Chapter VI

 The Union

As the new nation of Adam’s family developed, they formed a Treaty of Friendship between their thirteen separate States. This Treaty of Friendship was a written contract of government taken from the Holy Book that they had brought with them to their new Jerusalem. It was written in accordance with the laws for government and had been given to their forefathers by Moses on the Mount. The law had been placed in their hearts and in their minds forever during the forty years in the wilderness upon their exodus from Egypt. These same laws had since become known to the world as “Anglo-Saxon Law”. The Treaty they wrote in this land is known as the “Articles of Confederation”, which is the source of the great Constitution of these United States of America. The Articles of Confederation were adopted to be in effect “Forever”. They are perpetual, never to be repealed nor amended. Subsequently, the thirteen States adopted another Treaty amongst themselves to be in effect “forever”, never to be repealed nor amended. This is known as the Ordnance of the Territories. This Treaty was adopted in order that new States entering the Union from territory immediately adjacent to any original State would have the same rights and conditions of government as the original States had under the Treaty of Friendship known as the Articles of Confederation.

It seems appropriate at this point to reflect upon present day activities of the Federal Congress and the Federal Government. Let us examine the acts of the Federal Congress, which brought the Islands of Hawaii and the Territory of Alaska into the Union. The only Law or lawful basis for such acts is the Organic Law referred to a few moments ago the Ordnance of the Territories, along with the articles of Confederation. These were adopted to be in effect “forever”, therefore not even Congress may repeal or amend them. To select the specific law, the Ordnance of the Territories would be the specific Law in question as it pertains to the entry of new States into the Union. But these Ordnances were made for new States “adjacent” to existing States of the Union. They did not provide for distant lands being brought into the Union, because it is a Union of States OF AMERICA. Either Hawaii or Alaska are “adjacent” to existing States of the Union. It can be questioned therefore as to whether or not such acts of the Federal Congress are lawful. If nothing else, they are certainly a dangerous precedent.

The economic conditions of the Union of States under the Articles of Confederation were also in accordance with the Holy Book. There was no usury in the system. Colonial script was used for the distribution of goods and physical wealth. The issue of the script money was controlled by the Assembly or Legislative body of each Colony or State and was paid into circulation interest free for services obtained by the government. It was therefore acceptable in payment of taxes because the purpose of taxes is for the government to obtain services from the people. The issue of money was interest free, not loaned into circulation as it is today. The Colonies as well as the States of the Union were free from debt and their economy was prospering under their debt free money system. In fact, it was not the English stamp tax that caused the explosion and the Boston Tea Party as much as it was that the English demanded that the taxes be paid in English money. The Colonists had no English money with which to pay the tax and the only way they could have paid the taxes in English money would have been to borrow money from the private bankers of England or Europe, thereby creating a debt with interest to pay. The Colonists knew that the children of Cain were the money lenders in control of the banks of England and Europe. They also knew that these whom Jesus had revealed as the children of Satan wanted to control the wealth of this new nation by their control of its money. Mr. Benjamin Franklin knew this better than anyone at that time. He knew that his nation would have serious trouble if it permitted Cain’s children to become citizens in the new nation. He wanted the people not to permit the children of Cain to be citizens.

After the conflict with the mother country, conditions in the new land were slightly chaotic. Tempers were hot and local rule was guarded jealously. Having gained their independence as sovereign States, the granting of any governmental power to anyone outside their immediate control was not favorably looked upon. In fact, it was not to be. The Union under the Treaty of Friendship known as the Articles of Confederation was not too successful from the viewpoint of a “national” or “federal” government. The Congress could not raise funds for operation of the central government, in fact, all the congress could do was convene and adjourn. It had been given no power by the sovereign States. The States simply refused to give any power to a central or federal government under any circumstances. Intelligent leaders of the new nation realized that some form of compromise must be made in this area of government. They knew that the Union of sovereign states under the Articles of Confederation must be made more perfect.

Yet, the Articles were a contract of government between the States, which had been adopted to be in effect forever, never to be repealed, altered or amended. They knew that the Union of the sovereign States must be made “more perfect”, yet they also knew that the States would not accept a “more perfect” form of government unless the powers granted to a central or federal government were limited in writing. They wanted a written contract. This they attempted to obtain and when one reads the Preamble of the Constitution it is very clear that the intention was not to form a “new” government, but merely a “more perfect” one. Not a “new” Union separate from the Union already formed under the Articles of Confederation, but simply “We, the people, In Order to Form a More Perfect Union. A “new” Union would have been impossible because of the perpetuity or permanency of the original Union. The Constitution was drafted from the very wording and phrases of the Articles of Confederation, which has its source, the Holy Bible. But when it came time for the individual sovereign States to ratify the new Constitution, they would not do so until the first Ten Amendments known as the Bill of Rights had been made a part of the agreement. When the Congress was discussing the first Amendment to this Bill of Rights, some interesting records of the committee hearings were made. It was made clear that this Amendment was not to be construed as to eliminate the Christian religion, which was the only religion, involved. The Laws of the Colonies and the early States made it clear that one must be a Christian in order to hold office in the government. There was to be no question about this Amendment permitting freedom ‘in’ religion, rather than freedom ‘from’ religion. It was stated at this time, “These people are a religious people. If this Amendment is to be construed as one to deny them their national religion, which is Christianity, then we would rather continue fighting as we have been in this past conflict.” No other religion other than Christianity was in the minds of those who drafted the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The purpose described was not one of religion per se, but of the various sects or forms of worship within the Christian religion. The purpose of the First Amendment was to prevent any Federal government from prescribing any one sect or form of worship within the Christian religion.

The Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the Bill of Rights are of vital concern to the protection of the Constitution as a whole and to the Union of Sovereign States. These two Amendments are clearly in accord with the demands of the States at that time. They would not enter into any agreement for any form of “federal” or “central” government unless its powers were limited. The Ninth Amendment made it clear that each power granted to the Federal government would be specified and distinctly enumerated in the Constitution and that just because there was no enumeration for the States and the people it did not mean that the States and people did not have them, as it did mean that the federal government did not have them. The Tenth Amendment carried this point to a further clarification. It made clear that the Constitution needs no interpretation. The central or Federal government is one of limited powers. It has absolutely NO ‘rights’. Only the States and the people have ‘rights’. And the ONLY powers that the central or federal government has are those, which are specifically enumerated IN THE CONSTITUTION. If the Constitution itself does not enumerate a power specifically as one given to the federal government, which includes all of the branches of the federal government, then the federal government does NOT have it. The Constitution is simple in its understanding. We hear some persons, even lawyers; say that the Supreme Court interprets the Constitution. How wrong can they be? If the Supreme Court has the power to ‘interpret’ the Constitution, the only place it could get that enumerated power would be from the Constitution itself. The Constitution is the means by which the States created the Supreme Court as a part of the Federal Government. Can we find any such power granted to the Supreme Court in the Constitution? Absolutely not. Then the Tenth Amendment becomes clear. If the Constitution itself does not specifically enumerate a power, then the Supreme Court does NOT HAVE IT. This needs no interpretation. If the Constitution does not give a power to the Supreme Court or any branch of the Federal Government, that power is then retained by the States or the people. So, we see that the Supreme Court does NOT have the power to “interpret” the Constitution. We see that the States gave the Supreme Court the power “to rule on cases at law”. This simply means that a “case at law” must be brought before the Court. A “case at law” is an issue where one has questioned a “law” or an act of a legislature. The Supreme Court may not take a “case at law” which has not been brought before the lower Courts unless an Ambassador, Public Minister or a State ‘ is involved, all in the “case”. It only has  “original” jurisdiction in such cases, but “appellate” jurisdiction in others. A ruling of the Court does NOT become a law because the courts may not make a law. Only a legislature may make a Law and even that power is limited. The States gave the federal legislature the power to enact legislation, which is “in accordance with and in pursuance of the Constitution”. If the federal legislature enacts legislation, which is in violation of the Constitution, that legislation is NOT law. It is VOID from the beginning. It is void from the beginning because neither the States nor the people have given the federal legislature power to enact legislation, which is not in accordance with, and in pursuance of the Constitution and this means ALL of the Constitution including the Amendments. The Constitution itself prescribes the means or method by which it can be amended. It is a contract between the States and it cannot be amended by the Courts nor by the federal legislature or by the federal government. It must be amended only by the agreement of the States.

We can see clearly that the States created the federal government. The federal government has no voters. Only the States have voters. The States and ONLY the States have the right of qualifying their voters. Each State, by its own method, determines what a citizen of that State must do to qualify as a voter of that State. The federal government has no control over this whatso�ever, not even by legislation, because legislation may not amend the Constitu�tion. The present enactments of legislation by the federal Congress along these lines under the fifth section of the Fourteenth Amendment is question�able because the States never legally ratified the Fourteenth Amendment. The same principle applies to recent activities of the federal Courts. The States created the federal Judiciary and that Judiciary has no power to make laws. Rulings of Courts only constitute the law for the specific case upon which the Court has ruled. They do not constitute the law for the land or for anything other than the specific case at law upon which the Court ruled

It should be emphasized here that all officials of government, whether it be Federal, State or Municipal, must take an oath to uphold, defend, and protect the Constitution of the United States against all enemies whomsoever, both foreign or domestic. They must take this oath freely, without mental reservation.

When their activities violate the Constitution, it is a violation of their Oath of Office and such violation is a felony a crime, under the laws of this nation. The laws of this nation also require a citizen to uphold, defend and protect the Constitution and our Republican form of government WITHOUT MENTAL RESERVATION. This is a lawful requirement for citizenship. Therefore, any citizen who takes another oath, even though it might be on what he calls a religious “day of atonement”, which provides for a mental reservation on any other oath he takes, that citizen is subject to loss of citizenship. There are certain so-called “international” organizations in which U.S. citizens take part. These organizations call meetings in foreign lands and members vote on matters of political, economic, and governmental problems.

Citizens of the United States who attend such meetings and vote in these organizations are subject to loss of their United States citizenship and deportation in accordance with provisions of the United States Code. There are also meetings in the United States where bonds are sold for the support of a foreign State. This also is in violation of the United States Code and is a felony, particularly if any of the funds are used to support the military forces of the foreign State in any way. Yet, we see Senators, Congressmen and many civic officials of our Federal, State and local governments participating in the crime.

In these latter days when Satan and his children have invaded the land of Israel again and have brought Satan’s form of government with them, we must turn to our Heavenly Father and pray for His protection. But we must do more than pray. We must oppose Satan and his evil ways with every power that God has given His children. The philosophy of Communism, which is Satan’s form of government, is being imposed upon God’s Israel in their land. Communism worships Satan but recognizes no Supreme Being. It is atheistic and believes that the created are above the Creator. Those who believe that the federal government is above the States, which created it, have accepted Satan’s communistic philosophy that the created is above the Creator. The battle of Armageddon will be won with knowledge, as Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”