Take Your Choice
Separation or Mongrelization

By Theodore G. Bilbo

There is a time, we know not when
A point we know not where,
That marks the destiny of men,
For glory or despair.

There is a line, by us unseen
That crosses every path;
The hidden boundary between
God's patience and his wrath.
-Joseph A. Alexander

OUR NATION is now standing at the crossroads, and we must choose between a white or mongrel America of the future. The Negro problem can be adequately solved only by the physical separation of the races. There are but two roads - separation or mongrelization - and we must take our choice.

We must choose not only for ourselves but for our posterity. Without a doubt the policy of separation would be adopted within a matter of months if we thought the tide of mongrelism would overtake those of us now living. However the fact that the calamity of amalgamation may not spread over the Nation for several generations should not make us hesitate to begin now to put into operation a program of Negro repatriation. The problems caused by millions of Africans within our midst increase as the years go by; the time for a permanent solution is now.

If we continue to bequeath to the next generation the task of solving the race problem, it will assume such proportions that any solution except the amalgamation of the races will be impossible. Every day that we hesitate, the mixing of the races continues. and we approach closer and closer to the precipice of mongrelism. We must act now so that we may be certain that our descendants will not fall into depths of miscegenation from which there can be no return. Unless we take the necessary steps to bring about the physical separation of the races and insure a white America for the future generations, we are unworthy of our ancestors, untrue to the blood which flows in our veins, and a curse to our posterity.

White Americans must now decide what is to be done with the ten per cent of our population who belong to the African race. When we have determined that the mixing of the blood of the races will not be tolerated in this country and that racial integrity must be preserved, we shall then be ready to begin our program of repatriation. Fundamentally, the question is one for white Americans to decide. The white race claims this country as its own, and it is the right and within the power of the white man to determine what the future policy of the United States will be regarding the 12,865,518 American citizens who are colored. We must make our decision as to whether the Negroes will remain in our midst and the future American be partly colored or whether the United States will forever become a white man's land. If the latter is our choice, then the Negroes must be resettled in a land of their own.

All obstacles which stand in the was of the physical separation of the races must be overcome. Since there are only two ways of solving the race question, everyone who does not favor the separation of the races must be assumed to endorse amalgamation. The time for permanently settling the question has come; every American citizen must choose one or the other of the solutions. If we fail to adopt the policy of separation and do not repatriate the Negro to a country of his own, then we have made a mistake which can never be corrected. Failure to solve the race question by separation will doom our race to mongrelization, our country, our institutions, and our civilization to decay.

Race tension today is reaching an all-time high. .Americans in all walks of life, North and South, East and West, are becoming conscious of the race problem and of the many dangers that are involved. Race riots and minor incidents are insignificant when compared to the great and grave threat of mongrelization which faces this country. Remedial measures and temporary compromises may relieve the tension and ease the friction, but it is toward a permanent solution that we must devote our efforts.

Temporary measures are, of course, necessary even after we adopt a program of physical separation and begin on the plans for the repatriation of American Negroes to a country of their own. Since this will be a gradual process, migration will continue for a number of years. While repatriation is being carried out, every possible effort should be made in this country to keep the color line intact and to prevent any further mixing of the races. Segregation must be rigidly enforced, both by law and by custom, as it is now in the South. The eighteen states and the District of Columbia which now permit intermarriage should join the other thirty states in enacting measures to insure the purity of the white race by prohibiting interracial unions. Steps should be taken by the leaders of both the white and the black races to suppress racial friction and to improve racial relations. Economic progress and education of Negroes should be encouraged so that they will be better trained and ready to assume the responsibilities in their own government.

Let us again view the two alternatives. If we choose any plan short of the physical separation of the races, we are in effect adopting the scheme of amalgamation of the races. We have thousands of years of racial contact in world history to prove to us that where different races live side by side, their blood will intermingle and a mongrel people will be the result. The road of amalgamation and mongrelization leads to the destruction of both the white and the Negro races and to the decay of our civilization which is the product of the white man. This plan insures nothing except a mongrel Nation where there can be nothing except stagnation and chaos. At best, Caucasian man progresses but slowly; and when his blood is mixed with that of the African, his half-breed offspring spring is below the creative level. If the white race in the United States is to mix its blood with that of the millions of Negroes within our midst, then the Nation is forever doomed and the next centuries will find the only evidence of American greatness in the history books. Mongrelization will destroy our race, our civilization, our Nation itself.

