Midnight Hour


Chapter IX

The Midnight Hour

The nation of God’s Kingdom grew wealthier and wealthier as the years of darkness continued. These were the blessings that had been promised by their Heavenly Father. It was the promised protection from Satan’s works. During the darkness the Yehudi had grown more powerful as each year passed. More and more of them had immigrated to the new nation from Eastern Europe, yet they remained to themselves and did not become a part of the way of life in the new nation. They contributed very little, but took much. The nation was wealthy in spite of all that the Yehudi and their international leaders could do. It was during the year 1913 that the Yehudi leaders decided to make their big move toward final destruction of the new nation. The Yehudi leader in Holland had sent his personal representative to the new nation in 1902. This representative received a very large salary and used unlimited funds to accomplish his objectives. He could buy and sell men. With his unlimited finances he became a big name in the new nation and amongst its political and financial leaders. He bought and sold “politicians” of Adam’s family. His mission was to establish a more tight control on the money of the new nation and upon its government. He actually wrote a new banking law for the nation and with his finances, prepared the way for its adoption by the Congress in 1913. Most of the good Congressmen were home for Christmas vacation when he sneaked the legislation into effect by his paid agents who had remained in the capitol to do his work. He took his agents in Congress to an island off the coast of Georgia and made the arrangements for adoption of the new banking laws, which would permit the Yehudi to have perpetual control of the new nation’s money and credit. It would keep the nation in debt to the Yehudi as long as the Yehudi controlled the system. Passage of the legislation was in violation of the Constitution, but this did not matter to the Yehudi. The Constitution to them was simply a piece of paper. Just another contract that could be broken at will.

During this same year of 1913, the Yehudi organized a national organization to fit into their international scheme and to assist with internal destruction of the new nation. Its purpose was to maintain pressure on Satan’s children. The excuse for its organization was deceitfully expressed as “brotherhood”. This had always been the cry of Satan’s children but it was used to deceive the family of Adam. It appealed to their righteousness but they were blind and didn’t know the difference between themselves and Satan’s children. The new Yehudi organization was instructed to use publicity, pressure, deceit, lies and all means of propaganda so that Adam’s children would not know the truth. They spoke and wrote of “brotherhood”, but of course their organization persecuted Adam’s children and never intended for so-called “brotherhood” to exist in the way that they spoke of it. Jesus had made this clear to Adam’s children but they refused to believe Him. Jesus had told His children that the Yehudi were hypocrites, speaking righteousness but not doing it. He had said that they were liars and told His children not to believe them.

Another objective of the Yehudi, which was accomplished in that fateful year of 1913, was the successful enactment of a “graduated” income tax on the children of Adam and their nation. The Yehudi and their agents had obtained passage of Federal Legislation on this graduated income tax many years before, but the Courts had declared it to be in violation of the Constitution. So, in 1913, with their control of the Federal legislature, the Yehudi arranged an amendment to the Constitution, which was given sufficient financial and political backing for its passage. This was their way of implementing their long range plans to bring Satan’s form of government to the new nation. The Yehudi knew that if they could obtain passage of this amendment, Adam’s children could eventually be brought to their knees. The central government could be gradually made all-powerful and could apply economic pressures on each individual citizen. It would bring all governmental power into one place where the Yehudi would have an easier time establishing their control. In spite of all these activities, the Yehudi were not satisfied. Their objective was a One World Government with all of Adam’s children and the nations of Adam’s household as their slaves. When this condition could be brought about by economic and political controls, the children of Satan could completely destroy the Creator’s family on Earth and keep the Kingdom for their father Satan. In order to accomplish their long-range objectives, it was necessary to keep Adam’s children fighting amongst themselves. This could attain several objectives at one time for the children of Satan. It could provide for Adam’s children to destroy each other while the Yehudi sat back and manipulated the financial requirements. This would create greater financial burdens upon Adam’s children and maintain the debt, while at the same time keeping the pressure off Satan and his children’s evil works. It could aid the Yehudi in their financial control and lead to accomplishment of further destruction of Adam’s family in due time.

