To the twelve tribes of Israel, good news!

Even better than "good," I mean happy, exciting, thrilling news! From time to time we should rejoice anew at how wonderful the New Testament gospel really is. I wish I could see more of this kind of excitement in the Christianity of America, but it's not showing. I think we have lost the knowledge of who we really are and what that means to our relationship to God. We all recognize Jesus as our Savior, but not all understand what that really means. What are we saved from, and why? I feel the thrill of the gospel so deeply that I am continuously trying to state it in words more fresh and meaningful, wanting to share something that can't really be put into words. Let me try again to tell this simple story; with emphasis on who we really are and why the gospel is especially important to us.

The Bible is the story of one family line, from Adam through Noah, Sem, Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, finally naming the twelve tribes of Israel as God's chosen-ones. God created, guided, nurtured, disciplined, and governed one ethnic group for a special destiny. They are being prepared for a special job. At Mount Sinai they were placed under contract, to which all Israel agreed, shouting, "all this we will do."

That contract, called the "Old Covenant," was the Law, written in ten commandments. God committed Himself to honor that contract by giving these Israelites life if they obeyed it. Israel committed to obey those laws. They were given a special contract that was not given to any others in the world. It could have been a wonderful blessing for them, but there was a death penalty if they didn't obey it perfectly.

Israel violated the contract, thereby condemning all their offspring! Here was a real problem. Only the death of a perfect, unblemished "lamb" (Man) could satisfy as payment of the debt, but there was no perfect Man available. Jesus came as the perfect Lamb, whose sacrifice settled the breach-of-contract. He did His job, and the old contract was settled and terminated. No longer could God's Law condemn Israelites to death. Of course, it never could accuse anyone else, since only Israel was obligated to keep it. We need to understand that the Old Covenant did not apply to any other ethnic group in the world; we cannot point any other race to that Law as their accuser, for they were not party to the contract in any way.

Once the old contract was out of the way, and Israel was free again, God set forth a new contract for His children, called the "New Covenant" or "New Testament." This time Israel was not present to shout their agreement, so God made it a one-sided obligation, whereby He promised to provide a special spiritual instinct in the hearts and minds of the people of Israel. Again, this contract is specifically for the genetic descendants of Israel, an ethnic-family-group referred to by Jesus and His disciples as θvoς/ethnos (Greek word meaning tribe, family, or clan, but translated into English Bibles as "gentile"). Much confusion has resulted from the change of definition, in recent centuries, of "gentile" to mean "non-Jew," a meaning opposite from what θvoς/ethnos meant to the Greeks. The Greek language never had a word which meant non-Jew! I suggest you get your Bible right now and open it to Hebrews chapter 8 where the legal contract of New Covenant is stated in verses 8 through 12. Note that verses 8 & 10 tell with whom the contract would be: the tribes of Israel.

The Gospel which Jesus sent disciples forth to preach was the good news described above, simply that all Israelites, including the northern kingdom in diaspora (dispersion), were redeemed from the old contract and given a new one. Jesus' disciples knew exactly to whom they must carry this news: to both the southern-kingdom of Judea, and the northern-kingdom Israelites then living in Asia Minor, Greece, Italy, Spain, Britain, and Europe, for that is where Israel had scattered about 700 BC. Each of the twelve tribes of Israel had its own emblem from the Sinai wilderness days, like the Lion-of-Juda. The nations of Europe still today use those tribal emblems on their flags, as they have done for 3,500 years, identifying them as Israelites. St. Paul called the northern-kingdom Israelites either "Greeks" or "θvoς/ethnos." He admits in Rom. 10:12 that there is no difference between Judean (southern-kingdom) and Greek (northern-kingdom Israel). In the Greek, in Romans 11:13, Paul says he is an apostle OF the θvoς/ethnos, and in v. 14 that they are of his own flesh, meaning his own ethnic group. New Testament writings clearly and explicitly appoint this Gospel to the ethnic family of Israel, and not to any other race in the world. So, how is it possible that our people have so completely lost the memory of our Israelite heritage?

