And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth, to divide between day and night, and let them be for SIGNS and for seasons and for days and for years.

        In the first chapter of Genesis, we read that God intended the lights in the sky to serve as "signs" for us.

        Yet, the Christian religion despises any consideration of those lights as meaningful signs! When a Christian hears the word "astrology," his defenses go up, and his ears go closed, and his mind reminds him what he has learned from his preacher, namely that astrology is of the devil and should be avoided at the peril of oneís soul. Does that preacher speak from knowledge or is he just repeating what he learned from his teachers? Is the practice of astrology an evil before God?

        I contend that at the time of creation God gave to His offspring race of Elect children, known in the Bible as the Christ (a body of His direct offspring of whom Jesus is the Head), a design which is so great and so complex that men can hardly comprehend it. It is through this grand design that God reveals Himself (so that we might study and find Him), and through which He expresses Himself in dynamic patterns (intelligent design). There is NOTHING in our world or universe that is accidental or random! Everything that we can perceive will reveal something about God if we study it and can find its meaning. What is so awesome is that God has given us minds that are capable of understanding all things if we will attune them with His Mind and become one with Him. The magnitude of the universe doesnít only reveal the greatness of God, but also reveals the potential greatness of our own minds if we will devote ourselves to the search for His Truth. The universe is not greater than Godís children; rather it was designed to SERVE us. We are greater than the universe which we perceive!

        The final Truth is that we, as members of the Body of Christ (the Christ is the tool of creation), create into being whatever we believe. If we did not believe in the universe, which we see in the night sky, then it would not be there. You see, we, as one complete body, are the activity of Godís Mind and it is by our beliefs that our dimension of reality exists. Godís Mind is greater than all that we can ever imagine or perceive, and we individuals are the actual expression of His Mind. We are the real players and all that we perceive exists only in our imagination. The science of this subject and further discussion is undertaken in other articles on my website, so Iíll not discuss it further here, except to use this fact as a foundation for this article in which I contend that true astrology is Godly and is not of the devil.

        Now, that is not to say that astrology cannot be used in evil ways. While the signs in the sky CAN reveal Godís design to us, we are admonished to NOT use that information to divine the future. Divining (fortune telling) is prohibited by God no matter what the method, whether by casting chicken guts, reading tea leaves, listening to psychics or deep-trance mediums, Tarot Cards, astrology, horoscopes, or any other technique. If you seek to understand Godís design and His will, then you will increase in wisdom and you will decide from your own mind what to do, and you will not seek advice from external sources which might be influenced by principalities and powers who are not really your friends but who wish to deceive you. It is YOUR mind which God wants you to develop because the entire pageant of "life" is a mind-game. If you attempt to solve problems or make decisions by looking outside yourself for answers, you will lose. Itís about that simple.

        Good, now that we know what we should not do with astrology, letís consider what we should do with those "signs" that God has given us. I think the most obvious first step would be to consider that His "signs" DO have something to tell us. Perhaps if we let it register in our minds that God really wants us to read His signs, we can refrain from throwing the baby out with the bath-water like the Christian religion does. We are capable of some common sense if we but dare to try it. Consider that simple water can be used to drown people, to destroy coastal villages, to wash down dry riverbeds in destructive torrents, and in many other harmful ways. Yet, we donít despise and reject all water simply because it can be dangerous! It can also be beneficial, actually being as necessary for living organisms as air that we need to breathe. Electricity is terribly dangerous and kills many people every year, yet we use it in countless beneficial ways. We can even consider it a blessing. So it is with Godís signs in the sky. Letís read them!