The time was just before the midnight hour when the Yehudi decided to establish full control over a strategic land area of Europe, which had evaded them for many years. They planned a step-by-step destruction for Adam’s people in all of their nations. The wealthy Yehudi and their agents in the new nation of God’s Kingdom were used to finance the defeat of the strategic nation in Europe which was essential to completion of the overall victory for Satan’s children. The nations of Adam’s children had been played one against the other in a great war during the 1900’s. This was accomplished by the Yehudi in order to place many nations of Adam’s children under their financial control and in debt to finance the conflict. It also put brother to righting brother amongst Adam’s family. Near the end of the conflict, the Yehudi in the new nation were in complete control of the government. They financed their agents and spies, sending a revolutionary leader to the European nation from the new nation of God’s Kingdom. They also sent great amounts of financial support with him. His objective was to start a revolution and murder the Christian leader of the nation and all of his family, taking the government for the Yehudi. The military intelligence officers of the nation of God’s Kingdom who were the children of Adam’s family were active in the European nation which the Yehudi were taking by revolution. One named Captain Montgomery Schuyler reported to the Chief of Staff of his expeditionary forces in Siberia in a secret military intelligence report. Amongst many details in his report he advised that all of the military officers of Adam’s family had been murdered by the Bolsheviks. In the Black Sea Massacre it is stated that not less than eight thousand officers were murdered at Kronstadt, in the Gulf of Finland, between six and seven thousand were drowned at one time. He also reported that up to the end of 1918 things had been growing steadily worse in Russia ever since the first few months of the First Provisional Government, when for a short time it looked as if the new regime would be able to bring some form of modern government into the country. These hopes were frustrated by the gradual gains in power of the more irresponsible and socialistic elements of the population guided by the Jews and other anti-Russian races. A table made in April 1918 by Robert Wilton, the correspondent of the London Times in Russia, shows that at that time there were 384 “commissars” including 2 negroes, 13 Russians, 15 264 had come to Russia from the United States since the downfall of the Imperial Government. In another report to Colonel Barrows, Captain Schuyler reported amongst other details as follows: “It is probably unwise to say this loudly in the United States but the Bolshevik movement is and has been since its beginning guided and controlled by Russian Jews of the greasiest type, who have been in the United States and there absorbed every one of the worst phases of our civilization without having the least understanding of what we really mean by liberty (I do not mean the use of the word liberty which has been so widespread in the United States since the war began, but the real word spelt the same way), and the real Russian realizes this and suspects that Americans think as do the loathsome specimens with whom he now comes in contact.

I have heard all sorts of estimates as to the real proportion of Bolsheviks to that of the population of Siberia and I think the most accurate is that of General Ivanov-Rinov who estimates it as two percent. There is hardly a peasant this side of the Urals who has the slightest interest in the Bolshevik or his doings except in so far as it concerns the low of his own property and in fact, his point of view is very much like that of our own respectable farmers, when confronted with the IWW ideal. The conquest of the great landmass of Russia was essential to the long range of the Yehudi if they were to establish World Government under their control. From this base they could move East through Asia, West through Europe to the Atlantic. It would provide a great encirclement of the one nation of Adam’s family that must be finally taken to complete the project. There had always been an area of difficulty for the Yehudi in Western Europe. This was due to a very strong nation of Adam’s children, which had been a target of the Yehudi for many years. They had patiently and deceitfully arranged for the defeat of this nation at the hands of other nations of Adam’s children who could be deceived by the internal agents of the Yehudi in their lands. The international financial and political controls, which the Yehudi had built up over many years, were employed for this objective. The children of Satan successfully turned brother against brother to defeat this great Western European nation of God’s people whom they feared. After its defeat they arranged for an economic boycott and destruction of its money. They also made arrangements for dividing the nation in pieces to maintain future division of its people and their Adamic brethren round about. After this feared nation was defeated, the Yehudi made their move upon the landmass of Russia. Their revolutionary agents were employed successfully. The government they formed was the same type as that which they had established in the old Jerusalem when they had invaded the land of Israel before the days of Jesus. It was the same form of government that Satan and his children had always used. It was always a government that would not recognize Yahweh, the Creator of the Universe who had come to Earth to save His Celestial family that descended from Adam. It would recognize no God but Satan. It was always under the control of those whom Jesus had identified as the children of Satan. Its objective has always been to destroy the Creator’s family on Earth and the nations, which were promised to their father, thus thinking that they might keep the Kingdom for their father Satan. It is a government of deceit and dishonesty from its inception. How could it be otherwise when it is a government of Satan’s children?

