Chapter III


The Great PyramidsEnoch, Methuselah and Noah were known to the Enosh as great patriarchs in the land area we now know as the Middle East and Asia along with Egypt. Noah was known to the Asiatic people as “Ho Fi”, a great white God. He was recognized by them as a Celestial being. Many of the Patriarch’s family went to Egypt with their children and were known as the Hyksos Shepherd Kings in that area.

It was Enoch who had been taken into the Spirit by the Creator of the Universe and had been given the secrets and the books to write for his people on Earth. Enoch knew the mysteries of the Universe and the number of the stars in the heavens, which were visible from Earth. He and his children along with Methuselah, Noah and their children went to Egypt where they were to use the divine knowledge that had been given to their  race.

These men, sons of Adam in the flesh, who had never violated the divine law and had not mixed with the children of Cain, were to build a great temple to their Heavenly Father. They were in possession of knowledge, which their family does not have today because it has been lost to them.

These ancients had the mathematical knowledge of the square of the circle, which is not known to scientists, or mathematicians of this twentieth century. They had the knowledge and use of atomic power, which has recently been rediscovered by their descendents on Earth in these latter days. In fact, they had space ships available and in use, along with the power of the Creator of the Universe who had given them these things for their own use to fulfill His plans and to do His work on Earth.

One of their primary tasks before the time of the flood, which was to save Noah and his family in the land of Cain, was to build a great temple of stone. This temple was to contain the symbolic and detailed information given to Enoch and which he also wrote in his books, which were left for the Heavenly Father’s children on Earth. The temple was to be built at the exact center of the Earth as it related to the stars in the heavens of which Enoch knew. The Temple of stone was to have a “Head of a Corner” (a pyramid) and it would contain evidence of the complete history and chronology of the race of people planted on Earth by the Creator.

It was also to contain the word of the Creator, which was to be revealed to His people in the latter days. But the prophecy indicated that the builders were to reject the “Head of the Corner” and they did. This great temple to the Most High, Creator of the Universe, was not only to contain the symbolism of the books that Enoch brought, but it would one day appear in another manner in a new land which was to be given to His people. This land would be a New Jerusalem with a great sea on the East and a great sea on the West. It would be divided by great rivers and mountains and would contain the brass and good things in the land. It would be a land of milk and honey where the box trees and the fir trees would grow. It would be a nation of His people. It would be the only nation. With the Most High as its King, lending to all and borrowing from none. The great Seal of that nation would contain the symbolism and heraldry of the temple that was built by the children of Enoch and it would appear on that nation’s money along with another symbol, the great spread wings of the Eagle. (Rev.)

Knowledge of these things was available beforehand to the Hyksos Shepherd Kings who were the descendents of Adam and Eve. It was with this knowledge that they built the great temple known as the Pyramid of Gizeh. Great stones were placed in exact alignment with the stars of the heavens. The stones cut to an exactness so perfect that even a razor blade could not show a measure of error. They were placed one upon the other with this same exactness. All of these things were accomplished by the children of Enoch, yet there is not one bit of archeological evidence of any modern day or other type construction equipment used by these Shepherd Kings in the building of their temple. Why? Because the construction equipment used by them is not known to so-called modern society. It was accomplished with atom powered space vehicles which are invisible today but which exist in the Kingdom of the Creator to this day, and forever. One day in the future He will put them to use again for His people here on Earth.