        Unfortunately, Godís Christian children have defaulted on their assignment to read His signs, leaving it up to many who had motives more worldly or occult than spiritual. Many astrologers make a living by casting horoscopes and determining auspicious times for doing something in order to assure material success (divining). Consequently, astrology has been studied and often applied to non-spiritual endeavors. Astrologers know very well that they are not welcome in Christian churches. In spite of that, I need to tell you that many and perhaps even most, astrologers are attracted to their studies because they see astrology as a key to greater spiritual understanding. Many astrological reports place high emphasis on the spiritual significance of the "signs." Admittedly, many and perhaps most, astrologers do not exalt Christ in their work, yet it is true that many do! Even though they are despised by the Christian religion, many of them do relate their conclusions with words of Jesus, many even seeing themselves as true Christians outside the religious organization.

        Let me ask you something. For those astrologers who believe in Jesus and who seek the spiritual path and who study His signs as a key to higher understanding, do you think that God will despise them and hide from them the meanings which they seek? Consider this: if God hid from them the meanings which He wants us to seek, then to whom could He ever reveal those meanings? The Christian religion despises such "signs" from God. To whom should God reveal His signs and His mysteries?

        Was it not three astrologers who came to honor Jesus after He was born? We like to call them "wise men," but we should be calling them "astrologers" for that is what they were. They read Godís signs in the sky and understood what they saw because they had studied and sought such knowledge. Today, most men are content to watch football, drink beer, and enjoy their flatulence rather than spend time seeking the path to God by following His signs. If you speak to them of astrology, you will be rebuffed with arrogant contempt toward such stuff. I suggest that Jesus did not rebuff those three men who sought to honor Him.

        The above paragraphs serve as a general introduction to this article, but Iíd like to address the subject of astrology itself, what it is, and how it might be meaningful to us.



        The practice of astrology is based upon the belief that at any moment there is a powerful influence upon our planet and upon individuals by the other planets depending on their particular locations, something which is always changing. Since the relative positions of planets are always changing, and since individualsí lives are always changing, astrologers look for patterns which repeat themselves and thereby might indicate that a certain planetary configuration was of some influence. Until the past century, the science of astronomy and the art of interpretation (astrology) were the same discipline. For instance, Johannes Kepler was both astronomer and astrologer because he believed that the signs were meaningful and important. Today, astronomers just work in mathematics, spectroscopy, radio frequencies, and such, while despising as ridiculous that those signs in the sky might have any influence upon earth beyond the tides. For the rest of us who have not been brainwashed into closed-mindedness, we might ponder that if the moon can so powerfully influence our tides, then what else might be influenced by it, or do other lights - such as the sun also influence us. Astronomers would probably concede that the sun has influence on the earth, but only in ways that scientists can study and such research must be objectively impersonal and mathematically verifiable. Thus it is that astrologers have to themselves a field of study which uses astronomy as its foundation and then seeks to understand how planetary relationships might be meaningful to us.

        Astrologers look at the sky as a large circle which can be illustrated on paper. Since we are looking at outer space from the position of a planet which makes a complete rotation every twenty four hours, the earth is placed in the very center of the circle. After all, this is our viewpoint from which we watch the planets and stars pass around us. The viewpoint of astrology is called "geocentric." Now, it is true that some astrological work is done from a "heliocentric" viewpoint. But, to me, as an individual, it is important to know where the planets are relative to MY own location, here, on earth; I'm not on the sun. So, I am the center of the circle on which I will draw the locations of all the other planets, and sun, and moon, and the twelve constellations. All the planets travel in somewhat the same plane, as they rotate around the sun. It is the plane of the ecliptic which contains all our planets, and it looks something like the rings around Saturn which all lie in a flat plane.



        I can draw such a circle on which I can place the planet locations for any moment during my life, or in history, or in the future. If I use astrology to better understand the influences of planets upon my own life, [which is the first interest of most people], I will begin by drawing a circle (called a "chart") for that moment when I was born. That chart is called a "Natal" chart. What planet was right overhead at that moment? What planet was at the 6:00AM position, just ascending over the eastern horizon? The first question of most people is where the sun was at that moment. Unless I'm born at exactly 12:00 noon, the sun isn't directly overhead! While the planets of our solar system are the objects of our study, we also consider the background of the distant sky behind them. That background sky is divided into twelve segments, each segment having its own "zodiac" name. So, I want to know in which zodiac constellation the sun appeared to be at the moment of my birth. That is called oneís "sun sign." Since I, Roger, was born in August when the sun appeared in front of the background constellation of Leo, then my sun sign is "Leo."

