Chapter IV


In Egypt, the family of Jacob became known as Hebrews because that was the name of their language. They were also known as Israelites because Jacob’s name had been changed to Israel with the family becoming known as the children of Israel. There has been a great deal of misinformation written and told about these people. But the truth has also been told. One day it will be understood by their descendents.

The people known as Israel in Egypt were the pure seed descendents of Adam and Eve. Their geneology is confirmed by Scripture and by history. They were of that Celestial family placed on Earth to do the works of Yahweh, the Creator of the Universe and their Heavenly Father. He placed them in Egypt where their ancestors had been before them and where Adam was buried. He was buried in the great temple, built by their ancestors who had been there with Enoch. A common error, which has been placed in writings by the children of Satan, had misled many descendents of Israel. This error is due to the misuse and mistranslation of words. For instance, the word “Jew” is used in the translated versions of our Bible as well as other writings. The word “Jew” did not exist at the time Israel’s family was in Egypt.

In the chronology of our Holy Scriptures it was not used or known until many hundreds of years after the Israelites or Hebrews (not Jews) had come out of Egypt. At the time it was used by the Israelites, it referred to a certain people who lived in Southern Judea. These people were called “Yehudi”, a Hebrew word when translated to the English language means “Jew”. To understand the true source of this word one must search the Scriptures as well as the history of those people who were known at that time by the name “Yehudi”. Let us now continue with our story of the Israelites and we will return to the Yehudi as our story moves on. We needn’t repeat the entire story of Moses here, but he was chosen by Yahweh to be the leader or Patriarch of the Creator’s people. Moses had been taken out of Egypt for his training. He married into the family of his ancestor Enoch, his wife being a tall blue-eyed daughter of one of the Hyksos Shepherd Kings. These were members of the same race of people as was Moses and the same family who had remained from the days prior to Isaac and Jacob.

The families of Israel had multiplied in Egypt and were brought out by Moses as one nation. Upon their exodus, Moses set out the thirteen tribes or families whose geneology had been maintained by their customs from ancient days past. There were now thirteen tribes because Joseph had given his birthright to his two sons Ephraim and Manassah, splitting the twelfth tribe into two parts. This added one tribe to the original twelve making a total of thirteen tribes. Ephraim and Manassah are the House of Joseph, both being tribes of the Whole House of Israel.

While in Egypt, Joseph had married a tall, blue-eyed daughter of the High Priest of the City of On (Heliopolis). These people of On were of the same race as Joseph and were the descendents of Enoch and the Hyksos Shepherd Kings from the days prior to Isaac and Jacob. There has been a misconception on the part of many authors and translators who have described the wives of Moses and Joseph as “Egyptian women”. These women were not the so-called Egyptian of mongrel seed as were the native inhabitants at that time. They were daughters of the former Hyksos Shepherd Kings who were also called Aryans. Ancient writings describe both the wife of Moses and the wife of Joseph as tall, blue-eyed and fair complexioned women.

As Moses took the family of Israel out of Egypt, he set three tribes on the North, three on the South, three on the West and three on the East. The tribe of Levi ordained as the new priesthood was placed in the center. Each of the twelve tribes, other than the tribe of Levi, had a standard which identified it and which derived from the ancient days of their forefathers. The standards of the twelve tribes are the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Hundreds of years after the Exodus of Israel from Egypt, these twelve standards of the Whole House of Israel were to be seen constantly behind the large banquet tables of the Viking Kings in Northern Europe. The Great Seal of the United States of America is the Seal of Manassah, one of the tribes of Israel, of the House of Joseph. This Great Seal contains the heraldry of the House of Israel.

Upon their exodus from Egypt the people again repeated the very infractions and violations of divine law, as had their ancestors under Jared when he was the Patriarch of the Creator’s Celestial Family on Earth. They immediately began worshipping idols and the golden calf along with material things in the manner of Satan and his children who were the arch-enemy of their Heavenly Father. Satan and his children were also the arch-enemy of Adam and all of his earthly children, but those who came out of Egypt were just as blind to the ways of Satan as many of their ancestors had been before them. Yet, they were under Grace from their Heavenly Father and would receive His forgiveness for anything they might do in error except for that which He had commanded them not to do, that of mixing the Holy seed or mongrelizing with the children of Cain and the Enosh who had been created on Earth ages before. The violation of this commandment could not be forgiven as once the Holy seed had been polluted the act was done. It was one from which there is no return.

