life, and that one should actively seek that goal. Your death is your offering because you reject even your physical body along with everything else in this material World. As a spirit-being offspring of God, who has gone prodigal into a physical body, you reject and abandon your physical self on an altar of sacrifice. It is your sin-offering. It is the killing of worldly self simply because your Father calls you home and says you canít bring that self with you. So, you offer it on the altar to be burned up and disappear, while you, as a spirit, go on to "nothing" that you can imagine or understand with the limited-mind of that "self" which you are leaving behind.

The age of Aries, from the time of Abraam to Jesus (2000BC to AD) was a period of history which taught us the lesson of sin-offering and sacrifice. Lambs were sacrificed on altars as symbols of life-offerings (by death) which make one acceptable again to God. Then, Jesus came as another lesson-example for our education; He as much as told us, "hereís what God wants of us; Iíll show you how to do it." Now, at the end of the age which Jesus inaugurated, namely Pisces, we will perform the ultimate and final sacrifice by offering up this physical world to Death, so that we can have the Kingdom of God.

You, as a prodigal offspring of the Father, will probably participate in this final offering. You can lay your World on the altar, and then God will consume it with fire. How can you do that? By personally rejecting it! Jesus demonstrated publicly, along with saying in words, that we should reject this World. You can demonstrate your rejection of it by contemplating such an action for yourself, by witnessing of your contempt for World, by not looking to it for security with insurances, savings, and chemical pharmaceuticals, etc., and by abandoning it as a value which you have long held. Jesus said that unless we"hate" (disconnect from) all family members and even our own physical lives we cannot be His disciples. Obviously, He did not mean to hate by the contemporary definition, because He even made provision for His mother from the cross. But, He had personally disconnected from her and others by saying that His family consisted, not of blood ties, but only of those who do the will of the Father. So, you can release everyone and everything in this world, and your own body also, from your Values. You can realize that you, as an individual, are a spirit-being who is being called home, and you are anxious to get there. You can look forward to the coming geophysical catastrophe as the killing of a World which belonged to Satan. You can value this offering as the final sacrifice of several thousand years of practice and demonstrations. This will be the big event for which the angels in Heaven have awaited. It will be, at long last, the vengeance for which the Saints Ďneath Godís altar have pleaded for thousands of years. It will be a terrible killing of Satanís World along with most of its people and creatures and living things. It will be the end of the World, at least the World as we have known it.

The war of Armageddon is upon us, already in its first stages. That war will be ended by a geophysical catastrophe which happens every 12,000 years, a reversal of the planetís electro-magnetic field polarity. A compass will suddenly point to the South Pole rather than the North. As the magnetic field is changed so abruptly, the iron core planet will wobble for perhaps a few days, restabilizing on a slightly removed rotational axis. During the wobbling time, the stars appear to be falling. Tectonic plates move violently. Earthquakes are off the charts. Volcanoes will erupt through countless fissures and fill the skies with ash, darkening the sun and moon. (See Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21) Some mountains will sink. Some new ones will arise. Tidal waves will devastate all coastlines for MANY miles inland. Some coastlines will change dramatically. Most people will perish. But, those who have fled to the mountains, as Jesus directed us, will survive to begin a new civilization that will be founded on Spiritual constructs rather than material ones. Godís children will suddenly have new powers, which Jesus hinted at, and we will be provided for by God during the wilderness period until Jesus leads us across the divide into the promised Kingdom of Heaven. For the Israelites, fleeing Egypt, the wilderness period lasted forty years; perhaps it will last that long for us. But, their wilderness period could have been as short as a few months if the scouts had been less fearful about going into that new country. Because they couldnít leave their old baggage of fears, emotions, limited beliefs, worldly behaviors, etc. behind, it was necessary for all those to die off and only their children could enter the new land. If you are prepared for the things to come, and if you rejoice at the sacrificial offering of the present civilization, people, and World, and if you are willing to DISCONNECT from that World, then you will cross joyfully into the new Kingdom, just as Joshua (IESU/Jesus) and Chaleb did in the Old Testament paradigm.

While preachers say simply that if you believe in Jesusí name, youíll get to go to heaven, perhaps they have the statement correct, but their only failure is not knowing what they are talking about. If you know that you are a member of the Body of Christ, whose Head is Jesus, and if you disconnect (offer your life up as an offering) from this World like He told you to do, and if you are willing to do it simply because you hear your Father calling you home, and because it is your true instinctive nature to do Righteousness, and if you feel thrilled at the coming Armageddon and widespread war and destruction (cleansing), then you have probably believed in Jesusí name rightly. Welcome, Hurricane. Welcome, Armageddon. Welcome, nuclear bombs. Welcome, earthquakes and tidal waves. Welcome Purification. Welcome, O Death, if you take this body, also. Rejoice in the sacrificial offering. If you have this attitude toward your worldly life, and are drawn to the sacrifice like a moth to a flame, then you ARE undoubtedly one of His Elect who will found the new Kingdom of Heaven. But, you have to leave that old body behind. To be willing to do that happily - that is everything. That is the Ticket. And donít envy those few whom are the subject of Godís word, "not all will die, but all will be changed, in the twinkling of an eye." It is tempting to want to be one of those, but you shouldnít. It is better to be willing to complete the sacrificial offering, and let God make of you (spirit-being) whatever He wants for you in the next Kingdom. It is His plan. Be happy for Him to work it as He wills. One can just rejoice to know what is going on, and to have the great honor of being permitted to offer a willing sacrifice.

Disconnecting from this World, all people, all things, and your own life also. That leaves a Spirit (the real you) with no more lessons to learn, and no place to go but home. There, was that so hard?

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