Chapter VII

The Daylight Hours

The children of Adam’s family became known by many names other than their former name Israel. They also remained blind as to who they are, in accordance with God’s prophecy. They settled the wilderness known as Western Europe and occupied lands that the Creator had given to them where they were to become many nations.

The Isles were owned by the Royal family of the tribe of Judah. The tin mines of the Isles were owned by Joseph of Arimathea who traveled between the Isles and Judea during the days that Yahweh was on Earth. Yahweh also traveled to the Ides and there directed certain disciples in the building of places of worship for His people. Many of the people in the Isles had been there from the days of Enoch. The University and Priesthood of Enoch’s day was used for these purposes by Yahweh. It was then known as the University of the Druids. Another of their Universities was in a land, which was later known as Spain and where Pontius Pilate had been educated.

The Kings of the Island nation were always to be of the House of Judah, (not to be confused with the Yehudi). This was a promise made by the Creator at the time He let His children have men kings over them. At that time, He said, “all of the King line of the nations I give thee shall be of the House of Judah”. King Edward 1, a King of the Island people, was aware of his responsibilities in keeping the commandment of his ancient fathers, from Adam to his day. He knew that some of the Yehudi who were Cain’s children had come to the Isles. They were causing trouble in his land with Adam’s children. In the year 1275, King Edward I issued a law that prohibited the Yehudi from continuing their money lending operations in his Realm. He further required them to live separately from Christians and identify themselves by wearing a yellow badge from the time they reached the age of twelve years. These restrictions existed for fifteen years until the activities of the Yehudi became so revolutionary and troublesome that the King banished them from the Ides completely. The Yehudi posed a difficult problem because they had stolen the ancient names of the Israel people when they invaded Jerusalem many centuries before. While the name of the Judes and Jutes of Scotland had derived from the tribal name of Judah and the later used name “German” also derives from the tribal name “judah”, many were and still are confused by the Yehudi because of their stolen names. Kings of other nations of Adam’s family formerly known as Israel who were on the mainland of Europe, followed the King of the Island nation in banishing the Yehudi from their nations. They knew the commandment given by the Creator of the Universe, which had been passed on by Adam and the Patriarchs that they were not to allow Cain’s children to live in their lands with them. They knew that their actions were in accordance with divine law and necessary to the safety, well-being and survival of their people.

As the Yehudi were banished from one Christian nation after another, they appealed to their leaders in Constantinople. Their leaders advised them to adopt their age-old tactics which had been taught them from the days when their father Satan had directed them against Adam and his family. They were told to pretend that they were Christians, make their sons Christian Priests, physicians and attorneys at law. They were told to infiltrate and enter all of the professions of Adam’s family. After they had infiltrated these positions they were to divide and destroy from within. These had been the tactics employed at Jerusalem centuries before when they had invaded the land of Adam’s children there. In each nation that they invaded, they were eventually discovered by their activities. Jesus warned His children about the Yehudi when He said, “By their works ye shall know them”. He called them liars and hypocrites, telling that they would speak good deeds but do evil deeds. Wherever they congregated they attempted destruction of the good things and the Blessings given to Adam’s family. Their activities always aimed at bringing Satan’s form of government to the nation, which allowed them within its borders. It was for good reason that their banishment from the Island Nation was followed by banishment from other Christian nations of the Adamic people.

The leaders of the Yehudi eventually gained control of the money and wealth of most nations they had invaded. This was simple because of their nefarious scheming and behind-the-scene political activities. One with no morals and no conscience to bar evil deeds could deal easily with Adam’s children who believed everyone to be honest and forthright as these characteristics were inborn in them. But this is where they erred in dealing with Satan’s children. The leaders of Satan’s children had gathered in principally two areas known as Holland and Switzerland and they operated from these areas in their usury and financial manipulations. It was by financial power that the leaders of Yehudi gained re-entry into the Island nation. They also employed infiltration tactics and the divide and conquer method amongst different sects of the Faith common to Adam’s family. With a similar infiltration the Yehudi regained entry into other European nations and they always cooperated with each other on an international basis. It was in this manner that they infiltrated Russia and then became the spies and agents for the hordes of Ghengis Khan the Mongol. They were the advance guard for the Mongol invasion of the lands occupied by the Celestial family of Adam and Eve. The Yehudi had preceded the Mongol hordes and had become the merchants, the pawnbrokers and the money changers as well as the disrupting revolutionary leaders who created confusion in the internal areas. They were destroyers from within.

Time passed and the Island nation fell to the complete control of the children of Cain. The banking and money system was taken over completely by the Yehudi and it was under these conditions that the darkness of evening came over Adam’s family. We approach the dark evening hours for the nations of Adam’s household under such conditions with Cain’s children having invaded the nations and having obtained control of the banking and money systems. Yet, we know that our Heavenly Father made a promise that the daylight would follow the darkness. The evening is slowly approaching as many children of Adam leave their original nations and come across the seas to the New Jerusalem. The new nation of God’s Kingdom and His people is to be founded during the evening hours with darkness slowly approaching. It will flounder in darkness for the period of time ordained by the Creator of the Universe. Then there will be the light of dawn and a new day.