During the early Christian centuries, the Rome faction split from the Constantinople faction, calling itself "Roman Catholic." "Catholic" means "universal." Church leaders set up a powerful organization for political and financial purposes. They promoted a universal-gospel in order to collect money from diverse nations and to exercise political power. Their corruption of the true Gospel was so outrageous they felt it necessary to outlaw ownership of Bibles and even Bible reading so the people couldn't know the truth. That evil church produced a thousand year period of hell on earth, called the "dark ages," during which they extended their political control over many nations and became immensely wealthy. Their universal-gospel resulted in a hell rather than being good-news to the true Israelites. The Protestant Reformation corrected a few of the Roman Catholic errors, but Protestants have refused to further examine the broad spectrum of false doctrines they inherited. Western Christianity still preaches that universal-gospel, salvation for all races of the world, as though Jesus came for all people. We have ignored Jesus' statement, "I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." (Mat. 15:24) He is pretty clear!

It is actually very simple that no one but Israel needed to be saved from the penalty. Since no one else had signed the Old Covenant contract, no one else needed a "repairer of the breach." It can hardly be said more clearly, can it? It is absurd to tell other races they need Jesus or that He came for them, or that they need to be "saved." They are not and never have been under God's Law of the Old Covenant. God does not condemn them for violating the commandments He gave to Israel. Other races should tell well-meaning missionaries that they aren't guilty of breaking a contract which they did not sign. They don't need Jesus' redemption from it and never did. What's more, the New Covenant contract does not apply to them, either!

However, the New Covenant does apply to the European white-race true Israelites, and we should be looking at it. Instead of a religion whose primary theme is universal-gospel, our religion should focus upon the New Covenant, which concerns our process of KNOWING GOD. For every Israelite this is a personal quest, not something one can learn from teachers. Read Hebrews 8:11 - no more teachers! It sounds to me like God is saying to teachers, (my words) "these are my children, step aside; I'll take over from here." What if we DO take this New Covenant seriously? What would happen to the organized sectarian churches which teach us what to believe? Perhaps this hints at the reason why Christian churches don't focus upon the New Covenant!

If suddenly there was no teacher to turn to for instruction, what would you do? Think about it. Would you just give up and abandon God? I don't think so, for He works within your heart and mind, as promised in this covenant. If there were no more teachers, whom would you hold responsible for the things you believe? You would seek Truth for yourself, and you would find it. This is what God wants of you, to seek Him for yourself, rather than adopting teachings which originated in the Roman Catholic Church. God will direct your search and lead you to Himself.

You would enjoy studying together with friends, questioning, researching, praying, and striving, for it is your personal quest to know your Father again. You are a prodigal turning for home. You are destined to be a "royal priesthood, a holy nation." You must prepare to handle great responsibilities, under Christ, in the kingdom of God. You will help to perfect the kingdom; then all the world will benefit and be uplifted from the misery of this kingdom-of-world which we have known.

As for other races, they don't need to be saved from a penalty that never applied to them, any more than a healthy person needs a cure. Very simply, if people do well, their lives will be blessed and they will be singing praises to the Lord, too. If they do evil, they will suffer just consequences. They will have much reason for rejoicing if we Israelites do our job. The Potter makes many kinds of pots, each for a different purpose. The highest purpose for any of God's creatures is achieved by living up to potentials that are uniquely theirs. Their lives, like ours, become Praise to the Creator, and they will be rewarded according to their efforts. They don't need Jesus' redemption from a contract penalty, but they do need to live according to God's will in order to be blessed. Many people of other races have wonderful gifts by which they perform beautiful lives of Praise.

While other races are not obligated to the same responsibilities as ethnic Israel, if they wish to be blessed they need to live as He designed them to live. Israel doesn't get by so easily. We are held to a stricter standard. We are disciplined more severely. We need more training because we are destined for greater responsibility. We are under a special contract, one which the church has sadly ignored. Other races ought not envy us, for our lives are made more difficult by God. As for being special, we might make our lives special if we apply ourselves with total dedication; but this is more easily said than done. "Many are called, but few are chosen." And we are told to work out our salvation "with fear and trembling." While other ethnic groups can enjoy happy lives without having our responsibilities, we should be working toward our destinies far more seriously than we've been doing.

