The Jewish Nation

 by M. Urbain Gohier.

(Edited for publication by James K. Warner)

[M. Gohier was a well-known French Journalist, and formerly Editor of La Ville Francise. The following book has been compiled from a series of articles originally published in the British Guardian in 1924 and continued into 1925. The original series was written in French and translated for publication in the British Guardian.

James K. Warner edited the original series on the Jewish RACE (NATIONALITY) in 1996

One of the Jewish Leaders, Baruch Hagani, in a book on Theodore Herzl, published in 1918, said that he deplored the ignorance and indifference of the public on the subject of the Jewish question. He called upon the press, public opinion, and those of all countries to interest themselves of problems of concern to the Jewish People. I endorse this invitation.

However, I cannot understand the hatred and rage shown by a majority of the Jews, when some non-Jew shows an interest in their affairs, such as Baruch Hagani invites, is accorded. But I wish to place the question on its true footing.

The invariable tactic of the Jews is to sidetrack any investigation of them into a discussion of their religious beliefs so they can claim they are being persecuted because of their religion, so they can invoke the broad principles of toleration. The Jewish Problem has nothing to do either with religion or conscience. It is a question of NATIONALITY; and it is a question of RACE.


The question of Nationality may be thus put: No man can serve two masters. No man can claim at the same time to belong to two nations; nor to enjoy the prerogatives attached to each nationality while evading the burdens of the one and of the other. The Germans invented what is called the Delbruck Law, by virtue of which they pretended to get naturalized in any country they pleased, and to become citizens of these countries, without losing their rights as German citizens in Germany.

However, the German system was only an imitation of the Jewish, system, which allows the Jew to disguise himself as a citizen of one or even of several Aryan nations without relinquishing his worth, and his privileges, and his claims, as a JEW.

We have only to be fair minded to understand that a Jew cannot any more than a German be loyal a foreign nation into which he wishes to enter, and at the same time faithfully serve the nation from which he sprang. Too many occasions arise where the interests of these two nations stand in opposition. In critical circumstances it is naturally, nay necessarily, the call of the blood, of ancestry, of race, of first beliefs, which is the determining factor.

This truth is so evident that the Jews do not attempt to contest it. They simply contest the existence of a JEWISH NATION.

The existence and vigor of the Jewish nation as a nation has been demonstrated by its own teaching, by the repeated declarations of its leaders, "the Princes of Israel" qualified to act as its mouth pieces. Most notably is Louis Brandeis, a member of the Supreme Court of the United States, who declared: "Let us recognize that we, the Jews, are a DISTINCT NATION, of which each Jew is necessarily a member, whatever his country of origin."

There are many other facts which add force to the already numerous proof in this respect. The social and political upheavals of the present time have brought into the light of day many personages and many notions that have been hitherto shrouded in gloom.

When after the defeat of Germany in World War I we saw Europe overrun by Jews, its capitals occupied by Jews, its ministries besieged by Jews, and the Peace Conference hemmed in by the Delegates, Ambassadors and Plenipotentiaries of the JEWISH NATION, we were compelled to admit that there is a Jewish nation. When we saw the Grey Book brought out with the official reports of the Jewish Ambassadors, with selections from the correspondence between the Prince of Israel and the chiefs of the Gentile Governments, in short, the actual documents of Jewish diplomacy, we were really obliged to recognize that there is JEWISH GOVERNMENT.

The Jews already have established the Jewish National Fund, which is fed by regular collections on public holidays or at the private meetings of Jewish communities or families, and for which one day's earnings have to be set-aside at certain periods by Jewry all over the world. What have we here but a budget?

A budget implies a Government, a "National Fund" implies a NATION. The Jewish Press, which is so powerful and so violently nationalist, is the organ of a nation, and boasts of it.

(In January 30th, 1920, the Jewish Guardian reporting on the deliberations of Jewry's Authorities for England put on record these two incidents.

A delegate, Bertram Jacobs, brought forward a motion relative to the secret propaganda carried on by the Jewish "Press Commission." On the other hand, the Jewish Committee of Foreign Affairs "reported that it had approached the Allied governments in order to obtain the repatriation of 5,000 Jewish "Austrian" soldiers, who were prisoners in Siberia.

All this official phraseology evinces the working of a Government and reveals the existence of a NATION careful of its propaganda and pre-occupied with defending its NATIONALS. Then in enemy uniform.

The following issue (February 6th, 1920) of the Jewish Guardian enumerated the benefits which the JEWISH NATION has drawn from World War I: it extolled the "splendid work of the Peace Conference in favor of the Jews in the new State, of Central Europe" and it drew attention to the plepotentiary of the JEWISH NATION in Paris, Lucien Wolf, as having " actually pulled the strings of the Conference with striking and complete success." The mere mention of the advantages assured to Jewry by the Conference filled several pages of the paper.

