The great prophet lived 760-698 BC. So, he is speaking primarily to the Northern Kingdom of Israel which were attacked and dispersed during his lifetime by the Assyrians. Typically, Biblical events which really happened, often serve as models for future events which are in this book prophesied by Esaias.

        These two chapters are from the Greek Septuagint (285 B.C.), and differ somewhat from the Masoretic Hebrew (9th Century A.D.) text from which our English versions are made. Since there is no evidence of any Hebrew text prior to the 10th Century A.D., and since the Hebrew alphabet-script was not even created until the century before Christ, and since Jesus along with other N.T. writers and even Jewish historians Philo and Josephus quoted from the Greek Septuagint, it is most probable that the Jewish Masoretes created the Hebrew O.T. translation from the Septuagint between the 5th and 10th centuries A.D. If you compare these Septuagint passages with your favorite English version, you might get some feel for what was corrupted or lost in that translation process by Edomite Jews who are the eternal enemies of Christ. The following translation is based largely on the one by Brenton in 1851. I have updated some of the language to modern idiom, and replaced "thee and ye" with modern English. I�ve also done some exegetical research on the Greek text and have used some modern English words to better express the true meaning, than some of the 1851 language used by Brenton.

        These chapters are prophecies about the end-time, that being right now and for the next few years. It would be helpful to understand how important the protection of one particular race was to God, and that the race called "Jews" today have no connection with the tribes of Israel, but are Edomites who took over Jerusalem and the temple after their conversion in 132 B.C.. It is this "evil seed" from Esau which has persisted in exploiting and destroying the white race from Jacob, the true "lost sheep of the house of Israel," which is our white European race, whom Jews call "goyim," which means "cattle." Although the viewpoint expressed in these verses is politically incorrect today, even in Christian churches, it is abundantly confirmed by historical evidence. Jewish writers and even the Jewish Encyclopedia admit their Khazar/Edomite lineage, whereas the Christian churches are yet reluctant to recognize themselves as the true "lost sheep." This is ironic, because it is the white Christian world which has been the "sheep" who heard their shepherd�s voice and followed him; the Jews have never done so. It is this white Christian people whom God will now rescue from their exploiters, and usher into the Kingdom of God, within the next few years.

        The spelling of some of the words differs from your Bibles, as these are Greek words, and I am using the Greek spelling, rather than the "Hebrew." The KJV Isaiah is Esaias, pronounced "Hě-sigh-as."

by Roger Hathaway, November, 2006.




�Babylon� symbolizes the whole world here. V.9 says �to make the world desolate.� V.13 says �earth shall be shaken.� 14:26 says �This is the purpose which the Lord has purposed upon the whole earth.� Here are some of the greatest prophecies regarding end-time events.


13:2 "Lift up a standard on the mountain of the plain; shout to them, beckon with the hand, open the gates you rulers. v.3 I (God) give command, and I bring them: giants are coming to fulfill my wrath, rejoicing and at the same time insulting. v.4They will be the voice of many nations on the mountains, many nations; a voice of kings and nations gathered together. The Lord of hosts has given command to a war-like nation, v.5to come from a land afar off, from the utmost foundation of heaven; the Lord and his warriors are coming to destroy all the world."

In order to cleanse the earth, God will use other nations and races against everyone, but especially against the great multitude of His children of Israel who have gone apostate. It is this event which Jesus forewarned in Matthew 24, when He advised His sheep to flee to the mountains for safety. The fact is that all Israel is called to heed our Lord's command, but only few will actually do it. It is like an invitation to God's banquet, to which most respond that they are too busy with other worldly matters. Many are called but few choose to obey.

13:6 "Howl, for the day of the Lord is near, and destruction from God shall arrive. v.7Therefore every hand shall become powerless, and every soul of man shall be dismayed. v.8The elders shall be troubled, and pangs shall seize them, like a woman in travail; they shall mourn one to another, and shall be awestruck, and their countenance shall flicker like a flame. v.9For behold! the day of the Lord is coming which cannot be escaped, a day of wrath and anger, to make the world desolate, and to destroy sinners out of it. v.10The stars of heaven, and Orion, and all the host of heaven, shall not give their light; it shall be dark at sunrise, and the moon shall not give her light. .11I will command evils for the whole world, and will visit their sins on the ungodly: and I will destroy the pride of transgressors, and will bring low the pride of the haughty. v.12Those who are left (God�s children) shall be more precious than gold tried in the fire; and a man shall be more precious than the stone that is in Suphir."

