By William P. Gale  


This is a story about a race of people who exist on the planet Earth. The EWA two persons of this race, man and woman, were placed on Earth by the Creator of the Universe approximately seven thousand four hundred years ago. They were placed in a garden or protected area named Eden. One might ask at this point, “Protected from what?”. The answer is simple but will be left for discovery from a reading of the story.

At the time the two children of the Creator were placed on Earth, there were many other peoples on the planet. These other people were known as “Enosh”, which means “created” beings. They had been on the planet Earth for hundreds of thousands of years and possibly millions of years before the two children of the Creator were placed in Eden. The “Enosh” or created beings had their origin on other planets of the Universe where they had been created. Our story will ten of their arrival on Earth and their trials and tribulations during the great catastrophes of the Earth where powerful earthquakes destroyed large areas; where lands gave way and were covered by waters of the oceans; where entire civilizations were destroyed by catastrophes beyond the imagination or comprehension of we who are on Earth in these latter days.           

Our story will be brief in comparison with the aeons or ages of our Universe. Brief even in comparison with the age of our planet Earth. We will trace the history of a family. A family that belongs to the Creator of the Universe. We will know His Name, the true Name of the Creator as well as who His children are on the planet Earth. We will look into the past, both of the Earth and the Universe. We will know where we came from, where we have been and where we are going. As Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”.