On the other hand, if we choose the other alternative, a program of physical separation of the races, we shall be preserving our race, institutions, and culture for the future generations of Americans. A white America will retain civilization and continue to progress. The future of the white race will be insured in a white America, and the black man will be given the opportunity to develop his own culture in a land of his own with the aid of the most powerful Nation on earth. It is difficult to believe that any sane and reasonable man can view these two alternatives and fail to choose the separation of the races.

The road of physical separation leads to the development of both the white and the Negro races to the highest point of which each is capable. The United States will become a white man's land, as the Founding Fathers intended that it should be, and our people will be left to carry on the torch of civilization unhampered by the millions of Africans now in our midst. A white America can lead the world in progress and continue to blaze the trail for the uplifting of the standards of living of all the races of mankind the world over. The strength and greatness of the United States of America can be a blessing to the world, and it shall be if this Nation continues to be the arsenal of the civilization of the white race.

When we have adopted the plan of physical separation of the white and Negro races, we shall have the comforting knowledge that with every month that passes, the perplexing race problem is being forever solved. And finally, when the program shall have been completed, the integrity of the two races will be preserved and each race will then be free to work out its own destiny. White America will continue her civilization to new heights; a black Nation in Africa will develop her own place in the sun. Is there any greater goal toward which we could labor?

Since the preservation of racial integrity which can only be assured by the physical separation of the races is in accordance with the laws of God, surely He will bless our efforts. A program of repatriation of American Negroes to their fatherland, Africa, will insure a white America, and it will carry to the dark continent Negroes who have been trained in the new world and who have been taught the Christian religion. They will go as teachers back to the land of their forefathers to lead the Negro race in establishing an independent culture and to Christianize their black brothers who are lost in darkness. God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. Perhaps it was in His divine scheme of things that out of the institution of slavery in the new world would come thousands, yea, millions, of Negroes who would return to Africa as leaders of the Negro people to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Negro question as we observed in the opening chapter, is our greatest domestic problem. Now that the War is over and the Nation is settling down to normalcy, it bids fair to reach even new proportions. The danger signs are already out. We must now make preparations to launch a program for the adequate and permanent solution of this issue at the earliest possible date. Thousands of Negro soldiers have had the opportunity to visit Africa and have witnessed first-hand that this is one of the richest continents on earth. The time is now propitious for the Congress to take the necessary steps to put the repatriation program into operation.

Throughout the pages of this discussion, we have observed again and again that there are only two solutions to the race problem; separation or mongrelization. We have found that only separation can preserve the white race which has produced all the great civilizations of the world. The mongrel has never created a worthwhile civilization and has never been able to retain a culture which was thrust upon him. No matter what the cost of saving Americans from mongrelization, it is a price which must be paid.

America cannot be saved from the fate of mongrelism except by the physical separation of the races. If the races continue to live side by side, the mixing of the races will make us a Nation of mix-breeds just as surely as night follows day. Throughout American history, the Negro problem has been a constant source of friction and bloodshed, and now the time has come when the color line and segregation cannot save us much longer. It is absolutely necessary that we continue to enforce this policy of segregation as long as the Negroes are in our midst, but we must realize that this is a temporary measure, designed to postpone or prolong, not to prevent the eventual amalgamation of the races.

Those who are today waging the campaign for full racial equality in this Nation can be expected to oppose the program of repatriation. They are opposed to everything except the scheme which will finally mongrelize the entire country. They preach that the races are equal and plead for equality in the name of science, democracy, and religion, when they know that their arguments are utterly false and without foundation. Our people must realize the dangers of amalgamation and arise to condemn all the individuals and organizations, white, black, and mixed, who are devoting time and effort to bring about a mongrelized America.

There are only two roads - separation or mongrelization - and America must choose. It is a choice which the entire Nation must make because no one section can solve the race problem alone. This is a matter which confronts every state in the Union, and all American citizens must join in bringing about the proper solution, physical separation of the races. The South alone is not responsible for the Negro problem, and the Southern people cannot permanently settle this issue without the help and cooperation of the other sections, North, East and West. The plan of repatriation must be accepted as a national policy and carried out by the Federal Government.

The Negro race should be just as anxious as the white to select the proper solution to the race problem. Just as separation is the only way to protect the integrity of the white race it is the only way to protect the integrity of the black race. Remaining in this country, the Negro faces mongrelization just the same as the white man. Negroes as well as whites who have respect for their race and for their blood abhor the idea of miscegenation. Millions of American Negroes have already asked that they be given a chance to return to the land of their ancestors to establish a government of their own. They have faith in the future of their race and want to have the opportunity to build a Nation which will take its place in the affairs of the world. This is the type of American Negro who must join with the white Americans in adopting and carrying out to a successful conclusion a program of repatriation. Such a combination can remove any obstacle and surmount all difficulties. The group of Negroes and whites who favor mongrelization will be completely helpless when all self-respecting and honorable white and colored Americans join to preserve and protect the racial integrity of both their races.