The decision of the Allied Powers at San Remo, April 24th, 1920, in handing over Palestine to the Jews, roused among the Jews the same enthusiasm as did the Balfour Declaration thirty months before. And the Jewish chiefs met in London, under the presidency of Dr. Chaim Weizmann, supported by Lord Rothschild and Rabbi Nahum Sokolow to voice their satisfaction.

In every country, in their meetings, parades and demonstrations the Jews sang their NATIONAL hymns (Havikakah).

The Armistice had not yet been signed when (Temps, Paris, October 17th, 1918) the Jews of Austria met at Vienna (October 14th) to demand a place in the new Austria State for the Jewish NATIONAI.ITY, a NATIONAL home in Palestine and NATIONAL rights for Jews in all countries. They also demanded that in the future League of Nations the Jewish People should have equal rights with people of other nations.

At the same period Dr. Chiaim Weismann informed the Jewish communities throughout the world that the Allied Powers would in Palestine recognize the Jewish NATIONALITY as distinct and sovereign (see " Pro Israel," Salonika, 14 Tishi 5679).


Dr. Izhac Epstein "the most representative figure of contemporary Hebrew pedagogy," who is a disciple of Ichel Mihal Pines and of Rabbi Zeeb Yahbetz, proclaimed that the Hebrew language is the bond of the Jewish NATION, and that it has upheld the collective memory, and the racial unity of Israel in spite of the Dispersion. On June 8th, 1919, at a Council of War held at Paris in the Rue de Lancry, by the chiefs of the Jewish garrison, Mr. Slatopolsky, president of the Tarbooth, revealed that:

"In Russia, as soon as the Revolution had given the Jews the freedom to do as they pleased they erected hundreds of Hebrew schools where all the subjects are taught in Hebrew."

"In Palestine, it has been decided that while everyone can be a voter only those who speak Hebrew will be able to assume office because Hebrew will be the only language spoken in the Parliament of Eretz Israel."

In Pro-Israel (12 Heschwan 5679 or October 18th, 1918) we read "the true Jew does not assimilate," and Israel is a NATIONALITY as much as France." In the army of General Allenby in Palestine, "the NATIONAL Jewish flag floated alongside the other Allied standards, and for the first time in Jewish history in 18 centuries, a JEWISH ARMY fought where the orders were given in Hebrew."

A language, a flag, a hymn, an army, a diplomacy, a budget, a press, a propaganda, a worship of his own which is shared by no other human group, if there is not in these the characteristics of a NATION, what more is needed?

In November 2nd, 1918, the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, the Rabbi of Salonika, Jacob Meir, cried: " This date is henceforth a Fete day, for it was on this day that Israel was recognized as a NATION among the other nations," and the official representatives of England, America, France, Italy and Greece applauded, ratified and congratulated him on his statement.

But while claiming the prerogative of a separate and sovereign nation, Israel made reservations concerning the respect due to other nationalities. The Germans relied on Numbers 77 xxi, 21-35, for the inspiration and justification of their invasion into Belgium: "Only let me pass through thy land ...." But Shiloh, King of the Amorites, would not suffer Israel to pass through his border... And Israel smote him with the edge of the sword and possessed his land, etc."

In the same spirit "Pro-Israel" said: "When Joshua entered the Promised Land, he found it occupied by various peoples, who might have opposed the invasion by the right of Nationalities. God ordered him to exterminate them, not because it was the pleasure of Jehovah, but by virtue of a principle superior to the other. Truth supersedes all rights, even that of nationalities." A formidable thesis this for a nation which has only just recovered its nationhood! But the genius of this people is bold and pitiless.

Nahum Sokolow, one of the principal delegates of the Jews at the Peace Conference, writes in his Zionism In the Bible (p.7_8): "The fundamental thought of Moses is the future of the JEWISH NATION and the eternal possession of the Promised Land." No sophistry can suppress this fact it is in vain that some Jews declare today: "We are not a Jewish Nation, we are a Jewish. Religion." What is the Jewish religion if the Bible is not a revelation inspired by God? It is strange and sadly comical to see Jews, partisans of monotheism, pretending to be Germans, Hungarians, etc.

If it is not a blasphemy, it is a mockery. The true Moses, the Moses of the Pentateuch, regards the dispersion of the People as a curse, and his entire religious conception with its laws, its fetes, its ceremonies, its symbols, rests on the foundation of the alliance (of Javeh) with the patriarchs, in an immutable and unalterable alliance.

It matters little whether the Jews call themselves a religion or a nation; the Jewish religion cannot be separated from JEWISH NATIONALISM, unless an entirely different Bible should be made up.

