Over 1900 years ago on the little island of Crete, our ancestors faced the same problems that we have in America today. They did not conquer those problems. Will we?

Remember in the Book of Numbers, Balaam told Balak the best way to defeat the Israelites was to give them Moabite (colored) women. This is instant contamination and is highly recommended by a large percentage of today's clergy.

In Crete many of our ancestors had mixed their seed with the colored and mongrelized races, and as God warned, in Deut. 7: 34: "Neither shalt thou make marriages with them; thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his Daughter shalt thou take unto thy son. They will turn away thy son from following me, that they may serve other gods. ". In Jer. 16: 2-4, God said, "Thou shalt not take a wife, neither shalt thou have sons or daughters in this place. They shall die of grievous deaths; they shall not be lamented, neither shall they be buried, but they shall be as refuse upon the face of the earth; and they shall be consumed by the sword, and by famine, and their carcasses shall be food for the fowls of heaven, and for the beasts of the earth. "

They had allowed aliens (Jews and other non-whites) to rule over them. These evil (Enosh) men were controlling the churches and schools and preaching everything except what the Bible and God wanted to be taught. The populace had become people of low character. See Scofield's introduction to Titus in your King James version.

The Apostle Paul felt that he should still try to save these people. He selected Titus, one of his most reliable helpers, to take charge of the churches in Crete and turn the people back to God. Paul wrote his famous Epistle to Titus giving detailed instructions as to the qualifications of elders and pastors that he, Titus, should appoint. They should be men of sound doctrine who would lead the people away from false teachings and return them to God, not only in their hearts, but in their daily life as well. If we wish to save the White Race and this once great nation, we had better heed Paul's instructions to Titus. Time is fast running out.

We will quote from the Ferrar Fenton Bible which was translated direct from the original Hebrew, Chaidee and Greek languages; consequently it has far less errors that the King James version.

Titus 1: 5-9: "I left you in Crete for this purpose, that you might set affairs right upon a permanent basis; and appoint elders in every town, as I directed you: if any one is blameless, a man of one wife, having believing children, and not under accusation for profligacy or vice. For an overseer ought to be irreproachable as a Divine Steward; neither brutish, nor passionate, nor a drunkard, nor a rioter, nor avaricious; but on the contrary, hospitable, beneficient, grave, just, godly, temperate; and capable to teach the reason of the faith, so that he may be able to advise in the healthy doctrine and to convince its opponents."

Titus 1: 10-16: "For' there are insubordinate silly talkers and deceivers, especially from among, the circumcised (which race is circumcised?) whom he ought to bridle. Such men overturn whole families, teaching - for the sake of dirty profit - what they ought not. For this reason, reprove them sharply, so that they may become healthy in the faith; not following after Jewish fictions, and led by human ordinances (man made laws) to pervert the truth. Everything is pure with the pure; but with the corrupted and unfaithful nothing is pure: on the contrary both their mind and conscience are corrupt. They profess to know God; but they deny Him by their actions, being disgusting and apathetic and careless about any good work." DOES YOUR MINISTER HAVE THESE QUALIFICATIONS?

Paul continues with his instructions to Titus explaining how the people should live and behave under God's Laws. Titus 2: 1 -1 0: "But you must speak what accords with the healthy teaching; that the elder men should be sober, grave, sensible, sound in faith, love and endurance. The elder women similarly should be priest-like in deportment; neither slanderous nor addicted to much wine; teachers of good; so that they may sober down the young women to be lovers of their husbands, lovers of children, quiet, pure, housewifely, innocent, obedient to their husbands; so that the message of God may not be blasphemed. " (Somehow the Commy inspired, Jew led, lesbian dominated ERA movement never tells their captive audiences to read the Bible.) "In the same way, advise the young men to self-control' making themselves models of a noble life in everything; instructing with pure, grave, healthy, incontestable reason, so that the opposition may be ashamed when they have nothing vile to say about us.

"Slaves should be obedient to their own masters, trying to give satisfaction in everything; neither contradicting nor robbing; but on the contrary, showing goodness with fidelity; so that they may adorn the teachings of God our Savior in everything. "

Titus 3: 3-5: "For we ourselves also were once thoughtless, disobedient, unsettled, slaving for lusts and various pleasures, passing our lives in vice and depravity, hateful and hating each other. When the kindness and philanthrophy of God our Saviour appeared - not as the result of what we had accomplished in works of righteousness, but as the effect of His own mercy - He saved us."

Titus 3: 8-11: "This matter is true; and I desire you to constantly insist upon these things, so that the believers in God may stand forth as being anxious for a noble life, that is noble and profitable to men. Prohibit foolish discussions, and genealogies, and quarrels and legal contentions; for they are profitless and vain. Depose a pretentious man after advising him once or twice; perceiving that such men dodge and sin although self-convlcted. "

So again we see that it is the same old problem, RACE MIXING. By allowing our sons and daughters to take colored and mongrelized mates, they soon became corrupted, worshipping false gods, discarding God's Laws for man-made laws, accepting lust and filth as a way of life.

When enough of us, THE WHITE RACE, awaken and learn who we are and why our Father placed us in fleshly bodies on this planet, the problems of America and all other White Nations will be solved. God's Kingdom will be established here on earth. Paul gave up with our ancestors in Crete, they were too far gone; he recalled Titus and tent him to Dalmatia (Yugoslavia). Have we also reached the point of no return? I do not believe we have, for God promises that we shall be saved; but we are going to take a terrific beating and horrible punishment until we do awaken.

Every great civilization has been created by the White Race and each and every one of them has destroyed itself through MISCEGENATION. God warns us of this all through the Bible. A strange thing about a White Man: when he sees a huge sign, saying, "WET PAINT," he feels compelled to touch the paint.

God filled our Bible with "WET PAINT" signs; but Satan tells us, "Surely that paint is not wet."