The following translation of the Ten Commandments is of the Greek Septuagint text of 285 BC, rather than of the Jewish Masoretic so-called Hebrew fraud of 1,000 AD, upon which the Jewish publishing houses base the modern English Bible translations, like KJV, RSV, NIV, et al.


Modern Christians understand very little about God, the Law, and a personal relationship with Him as our Father. God’s Law IS God. God reveals and manifests Himself AS Law. It is a childish notion that God is someone sitting somewhere up in the sky who gives his creatures some rules to follow. Rather, The Law of God reveals the essence and nature of the Supreme Being. Simply, if we would know God, we must know His laws, for they are one and the same.

If our Christian churches were not sound asleep, they would be examining and discussing the Law in the context of our contracts with God. Right now, our people are under a contract called, the New Covenant which replaced the old contract of Law which failed. The Old Covenant was a revelation of God Himself, a contractual relationship, to which Israel committed and then later breached. THAT CONTRACT OFFERED ISRAEL AN OPPORTUNITY TO RELATE TO HIM PERFECTLY AND TO REALIZE THEIR GODLY UNION WITH HIM. Those ten commands were a revelation of God Himself, as He manifested His Being through them as structural foundations. Well, without realizing their inestimable loss, Israel breached that contract and lost their opportunity. Only Israel had the contract; only Israel breached it; so of course, it was only Israel that needed a “repairer of the breach.” No other people signed onto it, so no other race can be charged with violating it. There is no such thing as universal gospel, a fraud perpetrated by the Roman Catholic Church of the Dark Ages. Jesus came only for Israel. With the old contract of punishment settled, Jesus then secured a new contract, called, the New Covenant, for the house of Israel, recorded in Hebrews 8:10-12. It promises that God’s children will know Him, not by teachings from anyone but, because God will put His LAWS in their hearts and minds as an INSTINCT. It is now our instinct to know God’s will for us, and that instinct functions as God’s expression within us. To know God’s laws is to know God, and that isn’t something one can teach another; it is something one finds by looking into his own spiritual mind, which is one’s direct contact with the Holy Spirit.

Our relationship with God, our Father, is so much more than theologians have ever suspected, and what I have to describe here is but a step toward a fuller realization. I write this because I enjoy expounding my thoughts, while understanding that the insights and realizations of any reader are to his own credit alone. I cannot teach you anything, but my discussion might serve your spiritual path if you seek Truth.


Exodus 20:1    “And the Lord spoke all these words, saying,”

It is the Word being spoken here, just as the Genesis creation happened through God’s Word. God’s Word is an extension of His thought, to make manifest our dimension of reality as a stage for His divine pageant. Our reality is an extension of God’s thought, an expression of His mind. Thus, His laws are not simple rules for stage-players to obey, but they are the structural foundation of God’s ideal design. The nature of reality is God’s Law! That is to say that God’s Law is the STRUCTURE of our reality.


Exodus 20:2“I am the Lord, your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.”

Speaking to His own special race of children, He reveals that it is He who has designed the process of lifting them up, out of the World. Egypt is always a symbol of the kingdom of World. World is the negative half-cycle during which Satan rules. (Heaven is the half-cycle of the kingdom of God, during which Christ rules.) The exodus from Egypt, about 1450 BC, serves as a symbol and a prophecy of God’s plot and theme of the pageant. It describes His relationship with Israel.



Essential to a perfect relationship with our Father is this, that we neither honor nor worship aught but He who expresses us. I am a figment of God’s mind just as all other things are imaginations of mind. Reality is a mind-play. If we use the analogy of a dream, God is the dreamer, and we are the figments of His imagination. Each of us represents a characteristic of the Dreamer, just as each person who appears in one’s dream represents something of himself. In God’s “dream,” He grants to us the free will to act contrary to His will. To worship is to adore something, to bow down before it, or to devote yourself to it in service.  If we turn from Him as prodigals, seeking to exercise our own wills, then we have pointed our allegiance to something other than His will. In other words, we have turned toward another god.


