Celestial Family


Chapter II

A Celestial Family on Earth

An Ancient word has been used since the days of Adam and Eve to denote the evil powers of Satan on the planet Earth. This word is “sin”. In order to understand the meaning of this word we must realize that Satan is evil, the opposite from good. Satan’s powers are also evil and they are used to oppose and destroy all that is righteous and good. We should remember that Satan was on Earth before the Almighty placed His children Adam and Eve on Earth. Satan’s evil power known as “sin” was also prevalent on Earth and still remains to this day. It is then understandable that Adam and Eve were placed on a planet which was under “sin” the evil influence of Satan. Also, their flesh children born on Earth being born under the conditions of Satan’s evil influence “sin”. Our Scriptures confirm this by telling us that we are born under “sin”. This does not mean that our entry into the flesh body is an evil or sinful event, it simply means that children of the Spirit who are born into the flesh body in the family of Adam are born under these same conditions which existed when their earth parents Adam and Eve were placed in Eden. It is more warning than anything else.

The Creator of the Universe is the Alpha and the Omega. The beginning and the end. He knows all from the beginning to the end because He is King of the Universe. Nothing happens without His knowing or without His planning and permitting it to happen. Thus it was with the beginning of Adam and Eve. They were placed on Earth for a reason. The Creator sent His Prophets to Earth with Books and with instructions to write Books and Scrolls. The Books so written will be understood by the children of Adam and Eve who are on Earth in the flesh but are children of the Spirit of the Creator of the Universe.

Each of these children existed before the creation of the Earth. They existed in the Spirit and are not the “Enosh” or created beings. They are celestial beings. Brought to Earth by a process of birth into the earthly family of the Heavenly Father. When they are born into the flesh body on Earth, they have been then “born again” because they existed before in spirit as Celestial Beings. There is a great difference between the Celestial Beings born into the flesh on Earth and the “Enosh” or created beings who were brought to Earth by Satan when he was cast out of the Kingdom with his hosts who had followed him and had thereby lost their first estate. The difference between these people on Earth are very apparent, yet the simple truth seems so impossible of understanding by so many, even those of Adam’s family who are on Earth today.

After Adam and Eve had been in the garden at Eden for some time, the Creator put them out on their own with a free will to do of their own choosing. They were put under a test. They were fearful of the Earth and fainted at the gate from which they were to leave Eden. The Earth was a strange land to them, yet the Creator told them that they must go. He told Adam not to worry because He had set the time in days and years and He would save Adam after five thousand and five hundred years. After this time, one would come on Earth who would save Adam and the family, which Adam and Eve were to have. In spite of this promise from the Creator, Adam and Eve were very upset about their having been turned out into the strange land and the darkness of Satan’s power. Adam actually died of fright many times but each time he did so, the Creator brought him back to life and spoke words of encouragement to him. Both Adam and Eve remembered their bright nature when they were in Eden and they asked why the light had left them and why they were now in darkness. In reply the Creator told them that He knew when lie put them in the garden, that they would fall under the power of Satan and that they had been warned about it and had done so under their own free will. He explained to Adam that Satan had once been in bright light but had deceived himself and had been cast down to Earth in darkness as punishment for his deceit and for his failure to obey the King of the Universe. Adam asked for permission to return to the garden just to take a look at it because he missed it so, but the Creator said “No, I have made you a promise and when the time I have set is past, then I will bring you back into the light and I will bring all of your righteous sons and daughters back into the garden with you”.

Adam and Eve constantly discussed their glorious times in the garden and they wept over their remembrances. Adam would beat his breast and throw himself upon the ground from bitter grief because of the darkness he was in. In his grief he would again ask the Creator why the Glory had departed from him and Eve. Adam said, “While we were in the garden we saw no darkness; we didn’t even know what darkness is. I was not hidden from Eve and she was not hidden from me. We could see each other because we were both in one bright light. Now that we have been put out of the garden we cannot see each other in the darkness. Oh Heavenly Father, how much longer will you plague us with this darkness?” The Creator. Who was Adam’s Heavenly Father answered Adam saying, “Oh Adam, even Lucifer and his hosts the Enosh were in bright light so long as he was obedient to me. When he disobeyed me I deprived him and his hosts of the light. I deprived them of that bright nature and they became dark. When he was in the heavens in the realm of light, he didn’t know of darkness. But he disobeyed me and I made him fall from Heaven to the planet Earth and I made this darkness upon him.          

