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  About Carol A. Valentine

Carol A. Valentine is a writer, researcher, publicist, and human rights activist. Her work has been published in diverse periodicals and newspapers in subjects ranging from economics to human rights. Her article, The Insanity of the Insanity Defense, was first published by the conservative newspaper Human Events on September 26, 1981, republished in the October, 1981 Criminal Justice Report (the National Association of Attorneys General monthly) and again republished as the lead article in a special "Insanity Defense" edition of The Prosecutor, published by the National District Attorneys Association.

She has worked on Capital Hill as a consultant in legislative analysis and press relations, and has also worked as a "plain English" writer in subjects ranging from government contract law to science and technology.

Her whistle-blowing manual STOP THIEF! What Happens When a Citizen Takes on the Federal Fraud Machine was published by the Fund for Constitutional Government in 1995.

Carol is the author and Curator of the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum, and president of Public Action, Inc.

More recently, Carol published a collection of cutting edge essays analyzing the events of 9-11 and the follow-up wars. She was the first to point out that the 9-11 suicide jets could have been remote-controlled aircraft, and showed conclusively that 9-11 would not have been possible without the knowing cooperation of the North American Aerospace Command.

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