There were other areas where these same atomic powered space vehicles were used by Enoch’s children. They were used in the Isles where today many historians and scientists are puzzled about certain very large stones and how they were placed in their present positions. ‘ But let us return to Enoch in Egypt. It was there where he had his children build a great city, the city of On, which later had its name changed to Heliopolis by the Greek Scholars who descended from Noah’s family through Shem. At the city of On (Heliop´┐Żolis), Enoch and his people had established great libraries and a University for the learning of their children. The High Priest of On was always of Enoch’s race of people, all of whom were an earthly priesthood known in that day as the Melchizidek priesthood, which was to have a substitute for many years and then return to Earth again in the latter days. Enoch established the various grades of the University at On, the highest grade being called the Order of Masonos. This highest Order had certain symbols to identify its members. These symbols were the Square and the Compass because Enoch’s races of people were known in that day as the “builder race”. It was from this highest Order of priests that Enoch selected four groups, each with a leader, to watch in the heavens for the sign that would be given to indicate the time and place of the Creator’s arrival on Earth as He had foretold. Enoch knew the mysteries of the Heavens and the sign that was to be given. He had been told that the planets Mars, Jupiter and Saturn would come into alignment in the heavens, but this must happen four times, once in each quarter of the year. When this occurred once in each quarter of the year that would be the year of His coming. The conjunction would create a great single light similar to a star in the heavens and the tail of that star would sit directly over the place on Earth where the Creator of the Universe would be born in the flesh. Enoch’s four groups of priests from the Order of Masonos were stationed at four different mountainous locations east of Jerusalem and they continued their watchfulness for many years. They had been given the sign to watch for and the circumstances under which the sign would occur.

Although we have not mentioned it in our story thus far, there were ancient names used by Adam and Eve and their children. These names in their language which later became known as the Hebrew language, named after Heber one of their children used to identify the children of Adam’s family and the Creator of the Universe. The ancient word “El” and the word “Elohim” were used to denote the Creator of the Universe or the King of the Universe. The word “Ra” means “Ruler” and the word “Ish” means “Prince” or “Son”. The son of a King is known as a prince. Enoch used the three words together as Ish-ra-el, meaning princes ruling with their Father the King, or in other words, sons of the King or Sons of God. The actual name of the Heavenly Father in their language was spelled “YHWH” because they had no vowels in the language. This name is pronounced. “Yahweh”.

The Greek scholars later translated the Scriptures into their Greek language which was a derivation from the ancient Hebrew. They translated this name “YHWH” or “Yahweh” to the Greek name “Yahshua” and “Ya-zeus”. Years later when the Greek translations were further translated to the then known English language, the same name was translated from the Greek “Yahshua” or “Ya-zeus” to the English name “Jesus”. It was Yahweh, the Creator of the Universe, who said that He would take on a flesh body, the same flesh body He had given to Adam and Eve. That He would come to the Earth for the. purpose of performing a ritual and a sacrifice by shedding of flesh blood in the same manner as Adam had done in his early days on Earth.

This would be accomplished for the purpose of redeeming Adam and all of His earthly children from Sin, which was the earthly evil power of Satan. It would set His children completely free from Satan as He had promised Adam in the early days. He would therefore be known as the “Saviour” of His Celestial Family that He had placed on Earth where Satan and his hosts had held sway for hundreds and even thousands of thousands of years. The children of the Creator’s Celestial family were told to occupy the Earth and rule over it in righteousness until the time that He would bring His kingdom to the Earth. They were continuously warned against mixing with the children of Satan and they were taught to pray “Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be thy Name, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven.

Enoch returned to the Celestial Spirit from his flesh body life on Earth but many of his children continued their work in various places. Some were in the Isles, some were in Europe, some were in America and some were in Egypt. In the meantime, Noah and His family were doing their work in another area. They had remained in the area of Eden and the high Holy Mountain where Adam’s children had been raised before they went down to mix with the children of Cain. It was in this country where Noah resided that the Creator brought on a flood, which had been promised in the days of Adam. Noah and his immediate family had been selected to bring about a renewing of the Creator’s family on Earth. The story of Noah needs no repeating here but the truth should be emphasized that all of his family were of the one race the Adamic race which is the Celestial Family descended from Adam. Ham, Shem and Japheth were all of fair complexion. Ham and Japheth were later to be lost as were Jared’s children, in violation of the Creator’s commandment not to go out and mix with the children of Cain. Shem was elected to obey the commandment and maintain the Holy seed line, pure, without mixing with Cain’s children or the Enosh of creation. Thus did Shem become a great Patriarch known to the children of Enoch who had remained in other areas such as Egypt and the Isles.

From Shem descended a righteous son named Abram. When Abram was blessed with the assignment of maintaining the pure seed line of the Creator’s Celestial Family, his name was changed to Ab-RA-ham His righteousness included tithing to Shem and the Melchizidek priesthood, which Shem then led.