In the Peuple Juif ( April 21st, 1919), M. S. Rokhomevsky emphasises : "Today more than ever, we wish to declare openly and clearly, we are a NATION. It is the reconstruction of our NATIONALITY on the land of our ancestors that we demand. "

In the same paper (September, 1920) the Exilarch Max Nordau said: "Political Zionism is the logical conclusion from two premises: the existence of the JEWISH NATION and the impossibility proved by history and by contemporary observation, for it to integrate honorably.

Herzl has settled the question in trenchant phrases. He said once

" The Jews are a people, a single people," and on another occasion "the return to Judea should be preceded by the return to Jerusalem. He understood and proclaimed the fallacy of assimilation. He said that the Jews living in the Dispersion should always be surrounded by an atmosphere of antipathy and hostility, so they would always feel like a disturbing foreign body their presence would keep up. He said, "Anti-Semitism should be created where it does not exist now."

There was a time when Rabbi Stephen Wise fell out with his associates in the Zionist Organization, Justice Brandeis and Jakob de Haas, concerning Zionist goals. But these disputes over details did not weaken the doctrine unanimously professed and upheld ever since the Jews formulated it.

We quote from the Jews themselves in this regard:

- The Jewish Chronicle (December 8th, 1911):

"Jews who pretend to be patriotic Englishmen and at the same time good Jews are simply LIVING LIES. The English patriotism of the Jew is but a disguise which he adopts to please the people of the country."

And by the Jewish World (September 22nd, 1915): "Nobody would think of pretending that the child of a Jap or of an Indian is an Englishman, on the pretext that he was born in England; and the same reasoning applies to the Jews."

On December 21st, 1920, the Overseas Club in London gave a luncheon for Sir Ronald Storrs, Governor of Jerusalem; and this high British Official declared, "It was England's honor to have had the privilege of re-establishing Israel amongst the NATIONS. "

The Jews are one NATION. They are the most solid, disciplined NATION, which is conscious of its indissoluble unity, and the most narrowly and fanatically nationalist.

Let us therefore have no fiction, no hypocrisy, no Delbruck Law; as belonging to this nation they cannot belong to any other. Even after death, it is their free wish to be kept apart, through hatred or through pride, from the rest of mankind. They have their own separate cemeteries.

During the war on all the Western and Eastern fronts, strict orders were given that the Jewish dead should have separate burial, a NATIONAL Jewish burial. In the presence of Death, shams disappear.

The Chief Rabbi of France, speaking of the Jews taken prisoner in German uniform, after having fought against and killed Frenchmen, called them tenderly, tenderly, "Our prisoner Brothers." It was "All Israelite:" Mr. Gulmann, who denounced this incident in the Petit Bleu of October 7th, 1920. To the Chief Rabbi of France, his compatriots, his nationals, his brothers, are all other Jews, under whatever disguise they may chance to be found. The habit does not make the monk; the German or the French uniform cannot make the Jew anything other than exclusively a Jew.

When the Prince of Wales returned from his trip to the British Dominions, the Chief Rabbi of England, Dr. Hertz, started a tour along the same route. (October 1920). The Jewish papers did not fail to draw a comparison between the reception accorded to the future British Sovereign and the reception received in his Dominions by one of the Jewish leaders from of his own Jewish NATION.

At a banquet of the Zionists in Paris, one of their leaders stated:

"Our few successes of to-day, those which are being given to us, and those which are promised to US, are but a tiny part of the crushing debt which the peoples of the earth have contracted towards the JEWISH NATION."

At the League of Nations the delegates Motzken and Lucien Wolf represented the JEWISH NATION in 1922. The latter was Jewish Plenlpotentiary at the Peace Confercnce; he is accredited at Geneva by the Alliance Isrelite Universelle, by the Joint Foreign Committee, by the Jewish Colonial Association, by the Union

Deutsch_Oesterreichischer Juden.

On September 11th, 1922, the Society Sportive de Constantinople wrote to the writer: ---"you will die a terrible death, because you are working to injure the JEWISH NATION."

On the occasion of the Rosch ha Shonah (New Year) 5683, the President of the United States, Warren G. Harding, through the medium of the Jewish Forum of New York, sent to the 3,500 Yiddish papers, which are published throughout the world, a congratulatory telegram on "the re-establishment of the JEWISH NATIONALITY in the home of the great JEWISH PEOPLE."

The Chief Rabbi of Liverpool, in November 1922 reminded us "the Almighty has established the distinction between the Sacred and the Profane, between Light and Darkness, between Israel and the Nations." Israel is a NATION, which cannot be confounded with the others without sacrilege.

The Jewish World, December 14th, 1922, repeated for the hundredth time: "The Jew remains a Jew, even when he changes his religion; a Christian who adopts the Jewish religion would not thereby become a Jew, because the quality of the Jew does not lie in the Religion, but in the Race, and a Jew free-thinker atheist remains as much a Jew as any Rabbi."