TWO Exodus 20:4-6 “YOU SHALL NOT MAKE TO YOURSELF AN IDOL, nor likeness of anything, whatever things are in the sky above, and whatever are in the earth beneath, and whatever are in the waters under the earth. You shall not bow down to them, nor serve them; for I am the Lord your God, a jealous God, giving back the sins of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation to them that hate me, and doing mercy unto thousands that love me, and to them that keep my commands.”

To adore something is to idolize it. You have turned your affection to some thing that exists only in imagination. There is nothing real except God, in the exercise of His thought (mind, Word). To honor, adore, lust after, or even to strongly desire any thing in, below, or above this World is to miss the mark (sin) and a breaks one’s relationship with Him. By so doing, one disrupts God’s expression of a perfect Word. Satan’s governance of this kingdom of World entices us to sin by presenting us with endless new and improved wonders (idols) which stir our desires and our lusts. When we turn from God to desire any earthly thing, we are exercising what God calls “hate.” Such apostasy alters one’s genetic makeup so that defect is passed on to progeny for a few generations, just as racial adulteration makes the following few generations unacceptable to God. When you devote your service to obtain money, what are you serving? Can you think of anything worthy of your service that is on, below, or above this earth? Your life is an expression of God, so your exercise of it is a service to something! What that might be is up to you; it is your spiritual struggle to get it right!

“Waters under the earth” refers to negative powers, namely the energies used by Satan in his World, including demonic spirits, images, crafts, and magics.

This general description would include the Kabbalistic use of Chaldean (not Biblical) names of God (like Yahweh or El or Adonai) for purposes of magic. The only name God ever gave for Himself was “I AM.” Our word, “God,” is a generic term that is the best reference for our indescribable Father who needs NO PERSONAL NAME to distinguish Him from any peers. God forbids ANY icons or other media between us and Him. Actually, nothing can get between you and your Father, except the affection which you direct away from Him to something else. You are secure in God as long as you do not turn from Him yourself!


THREE Exodus 20:7 “YOU SHALL NOT TAKE THE NAME OF THE LORD YOUR GOD IN VAIN; for the Lord your God will not acquit him that takes His name in vain.”

The only name which God ever claimed for Himself is “I AM,” which is the ultimate infinitive, stating that God is ALL-BEING. In other words, there is nothing in existence that is not, at the very least, OF God. For God’s race of spiritual children, thru whom He lives and experiences life, the words “I am” are second in importance to the first commandment. How I use the words or how I act at any moment are actions which should express God Himself thru me. Either I AM truly expressing Him, or I AM missing the mark (sin). Since God does not compromise His perfection, my sins cannot be acquitted without making God less than perfect.

For modern Christians to understand this commandment as a prohibition of speaking the word “God” in a naughty way is a kindergarten level of spiritual consciousness. Properly, this command regards how I AM living my life. Either I AM God’s expression, or not!

The first three commands regard God’s expression of Himself through His offspring, the race of Israel, which is the body of Christ, of which Jesus is the Head and we are the members.


FOUR Exodus 20:8-11 “REMEMBER THE SABBATH DAY TO KEEP IT HOLY. Six days shall you labor, and perform all your work. But on the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God; on it you shall do no work, you, nor your son, nor your daughter, your servant, nor your maidservant, your ox nor your ass, nor any of your cattle, nor the stranger that sojourns with you. For in six days the Lord made the heaven and the earth, and the sea and all things in them, and rested on the seventh day; therefore the Lord blessed the seventh day, and hallowed it.”

A seven-day week serves as but a homely symbol of God’s long term program, for His people of Israel while we are in this kingdom of ignorance. This seven-day symbol is based on the general interpretation of the Genesis creation account. There is so much here that I hardly know where to start.

