Hours of Darkness


Chapter VIII

The Hours of Darkness

There was yet some daylight in the long evening when our forefathers came to their new land. They were free from the children of Cain at least for a time. During this period of freedom from Cain’s children, they originated and developed the foundation for their great Republic of God’s Kingdom. The nation was born which was to have no man-king but would have the Creator of the Universe, Yahweh as its King. It brought His people back to the conditions of government which He had given them upon their exodus from Egypt but which they had not maintained. They were again to use His laws for their nation and for their government. But alas, the evening was to turn into night. The darkness was coming upon them.

The first great leader of their nation was given a vision of the darkness. George Washington was given a vision of the dark clouds of Satan’s children coming over the land. There was fighting and bloodshed in all of the towns and cities. The land was to be invaded by Cain’s children as in days before, but the children of Adam were to awaken from their sleep. The dark clouds broke apart and a red light was shining. Then a great white light shined through from above the darkness. There was a great cleansing of the land with all of Cain’s children being driven from the land. Then came the dawn, clear and crisp, with only Adam’s children dwelling in peace in their own land.

Yahweh planned that sufficient daylight would remain in the evening hours for the establishment of His laws in the new land of His people. But Satan and his children were not to be denied. They were to follow and invade the land as they had always done before. Yahweh had set the time in days and years for the suffering of Adam’s family because of their violations of His laws. Many years were yet to be counted and Adam’s children had more trials and tribulations to undergo before their final awakening and complete obedience to His laws for their nation and their government. These trials and tribulations were to come over their new nation during the hours of darkness.

Leaders of the nation in its infancy had warned the people about permitting the Yehudi in their land. One named Benjamin Franklin owned a printing plant, which distributed leaflets telling the people who the Yehudi were. His printed tracts advised against ever permitting the Yehudi to become citizens in the new nation. Yet the Yehudi came to the new land in greater numbers. As usual, they remained to themselves and continually plotted against Adam’s children and their Yahweh. They became storekeepers, lenders of money, pawn-brokers and termites in Government just as they had always done in the other nations of Adam’s children. They became destroyers of the Creator’s righteous form of government. Their leaders remained in Holland and Switzerland but planned and directed their activities on an international basis. They were never loyal to a nation, which took them in. They sent their hirelings to the new nation and with their international money power they seduced many of Adam’s children who were blind as to their origin. These blind children of Adam worshipped Satan’s money and were subject to his evil power “sin”. As such, the Yehudi easily handled them. They could be used to divide Adam’s children amongst  themselves and they deceived the righteous by “fronting” for the Yehudi who remained behind the scenes.

Even the “elect” would be deceived by them in the latter days. There were some blind preachers of Adam’s children who believed Satan’s lies and who believed that Yahweh was of the Yehudi. There was nothing in their. Book to prove this, yet they believed the Yehudi of whom, they had been warned by Yahweh Himself. They had forgotten the Word. They knew not who they were. They could not hear Saul who told them clearly “If ye be Yahweh’s, then ye be Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise”., Heirs to the Kingdom yet some would give up their birthright. They were easy prey for the Yehudi. At one time the leader of the Yehudi went so far as to divide the new nation into two large land areas. He issued written deeds to these two parts of the land, giving one of his sons a deed to the Northern half and the second son a deed to the Southern half. He wrote these deeds in Holland and arranged to send them to the new land by way of the Island nation where he had spies and agents. In order to better divide the people of the two large land areas, he paid one of his hirelings named Hyman Solomon to develop a slave trade. Solomon brought the Enosh from Africa to the Southern part of the nation. In the meantime a leader of Adam’s family in an older nation, Czar Nicholas, learned from the Ides of the attempt by the Yehudi chief to divide the new nation. He immediately contacted the Yehudi chief in Holland and ordered him to cease and desist in the effort. He sent one of his fleets to the coast of the new nation and another fleet to the coast off Vera Cruz, threatening to attack if the Yehudi chief continued his activity of dividing the new nation. The activity was stopped immediately because the Yehudi always feared those of Adam’s children who were aware of their methods. They feared the anger of Adam’s righteous leaders and they were always afraid of violence. They constantly cried “brotherly love” to cover up their deceit and evil. They cried “brotherly love”, while well knowing that they were not the brothers of Adam’s children because they knew who their father was as it was revealed by Yahweh. They knew that their father was Satan and that Adam’s children were from a different Father. Brothers must be from the same father. (See John 8, vs. 39-47).

