Battle of Space


Chapter 1

The Battles of Space

During recent years we have been reading newspaper reports about men being rocketed into space, about men getting to the moon and about space ships that will travel to other planets of the universe. If we had read about space ships in our Bible twenty years ago or even ten years ago, we most probably would have had a difficult thing to believe. Why? Simply because we hadn’t seen or known about rocket engines or guided space vehicles as we see and know about them today. We hadn’t read about them in our daily newspapers but in comic strips or so-called Buck Rogers magazines. Truthfully, had we only read about them in comic strips or Buck Rogers type magazines?

Let us look at the Scriptures. The Prophet Ezekiel tells us about space ships. He tells of the wheels with the appearance as the color of a beryl stone. He describes them as if a wheel had been in the midst of a wheel. When they went, they went upon their four sides. They turned not as they went and they were full of eyes (lighted windows) all about. This is similar to the description of recently sighted unidentified flying objects (UFO’s), which observers have described as space ships.

The Apostle John in his Book of Revelation describes a space battle. He tells of how he was taken unto the spirit and what he was shown; that he was told to return and write the things, which he had seen. The things, which are, and the things, which shall be hereafter.

In the symbolism of our Scriptures John describes the past catastrophes on the planet Earth, the great meteor or star named “Wormwood” striking Earth and a third part of the Universe being placed under darkness. He tells of Satan’s fall to the Earth along with the two hundred thousand thousand (two hundred million) “Enosh” or created beings who were in Satan’s army and who fell to the planet Earth with him.

Before the time of John, we turn to the writings and prophecy of Enoch, the sixth Patriarch from Adam and Eve. Enoch tells about the great and mighty space battle where the Arch-angel Michael was called upon by the Creator of the Universe to bring His armies against Lucifer the Arch-angel who had rebelled against the Creator and King of the Universe. Satan, by the name Lucifer, had once been a light bearer for the King of the Universe. He knew many mysteries of the Universe and had knowledge of many secrets of the Kingdom. He decided that he was greater than the King and attempted a revolution in order that he might take over as King of the Universe. He gathered many angels from various planets of the Universe to do battle in space against the Host commanded by the righteous Archangel Michael.

These angels who succumbed to Satan’s lies and who joined his forces were known as “Enosh” who had been created on other planets of the Universe. They were good in the place where they had been created because everything the Creator made was good in the place where he created it. But in their weakness they joined Lucifer’s army of rebellion and lost their first estate. Scripture describes them as the angels who had lost their first estate, or the fallen angel race “Enosh”. It was these created beings who were defeated with Lucifer in the space battles against Michael. Lucifer, along with these created beings, fell from space to the planet Earth. This space battle is the same one that John writes about in Revelation.

These created beings or angels who had lost their first estate by following Lucifer in his rebellion, were now out of their proper place in the Universe. They had been cast down to a strange planet. By their stupidity and ignorance they had helped Lucifer upset the good order of the Universe and the Kingdom of the Most High Creator. They had violated the Divine laws of nature and nature’s King. Their punishment was to be cast out of the Kingdom along with the evil one who led them. They were, and still are, under the power of Satan and they worship him as their king.

John in Revelation, Chapter 9, Verse 11 says: “And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Appollyon”.

We can now turn to the written history of the Asiatic peoples which includes the history of the Sumerian dynasties. These historical writings record events of Asiatic peoples on Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago, long before Adam and Eve had been placed in Eden. The ancient Asiatic writings tell of an Almighty One who is above the God they worship. They also describe a later space battle where their king was again defeated and again fell to Earth.

Descriptions of this later space battle include writings which tell of Lucifer gathering more created beings from another planet. The later space battle was witnessed by the Asiatic Sumerian peoples from their location on Earth and they tell of Lucifer bringing the black kinky-haired ones to Earth with him.

These written histories also include the names of Lucifer’s captains in his armies who were defeated in the battles of space. One was named Voodah and another Beezelebub. These captains were given areas of Earth to rule over and control. It was in these areas where the Captains demanded worship of Satan from the created beings whom they had brought to Earth with them. Voodah controlled the land area we know today as Africa and his name is the source of idol worshipping Voodoism. Beezelebub was given the land area we know today as Asia and we find that the name Buddha stems from this source.

There was Lucifer’s mistress named Khali. She ruled in the area we know today as India and the priests of India’s idol worshippers today are known as Khali priests. These people are spoken of by the prophet Ezekiel in Chapter 31 of the Book of Ezekiel.

We have now covered thousands and thousands of years through many ages of history on Earth. We see that there were created beings (Enosh) on the planet Earth before Adam and Eve. The Enosh (this name later being erroneously translated to the word ‘man’) were subjected to the great catastrophes of the Earth.

Scientific discoveries of archeologists offer proof along this line. The Enosh were here on Earth at the time when the Creator said to His Arch-angel Michael, “Let us put my family on the Earth. I will plant my seed on Earth to take control from Lucifer”. In reply to Michael’s question, “Who shalt Thou send?” the Almighty said, “I will send my son Adam (which means ‘man’) and I will send my daughter Eve in order that they might have children of the flesh and thereby perpetuate my family on Earth”.

Michael replied, “But they will be alone on the planet Earth where Satan resides with his angels who have lost their first estate. Satan will do all possible to destroy our family there and to bring them under his evil power”.

The Almighty answered saying, “Yes, they will fall under Satan’s power. I have given them the choice of good or evil to test them. I have planned it from the beginning. I will place them in a garden at Eden where Eve will be seduced by the serpent Satan and shall have a son my him. This evil son will I name Cain. I will also give them a good son from Adam’s seed whom I will name Abel. They will be free to do as they choose and they will fall because of their belief in Satan’s lies and his deceit. For their weakness and failure to obey my warnings about Satan I will take away their protective light and they shall be naked, yet I will save them and their children in due time. Cain will murder Abel the true son of Adam which will be their first earthly warning, yet will I give them other children who will carry on and who will do My works.”

So Adam and Eve, the children of the Creator of the Universe, were taken from the spirit and were made children of the flesh. As children of the flesh they were in the image of their Father the King of the Universe, in His likeness with a reddish complexion. Today we call this race the Adamic race.

It seems mysterious to many that there is no history, no archeological evidence nor any evidence of any kind which can show the existence of this race of people on Earth earlier than the seven thousand four hundred years which are now confirmed by Scripture.

Many are unaware that Adam and Eve had a spoken language when they were placed on the planet Earth. They conversed and they wrote in that language. One of their later sons wrote it so prolifically that it was named after him. His name is Heber and the language was called Hebrew. A thorough investigation will reveal that another name was used to identify the language, that being Aramaic. It will be noted that the early Greek and Latin languages stem from the Aramaic or Hebrew, from whence we have the languages of the present day Christian nations including English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Scandinavia, Slavic and others.