Chapter V

The Nations

 The promise was made to Abraham, the father of the people known as Israel, that his children would become many nations. This they have done. (A nation is a family with a King.) When His people were brought out of Egypt they were one nation and Yahweh their Heavenly Father, the Creator of the Universe, was their King. As time progressed and they strayed farther and farther from His laws for government and for nations, they asked Him to let them have men kings over them. They did not realize the trouble they would be in for, but the Heavenly Father knew because He had planned it that way from the day He gave Adam and Eve a free choice. It was because of the men kings that they fought amongst themselves, but a promise had been made by the Creator to their father Abraham and it was to be fulfilled. The Prophets and the Scripture told them that they would be taken into captivity and that each tribe would be under punishment for a period of two thousand, five hundred and twenty years from the day of its captivity then the Creator would make them a nation. This was the “seven times” punishment prophesied in Scripture. The period of time is confirmed by history. Each of the tribes were taken into captivity by the Assyrians (Yehudi) at different times and dates which can be confirmed by Scripture.

When the prophetic “time” is applied to these dates, with a research of known history, it should not be surprising that exactly two thousand, five hundred and twenty years after the captivity of the tribe of Dan, Denmark became a nation on that precise day. Two thousand, five hundred and twenty years after the captivity of the tribe of Gad, Italy became a nation on that exact day. Two thousand, five hundred and twenty years after Isachaar was taken into captivity, Finland became a nation on that day. The present day Finnish war song uses the words, “on to war ye men of Isachaar”. It was played over the radios in the United. States when the Soviets attacked little Finland during the late 1930’s. Again, two thousand, five hundred and twenty years from the date that the tribe of Ephraim was taken into Assyrian captivity, the Union Jack was approved by England and England became an empire on the exact day. When the prophetic time of Daniel is added to the prophetic time of the Israel nation, Judah, the years add perfectly for Germany, which became a nation on the exact day from the captivity of the tribe of Judah. With Ephraim, the Scriptures gay that Ephraim shall be a nation and a company of nations and the British Commonwealth is exactly that. And so on for the other tribes of Israel. But not to be forgotten is the tribe of Manassah. Two thousand five hundred and twenty years from the day Manassah was taken into Assyrian captivity, is the 4th of July 1776. To top that, the Great Seal of the United States is the Seal of Manassah. It contains the great pyramid, as well as the spread wings of the great Eagle. Manassah was to be a great people; a gathering of the nations of Yahweh’s Kingdom. Today we should question ourselves. Are we keeping the Heavenly Father’s commandment that He gave to Adam and the generations of our forefathers? Are we keeping His laws for our nation and its government? Are we allowing Cain’s children in our land to do the works of their father rather than for us to do the works of our Father? Have we allowed Cain’s children into our land and our government to bring Satan’s form of government.

Communism, to the fore? We see the blindness of supposedly intelligent men in high places when they speak or write that our forefathers came to America because of religious persecution. This is simply not true. It is one of Satan’s lies and these blind men repeat Satan’s lie so many times that even they themselves begin to believe it as the truth. There is not one official document of our government to support such a statement as the one we hear about religious persecution. Our forefathers wrote in the official documents of this nation, from the Mayflower Compact through the Charters of all of the thirteen colonies and into the Articles of Confederation, that they came here to advance the Faith of Jesus Christ and to form a GOVERNMENT under His Laws, the King of Kings and the God of Hosts, the Creator of the Universe. They came to this land, the new Jerusalem that had been promised to God’s Israel and which had been described perfectly in the Scriptures. They came with the permission and blessings of the Royal House of their former land and with the permission and blessings of its government. Men from the Isles had come to this land many years before Lief Erickson who came before Columbus. These men of Ireland came by sea and traveled by land from Labrador to Florida. They wrote that God told them to return to the Isles because the land was not yet ready for them. When the land was to be ready, the Creator kept His promise and provided the divine circumstances to fulfill His Word. He brought His children to the new land that He had promised them when they were in the old Jerusalem. At that time, He said, “Of this Jerusalem I will make a land of abomination and desolation. I will give thee a new Jerusalem, a new land. One that will have a great sea on the East and a great sea on the West. It will be a land of milk and honey, where the box trees and the fir trees will grow. Great rivers will divide it and mountains and it will have the brass in the land. It will be a gathering of my children from their other nations and will lend to all and borrow from none. It will be the only nation with Yahweh, the Most High God of your Fathers, Creator of the Universe as your King.”

Yes, our forefathers came to this land with their Book, which contained His word, and they came to form a government under His laws. This they said, this they wrote, and this they did. They formed thirteen colonies as they were from thirteen tribes. They were and are the only nation with the Most High Yahweh as their King. They wrote on their money “in God We Trust”.

They are a gathering of His people from the other nations of His people. They have two things in common, all being of the Adamic race and all being Christians. In spite of all the lies of Satan and his children, these sovereign States of the great nation of His Kingdom were formed by men of the Adamic race and their women were mighty in their tasks. This nation and this government were founded by white men and white women who were Christians. They fought their way across the wilderness and built a great nation. In the name of the God of our Fathers, this nation will remain a white man’s land and a white man’s government. Until the Arch-angel calls the end of time.