As the years passed on after the great war between the brother nations, the people of that feared Western European nation became strong again. The Heavenly Father was not to be denied, nor are His children. They had the spiritual vision and the knowledge given to His family since its arrival on Earth. This, Satan’s children could not control or withhold. As the defeated nation became stronger, the Yehudi who had established their government in Russia used every effort to keep the people divided and weak.

This nation of people must be destroyed completely or the Yehudi could never conquer all of Western Europe for their final attack against the great nation of God’s Kingdom across the seas. Satan’s children planned to launch their attack from many directions at once. From the East across the Atlantic, from the
           Asiatic side coming across the Bering Straits and down the West Coast of the new nation, from an island
           bastion just South of the nation at its strategic “under´┐Żbelly”, from Mexico and from within the nation
           itself. The Yehudi chiefs laid plans to stir up the Enosh in the nation, promising them the lands, property
           and women of the men of the South who they feared and hated from the days of an earlier war. Although
           the children of Satan had made great head- way, much work and more time was required to fulfill their
           long range plans.

They must break down the resistance of Adam’s children as they had done in Russia. They must be wary and not make their final move until Adam’s nations were weak and divided amongst themselves. The Yehudi spies and agents must be in positions of power within all governments of the nations of Adam’s children and a super government must be established under Yehudi control. Adam’s children must be deceitfully subjected to this super government where they could be out voted and controlled by the Enosh people who would participate in the super government.

And a great new war must be brought into play where the nations of Adam’s children can be brought into conflict amongst themselves to weaken and destroy them for the final take over. The new war will give the Yehudi greater financial control because of the debt and economic chaos such conflict would bring to the nations of Adam’s family. The major purpose of this interim conflict should be to completely destroy that nation of God’s people in Western Europe who had always remained strong militarily and who had remained as a thorn in the side of Satan’s children. Its strength would prevent the strategic control of the land area adjacent to the ocean gateway of the Atlantic. No attack could be made on the great new nation of Adam’s family across the seas as long as this brother nation remained free and strong. This nation and its people must be destroyed and the Yehudi would destroy it by their age old method of deceit with no danger of Adam’s children becoming aware of who is behind the scenes. These intermediate objectives took long and effective planning with the placing of “stooges”, spies and paid agents in proper places within the governments. These were to bring about events which would lead to the war. It was the “Midnight Hour” of which the Prophets had spoken and written. Satan knew that his time was limited and that he must do his work before the dawn of daylight when the Creator’s children would awaken and destroy him and his children as they had been told to do by their Heavenly Father. Satan had to work fast in terms of “time”, which is the measurement of motion. The nation which he must destroy in Western Europe was awakening to the deceitful work of his children within its borders. They were doing the same works as those which had caused them to be banished from other nations of Adam’s family in the past.

Yet, this time, they were being directed more closely and were laying the foundations for the destruction of that nation. They worked closely with the children of Satan who controlled the Satanic government to the East and once again Satan’s children, the Yehudi were the advance guard for the invasion of Western Europe as they had been in the days of the Mongol hordes of Ghengis Khan. This time they were trickier.

They had timed their plans well. Why should they fight these good fighters of Adam’s family who were God’s battle-axe? Why not arrange for the stupid Goyim’s brothers to do the job? With their financial and political control well established in the nations of Adam’s family, it would be an easy matter to turn brother against brother once more. Satan’s children had always succeeded in this objective in the past, so why not again? So they did. They used every means available, the press, the radio and motion pictures to distribute propaganda against the nation in Western Europe, which they feared. They sent spies and agents to the great nation across the seas, which they planned to control for the success of their future World Government.

