Charles Darwin was more than just genius; he was a brilliant one. His breakthrough insights have affected the course of civilization. Whereas our medieval society saw the natural world as matter which is created and manipulated by God, Darwin proposed that natural history succeeded by a process he called "natural selection." He did not deny the existence of a God behind the scheme of the design, nor did he attempt to explain how the Deity might be manipulating it. What he did was to explain a rational process, whereby living matter survived to the degree that some mutant member of a species was more suited to changing environmental conditions which killed off the other members. The logic of his argument seems to be unassailable to this day. His counterpart critics, the Creationists, reacted to his theory as though it was an attempt to disprove the existence of God. Darwin, however, died being unconvinced that his theory was the final answer, or even correct in its assumptions. It was after his death that the following generations made his theory a doctrine which they still defend as intensely as any Christian might defend his faith, neither of whom will consider arguments that might modify the core belief.

In order to understand where Darwin failed, one must know something of the Big Picture which I have explained in detail in other articles. Let me summarize it here. God is the supreme Mind without peer. That Mind thinks a thought, called "Word" in scriptures. The Word manifests like a dream. The Word is the substance of that dream which ancient easterners called the "maya," which means illusion. In order to understand how God's dream works, we must first realize that there is no such thing as a particle of matter, something physicists have proven. Atoms and molecules of matter exist only in the belief of the perceiver, nowhere else. God's offspring or son is the Christ, which in Greek means "anointed one." That anointed offspring is not just a single person, but is a corpus of  members. Jesus is the head of the body while the race of Israel makes up its members. Jesus said He is the vine and we are the branches. One must conclude that, in this analogy, the entire grape plant is the anointed one, the Christ. Well, the entire Christ is the Son of God, the offspring, which is the creative Word of God. In general, we must see Christ, the entire race of Israel, as the creative Word which forms this dimension of reality simply by believing that matter is real.

Okay, if we, as members of Christ, create this world by believing it, then we are creating that which we perceive. In other words, we are caught up in God's dream, perceiving the results of our own beliefs. Because I believe the table in front of me is made of wooden matter that is harder than my hand, I therefore cannot pass my hand through the table. Since neither my hand nor the table consist of any actual particle of matter, it is only my belief in the two that is operating.

Jesus came to tell us that this world is nothing, that spirit is everything. He asks us to deny this world, to reject it, to die to it, to turn away from the lie to the Truth. He demonstrated the path to spiritual victory with His life and death, and asks us to follow Him. Once you begin to realize that the substance of this world exists only in our minds, as a figment of imagination, then all kinds of questions arise. Why is the world so wicked, if our race of Israel is the Christ and we have the new covenant instinct of goodness and holiness? To answer that, you need to know the cyclic pattern of long-term history, that we are just completing a 12,500 year half cycle of negative energy, the bottom half of a sine-wave curve. During the negative energy period, material lusts (physical) are the powerful force, along with the corollary sensual (emotional) and power/mastery (mental) lusts. Because we exercise these lusts, which Buddha called "desire body," to influence our minds and to cause us to hunger after the experience of satisfying them, we then chose to believe in the great lie that matter is something real. The negative energy which tempts us with worldly hungers is called the devil. The devil is a force (angel) which acted against God and went negative. For Sunday School children, we explain that the devil tempted us and we fell from holiness to worldliness. What we have chosen to believe is all a great lie, but we believe it anyway because it is within this false belief that we can satisfy our lusts of health, wealth, pleasure, the good life, and all the other sensual pleasures the world offers. Of course, our act of believing the lie dooms us to die. Life is not possible within the lie; only a false faade is possible, so we value that faade of life just as though it were the real thing. It never occurs to us that it is our false beliefs which doom us to physical death. We grieve over those who die, but we go on with the same false ideas as ever.

So, what was Darwin's mistake? First of all, I credit him with brilliantly describing a physical process which makes pretty good sense. But, he failed to know that this world is nothing but a figment of our false beliefs, and that it will end when the negative half cycle ends. All those millions of years of supposed world history with all the fossil records and the great periods of time known to astro-physics - all those things exist simply because we believe they exist. Since there is no such thing as a particle of matter, and those things only exist in our perception, we could also imagine that nothing existed prior to this very moment and everything we believe about history, and memory, is but a fantasy of this moment. The kingdom of World will soon cease and the kingdom of God will begin. Then we will know the truth, and will know that physical laws exist only in our minds, and that we can create whatever reality we truly believe. Then we can tell a mountain to be moved and it will be in a different place. Actually, it will simply be wherever we choose to believe it IS! The truth is that we already do it but don't realize that we are doing it. Since only God's Elect ones will found the new kingdom, they will found it as a spiritual construct rather than a material one. Darwin used his brilliant mind to explain how our fantasy world could have come to be like it is according to a physical process, without realizing that it is merely a fantasy dream based on false beliefs.

That's about it for that subject. Something I might add for advanced thinkers, is that everything in this world, including all the other races, exist because they symbolize something of us who dream, as participants in God's dream. Other people, animals, earthly events, and any facet of this dimension all symbolize something of the dreamer, just like in our nightly dreams where every thing is symbolic of the one who dreams them. They have no real existence except as fantasies through whom the dreamer experiences some activity. So it is with God's dream; we are His figments, being given the power (as Word) to create our own world, through which we, and God, experience a dynamic struggle. That dynamic struggle is everything! It is more than the plot and them of the grand pageant, it is the process by which the negative energy is overthrown and the positive kingdom of God is achieved. The performance is called Heaven, while the stage is called Earth. One special race of people, those "born from above," are the ones through whom God experiences the dream. All others are our figment props on the stage. In conclusion, I would mention that what I am calling "dream" for the sake of explanation is really more than that; it is God's reality, but to explain that is not something I can do. I think in terms of "dream" because it's an easier concept for me to understand.

In the above paragraph I spoke of symbols. The Bible is our key to understanding those symbols. The Adamic/Israel race represents God. The Cain/Edomite/Jew race represents our negative counter-energy. Historical events are models or paradigms that represent God's Mind. The four Living Beings of St. John's Revelation symbolize the four types of mind through which God manifests Himself into reality, the physical (lion), emotional (calf), spiritual (man), and mental (eagle). Those four minds are the seraphs and cherubs of Isaiah and Ezekiel. They are also the four fixed signs of the zodiac, Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio. They are also the four brigade symbols of the twelve tribes of Israel, Juda = lion, Ephraim = bull, Reuben = man, and Dan = eagle. Because God's historical process consists of twelve unique epochs (about 2,000 years each), it was important that there were twelve tribes of Israel to correspond to those ages. It was also important that twelve disciples represent Him who functions in and through those ages. Now, I realize that in this paragraph about symbols I have probably thrown your mind into a tizzy. Theologians have never known the Big Picture, therefore they have been limited to a simple Sunday School level of understanding where children look up to a distant Father begging for earthly satisfactions. To understand the substance, essence, nature, and function of that Father as He expresses Himself in and through this dimension of reality is material for the coming kingdom, not for this world. All I can do here is offer a brief introduction to the concepts.

Once you realize that you are a participant creator of this world and its wickedness, then you can begin to take responsibility for it. You might seek the Truth more earnestly, and thereby come to believe something different. Then, problems with other races will cease to exist. Then, you will be participating in creating the new kingdom of God. What a magnificent pageant!!!

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