        Each of the twelve background constellations also has its own influence. So, all those born during the month-long period when the sun was in the same zodiac sign are said to have some common traits in their personalities, and in the ways by which they express their power Ė for that is what the sun does ó it expresses its power upon the earth. The way one expresses his personality and power is defined by the influence of the zodiac constellation behind it at the moment of birth. Since the sun sign is considered to influence individual personalities, it is most important at a simple level ó such as at a party: Whatís your sun sign?" Some signs are more compatible with certain signs than with others. My "Leo" sun sign is considered, among other things, to be proud, egotistical, regal, and placing high importance on oneís hair Ė like a lionís mane. Many leaders are "Leoís" because they like the spotlight, center-stage. As you can imagine, a Leo personality might not be compatible with some other sign-types. But, this article is not a detailed study of astrology, but merely an introduction. And, because of other planets which ameliorate my sun-in-Leo vanity, I am loathe to tell too much more about myself.

        The location of a planet against the background zodiac-sign is meaningful, but it is also considered very important how each planet relates to each other planet. On the circle of the natal chart, each of the planets is drawn at its location which is described as the number of degrees it is into a zodiac sign. For instance, the sun at the moment of my birth was three degrees and thirty-eight minutes into the zodiac constellation of Leo. So, if another planet was at the very opposite side of the sky (180 degrees) from the sun (earth being in center, remember: geocentric), say at three degrees in Aquarius, that planet would be in opposition to my sun, therefore, its influence would sort of pull me toward its meaning and away from the sun-in-Leo influence. If a planet was at ninety degrees to my sun-in-Leo position, say at three degrees Taurus, then that planet is "square" to my sun position, and works to block my sun/personality/expression/power with its particular influence. Oppositions and squares and other angular relationships are called "aspects" in astrology. It is the analysis of these aspects which makes up the biggest part of an astrologerís work. Some angular aspects hinder a planet's influence while others enhance it or are compatible with it. A sixty degree aspect is called a "sextile" and those planets in sextile aspect find compatibility as they work together toward a positive influence in oneís life. You see, the sixty-degree angle is an even division of the entire 360 degree circle, with six of them possible in a chart. A 120 degree aspect is called a "trine" for there are three of them possible in a chart. A 72 degree aspect is called a "quintile" for there are five of them possible in a circle. So, all planets are located on your chart, and then the angular relationships are calculated to see if there are any meaningful aspects which can be interpreted as influences in your life.

Basically, one wants to know where the signs were located in the circle of sky around the earth at the moment one is born, for those influences are determined partly by the zodiac constellation behind them, and by their harmonic relationships with each other. If several planets are located around your chart, each being exactly 72 degrees from each other (quintile aspects), then you have been born with a powerful 5th harmonic influence in your life. Actually, that influence functions within you as a sort of INSTINCT by which you view events, analyze, make judgments, adopt values, respond to stimuli, express yourself, etc. The 5th harmonic indicates a spiritual nature, one who is "inspired" with a creative talent. The 5th harmonic is identified with Jesus because connecting quintile points in a chart can make a five-pointed star. So, as you analyze your own chart, you will look to see if you have any quintile aspects, and if so, which planets are involved and in which zodiac signs. Then, you will ponder if those things actually help to define your self or not. It is that kind of subjective interpretation which an astrologer does when "reading" a personís natal (birth) chart.