No time can be lost. We must here and now begin to make preparations to adopt and launch a repatriation program. Again, let it be stated that the plan will be entirely voluntary; it will merely provide the ways and means for those Negroes who wish to return to Africa to establish a Nation of their own. They will be cared for and protected by the United States Government until they are able to continue on their own. Millions of American Negroes who know that they will always be discriminated against in this country are ready to go to their fatherland to find equality and unlimited opportunities.

Since millions of American Negroes are now willing to return to Africa, the task will be much easier than most people have been led to believe. When the rank and file of the Negro masses begin to leave this country, the half-breeds, mulattoes or mongrels, many of whom are exploiting the masses of their own race and living on the "fat of the land" will follow in the course of time. They will get lonesome and be more than glad to go. Some of these Negro preachers who are desecrating their pulpits by inciting race hatred and clamoring for social equality will have empty pews - their congregations will be back in their fatherland. Negro lawyers will have no clients - they will be in Liberia. Negro doctors will have no patients - they will be ailing in their forefathers' homeland. Negro dentists will have no teeth to fill or pull- their clientele will be in Africa. Negro editors will go out of business - their readers will be gone and the news will be stale before the papers can be shipped to Africa. Negro teachers will have to close their schools - the Negro children will be in better schools in Liberia. Negro undertakers will be out of business - their potential victims will be dying of old age in their fatherland.

Let us hasten to provide for the voluntary repatriation of American Negroes in their fatherland, West Africa. The great majority who are suffering the discrimination, doing the manual work, and who are discouraged with toil and humiliation are now ready to go. We need not worry about the objectors. They may be howling their protests today, but they will soon be on their way - Africa bound!

Public opinion must make itself known. It will be necessary for white and colored Americans to cooperate in convincing their leaders that the policy of separation must be adopted. When the majority of Americans desire such a program, the Congress will enact the necessary legislation to carry it out. Let Americans state the ultimate goal - a white America for the white race and a Negro Nation for our colored population - and then the lawmakers will find a way to accomplish the objective.

This is a plan for men of strong will and determination. Of course, there will be difficulties, problems, and opposition from many sources. Sacrifices will be demanded. But the program can and must be carried out; once it has been begun, the success is assured. When the Negro Nation has been established, those who have remained in this country will find it easier to make the decision to migrate, and the number of volunteers will increase yearly. With the guiding hand of the Government of the United States, the program can not fail.

Thomas Jefferson and many more of our greatest statesmen pointed to this solution to the race problem many decades ago. Abraham Lincoln knew that colonization of American Negroes in a land of their own was the only proper solution to the race question. If he had lived, the plan might have been carried out immediately following the War Between the States. The politicians cast the policy of separation aside when Lincoln was assassinated, but no longer can the American people afford to permit any groups or individuals, powerful though they may be, to prevent the adoption of the only solution which will guarantee the preservation of the blood of both the white and the black races.

White Americans received the heritage of the white race. We live today under the greatest Government on earth, which is the product of our forefathers. Shall we devote the necessary efforts permanently to settle the race problem which threatens our national existence? Or shall we permit this race issue, our greatest domestic problem, to become the cause of the downfall of our Nation? The physical separation of the races will insure that the future generations of Americans will be born white with centuries of progress before them.

It will be easy for us to do nothing about permanently solving the race problem and drift into the path of mongrelization which will make of us a negroid people. We are, in fact, on this road now, and the mix-breed in our midst as well as the weak, misinformed, and degenerate of both races are crying out that we must continue in the way we are going. But this is the broad road which leads to destruction. The real Americans, brave, strong, and courageous members of both races who believe in racial integrity, must arise and demand the enactment of the necessary legislation which will place this Nation safely and surely on the straight and narrow path which leads to physical separation and the preservationof the blood of both races. In the sermon on the mount, the Lord said: "Enter ye in at the strait gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it." (1)

We are today standing at the crossroads, and there are but two roads ahead. Separation leads to the preservation of both the white and Negro races, to a future which belongs to God. Mongrelization leads to the destruction of both races, to the destruction of our Nation itself.

Take your choice - separation or mongrelization. The America of tomorrow - white or mongrel? Let us pray that Almighty God will guide our feet upon the road to a white America which will continue to lead the world in civilization and culture.


  1. Matthew, 7:13-14.