Leaving aside the essence of the numbers themselves, which are the very substance of creation, just consider that the nature of our apparent reality is a product (expression) of the mind of God. This dimension of reality is His divine pageant, like a stage-play with a theme and plot, and with contestants battling good and evil. For six ages, about 12,000 years (the negative half-cycle), God, living in and thru His special race, constructs a kingdom. Those six ages are Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, and Pisces. During that period (about 10,000 BC to 2,000 AD), Time is linear and Form occupies space and physical laws appear to be absolute. On this earth stage, a great battle is waged between good and evil. God’s three minds of Physical (Lion), Emotional (Calf), and Mental (Eagle) are tools used by both contestants, while Satan’s negative powers advantage his evil children. God’s good children, the genetic race of Israel (white Europeans) manage clumsily with those three temporal minds, while they struggle within their Spiritual (Man) mind, which is theirs exclusively, to survive and to construct a perfect kingdom. With great difficulty, anguish, tribulation, pain, and discipline a small percentage overcome the World and find their way back to their source, like salmon returning upstream. At the end of those six ages, they are nearly dead, appearing in Ezekiel’s vision as skeletons. Their religious beliefs are so varied and confused and contradictory that there is only one remaining belief which they all have in common, that being a recognition that Jesus is their Lord who continues to call His flock toward Him. The one who overcomes those six ages of hell gets to cross the Jordan into a seventh day of rest, a holy kingdom of God where Time is not linear and physical laws are not absolute. See Hebrews 3:7 - 4:11. For all other animals and earth races, their material world will still appear absolute. For God’s race of immortals, those next six ages are a long day of “heaven,” the non-linear Sabbath of God. Until the “dry bones” of Ezekiel’s vision awaken and arise to know the Truth, preachers and theologians will not understand what the Sabbath is, nor why it is Holy.

Note that the seventh day states that no work shall be done. We observe that practice-of-rest as the Lord's Day each week during this kingdom of World, and that practice serves as a prophecy of the kingdom of Heaven where work will not be necessary. The fruit trees will bear fruit continuously, and God’s vineyard will offer the spirit of Life without the labor which resulted from Adam’s fall, when he was evicted from that paradisiacal kingdom long ago.

While some people insist on retaining Saturday as their Sabbath, the disciples of Jesus switched to Sunday immediately after His resurrection in honor of that event. Christians have honored Sunday for nearly 2,000 years, until some Christians have recently succumbed to Jewish enticements to honor some of their Talmudic customs, along with their mongrel Hebrew language and their Kabbalistic names for God which were not in the Greek Septuagint Bible that Jesus used. Anyway, they pick at a gnat while swallowing a camel.


FIVE Exodus 20:12 “HONOR YOUR FATHER AND YOUR MOTHER that it may be well with you, and you may live long on the good land, which the Lord your God gives to you.”

Worldly people claim their biological parents as their fathers and mothers. Those who follow Jesus as their Lord, recognize that earthly parents are but symbols of our spiritual parents. Of course, we all acknowledge God as our Father, but for Jesus one's real family members are not one’s biological relatives of mother and sisters and brothers, but rather one’s spiritual kin, namely, “those who do the will of the Father.” That is what Jesus explained one day when He was surrounded by a crowd of listeners and it was reported that His mother and sisters and brothers were wanting to see him. He as much as disclaimed His biological family in order to claim a relationship with those who make up the body of Christ, a relationship that is not temporal but eternal. Jesus defined “mother” as spiritual kin. Our relationship with God as our Father, and with the membership of Christ as our “mother” is of eternal importance. Biological relationships are merely temporal, and often members of one’s family even reject their spiritual membership in Christ’s corpus, as did two of Jesus’ own brothers, Simon and Joseph, who did not believe in Him. Of course, we know that Jude and Jacob (James) did believe, and their writings are part of our New Testament.

If we will hear Jesus, then it appears that by this commandment, God is emphasizing the importance of our spiritual family as His own family. Thus, if we value our family of Israelites properly, and evict from the land which God has given us all those others who are not Israel, as He directed the Israelites to do when they entered their land, then we, with our Israel family, will live well and long on our land. Unfortunately, it is now legally prohibited for us to show any preference for our own spiritual family in America. We are legally required to grant preference to any non-white race or person of perverted anti-Christian values. Consequently, we are not now honoring our true Father and mother, and we are not living well on our land anymore. God has revealed through this command, His ideal program for a perfect kingdom, but we have defaulted and permitted Satan’s politicians to overrule God’s Law. With the expulsion of God’s ten commandments from our courthouses, our leaders have boldly rejected the Almighty God. The end times are upon us. We suffer miserably and pray to God for mercy, while continuing to reject His Law (God Himself) in favor of Satan’s universal gospel. God will not show mercy until we turn from our wicked ways. Only then can it be well with us on the land He had given us!