        There are two methods of calculating the positions of the planets. Without getting into a discussion about the differences between the two, I choose the Sidereal because it indicates the actual location in the sky of the planets against the background zodiac constellations. The Tropical method is common among the majority of astrologers, but the planet locations are calculated by a formula, resulting in locations that are nearly a complete zodiac sign off from the reality. It is my opinion that IF the planetary positions are relevant for any matter, their influence depends on their actual locations in the sky rather than theoretical locations derived by a mathematical formula. An astronomer with a telescope will point to a sidereal location if he wants to see the actual object. While the Tropical and Sidereal locations were identical many centuries ago, it is due to the precession of the Vernal Equinox that the location of a planet in a Tropical chart varies about 24 degrees today from its actual location. This means that the sun sign of most people is different from what they have been told by most astrologers. So, I prefer sidereal astrology.



There are several different fields of astrology beside the natal-chart work described above. Mundane Astrology deals with politics, national trends, and world affairs. Financial Astrology correlates stock market events and economic cycles with astronomical phenomenon and planetary cycles. Psychological Astrology addresses human consciousness and the meaning of events. Historical Astrology is probably the branch of this science which is least studied simply because of the general lack of interest in things seemingly removed from oneís own personal concerns. Yet, it is this usage of astrology which most interests me because I view long term history as cyclic patterns which function within the Great Cycle of one precession of equinoxes which is about 24,000 years or so, and which is divided into twelve ages of about 2,000 years each. As we watch the apparent path of the sun precess around the sky to make a complete circuit, it takes about 24,000 years to complete one circuit. Each of the twelve segments within that period is described by a zodiac sign, and just like the Great Cycle, each zodiac age is its own cycle, having a half cycle period each of positive and then negative energy. The oscillations of the energies from negative to positive to negative, ad infinitum, are the most powerful factor which helps to define the nature of civilization during each half-cycle.

        Anyway, with that theory as a foundation, Historical Astrology attempts to find relationships between planet configurations and historical events of kings, nations, dynasties, wars, epidemics, births of significant persons, etc. Ancient astrologers always considered conjunctions of planets to herald the most significant events. Two or more powerful influences joined together are considered to be very effective.



        The search for the actual birthdate of Jesus is one of the most challenging questions for astrologers. Since we do have some recorded historical information to assist this study, we know that Jesus must have been born prior to the death of Herod who ordered the deaths of all babies less than two years old. Herod died in 4 BC, so Jesus must have been born at some time prior to that. Many have settled for a date in 5 BC. There are several astrological configurations which might be meaningful during that year, but it is my opinion that the most significant aspects occurred on February 18, 5 BC. There was a very close grouping of six planets at approximately 1:00AM the morning of Feb 18, 5BC. The Sun was at zero degrees Pisces, Jupiter at three degrees Pisces, Uranus (which wasnít discovered until 1930, but still significant in Godís plan) at four degrees Pisces. Venus was seven degrees into Pisces, and Saturn was 13 degrees into Pisces. So there are five planets located at the very beginning of Pisces, the very age of the Fish which Jesus inaugurated. Plus, Mercury was also close enough to be part of this group, being only five degrees from the sun, near the end of the Aquarius constellation. Then, directly across the sky from that Great Conjunction was the planet Pluto (the ancient mythological god of the underworld) standing in opposition to the Sun, Jupiter, Uranus, Venus, and Saturn. It seems so appropriate that at the very birth of the Light of the world, the lord of darkness would be directly opposite this Great Conjunction which included the Sun.

        Perhaps the exact date of Jesusí birth might never be decided for certain. One problem with this February timing is that it was winter, a time when the sheep were kept near home in their stables rather than in the fields where grass was not growing. The Bible indicates that the shepherds were in the fields, watching their flocks at night, when the angel announced the birth of their Lord to them, and told them they would find Him in a manger. We might question what that really means. Does the Bible wording intend to imply the time of the year when Jesus was born? Since it was unmentionably common that shepherds stayed in the fields with their flocks during summer months, that fact would hardly warrant mention if this occasion was during summer. So, is this fact mentioned because it was somewhat unusual; perhaps a spell of warm weather had stimulated growth of grass and the sheep were taken out to graze in spite of the time of year? This is likely the case because writers tend to note the unusual rather than the common. In your own diary or journal you donít make special note of weather that is common for that particular time of year. So, it could well be that the February 18, 5BC date is valid. In the end, this question of His birth date is just a matter of interest to us and not something of critical importance.