Abraham was told that he would be the father of many nations, that he and his seed after him would carry the blessings of Yahweh, the Most High God of his fathers and that his seed would become many nations. This family of Celestial beings was to carry out t he Creator’s plans to provide the family line through which He would come to Earth as for-ordained and as promised to Adam. Abraham was to raise sons and daughters who would carry on to do the things that Yahweh the Creator had planned and promised. His son Isaac had many children. It was to be through Isaac’s children that the promises were to be confirmed. Isaac’s son Jacob was then blessed to carry on the project, therefore he was given the ancient name used by Enoch and Adam, the name again being employed in the family line as “Israel” or “Prince”, ruling with the King”. Isaac’s other son Esau was not blessed to carry on the pure Adamic family of Yahweh because he violated the commandment and took Canaanite wives. This mixed the Adamic seed with Satan’s seed and therefore many of Satan’s children today appear on the surface to   be of the Adamic race, while others have the appearance of the pre-Adamic peoples with whom they mixed. They, along with the Shelahites were later to be known as Edomites.

Jacob, now known by the ancient name Israel, was to have twelve sons to carry on and multiply into many nations of Celestial people. As these sons grew, they roamed the country in their daily lives. Judah was somewhat more of a roamer than the others. He left his father’s land on one occasion and went to the area occupied by the children of Cain. While there, he violated the commandment of Yahweh and took a mongrelized woman of Cain’s family line. (See Chapter 38, Book of Genesis, vs. 1-11). This woman’s name was Shua. She had three illegitimate sons by Judah, the first being named Er, the second Onan and the third Shelah. After some time, Judah returned to *his* father’s land but not to stay. He remained for a short time and departed once more for the area occupied by the children of Cain. On this second trip he took a young woman of Israelite stock with him. His intention was to give her as a wife to his eldest mongrel son Er. She was a beautiful young woman, fair complexioned, blue-eyed, and with auburn colored hair. Her name was Tamar. Upon their arrival, Judah wasted no time in arranging the marriage. He failed to realize that the Almighty Father was in control of his every move and was using him for a specific purpose. As this marriage of a daughter of His Celestial Family to a mongrelized son from the family of Cain was a violation of the Creator’s commandment, the Creator caused Er to die, leaving Tamar childless, a widow. Judah then gave her to his second son by Shua but again the Creator took a hand in the matter and destroyed Onan, leaving Tamar a childless widow for the second time. Judah did not recognize nor realize the divine intervention that was taking place in this matter to prevent the mixing of the Holy seed in this instance. Tamar knew what she must do because she was under the divine control of the Heavenly Father. She played the harlot. Hiding her face from Judah so he did not recognize her, she seduced Judah, bringing him back into his Celestial Family line and gave birth to twin boys.

These twins were named Pharez and Zarah. They were beautiful boys of pure stock. Judah and Tamar then returned to Abraham’s land, taking the twins Pharez and Zarah with them. These twins were later taken to Egypt with the children of Israel (Jacob) and their geneology is recorded amongst the tribes of Israel. Yahweh intended to use their family line for His birth into a flesh body on Earth and did so. We learn from Luke that this family line of Judah by Pharez, one of the twins by Tamar, is the family by which Yahweh was born. The other twin Zarah has a geneology, which traces to the Dardic Kings of Scotland and Ireland. This, by the way is the present-day family of people known as “Anglo-Saxon”. The name “Saxon” derives from the name “Isaac”. The tribe of Isaac was later known as “Isaac’s sons”. The “I”  was dropped and the name pronounced Sach’s sons, later spelled Saxons. History now confirms their name as well as their eventual location as a people in Western Europe.

Another important part of the story of Judah should be told at this point. It concerns the third son of Judah by Shua the woman who was of Cain’s family. The name of this son is Shelah. Shelah was of Mongrelized seed, some white from Judah and the balance of Negro and Asiatic mixture from his mother Shua (Canaanite-Adullamite.) Shelah’s family was called “Shelahites” by his name. At a later time after Israel’s Celestial Family had come out of Egypt on their divine Mission, the Shelahites were then known by another name Edomites. We will leave them for the moment and return to them later in our history. At that time we will see that they are known by another name.