As the transgressions of His people continued, the Creator placed them in a desert wilderness for a period of forty years. This was for the purpose of training them by hardship and to place His laws in their hearts and minds forever. They were to learn His laws from experience. This placing of His laws of righteousness in their hearts was called “circumcision of the foreskin of the heart” (now called Baptism). After they had completed this forty years of training, they were to take back the lands that had been given to their ancestor Abraham, but which were then occupied by the children of Cain. When they were returned to their lands they were instructed by the Word of their Heavenly Father to drive all of Cain’s  children from the lands and not to allow Cain’s children to live in their lands with them. This they failed to do and the Creator became very angry with them for their constant transgression of His Word. Hundreds of years before the day that He was to come to Earth to save them, He became so angry with them that He took the name of Israel away from them and put a blindness over them so they wouldn’t know who they were. He said to them, “You are a stiff-necked stubborn people. You are violating my commandments, my statutes and my judgments. I am taking the name Israel away from you and I am placing a blindness over you so you will not know who you are. You will not be known by the name Israel forever more, but in the latter days you will be known by the Name of the One I send to redeem you.” The true Israel people of that time would therefore be known in the latter days by the Name of Him who came to redeem them. Can it be denied that His Name is Jesus Christ and the name of His people Christians? Do the white Christian nations on Earth today fulfill the prophecies given to those who were called by the name Israel at that time? If so then they must be descendents of those people.

As time progressed, the one nation of the Hebrews (not Jews) split into two nations. One was called the nation or House of Israel and the other was the nation or House of Judah. The House of Israel consisted of ten tribes and the House of Judah consisted of two tribes, Benjamin and Judah. The tribe of Levi who were ordained as the priests were dispersed throughout both nations but gradually concentrated at Jerusalem with the House of Judah. The nation of Judah (two tribes) was located in Northern Judea while the ten tribes as the nation of Israel were well North of Judea in Samaria. In Southern Judea there were a people formerly known as Shelahites and later known as Edomites. These people were not allowed in Northern Judea or in the congregation of Israel. They were called by the Israelites in their Hebrew language “Yehudi”. The name in Hebrew meant “the cursed ones”. These people were the descendents of Shelah, a mongrelized son of Judah by Shua from centuries previous when Judah had left his father’s land and had committed the adultery. They were joined with the mongrelized descendents of Esau who had taken Canaanite wives in the days of Jacob and all were called “Yehudi”. The “Yehudi” lived in Southern Judea by and to themselves. They were not permitted in Northern Judea or in Jerusalem nor to mix with the Israelites because they were descendents of Cain with whom the Israelites from Ancient times had been told not to mix. After many years, the ten tribes known as the nation of Israel were taken into captivity to the North by the Assyrians (Yehudi). They too nearly two thirds of the nation of Judah with them leaving about one third of the population in Northern Judea and the area of Jerusalem.

Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, where Baal (Satan) was worshipped, came along later and took most of the remaining people of Judah into Babylonian captivity. He left only a few in the land, some of whom were the ancestors of Paul (Saul) the Apostle. At this time, the “Yehudi” who had been restricted to Southern Judea, invaded Northern Judea and Jerusalem, by force of numbers and their aggressiveness they simply invaded and took over. They set up the Babylonian (Satan’s) ecclesiastical system with the Babylonian Talmud as their Bible, the Babylonian debt money system and the Babylonian atheistic system of Government in the land. It was the “Yehudi” whom Jesus revealed hundreds of years later as the children of Satan. He switched their money changers from the court of the temple saying that they had stolen the Father’s House and had made it a den of thieves. He revealed their atheistic form of government as one we know today by the name of “Communism”. These were the “Yehudi” in the days of Jesus and they are the “Yehudi” today. They are still doing the works of their father the devil and it includes the efforts of Satan to mix the Holy seed of Adam’s family in order to destroy them, as Satan has tried to do since Adam and Eve came out of the garden.