The Seventh Commandment states, "Thou shall not commit adultery." We have been led to believe that means sexual relations with another's spouse.

The Tenth Commandment states, "Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife" nor any other possession of your neighbor.

Your minister will tell you, both Commandments mean the same thing. Do you believe, for one moment, that with only Ten Commandments, God would duplicate? No, I do not believe any reasonable person would. If just thinking about it is a sin, then it is only common sense that the actual act is also sin. This makes the Seventh Commandment absolutely superfluous. If God wished to repeat for emphasis as he does many times in the Bible, he would have put the two statements into one Commandment, connected them saying, "Again I say unto you."

The Billy Grahams of the world do not want you to the true meaning of the Seventh Commandment. WHY? Let us investigate.

As you know, every civilization, invention or achievment has been accomplished by the White Race due to two facts. First, God breathed living spirit into you, his physical offspring through Adam. Second, he gave you a large pre-frontal section of the brain, which is smaller in the Asiatic and almost non-existent in the negro. It is this section which allows you to think in the abstract. The negro can score fairly well with the simpler questions in an I.Q. test, but it comes to the abstract questions, he is hopelessly lost. God's spirit allows you to subjugate physical love for spiritual. Your love for your wife and family goes far beyond the physical. With a negro any woman will do, even if she is dead.

I only ask that you approach this subject with an open mind. Use the tremendous reasoning power which God has given only to you, the White Man and White Woman.

Many words in the English language have three basic forms, noun, verb and adjective. Occasionally the word will have other less important forms. Usually the last few letters are changed to denote tense, sex or change the verb to an adverb, etc. None of this however changes the basic meaning of the word. Now, using any Standard Dictionary, read the definitions of all the different forms of the word


Adulterant - a substance that adulterates. Adulterate - to make inferior, impure, not genuine, etc., by adding a harmful, less valuable, or prohibited substance. - to debase by adding inferior material or elements. Adulterated - made inferior or impure, does not conform to legal standards of purity.
Adulteration - an adulterated substance.
Adulterer - male, who adulterates.
Adulteress - female, who adulterates.
Adulterine - due to adulteration.
Adultery - voluntary sexual intercourse between a married man and a woman not his wife, or between a married woman and a man not her husband.

To continue our study we must now look up another word which is tied in very closely to adultery. The word is "bastard" and supposedly means a child of unwed parents. You will find it in your Bible, the 23rd chapter of Deuteronomy, the 2nd verse: "A bastard shall not enter the congregation of the Lord, even unto the tenth generation, nay even forever. " (Most modern translations omit the last three words.)

If a bastard is a child of unwed parents, would someone please explain, how could there possibly be a tenth generation bastard? How ridiculous, how assinine, how absurd; how stupid do they think we are? Most well meaning Christians accept this explanation only because they just never stopped to think about it.

Your dictionary defines "bastard" as an impure, imperfect or inferior product. It also says "a child of unwed parents," however this is not a definition, it is merely a statement that the word is applied to a child of unwed parents. The Oxford English Dictionary states, a bastard is a "mongrel, hybrid, or inferior breed."

Now we are really going from the sublime to the ridiculous: you are supposed to believe that this child is impure, imperfect and inferior because you neglected to pay $2.00 to an oppressive government for the privilege of being married and having children. In some countries, you could get a marriage license years after the child was born so, simply by paying this fee; a genetic change took place, and your child was no longer a bastard.

The word bastard is incorrectly translated from the Hebrew word "mamzer" which means mongrel or mixed seed. See Strong 's Exhaustive Concordance.

Years ago there was no such thing as a marriage license; parental permission was granted on both sides, and that was that. As man-made laws gradually replaced God's laws, the state started to control your life. To put teeth in this law, they would not recognize the child; he became a social outcast, could not even inherit family name, title or property.

Now I am not against marriage laws, they are necessary for the sanctity of home and family. This is one of the man-made laws that is good. It is essential to the White Man's culture, however God's laws were far more strict, therefore better.

If the parents are of the same race, the fact that one or both, are single, married to someone else, or to each other, could not possibly have any effect on their offspring. The connotation here is strictly physical, not moral, and definitely not religious as the Jews claim.


Your bleeding heart liberals will scream "how terrible, how cruel, it is not the child's fault. " Granted, it is not his fault, yet that does not alter in any way the fact that he is what he is, a mongrel that is only capable of producing more mongrels. Cruel, perhaps to some, but that is God's Divine Law, and SO BE IT.

Let us see how our Father in Heaven feels about mongrelizing. We refer you to the 26th chapter of Numbers. I will quote from the Ferrar Fenton Bible, the wording in your King James has been weakened but the meaning is the same.

"But Israel remained at The Acacia Woods, and the people polluted themselves by fornication with the women of Moab, who invited the people to the sacrifices of their gods. So the people ate, and worshipped their gods, and Israel joined itself to Bal-peor. Therefore the Evertiving was angry with Israel, and the Lord said to Moses "Seize the whole of the chiefs of the People and hang them before the Everliving in open sunlight, so that the burning anger of the Lord may be turned from Israel

Consequently Moses said to the rulers of Israel, "each of you slay the men who have joined themselves to Bal-peor. "

But a prince of the children of Israel went and brought to his brothers a Midianitess, in the sight of Moses, and in the sight of the Parliament of the children of Israel, while they were weeping at the door of the Hall of Assembly.

When Phineas the son of Aliazer, the son of Aaron the priest saw it, he arose from among the Parliament and took a javelin in his hand, and went after the Israelite into his tent, and stabbed both the man of Israel and the woman through their bodies, and arrested the plague upon the children of Israel. But those who died from the plague were twenty-four thousand.

Then the EVERLIVING spoke to Moses commanding "Phineas the son of Aliazer, the son of Aaron the priest has turned death away from the children of Israel, by the zeal with which he was zealous for Me among them. Therefore I command to give to him the bond of peace; and he and his heirs after him shall have an enduring priesthood, because he was zealous for his God; therefore he shall expiate for the children of Israel. "

From the Epistle of Jude, seventh verse: "Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire. "

In conclusion, these two words "adultery" and "bastard" could not be changed in all their forms because they have always been used extensively in the sciences and industry. Just for example, those of you who work with tools are familiar with a "bastard file." It is aptly named, being a tool used to correct an imperfect or inferior product. Unfortunately for the liberals, there is no such tool to correct, or even improve, a child who is imperfect and inferior

No scientist, no Jew psychiatrist, no liberal professor, no minister, no priest, no politician, not even our senile Supreme Court can improve a child genetically; only your Creator could do that, and I am sure He has no intention of doing so.

To the non-whites who may have read this article, it pains me ever so deeply to point out your inadequacies, but I must tell the truth, there is no alternative. You see we Whites have to prepare ourselves for an after-life with our Father, YOU DO NOT.