The word simply means to contaminate something pure by mixing it with something unlike itself. How one interprets its usage in this commandment depends upon one’s cultural values. Whatever is valued highly should not be devalued by mixing it with something else. Modern Christianity is largely built around sexual taboos, which has resulted in a culture that makes sex a value of primary importance. This cultural obsession has given us a culture very different from that ancient culture of Israel, a racial group which had left Egypt (symbol of World) to go to their promised-land (symbol of Heaven). Their culture was centered not upon sex, but upon race. Israelites were extreme racists because their God emphasized that value to an extreme. They had just left Egypt as a racial group, with tribal identities that they valued most highly. They were admonished not to mix with any of the foreign races they encountered during their forty-year trip. It was during that trip that these ten commandments were given from Mt. Sinai. Marital fidelity was insignificant and irrelevant to their primary concern of group cohesion and their common goal. They were a migrating race. A new priesthood even resulted from one incident of race-mixing when Phineas solved the problem by killing both the Israelite and his foreign-race wife, thereby pleasing God and quelling God’s wrath.

Those Israelites would never interpret this commandment as sexual. No single person back then would have any question about its racial meaning, because it was a simple restatement of God’s will for them. They knew Him as the God of Israel, and of Israel alone! It had been made painfully and forcefully clear to them throughout the history of their race, which they all knew so well, that He was their God alone and for no other race. The entire Bible is the story of only one unique race of Men, whom God guided, protected, nourished, disciplined, punished, divorced, reclaimed, and prepared to inherit the coming kingdom. About four thousand years before Christ, God had destroyed by flood nearly the complete race of Adam’s descendants, saving only Noe and his wife and family. Why? Because “Noe was a just man; being perfect in his race (γενε/genea).” In this sixth commandment, the entire sentence in Greek consists of two words, “Οὐ μοιχεύσεις.” (Ou moicheuseis) The word ou is a negative, meaning not. Moicheuseis is a verb, future active indicative 2nd person singular, of Moicheuo. The word is used in ancient literature in various ways, most often to mean sexual adultery, but also often to mean unfaithfulness to God, and to falsify, and to worship idolatrously. Clearly, its general meaning was to contaminate something that should be pure, whether marriage or relationship with God or race. Given that the Old Testament emphasized racial purity so uncompromisingly, and gave such little emphasis to marital fidelity (viz. David & Bathsheba, also Juda & Tamar, also Abraam giving Sara to the Pharoa, et al). God did not tolerate the least hint of miscegenation of His children, while He tended to overlook without care the sexual indiscretions of His appointed leaders of Israel, our great Patriarchs.

Our God changeth not! But, modern Christians have forgotten their roots and the cultural values which God emphasized. Today, we have let the Edomites redefine our values while they attempt to destroy our race, and while our culture and religion focuses stupidly upon sex.



This command is the most simple of all ten. Imagine yourself as a unique experience of God. Through you, the Supreme Almighty Mind expresses a combination of potentials that are exclusively yours, designed to be interesting and perfect, a holy life. God’s plan, like in a dream, provides you with whatever you need, and denies you whatever you should lack, in order that you shall be the perfect experience of His intention. If you then steal something from someone else, you have damaged that perfect experience and corrupted your own. The very structure of God’s design has been injured.



This command does not specify what shall not be killed. By itself, the words indicate that one is prohibited from killing anything at all, including cattle, sheep, wolves, mice, mosquitoes, fish, and even plants or weeds. In the coming kingdom of God (Heaven) that may be exactly the case, with ripened and falling fruit serving as food, but the nature of THAT reality will be quite different from this one. During this kingdom of World, we can survive ONLY by killing living creatures or plants; otherwise we die of starvation. While this command reveals the structure of a God who changeth not, we are constrained to let the greater context guide our interpretation.

