The Israelites were in Egypt for 400 years. Their experiences serve us today as a prophecy of our time. That whole event seems to be a paradigm or model of the Israelites in America. In both cases they are liberated by a supernatural event and led to a Promised Land by one named Jesus (Joshua in O.T. is the Aramaic pronunciation for the name that is spelled IESU, Jesus).  As you will see, the parallels of the two historical periods match up quite well. So, if the rest of the model holds true, we are very near the time of the supernatural liberation, some saying 2007 and some saying 2012. Liberation from Egypt was possible because of the opening of the Red Sea which permitted tens of thousands to escape their oppressors. For us, our liberation will result from the magnetic-field reversal which will destroy much of the world, including all civilizations, and will leave our enemies powerless while leaving us free. Following our liberation, we should then have a forty year period during which we leave all our old baggage and worldly values behind, in order to transition to a new kind of society that is based on spiritual values rather than material ones. During the forty-years of our wilderness, we will have to depend on God for all provisions because there will not be any food supply available, just like the desert of the Sinai where the Old Testament religion was founded.


As you will see in the following sequence of events, it becomes meaningful when you understand that this is a contest on earth between two contestants, the Christ-race (white European 12 tribes of Israel) and the Satan-race (Edomite Jew frauds).



2096 BC    Abram born; institutes a new religion venerating the Lamb of sacrifice.

1357 AD    John Wyclif, the Morning Star of the Reformation. Venerates Jesus as the Lamb. He created the first English Bible in 1380 AD.



1996 BC    Isaac is born to father the contestants, namely his two sons, Jacob/Israel and Esau/Edom. Jacob expresses the Godly instincts of goodness, compassion, the golden rule, etc. while Esau merged with the Cain race to express the wicked instincts of lying, murder, exploitation, deceit, and a relentless hatred of Jacob's descendants, the Israelites. God's pageant is a contest between good and evil, performed by these two races of contestants. Other races are pawns in the game.

ca. 1457 AD    Gutenberg fathers the Printing Press, the most valuable weapon of the contest. The break from Edomite controlled Roman Catholicism was only possible by making the Bible available to the people who could then see the truth for themselves, and expose the lies they had been taught by the murderous priests of the Roman Catholic church. It might be worth noting here that the Roman Catholic church has never yet rescinded the anti-Christ lies which they promoted during those centuries. They have even gotten worse, for at the Council of Trent in 1546, a century after Gutenberg, they proclaimed that the Pope is God on earth.



1936 BC    Esau/Edom & Jacob/Israel born. Evil one born first, then the Good (like Cain and then Abel)

1517 AD    Luther�s 95 Theses rends Roman Catholic Church. The Truth exposed the Lies.


90 YEARS LATER: (BEGIN 400 YEAR MODEL) God�s favored one(s) appear on stage

1846 BC    Joseph (17 yrs old) sold by brothers, an Israelite into Egypt.

1607 AD    Christians plant cross in America, their New Jerusalem.


22 YEARS LATER: Family arrives.

1824 BC    Jacob�s family goes down to Egypt, symbol for down into World. They prosper!

1630 AD    Puritans, under John Winthrop, thrive as first successful settlement in the new world.


230 YEARS LATER: Oppression pointed against God�s children.

1594 BC    Oppression of Israelites begins in Egypt.

1860 AD    Oppression of Christians gets organized in America: The Edomite philosophy of economics and politics is defined under the name of Marxism; a Central Bank is adopted by Lincoln, giving the Edomites total economic control of America; the War against South is forced upon the people in order to give the wealthy southland to the Jewish Bankers (carpet-baggers), thereby crashing the incredibly successful independent South.


80 YEARS LATER: Wicked rulers persecute God�s children more severely.

1514 BC    Pharo forces Moses to flee Egypt.

1940 AD    Edomite race Presidents: FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, JFK,  LBJ, et al  betray U.S.:  Freedom From War Act, and in Viet Nam. Civil Rights Act. Great Society/Socialist tyranny. Followed by increasing economic and cultural oppression, taxation, and laws which discriminate against the white Israelites in America, Britain, and Europe. Esau/Edom Zionists still trying to destroy Jacob/Israel.


67YEARS LATER: (END 400 YEAR PERIOD) Liberation by Supernatural Event:

1446 BC    Moses� EXODUS across the Red Sea which opened for the Israelites. Begin the forty-year wilderness period in the Sinai desert where they had only God as the Provider, rather than worldly materialism and wealth.

2007 AD?    End-Time 12,000 year event: magnetic pole reversal. Geophysical cataclysm ends the Armageddon war. Matthew 24 fulfilled. Begins our forty-year wilderness, where we must learn to depend on God rather than this World. See Mat. 24; Acts 2:16-20; and Joel 2:17-21 (2:28-32 in Septuagint).


 40 YEARS LATER: ENTER PROMISED LAND At end of the Wilderness period.

1406 BC    Iesu (Joshua/Jesus) leads them across Jordan into Promised Land.

2047 AD (or 2012AD?)    Iesu (Jesus) leads Israelites into Kingdom of Heaven. This is Jesus' Second Coming. However, it might not be a full forty years in the wilderness before we are led into the Promised Land. For the Israelites who left Egypt, scouts were sent into Canaan after they left Mt. Sinai where they had received their orders/laws for the age of Aries; so they could have entered the Promised Land within a couple years. The only reason their wilderness period was extended was because the people were fearful of conquering those who dwelt in Canaan; therefore, the entire old generation had to die off before the new generation could enter, without carrying the old attitudes, beliefs, limitations, and fears. So, it might take a shorter wilderness period for us, IF we can accept our new marching orders and be willing to cleanse our Promised Land (North America) courageously like God commands. The Mayan calendar shows time ending in the year 2012, only five years after the magnetic reversal.


by Roger Hathaway, June 2005 (revised February 2007)


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