They planned once more to use the great nation of God’s Kingdom and its tremendous wealth to destroy an intermediate barrier to their future final objective. Before the final blow could be arranged it was necessary that the Yehudi establish a strong position within the government of the new nation across the seas. The children of Adam who were virtual slaves in that land were opposing Satan’s form of government in the landmass of Russia. The Yehudi leaders ordered the mass murder of over seventy million of Adam’s children in the Ukraine. While performing these atrocities, they always murdered a few of their own lesser brethren in order to confuse the issue and hide their deceit. They were in a position to make big news about the few lesser Yehudi they had disposed of and this made it difficult to fix responsibility for the crimes. The Yehudi criminals have a slang expression for this procedure. They call it a “cleanup” or a “whitewash”. They arrange for one of their criminal element to be attacked, but seldom seriously injured. Of course it would then be silly to think that the Yehudi themselves were involved. In serious projects of great importance, they think nothing of eliminating some lesser Yehudi to provide the confusion as to the guilty party. It is a typical trick of Satan’s children. It was employed effectively in the destruction of Adam’s children in the land of Russia. It is always used to deceive law enforcement officials and relieve pressure from Yehudi leaders.

The atrocities were not completely hidden in Russia and the slave state did not produce what had been expected. The reputation of the government was falling and losing the standing amongst other nations that the Yehudi had planned. Because of these failures, it became necessary for Satan’s children to use the reputation and support of the great new nation across the seas.

Their agents had infiltrated into the new nation’s government and were immediately put to work. The moneyed Yehudi in the new nation were told what to do and what to support financially. It was an easy task for them because they had become advisors to the highest government officials in the land. They employed every means at their disposal to lay the groundwork for their top agent to reach the new nation’s leader. This leader was easily duped because he had received the financial and political support of the Yehudi leaders in his nation for many years. He was beholden to them both financially and politically. The meeting with the Yehudi ambassador was held secretly. The next day, the leader of the new nation announced that the government of Satan’s children was to be officially recognized by the government of Adam’s children. He made certain agreements, receiving promises that Satan’s form of government would not be brought to the young nation’s land, but he was just as sound asleep as all of Adam’s families were to the deceitful ways of Satan and his children.

They promised anything and everything, with no intention of keeping any of their promises. The end justified the means. So, in this manner, Yehudi spies and agents were able to effectively infiltrate the new land. They came as trade specialists and as diplomats. They used the prestige and power of God’s children and His nation to further deceive other nations of God’s children. These good nations wondered if their brethren of the young nation knew what they were doing. The Yehudi knew that if the government of Satan’s children could obtain recognition, then the people of Adam’s family who were in slave camps might give up hope for freedom or assistance from their brothers in the flesh, and be less troublesome to the Yehudi. It was necessary to break the resistance to Satan in the nations of Adam’s family who lived closer to the land where Satan’s government held sway. This was convenient to the long range plan of the Yehudi leaders and it was a necessary part of their plan. Satan’s children always kept a bag of tricks at hand and one of the tricks is to pose as very devout persons, while secretly planning to destroy the children of God’s Kingdom and their works on Earth.

The long-range plans of the Yehudi were always laid with phases and objectives. If delays occurred, it was only the timing, which was affected. If minor defeats or obstacles came unexpectedly, the Yehudi were always in a position to withdraw for a time and then arrange their recovery to advance from the position they had reached up to that point in time. It was with this method that they laid plans for the destruction and capture of the nation of Yahweh’s Kingdom and the children of Adam.

The economic plans provided for complete control of the nation’s money as well as the money of other nations of Adam’s children. One nation could be played against another. In this way, the power of money and gold, which had been in their hands for many centuries, could be used to arrange situations and conditions where Adam’s children could destroy one another in planned conflicts. Even though a few lesser Yehudi were to be lost in these conflicts, it made no difference to the Yehudi leaders so long as their overall objectives were reached. For this reason it was essential that the money of the wealthy new nation be controlled. The leader of the new nation was used to accomplish this result. Chief agents of the Yehudi advised him and in this manner they could deceive him as well as the nations of the entire world. They had no fear of the majority of Adam’s children because the majority could always be led by agents provocateur and scalawags in the employ of the Yehudi. The majority had always been wrong because of their blindness that the Heavenly Father had placed upon them many hundreds of years prior to the time He came to Earth to save them. He had set the time in the latter days when He would take the blindness off His people and that time has not arrived as yet. Satan and his children have been very much aware of the blindness upon the part of Adam’s children and take advantage of it constantly.