In January, 1923, the Jewish Chronicle (February 2nd) rightly recorded the explanation given by Leon Blum when he was called a "Jew" at the Palais Bourbon: " The French deputy Blum claims with pride his Jewish NATIONALITY; he is a member of the commission of the Keren Hayesod in France! As a Marxist he has no religion; he belongs to his NATION."

The Paris-Zion of March 2nd, 1924, noted that at a Jewish fete in Paris the assembly stopped singing the Marseillaise to chant the Hatikvah, the Jewish NATIONAL anthem, crying, "Before everything, we are JEWS!"

From the Nation, the pro-Bolshevik review of New York, the Jewish World picks out with delight the proof that the Jews are a PEOPLE, " just as it can be said of the present English or Germans."

"Like the Americans, the Jews have a complex racial origin (African-Asiatic, crossed by all the Red Sea vagrants), but they have developed to a far higher degree than the Americans) a collective individuality, as clearly defined and as striking as it has been marvelously persistent. "

Celebrating the Passover, the Jewish World explains ( March 29th, 1923): "The events commemorated by the Passover feasts turn round the central fact that the Hebrews in Egypt REFUSED to ASSIMILATE and to thus lose their NATIONAL IDENTITY. This tells us at one stretch that which happened four thousand years ago--that which has formed since then the living base of our PEOPLE'S existence."

Inassimilable not only because they cannot be absorbed, but also because they do not desire it.

In the Jewish Chronicle ( 4/23/11) Rabbi M. Schindler said: "The American Melting Pot will never bring about the fusion of a Jew; the Jew ought to hold himself apart from his neighbors. He ought to be conscious of and ought to be proud of being different."

The Archives Israelites said (March 24th, 1864) "The unique miracle, in the life of the world, of an entire PEOPLE scattered for eighteen hundred years in all parts of the globe, WITHOUT losing its identity or mixing in any way with the populations amidst which it lives----can this preservation have no significance?"

The Jewish Chronicle (18/2/21) observes them in the U.S. crowded in "their quarters" in cash town:--

"A Jew is more at home in Jewish surroundings. He finds greater security and a greater need of happiness in the midst of his kindred. And to whatever degree of Americanization a man may have obtained, he wishes always to return to the heart of the Ghetto where he feels profoundly he is a part of greater Jewry."

In England, where wills are published in the newspapers, one continually comes across the wills of Jews who disinherit beforehand their children in case of marriage with a non-Jew. " Keep thyself apart "; "mix not." The Law and the Rabbis liken marriage with a Goy to "connection with a beast," a bestial crime, since the non-Jew is of the "seed of cattle."

Israel Zangwill thunders against the Jews who seek to become part of the society of the "Goyim." The Jewsss, Nina Salaman collects an Anthology of Jewish writings in prose and verse (Apples, and Honey, New York) to show that the Jewish People is separated from all others by unbridgeable gulfs.

The frenzied Jew, Andre Spire, applauds the saying of Henry Wickham Steed (The Hapbsburg Monarchy): "A Jew can no more become a Teuton, nor, consequently, a Frenchman nor an Englishman than an Ethiopian can change his skin, or a leopard his spots." One must have been present at the performance of Yiddish plays, at the theatre in the Champs Elysees, the Rue de Lancry or the Rue Danton, and at the exhibition of specially Jewish films before packed thousands of Jews, to understand the indissoluble solidarity of the tribes, and their implacable hatred of the people in whose country they sojourn. You come away with a frightful impression, and feel surrounded by the atmosphere and the sadistic executioners of the Tcheka.

In the month of November 1922, the Jewish World of London, and the Morgen (Jew) Journal of New York, together celebrated the final defeat of all attempts and of all the dreams of assimilation. They have been, they are, they mean to remain A SEPARATE NATION, the enemy of all humanity, which it looks on as "a herd of cattle."

The Jewess, Miriam Harry, sent by the Temps to celebrate the Passover at Jerusalem, cries (1/4/23): "The Ceremony finishes with the sacramental phrase, with the colossal hope which has kept GOD'S PEOPLE alive for twenty centuries_-- "Next Year at Jerusalem! But here, in Judea, is added a variation, and there is said with the same tenderness, with the same invincible assurance: --

'' Next year in a Restored Jerusalem!'

And like a gigantic promise, like a NATIONAL OATH, hundreds of mouths repeat to each other from table to table.--'I a Shanna habaa bi Ieroushalaim habnouya ! ' "

On the seventh day of this Passover is chanted in the synagogues of the whole world a fragment of the Pentateuch called the Song of Moses, worse perhaps than the bloody imprecations and murder oaths of the Purim; it is the howl of triumph, the scalp dance, over the corpses of Pharaoh and the Egyptians.

Some few Jews are afraid lest the atrocity of this hymn should awaken the suspicions of even the most stupid Gentiles. But the Jewish Chronicle (6/4/23) has replied that it was necessary to keep up in the JEWISH NATION " the will to conquer and destroy its enemies."