You also Adam had that bright fight when you were obedient to me. When I heard that you had disobeyed me I deprived you also of that bright light. But I did not wish to destroy you completely. In my mercy I made you what you are. I drove you from the garden to dwell in the darkness of Earth but it is not to last forever for you. When it is over, Daylight will return. The darkness is not a punishment for you as it is for Lucifer. It is simply that I have made in the day and I have placed the sun in the day to give you light so you and your children can do the work on Earth for which I have placed you there to do. I knew that you would transgress and come out of Eden unto the Earth because I made you of the light and I put you on Earth to bring out children of light from thee. I knew that Satan, who had deceived himself, would also deceive you and your children. So I warned you about Satan and told you not to let him come near you and not to let him deceive you. If I hadn’t warned you of this beforehand, it could have been an offense on my part and you could have then blamed me for your failure. But I commanded you and I warned you, so now the blame is on you. Even so, I have made a day for you Adam and for your children who will come after you. I have made the night for them to rest from their daytime work, but little darkness now remains Adam and daylight will soon appear.”

Adam again appealed to the Creator. He wanted to be taken from the gloom of this Earth and from its darkness. He begged and begged to be taken back into the garden. Again the Creator was kind with Adam giving him more advice and explanation. The Heavenly Father told him that He would keep His promise that the darkness and gloom would pass from Adam and that He would bring Adam and all of His righteous earthborn children back into the garden where there is no darkness. The Creator explained further to Adam that all of his misery he had taken upon Himself therefore his pleadings would not save him nor free him from the power of Satan on Earth. He said that He would come to Earth in a flesh body of Adam’s family and would take upon Himself the suffering and agony that Adam was undergoing. He would, by His coming, set Adam and all of His flesh children free from the power of Satan. That He would use Adam’s children to bring the Earth out of its darkness and to bring light to the Earth. After this explanation from the Heavenly Father, Adam was yet unhappy with his earthly situation. He was very stubborn and somewhat like a child who does not want to obey its parents. He attempted suicide by throwing himself off a high mountain. Eve looked down and saw him lying in a pool of blood so she also threw herself off the mountain to join Adam in Death. In this manner they thought that they might escape from Earth and return to the garden. The Creator saw all of this and brought Adam and Eve back to their earthly life again. He told Adam that he would just have to suffer it out on Earth. He explained that so long as Adam would keep His commandments, His light and His grace would protect Adam and keep him safe. But when Adam or His children violated His commandments, then sorrow and misery would befall them in the strange land of Earth and they would suffer as a result.

There were many instances of Satan using his evil power to deceive Adam and Eve. Satan usually appeared in their presence as an angel of the Creator or in some form which would mislead them to believe that he was good rather than evil. Each time that he led them astray in his effort to destroy them the Creator saved them. These early experiences of Adam and Eve were warnings and symbolic of events to come. Once, Satan stood by while Adam, was praying and suddenly pierced Adam’s side with a knife-like sharp blade, killing him. The Creator brought Adam back to life and told him that the same thing was going to happen to Him when He would come to Earth at a day in the future. He said that His side also would be pierced and that His blood would flow from His side and that His earth body would then be a true offering on the alter for the purpose of saving Adam’s family.

As time pawed, the Creator finally gave His approval for the earthly wedding of Adam to Eve. He sent Angels to direct and perform the wedding ceremony. It was not long after this that Satan continued his efforts to destroy the family of Adam and Eve. Satan seduced Eve and she had a son by him who was named Cain. Cain was evil and not acceptable to the Creator. At the time Cain was born, Eve also had a daughter who was named Luluwa. Then by Adam’s seed came the righteous Abel along with his sister. Cain murdered Abel when Cain was a little over seventeen years of age and Abel was fifteen. Adam and Eve were in mourning for Abel and could not control Cain. Cain took his sister Luluwa and joined Satan’s hosts who had lost their first estate. The Creator controlled these events and put Cain out of the household of Adam because Cain was of Satan’s seed. Cain’s children were therefor unacceptable to the Creator for the performance of His works on Earth. They were of mixed seed and a polution of the Holy and Celestial seed.