The leaders of Cain’s children had often said, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws”. So, in the early hours of darkness, Satan’s children used their old tricks to gain control of the money in the new nation. The open-minded honest but blind children of Adam were completely at their mercy, incapable of stopping it. Adam’s children did not know who they were so how could they be expected to know their enemy? In due time a great leader of Adam’s family became head of the nation. He knew how to regain control of the Nation’s money from Yehudi. He also knew that the Enosh must   be returned to Africa or the new nation would be in deep trouble. The leaders of the Yehudi were forced into action. They could always upset Adam’s family with their control of money and their spies and paid agents who they had placed in high places within the governments of most nations. It was simple for them to develop conditions that would get Adam’s children fighting amongst themselves. This would always relieve the mounting pressure against Satan and his children at a time when Adam’s children began to awaken and recognize the evils and deceit of the Yehudi. Jesus knew these tricks because He was Yahweh, who knew all, from the beginning to the end. He warned Adam’s children who were brothers of the flesh. He knew that Satan would cause them to fight amongst themselves by deceitful means, causing brother to fight brother. Therefore He said to them “Love thy brother.” Jesus also knew that brothers are from the same father and that all of Adam’s children, being of a Celestial family, were Sons of the Father from the beginning. They were not of the “creations” which had created the Enosh nor were they of the unholy mixture of Enosh seed from which the Yehudi had descended. Jesus said to His brethren, “Ye were mine before the creation of the Earth and ye are mine in the Earth”. The Adamic race descends from Adam, they are children of the spirit, born into the flesh and being “born again” when they are born into the, flesh body on Earth. In the same manner Jesus identified the Yehudi as the children of Satan. He said to them “Ye are not the children of Abraham (Israel), for if ye were Abraham’s children ye would do the works of Abraham. I am from my Father and ye are from your father and your father is the devil (Satan). He was a Bar and a murderer from the beginning and your father’s works will ye do”.

But Adam’s children in their blindness did not understand the warnings of their Heavenly Father who had come to Earth as He had promised Adam, to save His children and to set them free from Satan’s power on Earth. They did not even understand what He meant when He said, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”.

The Yehudi leaders arranged for the murder of the great leader of Adam’s family. They created a war between Adam’s children, the Northern brethren against the Southern brethren. It was essential that they destroy the work which they knew would be accomplished A by the great leader of the new nation. If this great leader were permitted to continue in his wisdom, He would destroy the plans of Satan’s children and they knew it. He was already in the process of returning the nation to their Father’s laws of economics and money. He had already made it clear that the medium of exchange called money should be put into circulation interest-free and without creating a debt. Satan’ system was to give the credit to the Yehudi and then let them lend it into circulation, creating a debt and the collection of interest.

The physical wealth of the nation was the collateral for the issuance of government bonds or simply government I.O.U.’s, a promise to pay, in the future, with interest, nothing more. The great leader knew that if these I.O.U.’s were good enough collateral for the borrowing of private Yehudi banker’s credit and then lending their bank money to the people, the same collateral was good enough to issue or pay the money into circulation interest-free in the first place. In fact, this was the intention of the founding fathers and provision was made for it in the great Constitution they had written. The amount of money in circulation could be controlled by taxation, which is simply a means of obtaining services from the people by the government. With such a system, the balance between physical production and purchasing power could be maintained in balance and the value of the money would be stable. The Yehudi could not permit this even though the Constitution did provide for it. As the great leader actually began to put his policies into practice, the Yehudi became desperate. They not only wished to lend money within the nation, they wanted to maintain the control of money on an international basis and lend to nations. In order to do this, it was essential that they control the money of this great new nation and its great wealth. They knew the capabilities of Adam’s children in bringing wealth out of the Earth and obtaining the blessings of the Earth as promised to them by their Heavenly Father. Satan was not stupid by any means. After Lincoln had implemented his fiscal policy of issuing money interest-free instead of printing I.O.U.'S and borrowing the Yehudi’s private money, the hired stooges of the Yehudi attempted to use the Courts to stop him, but in this they failed. The Courts upheld the lawful method but this did not stop the Yehudi. They knew that a fight between brethren could be instigated and they began their work toward that end immediately. This would help them lend money to finance the war. They could then murder the leader and get Adam’s children back into line because of the debts incurred to fight the war. It was a time consuming process but completely planned to the last detail.

The great leader of the nation posed another problem for the Yehudi. He had made arrangements for the money necessary to transport all of the Enosh back to Africa. He had made it clear that the Enosh who were in the land as slaves and who had been brought to the new nation in violation of its laws by the Yehudi and their paid agents, were to be returned to their native land in Africa. This would upset the age-old plan of Satan to destroy Adam’s family by mixing them with the Enosh and polluting the Holy seed. This was the work of Satan and his children would make every effort to do his work along this line.  It was to the best interests of the Yehudi leaders in Holland that the Northern part of the new nation be victorious in the war between the brethren of Adam’s family. They did all in their power to see that their well-laid plans ended successfully along this line. They had dependable agents in high places of the nation’s national government. Most of the “front men” were of the North where Yehudi had been most active. The brethren of the South were better prepared to resist Satan’s children because of their way of life and their knowledge of the Word left to them by their Heavenly Father. It was apparent to the Yehudi that the men of the South were not as easily fooled as their brethren of the North. For this, the South has never been forgiven by Satan’s children and they vowed to destroy Adam’s children in the South no matter how long it takes or by what means they must use. They will destroy the Union if necessary, as it means nothing to them anyway. It wasn’t their Union in the first place. It would be easy for them to send some of their kind to the South to act as spies and agents for them there. This they did.