During the hours of darkness the leader of the new nation had been induced by the Yehudi to stop the production of gold in his nation. He induced Congress to pass unlawful legislation, which would prohibit his people from owning the precious metals that had been used as a basis for their medium of exchange under Satan’s money system for many years. This, along with the banking system that the Yehudi controlled, permitted completion of arrangements for a large war between the nations of Adam’s children and the destruction of the one nation in the old land that would otherwise stop Satan’s children from their objectives. It was a nation of Adam’s children in close proximity to the nation that the Yehudi had invaded and stolen. It was a nation of strong people, dedicated to their Heavenly Father and the teachings of Yahweh. According to the Yehudi plans, these people must be destroyed. They were the only children of Adam capable of upsetting plans of the Yehudi to place Satan’s government in control of the entire world. The new nation across the seas could not be taken unless the spies and agents of the Yehudi could penetrate and invade the land. This they did during the days of the great conflict.

Many children of Adam’s family in that older nation which had engendered the hate of Satan’s children were killed by the air bombardments from their brethren across the seas. The bodies of these dead were disposed of by burning in large ovens and by mass burial. Here again was an opportunity for the Yehudi to use Satan’s trick of the “big lie”. The Yehudi claimed publicly that the burned bodies were those of the Yehudi. This was a “big lie” as the Yehudi criminals had stolen into the new nation across the seas on troop ships that had brought its soldiers to the old land. The invading Yehudi called themselves refugees and came to the new nation unlawfully. They called themselves by other nationalities, which were of Adam’s family when in reality they were the children of Satan. They came in great numbers and were assisted by the Yehudi who were already living in the new nation. They were the advance guard of Satan’s government who came to prepare the way and to take over the new nation just as they had been the advance guard and the agents who prepared the way for the invasion of another land by the hordes of Ghengis Khan, the Mongol who was their brother of the flesh. Their agents in high places within the government of the new nation had laid plans for the financial condition of the invading Yehudi. They were to be provided with unlimited funds. One of their agents had wormed his way into the Treasury Department. This agent, along with one of Adam’s children who had been in the employ of the Yehudi, sent the plates of the nation’s money to their comrades in the old land during the conflict. The money was printed by Satan’s government and was placed in the hands of the Yehudi who were to invade the new nation as refugees. In this manner they were wealthy upon their arrival and could buy all that they might need, including land, apartment houses, motels, businesses of all kinds and even social position.

After the great conflict had accomplished results desired for the long-range plans of the Yehudi, the next step was to destroy the internal government of the invaded land. The Constitution was to be scrapped. Education was to be changed. The Enosh in the new nation were to be employed against Adam’s children and the Yehudi revenge against the men of the South would be completed.

With approximately six million agents who had invaded the land during the great conflict, pressure was applied to remove certain information from the next census that would be taken. The data was removed because if it were included in the census it would reveal that the six million Yehudi who were claimed to have been murdered in the old land were now in the new nation. Their presence was not in accord with the immigration laws of the nation and they would be subject to deportation if discovered. Their “big lie” would then be exposed because many children of Adam’s family were awakening. They were becoming aware of the deceit and evil of the Yehudi in their land. They were becoming more and more suspicious as the Yehudi revealed himself as a supporter of Satan’s form of government. The Yehudi leaders feared prosecution and banishment from the land as had occurred in the past in other nations of Adam’s family.

They used every means to prevent their exposure. The press and newspapers, the radio, the television and all means of mass communication, which they controlled. In spite of this, Adam’s children were to remember the Word of Yahweh who said, “By their works ye shall know them.”

The Yehudi leaders had promised the Enosh all of that land known as the Southern States of the new nation. They promised to give them control of the government and the rule over Adam’s children in that land. Every effort was made to advance the Enosh to high positions in the land. They were to be helped by the Yehudi in the entertainment business and be pushed ahead in every phase of the business world that was under Yehudi control. They were to be organized by the Yehudi and be agitated against Adam’s children to cause trouble and disorder throughout the land.