        The sky was divided into twelve segments at some ancient time before records were kept. In ancient times of earliest record, the wisest of men and advisors to the kings were those who studied the "stars," and who accepted without question that those lights in the sky ruled over the affairs of men. That their movements were predictable and coherent made them a subject for intense study. The Bible is loaded with references to them and strongly implies their importance to the lives of men. The twelve zodiac symbols were clearly important to our Old Testament forefathers, and apparently to God, who emphasized the number twelve with His twelve tribes of Israel and later with the twelve disciples. See my lengthy study of this subject at http://divinepageant.com/Gods%20Kosmos.htm.

        For this article, I will briefly mention the twelve zodiac ages, which I have diagrammed along a sine-wave curve, where six of the ages comprise the negative half of a cycle, namely the 12,000 year Kingdom of World; and six ages comprise the positive half-cycle which is the Kingdom of Heaven. It would be helpful for you to print a copy of the sine-wave diagram from http://divinepageant.com/sine-wave%20diagram.htm.

        LEO is the zodiac age with which I will begin this survey of the twelve. The age of Leo began about twelve thousand years ago. At that time our planet suffered a cataclysmic event when the magnetic poles reversed their attractive forces. The magnetic north-pole moved to its present location and the south-pole to Antarctica. The iron core earth wobbled for a brief period until finally stabilizing on its present rotational axis. Volcanic eruptions filled the sky with ash; earthquakes destroyed nearly everything standing. New mountains arose and old ones sank. Shorelines of continents were radically altered. Most people perished, but not all. The planet had just transitioned from the positive energy Kingdom of Heaven to become the Kingdom of World which we know. And Leo was the first 2,000 year age in the new kingdom. Leo, the Lion, represents physical/earthly mastery. It corresponds with the Tribe of Juda, which is the Royal Tribe of rulership. It corresponds also with Jesusí disciple, Simon Peter, who was earthy, strong, and a leader of men. Leo keynotes a quarter-cycle of 6,000 years during which the predominant influence will be the Physical nature of God, namely the Living Being of Lion of Revelation 4:7.

        CANCER is the age which follows Leo beginning about 8100BC. As a zodiac symbol, it represents material attachments and emotional hungers. This age of Cancer coincides with the Tribe age of Issachar and the Disciple age of Bartholomew. These are not significant figures because Godís children were degenerating into deeper depravity under a rulership of Satan. They had left their spiritual estate and were suffering the limitations of material wants, along with an absence of Godís Spirit working within them.

        GEMINI is the age following Cancer, beginning about 6,077BC. Gemini means "twins," and it was during this age that the story of Adam takes place. Fraternal twins were born from Adamís wife, Zoe (Eve, in Aramaic), by two different fathers. Abel was the son of Adam, and Cain the son of Satan [Gen. 3:16 refers to Satanís seed (spermatos), which clearly means exactly what Jesus said in Jn 8:44 when He told Esauís descendants they were not born of God but of the devil]. Here is the beginning of Godís current divine pageant, in which two races struggle in eternal contest against each other, one race with Godly instincts and the other with evil instincts. This age of Gemini coincides with the Tribe age of Zabulon and the Disciple age of Philip. At the end of the age of Gemini, we reach the very nadir of the cycle, and the end of the first quarter which was essentially Physical. Each age is inaugurated by a significant person in Godís plan. For Gemini, that person was ADAM.