After seven years Adam and Eve had another righteous son. He was like Abel, pure seed, and fair complexioned. His name was Seth. This son was acceptable to the Creator and it is his family line which was to multiply like the sands of the sea, yet be the least of all people on earth and be the Creator’s people on Earth. Theme are a Celestial people and are the Sons of the Most High God on Earth.

The generations of children from Adam and Eve began with Seth who married Abel’s sister Aklia His eldest son was Enos but he also had many other children. Enos married and his eldest son was Cainan but he also had many other children. The family of Celestial people was being perpetuated on Earth by a divine plan laid down by the Creator of the Universe. It was growing in number in spite of all that Satan could do to destroy it. The nine Patriarchs of this family from Adam were Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noah. Each of these were the eldest of their Fathers and were high priests who instructed all of their children in their generations. Seth was instructed by Adam in the worship of their Heavenly Father the Creator of the Universe. He was warned about the evil ways of Satan and had been told about Cain and the murder of Abel. Seth and all of his generations after him were told not to mix or associate with the children of Cain because they were children of Satan’s wed. Adam revealed all of the hidden mysteries to Seth that God had revealed to him. He told Seth to paw the instructions on to his children and his childrens’ children. Adam gave instructions for his burial place and for the preservation of his body during a flood that was to come. He instructed that the eldest among his children at that time should place his body on the ship that was to save a certain number of his family from that particular place those who had remained pure in their race line and who had not mixed with the children of Cain and the hosts of the fallen angel line whom Satan had brought to Earth with him ages before. Adam died on the same day of the week that he had been brought from the spirit into the flesh and the hour was the same hour of the day that he bad departed from the garden.

Seth was a great leader of a happy Celestial people on Earth. He followed Adam’s instructions faithfully. He gathered his children often and told them of the mysteries of the Kingdom. He instructed them to make no friendships with Cain’s children and to keep themselves separate from them. Seth died and left his eldest son Enos as head of the tribe. In the meantime, Cain’s children had multiplied greatly because they married often and had no morals but many children. There were children of diverse parents and the people of Cain were evil. They lived amongst murder, robberies and A manner of evil.

Enos continued the instructions of the generations of Adam’s Celestial household. He also instructed them to keep their children separate from Cain’s children. After Enos died his eldest son Cainan was the leader and the chief priest of his people. He also instructed them never to allow one of their children in the area of Cain’s children or to make any fellowship with them whatsoever. This commandment continued and Jared became the leader and chief priest of Adam’s family. Jared was very righteous and kept the commandment of his father about keeping separate from the children of Cain. He constantly instructed all of his people in this matter. One day Satan came to Jared with some Enosh of his host who deceitfully appeared as good men. Jared was suspicious because their appearance was different from that of his fair complexioned people and he did not recognize them as of his family. They were obviously strangers. Jared didn’t realize that Satan was up to his old tricks. The one way he could destroy the Creator’s celestial family on Earth was to seduce the children of Adam and mongrelize them with the fallen angel line of people who had lost their first estate. Some were already mongrelized with the children of Cain. They were completely under Satan’s control. When Jared had been enticed with lies to accompany Satan into the land of Cain’s children, he was astonished at the manner in which they lived.