It is the task of preparing for our special destiny that I take so seriously; it is this which drives me to obsess about our ethnic group. I wish that America's churches would awaken to the excitement of these end-times, and the increased activity of the Holy Spirit in so many individuals. We are seeing a grand revival behind the scenes, outside from the big churches. Revolutions and reformations always happen at the grass roots level. Christ was despised and rejected by the organized church just as God's Elect across America are being rejected today. Sleeping church giants just can't be awakened; new life must sprout from new seeds. That's the way it always works.

I'd like very much to tell you the story of Israel, of their migrations to Greece and Europe. I want to tell you the lineage of Zara, son of Judah, as his two sons, Darda & Calcol, developed the ancient Greek civilization; Troy is named after Tros, grandson of Darda; Priam & Hector descended from Tros; so did Vergil's Aeneas; whose son Br'tus settled Britain in 1103 BC. Homer's Iliad becomes very exciting when you know the players, and we can see many indications of pre-exile religious practices from our ancient patriarchs. This is most exciting!

I'd like to tell you the story of Jeremiah, who in 586 BC, carried the stone of Jacob, along with King Zedekiah's daughter, Princess Tea Tephi, to Ulster, in northern Ireland, where she (from the Phares Judah line) married King Eochaidh of the Zara Judah line, continuing the Throne of David which God said would never be vacant. You should know that the Throne of David is represented by that stone of Jacob, and it has rested beneath the coronation throne in Westminster Abbey since 1296 AD; every England sovereign has been crowned while sitting on the Throne of David. In Westminster Abbey there is a large genealogy chart showing the direct line of British royalty back to King David. Jeremiah began a college in northern Ireland, named "Tara," and there is an ancient statue of him there. Princess Tea Tephi's grave mound is there, too, still undisturbed, along with some remains of Tara. Oh, there is so much wonderful history that western Christianity has not awakened to.

I'd like to tell you about all those flags of European countries which have the emblems of the Israel tribes, identifying us as the lost sheep of Israel. This is wonderful, Good News. I'd like to tell you about the Greek Septuagint, the Old Testament which Jesus, his disciples, and everyone else used for so many centuries before the so-called Hebrew text was created in the 9th century AD.

I'd like to tell you of the overall plan of history which is God's design for the path of civilization. All of a sudden the historical process makes sense and we can see God's Word being expressed through His children. There is a theme and plot to God's great plan, and we can know it, and it isn't irrational at all; it isn't something we have to accept by faith because it contradicts scripture. One feels that the Bible is suddenly proven to be historically valid, and on so many other levels, too. The richness of this plan of God is indescribable; it is like a book which you just cannot put down.

These are some of the things which I'd like to share, but I've not done very well at the task over the years. Now, with a web-site, perhaps I can discuss these topics, and others, and get the word out a little. I'm also excited because all across the country people are awakening, and a grand revival is beginning to happen - it just hasn't made the news yet. Politicians, News Media, and sectarian churches are all opposed to such a revival, but they will not be able to suppress it. It is God's plan, and while the path may be difficult for our blessed new radicals, (remember that Jesus was a divine radical!) we WILL accomplish His plan and His children will be victorious. Christ will be the victor, and we members of His body will be accomplishing the work which brings the victory. It will be difficult, but so it is with every step up Jacob's ladder.

I'm not asking you to believe anything I say just because I say it's true; not at all. I see it this way; I can provide a little information, like pointing a finger, and you can look in that direction to the extent that you are interested. I can scatter a little seed; if it's good seed and hits good soil, God gives increase. All I do is scatter it. So, I'm not offended if you disagree with or reject what I say. You might be right; all I want to do is suggest that you give it a little thought. If you have some evidence that I am wrong, then I hope you will share that with me because that's what caring Christians do. If I am wrong, I'd be very grateful to be corrected. I welcome discussion on any of these issues, and appreciate refutation most of all; if you show me where I'm wrong, then I benefit by finding a truth. Truth is everything; Truth is Christ, and we should all be wanting to follow Him.

I'd love to hear from you. You can click on CONTACT to reach me.

Roger Hathaway, in southwest Virginia

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