The war was successfully started and brethren were fighting brethren. While brothers of Adam’s family destroyed each other, the Yehudi sat back pulling the strings and lending the money to both sides. With their control of the press and mass means of communications, it was easy to convince the people that slavery was the main issue, when in reality the plan was to destroy the great leader of the nation, whose plans could continue unless a war were brought about. The plans of this leader and their future possibilities were feared by the Yehudi. The North was to be victorious with the help of the Yehudi and their paid agents who feared the sons of Adam in the South. The men of the South knew their Father’s Word and were not as easily deceived. The Yehudi leaders knew that these Southern men would be a constant source of trouble to their plans unless they were put in an economic position from which they could not recover quickly, if ever. If these men were to become strong in the new nation’s government, the Yehudi would lose everything they had worked for since Satan began his program of destruction for Adam’s family. They would be banished from the land of Adam’s children for good. The sons of Satan recognized the sons of God and feared them, but the sons of God did not recognize the sons of Satan who were doing all in their power to destroy their good works. The sons of Satan knew that they must bring about a mongrelization with the Enosh to effectively destroy the sons of God. Their land must be taken from them and their women folk subjected to the heathen. The war was more for this purpose than anything else although many other useful purposes of the Yehudi were served at the same time.

After the war the Yehudi sent their paid agents and spies into the South. These scalawags and carpetbaggers received their instructions from the agents of the Yehudi who were in high places within the national government. A Yehudi stooge was used to employ the national armed forces in the plan for the destruction of the South. These were the conditions throughout the South when Yahweh, the Heavenly Father of Adam’s children, brought His divine power into play. He raised men to bring His children out of their troubles. In a little town of Pulaski, Tennessee, some of the leaders of Adam’s children organized themselves for their recovery and the protection of their people. They met secretly and studied the Word of their Heavenly Father. Eventually they adopted a garment with the Cross of Christ on their breast. One also for their horses where the Cross of Christ was emblazoned on the left flank. Their membership grew quickly as their mission was to bring righteous government to the people.

Each one took an oath to uphold, defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America and to uphold the Constitutional Republic which was established by their forefathers. They knew the law and declared that any legislation adopted by any legislative branch of the Federal government must be in accord with and in pursuance of the Constitution. They declared our Republican form of government a government of Law, not one of men and men’s opinions. Any legislative act of the Federal government that was not in accord with the Constitution would not be recognized by them as “law”. It would merely be legislation and unenforceable because it must be in accord with the Constitution to become “law”. The legislators enacting such legislation outside the confines of the Constitution would be subject to arrest and removal from office for usurping powers not granted to them by the States or the people and for violation of their oath of office, which required them to uphold, defend and protect the constitution. Any act otherwise would be malfeasance and misfeasance in office and a criminal offense according to the statutes of the United States, which were enacted, from the Articles of Confederation and the Ordnance of the Territories. These had been adopted to be in effect “Forever” and this organic law had been enacted into statutes known as the “United States Code”.

After a time, the Enosh became afraid of the robed sons of Adam’s family. The Enosh were a very superstitious people and they were extremely ignorant. They believed that the robed Knights were ghosts of Confederate soldiers. It was this fear in many instances that kept the Enosh from committing crime and wrong doing. These people were so simple and ignorant that they knew not right from wrong. But they understood the punishment for wrong.

The Yehudi soon discovered that their old trick of infiltration and destruction from within was not effective with the organization formed by Adam’s children in the South. There were no traitors amongst the Knights and they carefully selected their members. But the Yehudi are children of Satan and possess all of his cunning and deceit. They decided to divide and conquer. They hired a group of paid agents who acquired some robes similar to those that had been worn by the Knights of the Invisible Empire. The groups of Yehudi agents were not recognizable because they wore masks. They wore the robes and went on raids, doing all manner of evil. They murdered the Enosh and attacked meetings of Adam’s children who were of the Catholic Faith. These evil activities were planned for the purpose of destroying the effectiveness and reputation of the Knights of the Invisible Empire. If the Yehudi could destroy the reputation amongst the people, they could make it very difficult for the organization to function efficiently.

This was an old trick of Satan’s and the Yehudi are experts in using Satan’s tricks. If they cannot destroy Adam’s family one way, they will use another. In many instances they will destroy their own possessions and make a hue and cry, blaming Adam’s children In this manner, they keep their lesser brethren in constant fear and make them contribute more money for the evil works of the Yehudi leaders. They maintain large amounts of money in this manner, which supports their long range effort to bring Satan’s government to the land. They must keep Adam’s children on the defensive, and their brethren who are the children of Satan are kept in the dark. Yet, they do the works of their father the devil. Those of Adam’s family who assist them in their blindness are also doing Satan’s work, but they are unaware of the fact. It is too bad that so many of Adam’s children remain blind. When they receive the “light” of Yahweh, they become wise and no longer do they assist Satan’s children in their destruction of Adam’s family.