        TAURUS is the age following Gemini, beginning about 4050BC. Taurus means Bull or Calf, and represents the Emotional nature of God which would be the dominant influence for the 6,000 years of this quarter-cycle which we are right now ending. In Adamís descendants God again made Himself present in their lives, sort of "re-spiriting" them, so they would instinctively be attracted toward Him as their Father. The world had reached its lowest point in wickedness and evil, but with Taurus Godís children began their upward trek home. The significator for the age of Taurus was NOE (Noah). The age of Taurus coincides with the Tribe age of Ruben, Jacobís firstborn, and with the Disciple age of Andrew, Jesusí first chosen disciple. The journey upward begins. But, God deems a correction necessary in order to give His children a fresh start. Adamís descendants had gone astray and all of them except one family had mixed with other races and adulterated Godís pure Adamic bloodline. So, Noe and his family were saved while God flooded that large basin of the Tarim Pendi where they had settled after leaving Eden (the Pamir Plateau, north of Pakistan). God said He saved them because they were perfect in their race (genea in Greek = race) (Gen. 6:10). The race migrated to the Punjab region of northwestern India where they instituted the Caste system of society, and from whom we still have indications of their spirituality in the ancient Vedas and Upanishads. After a time in the Punjab, they migrated to Sumer (later known as Chaldea and Babylon) where Cainís progeny had already settled, and where they were building great cities, like Nineveh.

        ARIES was the age following Taurus, beginning about 2030BC. Aries means Lamb. The significator for Aries was Abram, later changed to Abraam, the grand patriarch of the family which would soon be known as Israel. For this age of the Lamb, Abram instituted a new religion which venerated the Lamb as an object of sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins, and he predicted that at the end of that age God would send His own Lamb to be the final sacrifice for the sins of all Godís children. Most of our Bible is about the history of our people during this age of Aries. Godís pageant would become greatly active as other players are introduced onto the stage. Abram has an illegitimate child, Ishmael, who then fathered the Arab race. His God-anointed child was Isaac, who fathered another pair of twins; Jacob and Esau, who would serve to reactivate the two contestant races of Adam and Cain. Esau married wives of the Cain race and his progeny became the Edomite race who later took over Jerusalem and the Temple from the Israelites, who killed Jesus, and who claimed the name of "Jews" unto this day. Jacob bore twelve children, called after his new name, Israel. The Israelites played out the grand paradigm of Godís plan by going down into the world (Egypt), then being liberated by a supernatural event (Red Sea opened up), then received their orders for the future (Sinai Covenant), and were then led into Canaan (Promised Land) by a man named Iesu (Joshua in Aramaic, Jesus in English). I should note that the same 400 year model is now being completed in America which was claimed for Christ on April 29, 1607 at Jamestown, Virginia, and we now await liberation by a supernatural event, and then to be led into the final Promised Land of Heaven by a man named Iesu. The age of Aries was rich in activity as God worked His children into their proper path toward Himself. The age of Aries coincides with the Tribe age of Symeon and the Disciple age of Nathanael/Thaddeus.

        PISCES is the age that follows Aries, beginning about 5BC with the birth of Jesus, the significator for this age, who came to fish Godís Elect. Pisces means Fish. Like Abram, Jesus instituted a new religion, just one more step toward the same Supreme God. Since the Israelites had violated their Sinai contract and earned a penalty of death, Jesus paid the penalty and terminated that covenant. He secured a New Covenant which is stated in the 8th chapter of the book called "Hebrews." Although Jesus did not even suggest a new organization to replace the one He destroyed, it was only a few centuries that power-hungry church leaders established a hierarchy to rule over the people. The Edomite opponents of Jesus again usurped the growing Christian movement, just as they had usurped the Israelite Temple of Judea, and they established a Roman Catholic regime which during the middle ages killed over fifty million white race European true Israelite Christians. The contest between the body of Christ and the synagogue of Satan continues to our own time at the end of Pisces when our rulers attempt to exterminate the Israelite race by flooding us with foreign races. In 1897 Christís Edomite enemy race of Jews predicted that the last generation of the white race was at that time, because they would pass laws forcing the mixing of races so that we would disappear. They were too optimistic at that time, but their efforts have continued until we now have many whites who favor an adulteration of races into one mediocre amalgam. Too many of our people have yielded their lives to the powerful Emotional influence of the past quarter-cycle. As a result, they have produced no spiritual fruit and their branches get cut from the vine, meaning cut off from God so that they will not have life in the kingdom to come. The age of Pisces coincides with the Tribe age of Gad and the Disciple age of James (bro. of St. John).