In the Bible, �Day of the Lord� means this end-time catastrophe, the defeat of evil, and the transfer of rulership to Christ.
v.9: the purpose of this cleansing is to destroy sinners out of the world, making it ready for God�s special ones, for the Kingdom of God.  v.10: the absence of light will probably be due to skies filled with volcanic ash. The sequence of events will be, first, the great war of Armageddon will nearly defeat God's children by covering our nation with foreign troops who burn, pillage, destroy, and kill. Perhaps when they have finished with the cities, like described in George Washington's vision, then before they are able to invade the mountains where God's children have refuge, the magnetic field reversal of the planet will happen and the skies will fill with volcanic ash, blotting out the sun and moon; earthquakes will bring down all structures, tidal waves will inundate all coastlines for many miles inland, electricity will not be possible, all infrastructure will be cancelled out; we will be returned to a primitive and difficult survival situation. The paradigm for this event is provided in the Exodus from Egypt. The supernatural crossing of the Red Sea is equivalent to the geophysical cataclysm which we will experience, an event which will liberate those in the mountains from the foreign invaders. Then the primitive survival situation will be a period of time like that in the Sinai desert when we will be totally dependent on God's providence to survive and to re-establish ourselves as a family. Then, Jesus will return to lead us across the symbolic River (Styx/Jordan) into the Kingdom of Heaven.   v.12: Suphir (Ophir) was a distant city, a source of fine gold, which took a three year voyage.


13:13 "Heaven shall be enraged, and the earth shall be shaken from her foundation, because of the fierce anger of the Lord of hosts, in the day in which his wrath shall come. v.14They (sinners and other races) that are left shall be as a fleeing fawn, and as a stray sheep, and there shall be none to gather them: so that a man shall turn back to his own people, and a man shall flee to his own land. v.15Whoever gets caught shall be conquered, and they that are gathered together shall fall by the sword. v.16They (the warriors) shall dash their (the sinners�) children before their eyes; and they shall plunder their houses, and shall take their wives."

Foreign races shall flee from America to the lands of their origins.


13:17 "Behold, I will stir up against you the Medes, who do not regard silver, neither have they need of gold. v.18They shall break the bows of the young men; and they shall have no mercy on your children; nor shall their eyes spare your children. v.19And Babylon, which is called glorious by the king of the Chaldeans, shall be as when God overthrew Sodoma and Gomorrha. v.20It shall never be inhabited, neither shall any enter into it for many generations: neither shall the Arabians pass through it; nor shall shepherds rest at all in it. v.21But wild beasts shall rest there; and the houses shall be filled with howling; and monsters shall rest there, and devils shall dance there, v.22and tailless apes shall dwell there; and hedgehogs shall make their nests in their houses. It will come suddenly and will not tarry."

While the word, Babylon, symbolizes the materialistic world civilization, verse 19 refers to that specific land of the old Babylon of the Chaldeans, which is now Iraq. This description seems like something which nuclear fallout would accomplish, to make it uninhabitable for a long time to come.

14:1 "But the Lord will have mercy on Jacob, and will yet choose Israel, and my children shall rest on their own land: and the stranger shall be added to them, yes, shall be added to the house of Jacob. v.2And my people shall take them and bring them into their place: and shall inherit them, and they will be multiplied upon the land for servants and handmaidens: and those who had taken my children captives shall become captives; and those who had lordship over them shall be under their rule."
stranger = γειώρας: a rare Greek word, used for someone of another race. This word is different from the word �foreignor� used above which referred to that race which is of Satan and Christ's eternal foe, operating in the world today as the Edomite race of Jews. But, this word refers to other earth races, who will serve a purpose as servants and laborers. It looks as though these are the races which now have all the rights over the white race, reducing us to slaves which serve them as a host serves non-productive parasites. And certainly, it does include the Jews who dominate the world today and have taken our white race of Israel captive. So, these verses, like others in the Bible, indicate that not only a few of God's chose will survive the catastrophe, but that many of all other races, including Jews, will live, and they will become added to the house of Jacob as our servants.


14:3 "It shall come to pass in that day, the Lord shall give you rest from your sorrow and vexation, and from your hard servitude wherein you have served them. v.4And you shall take up this chant against the king of Babylon, O, HOW THE EXTORTIONER HAS CEASED! AND THE TASKMASTER HAS QUIT! V.5THE LORD HAS BROKEN THE YOKE OF SINNERS, THE YOKE OF PRINCES. v.6Having smitten a nation in wrath, with an incurable plague, smiting a nation with a wrathful plague, which spared them not; God rested quietly. v.7All the earth cries aloud with joy: v.8the trees also of Libanus rejoice against you, and the cedar of Libanus, saying, "From the time that you were laid low, no one has come to cut us down."

v.7: cf. Rom. 8:20, 22 "all creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God."

v.8: "Libanus" is Lebanon, symbolic of a land of good forests. The forests rejoice because they have not had godly use since we (Israel) were "laid low."


