Jesus may not return in quite this manner, but imagine this scenario anyway. You'll get the point.


        Houston Astrodome:   The event came to pass, just as requested by the mystery voice on all media last week. Thousands of Christian leaders, pastors, and theologians filled the stadium, many of them sneering. Nervous laughter sounded like waves against the rocks. But there they were, from all parts of Christendom.

        As 3pm neared, the din settled to an uneasy murmur. Suddenly, an apparition began to form at the podium. He wasn't so handsome as artists have painted, and he didn't have long hair. Once he spoke there were no more doubters. Jesus had their full attention with a voice clear and bright to the farthest corners. Even the TV spinmeisters went silent.

        "You Christian leaders are here so the world can examine your work. You've covered the globe with a message you call gospel, that all races of people must believe in me to be saved. Did you not read my words, that I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel? Raise your hand if you think I was wrong; or lying; or that our Father changed his mind a few centuries later, after promising that He never changes.

        "But you don't know who my sheep are, do you? If you cared, you would have looked at historical records which confirm the many prophecies about their dispersion and migration paths. Ample records detail their dispersion to Greece, Europe, and Britain. Or you could look at their flags which still today identify my tribes of Israel as European nations. Instead, you chose to believe the lies of Edomites who claim to be true Israel. Did I not warn you in John 8:44 that Edomite usurpers are children of the devil and liars by nature? Have you not read Rev. 2:9 and 3:9? Why did you not listen to me?

        "You put Bibles on your altars as objects to worship, yet you reject my words! Did I not ask you to follow me? I told you to reject this world, to die to it, to not worry about food and shelter, to hate this world, your kin and your own life also. It was an important part of my work to outline your path back to the Father. But you taught my sheep to seek luxuries of the "good life" through your religion, the very opposite message from what I said.

        "And you taught my sheep that I am a peace-bringer. Your sermons about peace pleased the masses and filled your coffers. Did you not read my words? I said, 'Don't think that I came to bring peace; I came to bring a sword.' Could I have said that more clearly? Have you prepared my sheep to be my sword?

        "Have you not read the scriptures which tell of me? John explained God's program as a contest between two brothers. The letter to my Hebrew family explains my work regarding two covenants. And John's Revelation diagrams the past and future as God's expression from the Throne. You are teachers of Israel, but know none of this?

        "You preach that heaven is a timeless eternity. Nothing can exist in timelessness. The kingdom of God is the future ages, just as I stated clearly with the Greek word ain, which you translate as "eternity." The word means "during- ages," as your own lexicons define it. Did you ever study my word?

        "You lay upon my flock the same Old Testament Law which I died to nullify. The good news of my apostles was that I satisfied Israel's breach of the covenant made at Sinai. I redeemed Israel from its death penalty. My sheep had been scattered to Greece, Europe, and Britain, so that is where my evangels went. They had good news for Israel, but you have made a religion of lies, condemning my sheep by the same law from which I released them. You oppress them with threats of hell and neglect to tell them of the new covenant promise that God remembers their sins no more. Have you even read the New Covenant? Do you know where it is found? This covenant which I secured by giving my life as surety is not heard in your churches! So, how dare you call yourselves after my name?

        "Do you not know that the sheep of Israel are my own body? The twelve tribes are twelve essences of the Christ, of which I am head. To threaten them is to threaten me. So, tell me what Law or God you represent in your fervor to do this.

        "Did I not tell you that God so loved the cosmos that he gave me to die for it? That includes all creatures and races, except Edom, of course. So, why do you threaten God's innocent races with Old Covenant Law, a contract to which they were not party? You accuse them of violating it, and tell them they need my redemption to save them from it's death penalty. You teach lies to innocent people in my name.

        "Noah was saved from destruction because he 'was pure in his generation.' Racial purity is a theme of the Bible from cover to cover. Now, you condone race-mixing of the Adamic/Israel race just as in the days before the flood. A cataclysm will soon again restore the pure genetic bloodline to the branches of my vine. Woe unto you adulterers!

        "You teach that I came for 'gentiles,' by which you mean 'non-Jews.' The word ethnos, which you translate as 'gentile' really means 'ethnic group.' I often used the word to mean our own ethnic group of Israel, including Juda. Again, you teach lies rather than truth.

        "Now, go to the Greek for Hebrews 10:29. You have trampled on the Son of God and have regarded the blood of the covenant as common, thereby insulting the Spirit of Grace. I warn you that it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God!

        "You practice a religion born in the Dark Ages from children of Satan. Since that time, the Spirit of Truth has come to you through many messengers. Still, you cling to old lies, while condemning my messengers. If you close your eyes to the light, then your darkness is your own. You say, 'Lord, Lord, I believe,' while denying what I said. No, You never knew me."

        With that the podium was empty. Stunned silence was followed by pandemonium. Days which followed brought reports of Jesus appearing across the land, prison doors were opened setting prisoners free, the churches' outcasts were embraced. The Shepherd was reclaiming His flock. The white-race was finally learning its divine roots, information that theologians had long hidden. The daylight seems brighter and the happiness of Christ's sheep rises as a fragrance to their Father who welcomes them home. Babylon is falling, but the sky resounds with songs of angels rejoicing.  It seems a new day has begun.


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