        AQUARIUS is the age following Pisces, beginning any time now, right after Godís great battle of Armageddon which is getting underway in the Middle East. Aquarius means "Water Carrier." The symbol for Aquarius is "Man," one of the four Living Beings of Rev. 4:7, representing the Spiritual Nature of God, and keynoting the Spiritual quarter-cycle of history for the next 6,000 years. We donít know yet who the significator will be, perhaps it will be Jesus who leads us into the Kingdom of Heaven following the reversal of the electro-magnetic polarity of the planet. The Kingdom of Heaven begins with the inception of the age of Aquarius. The energy will have changed from negative to positive, and Godís children will no longer be blinded to believe Satanís lie of material limitation. We will begin to realize our new spiritual powers and we will create a civilization that is founded on spiritual constructs rather than on material ones. Christ will be the reigning Lord for the Kingdom of Heaven, replacing Satan who was the lord of the Kingdom of World ó that place which we knew as "hell," and where we got our strengthening and discipline and guidance and a hope for a better future. The age of Aquarius coincides with the Tribe age of Ephraim and the Disciple age of St. John.

        CAPRICORN is the age following Aquarius, beginning about 4043AD. This is the middle of three ages in the quarter-cycle of our spiritual perfecting process. The symbol for Capricorn is a Goat, and we might picture a goat climbing up the mountainside toward the peak just as we are climbing upward toward oneness with our Father. The age of Capricorn coincides with the Tribe age of Manasse and the Disciple age of Matthew who forsook ALL to follow Jesus and who lost himself in adoration of his Lord. Where other Gospel writers use the term, "kingdom of God," Matthew says, "Kingdom of Heaven." Here is one whose name deserves to be honored as an age during the Heavenly ages.

        SAGITTARIUS is the age following Capricorn, beginning about 6067AD. This is the last age of the three which comprise the quarter-cycle of Godís Spiritual Nature. The symbol for Sagittarius is an arrow pointing upward to the right, just like its position on the sine-wave diagram. It is called the "Archer." It is during this 2,000 year period that we finally realize our oneness and our union with our Father, the Supreme, Almighty God. It is this age which can be called our "Millenium" of perfect Godliness. The age of Sagittarius coincides with the Tribe age of Benjamin (last of Jacobís sons and most loved. Rachel died giving birth to Benjamin. This is the last age before another "fall") and with the Disciple age of Thomas, the disciple who wouldnít be duped, whose only concern was with the ultimate goal, and who proclaimed to Jesus, "my Lord and my God." The age of Sagittarius ends at the very peak of positive energy, as diagrammed on the sine-wave curve.

        SCORPIO is the age following Sagittarius, beginning about 8091AD. This is the first age of the next quarter-cycle during which Godís intellectual/rational nature is the predominate influence. Seems like if a Godly quality can be abused, it will. And so it is with this serpent of the fall, the age in which Godís children yield to the temptation to breed again. The desire is to know evil again, like those other races on the planet who breed regularly and are not immortal. The symbol for Scorpio is the Eagle, but in ancient times it was the Serpent, which is still used today by some. It is here in Scorpio that the temptation is too great, and when yielded to, results in death again Ė because if the race propagates, death must function to keep the population in check. The age of Scorpio coincides with the Tribe age of Dan (the tribe omitted from that list of Tribes before Godís throne in Revelation 7) and the Disciple age of Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus. And so it goes, from perfection, Godís children yearn for physical and material limitations, along with emotional sensations, survival by intelligent rationale, and the intense experience of encountering death, all of which were absent from their lives while in union with God.