The Old Testament describes how Adam’s fall ended his immortality. With new births and propagation of Adam’s race, death was naturally required lest the planet be soon carpeted with immortals. Thus, death became a main ingredient in the recipe for civilization during the half-cycle (12,000 years) kingdom of World. Much of our history consists of war after war after war, killing and more killing. God killed large numbers of non-Adamites without hesitation. God instructed His Israelites to kill every person in the land which was given to them as their promised-land, along with every other living creature that breathes. God rewarded His children and blessed them for killing enemies. God stayed a plague after Phineas killed two miscegenators.

So, given the context of God’s program during the World kingdom, how do we interpret this command? Since the killing of people of non-Israelite races was often encouraged, we would be forcing the interpretation if we make this command include them. Animals were killed as offerings which pleased God, so the command certainly doesn’t include them. The simple truth is that the Israelites, to whom this command was given, would have no question about its interpretation. The God of Israel who guarded and guided them alone, and no others, would mean that one should not kill another Israelite. Their racial consciousness was a primary and foremost value which influenced their daily lives. They would recognize the statement of Johnny Cochran (black attorney) as unquestionable truth, that “race is everything.” Old Testament history is racial extremism, as directed by God. Only today, as the Edomites attempt to destroy the white European race of Israel, have the innocent and ignorant Israelite sheep accepted the lie of equality-of-races and universal gospel.

So, the only conclusion possible for this command is that it prohibits the killing of members of God’s racial family. The body of Christ is God’s beloved offspring and jealously watched-over by our Father. But, even with that, God did qualify this commandment somewhat, for there was a death penalty for certain crimes, and the Israelites did exercise that punishment when necessary.



This command doesn’t say one should never lie. It seems like God would have made the prohibition broad enough to cover any or all untruth. Yet, strangely, there is no such command. But Truth is a paramount value, otherwise clearly elucidated in the Bible, and Jesus calls Himself the Truth. If I don’t have Truth, I don’t have Jesus!

Here, this command is pointed more narrowly than to general lying. To bear false witness means to do harm to someone with a lie that points guilt toward him. To falsely accuse an innocent sheep of Israel is part of Satan’s work. If you do it, then you have switched families to join Satan’s children, and act against your own fellow Israelites. Your false witness is much greater than just a local incident, but is treasonous against your own people, making you a traitor. It is an injury to the body of Christ. However tempted you might ever be to cause such hurt against someone, remember that he is also a unique expression of God, and your anger is your own problem, not giving you any cause to do him harm. If one of Christ’s family members has wronged you, then he has done an injury to the body, and his punishment will come from God. You would do well to feel some pity for a person who has wronged you, but do not bear false witness against him for any reason.


TEN Exodus 20:17 “YOU SHALL NOT COVET your neighbor’s wife; you shall not covet your neighbor’s house; nor his field, nor his servant, nor his maid, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any of his cattle, nor whatever belongs to your neighbor.”

Here is the command which prohibits sexual adultery, and even more, it prohibits even the lustful thoughts of desire toward her. This command is more pointedly explicit than the sixth command against adulteration. When one reads the Old Testament history, one wonders if God cared at all about sexual promiscuity! In that light, there certainly would not be two commandments against sexual infidelity, while saying nothing about racial purity which was the very foundation of our history. Modern Christians have been influenced by the Edomite Jews who encourage Christians to view all races as equal to us. When we are taught as little children that Jesus loves all the little children of the world, red and yellow, black and white, then we are being misled to abandon our uniqueness as God’s offspring, the anointed body of Christ, for whom God has a special destiny. That misleading Sunday School song has become the preacher’s evangelistic message, while he dares not consider the true meaning of the Scriptures. It is by lies that Edom dominates Israel, just as Isaac promised a period of dominion to Esau. Stating the truth to the Edomite Jews that they are Satan’s children (John 8:44) got Jesus killed. Today, Christians still refuse to consider that truth.

Of course, this command prohibits also the desiring of anything that belongs to another person. Remember that you, as a unique expression and experience of God, live to express His will through your life. God can and will provide whatever you need to experience the struggle of life as He wills it for you. For you to lust after belongings of another is to deny your own destiny and to yield up your contentment and happiness with whatever God has provided you already. Desires (lusts, passions, greed, yearning, etc.) are the cause of most unhappiness. This command offers you the happiness and satisfaction of living God’s will through your life.


by Roger Hathaway, October, 2003


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