In the Jewish World, (15,/3/23) a Jewess writes very loyally writes: " To me, an English Public School is in fact CHRISTIAN, since England IS a Christian country, and in my opinion it is absurd and even impertinent to send Jewish children to it. Religion and NATIONALISM, not only in the case of the Jew but also equally in the case of the Englishman, is one and the same thing. This country being a Christian country, the foundation of the State and the conceptions of Throne, of Government, in short, of everything, being based fundamentally on Christianity, it seems impossible to me that in an English Public School there can be room for a Jew.

"The most ardent champion of Judaism cannot deny that fundamentally, Judaism is anti-Christian."

In 1909, the United States Congress wished to classify individuals, for the Census, according to their race as well as according to their country of origin. At that time Jewish Senator Guggenheim and the Jewish representative Wolf tried to maintain that Judaism was simply a religion. Where upon Senator Lodge produced the Jewish Encyclopedia, where Rabbi Cyrus Adler writes: "As the present work deals with Jews from the point of view of RACE it was deemed impossible to exclude those who belong to this RACE, whatever might be their religious connections."

"Arthur Meyer the Monsignor Bauer and the Empress Eugenie belong to this race," and to the Jewish Encyclopedia.

In the same work, which is regarded as an authority by Universal Jewry, the Jew Joseph Jacob, former president of the Jewish Historical Society of England, confirms this: "Considered from the anthropological point of view, the Jews are a RACE of a characteristically uniform type, due either to the UNITY OF THE RACE, or to the homogeneity of its core."

Judge W. Mack has declared: " It is useless for anybody to classify the Jews simply by their Judaic religion."

Louis D. Brandeis, Judge of the Supreme Court, U.S.A., repeats: " Let us recognize that we Jews are a distinct NATIONALITY, of which every Jew is necessarily a member, whatever his country position or beliefs."

Rabbi Morris Joseph (West London Synagogue) writes in his book Israel As a Nation: "Israel is assuredly a great NATION. The very word Israel establishes it.... Israel is recognized as a NATION by whoever sees it. . . . To deny JEWISH NATIONALITY one must deny the existence of the Jews."

Arthur D. Lewis, of the West London Zionist Association, under the title The Jews As a Nation says: "When certain Jews pretend to consider the Jews as a religious sect like the Catholics or the Protestants, they do not accurately analyze their own sentiments, their own attitude. If a Jew is baptized . . . there are scarcely any who would think him no longer Jewish. His blood, his temperament, and his spiritual characteristics are in no way modified. "

Leon Simon, Doctor of Jewry: "The idea that Jews are a religious sect comparable to Catholics and Protestants is nonsense."

Moses Hess in his important book Rome and Jerusalem: "The Jewish religion is above everything else JEWISH PATRIOTISM...Each Jew whether he wishes it or not, is solidly united to the entire NATION."

Leo W. Levy, one of the presidents of the Order of B'nai B'rith, which holds the globe in its tentacles: "It is certain that (for the Jews) race and religion are so mingled that no one can say where one finishes and the other begins...It is untrue that Jews are Jews simply because of their be Jews, men must not only believe in Judaism, but they must be descended in a direct line from the people who, etc....This great event (the Dispersion) deprived the Jews of their country and of their temporal government; it scattered them over the face of the earth, but it did not destroy the NATIONAL IDEA and the RACE, which are a part of their race and religion...Blood is the base of the substratum of the idea of race, and there is no people on the face of the globe, who can boast of the purity of the unity of their blood with as much right as the Jews can."

The evidence is complete. It needs only the ignorance, the stupidity of the Goyim peoples, and the cynical venality of their politicians and press to hide a fact, which is glaringly apparent.

In his report addressed to the American Jewish Congress (New York, October 1923), published by the Jewish Guardian (Nov. 2, 1923) and analyzed in La Vielle France (No. 345)---the delegate of the JEWISH NATION at the League of Nations, Lucien Wolf, describes his successes. He explains clearly that the "minority treaty," that is to say the treaties imposed on all Central and Eastern Europe in 1919 for the benefit of the Jewish minority, were the true object of the Great War and the chief occupation of the League of Nations is to "interpret" them and to "notably broaden" them to the profit of the Jews as against the Aryan peoples. In short, that the War was made for the Jews, the Peace arranged for the Jews, and the League of Nations organized for the JEWISH NATION. Lord Robert Cecil and General Smuts, Premier (at the time) of South Africa, have endorsed this avowal.

The Jewish Chronicle (11/5/23) said so clearly: "The first and most imperious duty of a NATION as of an individual is the duty of its own preservation. The JEWISH NATION should above all guard itself."