The Enosh were to be employed as the frontline troops against Adam’s children while the Yehudi sat back in the tall grass out of danger. The disorders were planned to assist in the emergency type government which would be necessary to the complete take over of the land mass of Russia. It was to be co´┐Żordinated with their take over of the high places in the government. Their control was so extensive that they could play both ends against the middle and have their man in any high political office they desired. It has always been the plan of Satan and his children to concentrate governmental power at one source. With this accomplished, it has been easier to steal the central thus they had to destroy the State governments and pull all power into one location.

Their long range plans had been laid well. Many years had been employed to bring about a gradual centralization of governmental power. There was one weakness in the plans which worried Satan’s children. This was the resistance of strong men of Adam’s family in the South. The Southern States must be destroyed. The plan was to destroy the South along with the destruction of the States’ governments and the Constitution, hitting several birds with one stone and providing a means for confusion as to vital issues. The already concentrated power of the Yehudi and their agents could be used for these purposes. It would be started by stirring up the Enosh and demanding that they be put in the same schools with Adam’s young children in the Southern States. In this manner the Enosh could be used to eventually destroy the Holy seed. The Yehudi chiefs knew that Adam’s family in the Southern States would resist. Their degree of resistance would offer an opportunity to evaluate the advancement of Satan’s plans.

It would also provide an opportunity to smear and harm the reputation of an old enemy, the sons of those men in the South who had nearly upset Satan’s plans during the early years of the Republic. This early antagonism had never been forgiven by Satan’s children and Satan was determined to make these Sons of God pay for their earlier stubbornness and resistance. His plans provided for using Adam’s blind children against their brethren as Satan had always done before. His paid agents were on the job and the degree of centralized power that had already been established up to this point needed testing. Here in the South was the place to put it to a test. The children of Satan had always been cautious. They wanted to know when to run. They knew that they could go only so far with the children of Adam at each step. If they were to proceed too far in any one step the flesh of Adam’s children would become red with anger. The wrath of their countenance would appear and they would become God’s “battle-axe” as He had foretold. This was the time, the midnight hour had passed. The darkness of the night would slowly disappear and the daylight hours were near. At what exact hour the daylight would strike, no one knew except the Creator. Each hour of suffering in the darkness would bring Adam’s children closer to the time when they would all see the light. When that daylight hour struck, Satan’s children would all be revealed. The children of Light would then do the works of their Heavenly Father. He would return to the Earth and bring His Kingdom with Him. Every knee would bend, every head would bow and every tongue would proclaim Him King. Yahweh, the King of the Universe would bring His government to Earth because Adam’s children of the flesh would have seen the “light” and would have done their work, which He had sent them to Earth to do. The blindness would be off them and they would know that they were the Sons and Daughters of the living God.

Their nation had performed its divine mission. It would have provided the sons and daughters of the Most High who remain and occupy the Earth, being His “battle-axe” to resist Satan until His second coming. They would have cleansed their land of Satan’s children and all “sin” which is the evil power of their God’s evil enemy. Only Adam’s children would then occupy their land, as they had been told to do from the beginning. Many of Satan’s children would be crying “peace, peace”, but there would be no peace.

Many of Adam’s blind children would repeat the cry for “peace, peace”, not knowing that it is the cry of Satan to deceive Adam’s children and their nation. Satan and his children only desire the kind of “peace” that would lead to the destruction of Yahweh and His family on Earth. It is only for Adam’s children to revive the word of their Father and realize that they will not have peace until they have destroyed Satan’s children as they have been ordained and instructed to do. They would suddenly realize that they have been waiting for the Heavenly Father to do the things that He had sent them into the Earth to do in His Name. They have a legal “power of attorney”  a written authority to act in His Name. They were told to be His “battle-axe” and to fight Satan on Earth. They are to occupy the Earth and rule in righteousness with Him at the head of their government. Until this is done, no peace with Satan can be obtained. It has been fore ordained that victory is to be theirs but they must be brave enough to “fight” and shed their blood in sacrifice if necessary. When they do that, Victory is theirs!