        I cannot help but fear that I, too, might yearn for desperate battle again after a spell of enjoyment of Godís bliss. I realize how terribly addicted to the contest that I really am, and I pray that I might learn to appreciate the heavenly kingdom so much that I wonít want to go down the descending path into World again.

        LIBRA is the age following Scorpio, beginning about 10,115AD. The symbol for Libra is the balance-scale. This age is in between the apex of heaven and that moment when the Kingdom of Heaven terminates so the World can begin. Godís children are walking away from Him while exercising their own minds in order to enjoy the thrill and the risk of being gods over their own lives, and perhaps over the lives of others. Coincident with the age of Libra is the Tribe age of Aser and the Disciple age of Simon the Zealot who was not notable at all and of whom the Bible tells us nothing more than his name.

        VIRGO is the twelfth and last age of our list, beginning about 12,139AD until about 14,163AD. Virgo means "virgin woman," and it is here that the purity of Heaven is sacrificed for the sake of World physical reality. The Great Pyramid of Giza was built during the age of Virgo, as the accompanying Sphinx testifies with its head being a woman and its body being a lion (Leo, the next age). We are told by Jesus that the Devil will be defeated and thrown into prison at the end of the Kingdom of World, any day now. Well, at the reciprocal point in the long cycle, at end of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Christ (ruler of Heaven) had to be overthrown, too. Since the Pyramid was built at that time, might we not wonder whether the Christ was entombed in that Great Pyramid. When the tomb was opened in 1820AD by the Arab Caliph Al-Mamun, he found the so-called Kingís Chamber with a stone sarcophagus (coffin) but the lid was removed and lying aside, and the coffin was empty. We get a hint of confirmation of Christís possible connection with that ancient tomb when His friends found His tomb empty, the stone removed, and Him gone. Admittedly, I am just speculating, but without written records to confirm or refute such a theory, might we not appreciate that it might be true? The information is not critical for any purpose today, but the theory does help to fit another piece of the great puzzle into place. The age of Virgo is coincident with the Tribe age of Nephthali and the Disciple age of James, son of Alphaeus, of whom nothing is known except that he always appears ninth on every list of disciples in the New Testament. And from the first Tribe son, Ruben in Taurus, and the first Disciple chosen by Jesus, Andrew, here is the ninth age where we find this James, but he was not noteworthy in any other way. Instead of doing what Jesus called him to do, he fell to the downward path.


        I sat down to write this article, intending just a few comments about astrology in order to encourage Christians to take a look at it because God placed His signs in the sky for US, His own offspring, that we might seek after Him and find Him. I'm not an astrologer and only have a rudimentary knowledge of it. There is no doubt in my mind that Christian religionists will outright reject any possible consideration of astrology. I would be shocked if any religionist is even reading this article to this point. But, for all the rest of us who live for nothing else than to follow Jesus as true disciples, I say to you: trust Godís Spirit to guide you to Truth and to help you avoid error. Cling tightly to Jesus, and believe that your Father will never abandon such a desperate seeker of Him. Consider that the New Covenant admonishes that there shall be no more teachers, but instead the Father will place His laws in your heart and mind so that you will come to know Him by yourself. That is His promise. If God is real, then we can trust Him to keep us from tragic error. For those who are not willing to trust His guidance, they might as well continue to follow their blind shepherds instead. For me, my faith is ever strengthened all the more that I trust Him to keep me safe while I charge into risky territory in my search to find Him.

by Roger Hathaway, March 11, 2007


A Bible passage for you to consider:

Have you ever really thought about this well known Psalm? I'm going to type it here, as written in the Greek Septuagint chapter 18, in order to emphasize the value of God's signs in the sky for us.

"The heavens (ouranoi = skies) declare the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims the work of His hands. Day to day utters speech, and night to night proclaims knowledge. There are no speeches or words, in which their voices are not heard. Their voice is gone out into all the earth, and their words to the ends of the world. In the sun He has set His Tabernacle; and he comes forth as a bridegroom out of his chamber: He will exult to the other end of the heaven (sky): and no one shall be hidden from Him."



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