The same paper (14/12/23) applauded the general election in England, which put into power Ramsay Macdonald, in the leading strings of the Jewess Rosa Rosenberg. It saw from henceforth all the "NATIONAL ASPIRATIONS OF THE JEWS ASSURED."

The Jewish Courier and the Jewish World (17/1/24) rejoiced to mark that even in Western Europe it is useless for the Jews to adopt the clothing and the language of the countries where they live; "they will never become an integral part of the indigenous population"; they are INASSIMABLE.

The Bourse Egyptian (Cairo, 8/3/24) repeats that "there is indeed a JEWISH NATION; it is as old as history; the JEWISH NATION exists in fact; at the present moment there is no more urgent work than to give young Jews a Jewish education---a NATIONAL JEWISH CHARACTER."

At the inauguration of a new Synagogue at Chicago Rabbi Stephen Wise (former mentor to Woodrow Wilson) cried ardently: "Be yourselves. (Jewish Tribune 7/3). Do not snobbishly call the synagogue a Temple. Call it a Synagogue. The name "Temple" smacks of the Pagan and not of the Jew. Be Jews. Don't call yourselves "Hebrews" or "Israelites" or Meshumed. You are Jews; be Jews."

The Jew Oscar Berman, a great industrial figure of Cincinnati, writes to the New York Tribune (29/2/24):

"I know not what manner of Jew I am and I don't care a hang...the only thing which counts is that I am a Jew. Let them label me a Zionist or a non-Zionist; all that I know is that I AM A JEW, and that everything Jewish interests me."

The Jewish authoress G. B. Stern lies down in her book Debatable Ground: The Jews are a NATION. If there were only a theological difference would it have caused such marked distinctions in features and temperament? To go to the Synagogue instead of going to Church, does that modify the curve of one's nose? Truly, we are a nation apart and a scattered nation, but by race the most united nation in the world. "

All the Jewish papers congratulated G. B. Stern "she expresses truth, reality."

For the Olympic Games of 1924 the World Association of Maccabees, having its headquarters at Jerusalem, had trained a team which was to figure at the Paris Stadium under the NATIONAL JEWISH FLAG to the strains of the NATIONAL JEWISH ANTHEM, Hatikvah.

On March 30th 1924, the Government of the JEWISH NATION installed as Chief Rabbi at Brussels Dr. Ginsberg, up to then Chief Rabbi at Geneva.

There is no Switzerland, no Belgium, France nor Germany in the eyes of the Kahal. THE JEWISH NATION places its proconsuls wherever it wishes to, to control its Dominions.

Lastly, let us reproduce the two conclusive arguments furnished by the Jews themselves to prove DISTINCT NATIONALITY.

In 1916 an outcry arose in France among the women and children whose husbands or fathers were at war, against 40,000 Jews fit to bear arms, who refused all military service, who forced themselves into the jobs and the houses, and who monopolized the salaries or the clientele, of Frenchmen who were being killed.

These Jews came from Russia or from Turkey. If they were Ottomans they should have been interned as enemy subjects in the concentration camps. If they were Russians they should have been incorporated in the Russian units of our armies. But they replied: "We are not Turks. We are not Russians. We are Jews, the dependents of a distinct and neutral NATION."

At the end of 1923, driven from Germany by the fear of pogroms, 150,000 Jews came into France. Some Frenchmen protested against this "German Invasion" on the very morrow of the war. The Jews replied again: " We are not Germans, since we are Jews citizens of a distinct NATION, autonomous and sovereign."

Thus the Jews in Germany are not Germans but Jews, the Jews in Turkey are not Ottomans but Jews, the Jews in Russia are not Russians but Jews.

Then in France they are not Frenchmen, but Jews. They cannot have one doctrine and one system for certain cases, and another doctrine and another system for other cases. They cannot have TWO NATIONALITIES. They are a NATION. The most homogeneous, the most strongly organized, doubtless the richest, certainly the most nationalist, perhaps the most powerful, among the nations.

They are a nation of prey. And they are a nation of Jingoes and xenophobes; no sooner was Palestine handed over to them than Pro Israel announced that they would be "quite at home" there, that they would be the absolute masters there, without any sharing. Afterwards (Jewish Telegraphic Agency, September 19th, 1920) they decided to erect barriers against the immigration of undesirables, and to expel immigrants, even when once admitted and settled down, if the interests of the, JEWISH STATE demanded it.

What an example! What a lesson for countries menaced by a Jewish invasion!

On first approaching it without reflection the question of race appears a delicate one in America, where men of all the Aryan races of Europe have worked and mingled together, Anglo-Saxon, Latin, Germanic, Slav, Scandinavian, all resolved not to bring up and discuss their respective origins because it was to the common interest to forget them. They wanted to found a new community, the American community, and no longer to speak of the past. But this convention, sometimes tacit, sometimes expressed, was confined to men of the white races of European origin and of Christian civilization.