Their ways were evil and they were corrupt with no morals whatsoever. Jared’s good judgment made him realize the error he had committed so he prayed to the Creator for His forgiveness. As soon as he commenced his prayer, Satan and his hosts departed from his vicinity immediately. It seems that Satan and his hosts could not remain where prayer to the Heavenly Father existed. Jared was saved by his prayer and returned to his land and his people. Well knowing that he had been fooled by Satan. After many years, Jared’s children began to do things on their own account without first seeking advice from their elders and without consulting Jared, the Chief priest of the tribe. As time progressed, they strayed farther and during this time, Cain’s children had multiplied at an exceeding rate, and the Enosh had been instructed in all kinds of musical instruments by Satan. Their clothes were colorful with many beads and trinkets, which they wore on their person as well. The rhythms of their music were of the kind, which stimulated their emotional, and child-like nature and they joined in jungle rhythm and alcoholic drinks Satan had taught them to make. Satan was overjoyed and very pleased with his power over these people. He increased their sin amongst themselves to the point where they even hated and murdered each other, not knowing right from wrong. They took all manner of wives and many even turned to the eating of flesh. They were so blinded by Satan’s power that there was absolutely no inclination of right from wrong amongst them. In fact, they were not even aware that it was Satan’s plan to use them in his attempts to destroy Adam’s celestial family on Earth. Satan directed them to induce Seth’s children to join them at every opportunity. One day several of Jared’s children of Seth’s family decided that they would go from their place and join the Enosh in their wild dances and revelry which included strong drinks. Jared was very upset when he learned of his children’s plans and he warned them not to do this evil thing. He told them if they did this it would be in violation of a divine law and they would no longer be called the children of God, but would then be called children of the devil. There was no return or Grace from the Heavenly Father for the violation of this commandment. Jared’s children who decided to do this were a stubborn group. They paid no heed to their father’s instructions and departed to join in the evil ways of the Enosh. They were immediately seduced by the daughters of Cain and were lost from the Celestial family of Adam for their transgression and mixing of the Holy seed. The departure of Adam’s children from their land to the place of Cain’s children continued until all but a few had gone. These few were righteous children who obeyed their father’s instructions and refused to mix with Cain’s children.

These few were Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noah along with some of their kin. Their experiences in the future were to be in accordance with the plan of the Creator who had foretold of the fall of Adam’s children to the power of Lucifer. They were to be saved from the flood that was to be brought upon that country where Adam’s children were mixing with Cain’s children and polluting the seed of the Holy Family, the Celestial Family of Adam. These few were to carry on the works of their Heavenly Father on Earth. They had not violated His commandment and had kept them- selves pure in their generations. Enoch was to do many great things with the children of the Celestial Family who remained. Noah was also to be the last elder in his area. Along with his few remaining righteous Children who followed the instructions of their forefathers. He and his children were to be saved from the flood that would come over that particular area and the Almighty was to use Noah’s family to renew the Celestial Family of Adam’s seed, which He had planted on Earth.

A Celestial family was ordained to grow like the sands of the sea, yet it would be the least in number of all people on the Earth. Today, these people fulfill all of the prophecies and the Word of the Most High, the Creator of the Universe. They are the people to whom the Book was given and it is for them to know the mysteries of the Kingdom, but it is not for the children of Cain to know. It is apparent that the other races of peoples on Earth today, in this twentieth century, do outnumber them by a ratio of six to one.          

Yes, they have multiplied like the sands of the sea, yet they are the least in number of all the people on Earth. They have become the “Nations” that the Heavenly Father promised they would be. They are here on Earth during these latter days, some yet under the power of Satan and doing his work because of their lack of knowledge as to who they are.

They do not recall that the Most High placed a blindness over them which He promised to remove in the latter days so they would know who they are, and know that they are the living sons and daughters of the living God. Yes, they are continuing in their violations of their Heavenly Father’s commandments and they are permitting Cain’s children to live in their lands with them. Cain’s children are a burden to them and a thorn in their side just as they were told they would be if they were permitted to live with Adam’s family.

No matter what we do or say here, the plans of the Almighty Father will not be changed. Not by Lucifer or the children of Cain who are in power on Earth today in many lands. The fact remains that the Celestial family is here on Earth and they will do the works of their Father even though they do not know who they are. For a better work it only remains for them to know their purpose on Earth and to know who they are. This has already been revealed to them but they joined the mob in their rejection of the Word. They are certainly what the Heavenly Father foretold a stiff-necked, stubborn people. Will they ever learn??