Lost Israel Found Chapter Seven

The Anglo-Saxons. 1. Their government. 2. Population. 3. Wealth. 4. Political influence. 5. Money lent to many, but never borrow.


What now are the facts respecting tile Anglo-Saxon peoples? First, respecting the government of Great Britain?  It is asserted by the Hon.W. B. Dalley, attorney general of Sidney.(Banner of Israel, p. 498, A. D. l885) that "Our British Empire at this moment embraces more than one-sixth part of all the land of the earth, and comprehends nearly one-fourth part of its population; and of this population 50,000,000 are of Anglo-Saxon descent. Its area is 9,000,000 square miles. Its population 313,000,000 of persons. Its annual revenues are �205,000,000, and its exports and imports are �1,060,000,000 per annum. Its armed forces, including militia, are more than 1,500,000 and its navy consists of 60,000 men. The United States of America have an area of 3,602,990 square miles, with a population of 55,000,000, a revenue of �73,000,000 per annum, of which �30,321,630 are surplus.

She has an annual trade of �292,000,000, of which fully one-half is carried on with the British Empire. She has an army of regular soldiers and organized militia of 150,000, and a navy of 8,250 men. She holds a fifteenth of the land of the earth, and almost a twenty-third of its population. Unite these stupendous forces, and you will have an area of 12,600,000 square miles; a population of 368,000,000 persons; revenues amounting to �278,000,000; a trade of �1,352,000,000 a year; armies, 1,700,000, and navies of 68,000 men. You will have a fourth of the globe, and more than a fourth of the human race. You will have 100,000,000 men of Anglo-Saxon descent, and you will have 42,000,000 men capable of bearing arms."

Now this testimony, let it be borne in mind, is given by a witness most competent, and yet who had no knowledge of the "identity of the Anglo-Saxons with the lost ten tribes of Israel." In addition to this may be stated the fact, that the political influence of England is universally conceded to be "high above all the nations--at the head and not at the tail."

Again, it was promised to Israel to become the richest of all nations. Deut. 15:6: "Thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow ;" and "thou shalt reign over many nations, but they shall not reign over thee." These promises are both fulfilled absolutely today. England's rule does now extend over more than sixty different nationalities, but no nation has ever ruled over England; and as the divine promise is sure, we may rest satisfied that it will forever remain true.

England can never be ruled over by another nation. God alone rules over England and the whole Anglo-Saxon race -- because they are Israel, to whom these promises of universal dominion were made.

Again, the wealth of the Anglo-Saxoc race.  The actual wealth of England, as estimated in dollars and cents, is now $44,000,000,000, and that of the United States, $41,000,000,000. And England fulfills the promise of lending and borrowing literally. It is stated by the highest authority, that England has loaned out to "many nations" already more than $9,000,000,000, and that she does indeed "borrow from none." Where else can be found a nation of which this can be said? The history of the world affords no case comparable at all with England as to wealth, and as to the lending and borrowing of money.

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