It excluded the blacks, because the negroes did not come spontaneously to America, but were imported by force by the Whites. Every individual or collective body must put up with the consequences of his or its own actions.

The convention excluded the Yellow man. The inflexible and stolid resistance of the people of the United States to the Chinese or Japanese invasion shows clearly that these one-time Europeans, now become Americans, did not want to share America with Asiatics. The rule runs in precise terms:--

"America for the races from Europe. No racial quarrel between races of European origin....with the  exclusion of non-European, non-white, or non-Christian races. "

This is clear and logical, and it solves the Jewish Question. The Jews are Asiatics. An incredible absence of thought, or an astounding ignorance of geography and ethnography, alone can explain how the Jews have been hitherto admitted into America by virtue of the convention made between the Whites, between the races coming from Europe.

A comparison has been made in so far as numbers go, between the Jews of the United States and the Koreans. The comparison is a very good one, so let us deal with it.

At the two extremities of the Asiatic continent are two small NATIONS, the Jews and the Koreans, with strong characteristics, differing from the rest of humanity in their language, their habits, their outward appearance, their psychology, and both have remained without mixing, inadaptable to --other conditions and inassimilable with other peoples.

The Jews differ even more from the rest of humanity than the Koreans. Their national law, at once religious and political, finds no analogy elsewhere. In his Inequality of the Races, Gobineau maintains that the Jews are originally a cross between negroes and Aryans; another theory declares them to be a mixture of negro and yellow races.

They are not the sons of Shem and they wrongly pretend to be Semites. Thus the term "anti-Semitism" and "anti-Semitic" are altogether inappropriate and misleading.

The sons of Shem are the Arabs. The word "Anti-Semite" only means hostility to the Arabs. When it refers to Jews the proper word to write and say is "Anti-Jew."

It is to the race of Ham that the Jew evidently belongs; the form of the skull, the bony structure of the lower limbs, the curly hair, the thick lips, the oily skin, the profile of the back of the neck and shoulders, the characteristic odor, the restlessness and frenzy of character, the want of balance in their form and acts, and their morbid sensuality, all these are impressive pieces of evidence linking the Jewish nation with the race of Ham.

Let us go back to the comparisons: the Jews are the equivalent of the Koreans. What would the people of the United States think and say if four million Koreans came in by the Pacific coast, just as six million Jews have come in by the Atlantic coast? And if 1,500,000 Koreans occupied Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles just as 1,800,000 Jews occupy New York?

What would the people of the United States think and say if they saw the Koreans everywhere at the head of banks financial and industrial companies, and the export trades; Koreans hedging round their politicians, invading political meetings and the law courts, Koreans seizing the control of education so as to distort after the Korean manner the hearts and brains of little American children; Koreans absolute masters of the Press, the Theatre, the Cinema, that is, masters of all the manufactured, national thought blinded and misled, with which the crowd and its leaders are deceived, terrorized and corrupted--in a word, the instruments by means of which public opinion is wielded? And wielded so effectively that, under the Koreans, the Whites and the Christians were no more than an inert and unresisting herd of cattle, working under the orders and for the prosperity and power of its Asiatic masters? What would the people of the United States say and do if suddenly confronted with such a situation as this?

Well, is not this actually so? Instead of the words of Asiatic Korean put Asiatic Jew.

What is a European? It is not the man who comes in by the Atlantic coast; it is a man of European race. If I come from France to the United States by the Trans-Siberian railway I am not on that account an Asiatic. What is an Asiatic? A man who comes from Asia, no matter on which coast he lands. The Jew comes from Asia. The incredible blunder of the Americans in allowing the ASIATIC JEW to worm his way into the community of white men, into the family of European origin, into Christian civilized society gives us to two formidable dangers.

Firstly in the relations between the United States and Japan the Americans are providing the Japanese with an irrefutable argument. Japan claimed, at the Peace Conference the sanction of racial equality, which entailed as a consequence the free immigration of Asiatics into America. The United States resisted. In California public feeling is very acutely inflamed; it has expressed itself often with great ardor; the decrees issued by the Supreme Court of the United States (see Le Vieille France, Number 307) and the peremptory vote of the Washington Congress in May, 1924, have clinched the matter; reciprocally in Japan a retaliatory movement against American repugnance is showing itself. It is a danger to the peace of the world. The Japanese have good grounds for pointing out an offensive inconsistency between the treatment that they receive and the treatment accorded to the Jews. Both are equally Asiatic. How can the American people logically shut its doors to the citizens of a glorious and brave nation, as great in the arts of peace as they are in war and carrying the cult of honor to the point of heroism, when they lay their country wide open to invasion by six million individuals belonging to the most despised tribe of all the East, and which is not exactly considered to possess the same virtues as the Japanese people?

