By William P Gale


This is not merely a “book”, it is a story with a Biblical background which can shake the world. The simple story told in “The Faith of Our Fathers” is one that should be read by every family in America and in Western Europe. Clergymen, Attorneys at Law, Public Officials as well as young students, will obtain a better understanding of their government and the Constitution of the United States of America.

In these days of tribulation, with enemies of God all about, one is reminded of the words of Napoleon Bonaparte when he said, “Ninety five percent of winning a war is to know your enemy”. The story of this book advances Napoleon’s advice by saying, “How can you know your enemy unless you know who YOU are?”

A clergyman once said, “love your enemies”. In a discussion with other clergymen that followed, he was asked where he derived his philosophy and he replied, “The Bible, of course”. The clergyman asking him questions then said, “I will agree with the Bible, now please tell me where the Bible says to love God’s enemies?” With this question, the first clergyman was stumped. He had no answer! In another instance, a clergyman was broadcasting a radio sermon. He was preaching that Christians should love everything (even Satan).

Upon reaching the “race” question he said, “All of the different races of people on earth are the same”. Later that day another clergyman telephoned the radio preacher and expressed interest in the sermon. He had a question. He asked about the statement that “all of the different races are the same”.

His question was “If the races are the ‘same’, then why did you say that they are ‘different’?” With this, the clergyman who gave the sermon promptly placed his telephone receiver on the hook. He had no answer!

Those who read “The Faith of Our Fathers” will no doubt be stimulated to further research and study. It is hoped and we pray that their findings will assist in the accomplishments that God’s Word has prophesied. They will have “ANSWERS”! Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.