14:9 "Hell from beneath is excited to meet you (evil race of Cain): all the chief rulers that have ruled over the earth have risen up together to greet you, all the kings of the nations have raised up from their thrones to greet you. v.10They shall say to you, "Have you been defeated like we were, and are you now numbered among us?" v.11Your glory and your great pomp have come down to hell. Under you, corruption spread, now the worm shall cover you. v.12O how Lucifer, that rose in the morning, has fallen from heaven! He that sent orders to all nations is crushed to the earth. v.13You said in your heart, "I will go up to heaven, I will set my throne above the stars of heaven: I will sit on a lofty mount, on the lofty mountains toward the north: v.14I will go up above the clouds; I will be like the Most High." v.15But now you shall go down to hell, even to the basement of the earth. v.16They that see you shall wonder at you, and say, "This is the man that troubled the earth, that made kings to shake; v.17that made the whole world desolate, and destroyed its cities; he loosed not those who were in captivity." v.18All the kings of our race sleep in honor, each man in his own house. v.19But you shall be cast forth on the mountains, like a loathed carcass, with many dead who have been pierced with swords, going down to the grave. v.20As a garment defiled with blood shall not be pure, so neither shall you be pure; because you have destroyed my land, and have slain my people: you shall not endure for ever, evil seed. v.21Prepare your children to be slain for the sins of their father; so they do not arise and inherit the earth, nor fill the earth with wars. v.22I will rise up against them, says the Lord of hosts, and I will destroy their name and remnant and seed: thus says the Lord. v.23And I will make the region of Babylon barren, so that hedgehogs shall dwell there, and it shall come to nothing: and I will make it a pit of clay for destruction."

There is little comment that could add to the clarity of this passage. God has already made judgment against those who exploit His people!

v.12: Lucifer rules all nations through those who "sent orders" to all nations. These are the Learned Elders of Zion, the Edomite-Jews. Nearly every member of F.D.R.�s administration was Jewish, and most administrations since then. Clinton had not one white race person on his cabinet. Bush Jr. is completely directed by Neocon Jews for the purpose of making the Jews the rulers of the world.

v.14: the space program symbolizes an attempt to be God over heaven and earth, rather than submission to the true God.

v.16: it has always been considered a great disgrace to be cast out on the ground and not given a burial.

v.20: "evil seed" (σπέρμα/sperm) is another of many references supporting the thesis that the race of Cain is a spawn of the devil through Eve, as Jesus also affirmed.

v.23: It appears that while Babylon means "world," it means specifically their world: the world ruled by evil. That is the "world" which will cease to exist. Our new world will be the Kingdom of God: the future for this planet.


14:24 'Thus says the Lord of hosts, "As I have said, so it shall be: and as I have purposed, so it shall remain: v.25to destroy the Assyrians upon my land, and upon my mountains: and they shall be for trampling; and their yoke shall be taken away from them, and their glory shall be taken from their shoulders." v.26This is the purpose which the Lord has purposed upon the whole earth: and this is the hand that is uplifted against all those nations. v.27For who shall frustrate what the Holy God has purposed? and who shall turn back his uplifted hand?'

I think this is an indication that the great war of Armageddon will be in that Middle East land of Iraq and Iran. August of 2006 saw the Israel/Lebanon war focused at the region around Megiddo, for which Armageddon is named. Here we see specific mention of Assyria, which is the land of Iraq and present day Syria. The word Assyria might also symbolize Islam.


14:28 "In the year in which king Achaz died this word came."

v.28: Achaz (Ahaz) died in 726 B.C.


14:29 "Don�t rejoice, all you foreign races, thinking the yoke of him that smote you is broken: for out of the seed of the serpent shall come forth young asps, and their young shall come forth as flying serpents. v.30The poor shall be fed by God, and poor men shall rest in peace: but he shall destroy your seed with hunger, and shall destroy your remnant. v.31Howl, you gates of cities; let the cities be troubled and cry, all you foreign races: for smoke is coming from the north, and there is no possibility of living. v.32And what will the kings of the nations answer? That the Lord has founded Sion, and by Him the poor of the Lord�s people shall be saved."


v.32: "Sion" is Zion; it means "stone" or "rock." It is the mountain of God, the high place where God rules and dwells among His children. Ultimately, the Elect of Israel are that rock, the dwellingplace of God.

Considering the stone altars/monuments of Abraam and Jacob and those of our people in Britain & Europe, and considering the importance of the word "Sion," we could very well be called the "Stone-people."


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