Japan feels herself insulted. The welcome to the Hebrew Asiatic and the rebuff to the Japanese Asiatic form together an inconsistency capable of ruining the wisest efforts of diplomacy. Although humanity appears to be in a state of insanity, yet now and again logic asserts its rights, above all when the illogical man or people find themselves in the presence of a wary Oriental.

In the second place the admission of Jews into the community of white races, and their marvelously rapid rise to all directing, dominating and profitable positions, create a mortal danger for all the peoples of Christendom in Asia and Africa.

Formerly the Whites dominated the Yellow and Black races by the superiority of their armament. Today the most efficient arms are no longer a mystery; we ourselves teach the Yellow and Black races how to make and to use them, and when they are short of them we sell them to them. The Great War, in which Europeans were obliged to use their colored troops, has prepared in immense numbers instructors and leaders, for future enemies. The new spirit in the Colonies of the European states today alarms the white colonists.

With equality of armament, the Asiatics and Africans are superior in numbers. What safeguard remains for the safety of the White Race? Only its moral prestige, the idea of its intellectual and scientific superiority, and above all that sort of indefinable but decisive fascination that the man who has alwavs commanded exercises over the man who has always obeyed.

How can the Asiatics and the Africans any longer believe in the Whiteman's superiority and call to rule, when they see the people of Europe and America, that is to say all White races, all Christendom, submitting to the economic, financial, political and educational yoke of a small Asiatic tribe?

It is the Yahooda as they say in Asia, the despised Yahooda, scorned, cringing and miserable throughout the whole Eastern world, which rules over both the American and the European. So the Asiatic and the African world were trembling before a phantom! Why, that is only what the White Man was, the underling of the Jew, of the Yahooda!

In Northern Africa the Arabs, who are the true Semites, were defeated and forced to submit by the French. They thought they had made their submission to great and glorious France; they accepted France as their protector, tutor, and educator. Now, they realized that France is merely the "Shield and Buckler of Israel," that the military chiefs and civil administrators of France govern and exploit their country under the orders of and for the profit of the Jews, formerly relegated to the same plane as dogs and pigs.

The Arabs are saying to themselves that the treaties accepted and the undertakings given by them no longer hold good, because the other contracting party has changed.

That which they believed they owed to France, they do not want to give to the Jew. With the fatalism of the Moslem and his respect for the sword, they accepted the rule of their French conquerors. One of these days they will throw off as an outrage and a fraud the true domination of the Jew whose orders the Frenchman obeys.

In a similar way, the Asiatic believe that India was conquered and held in submission by the English; they looked on the English as the all-powerful masters in India. They have observed that the British minister for India, Montagu, was a JEW; the. Viceroy, Rufus Isaacs, and his Lady, nee Cohen, JEWS; the British High Commissioner Meyer, a JEW; the Financial Secretary to India, Abrahams, a JEW; the Deputy Financial Secretary, Kisch, a JEW. So then the Asiatic Jews are the masters of the English; therefore the English are no longer masters; Asia has vanquished Europe; the European, the White Man, the Christian, falls from his pedestal!

And everyone knows what happens to a ruler when he falls to the ground at the feet of the multitude that he used to inspire with awe. Woe is to him!

To put the finishing touch to this picture, the United States have placed the command of their Asia Fleet in the hands of the JEW, Admiral Strauss. And the French have sent to Siam the first Jew admitted to serve as ambassador, the Jew Kahn; they have sent an ambassador's wife, a JEWESS, to Peking.

Thus there is no use for more hollow pretence in the eves of the Asiatic multitudes; the Englishman, the American the Frenchman, all the White and Christian peoples really have for their chiefs� Jewish Asiatic.

There are in America, in England in France, White Aryan men capable of serving as subordinates, but there are no longer any capable of being leaders. The true leaders, the great Chiefs, are Jews, Asiatic. The prestige of the White Man is vanishing; his pretended intellectual superiority was a fiction, his vocation for leadership a puzzle. Asia and Africa have been mystified. They are going to get over it.

Such are the terrible and inevitable results of the great American blunder, combined with the cowardice of the Aryans in Europe, and the victories of the Jewish Plot at the Peace Conference.

As a NATION, fixed, and recognized with national rights, in the states of Central Europe, the Jews have dismantled and annihilated the sovereign right of the Christian peoples on the European continent.

As an ASIATIC RACE, installed in all the controlling positions, financial, military, economic and political, in the States of Christendom, the Jews demonstrate to Asia and Africa that the old superiority of the White Man, of the Christian, was a farce; that through them, the Jews, Asia already has her revenge in her own hands; that all Christendom is surrendering and collapsing; that the hour for revolt and invasion has struck; that the White Race lays aside its sway.

The great American blunder and the cowardice of the Aryans of Europe are an unspeakable crime against the White Race and Christianity.

New Christian Crusade Church