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So, Pat, when you say "We are all equal in God's eyes"  are Christians supposed to just

 listen to you and presume that Jesus Christ is nothing but a racist and a bigot when he

called the jews ""you brood of vipers", they will be "thrown into the fire", "hypocrites!",

"babbling like pagans", "wicked", "adulterous", "Ninevah will ... condemn [you]", "you break

the command of God", "teachings are but rules taught by men", "will be pulled up by the

roots", "blind guides", "blind man", "guard against ... the teachings of the Pharisees and

Sadducees", "you yourself do not enter ... the kingdom of   heaven", "blind fools", "blind

men", "Blind Pharisee", "you are like whitewashed tombs", "you are the descendants of

those who murdered the prophets", "you snakes", "condemned to hell", "Pharisees ...

rejected God's purpose for themselves", "you foolish people", "you are like unmarked

graves", "you build tombs for the prophets, yet it was your forefathers who killed them", "will

be held responsible for the blood of all the prophets that has been shed since the beginning

of the world".

Gee, it's so confusing. Is Pat right?  Or is Jesus Christ?

Pat‑‑do you also think Jesus Christ thought he was a "jew" and thus was the son of the


John Knight

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       From: Pat

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       Sent: Friday, October 06, 2000 3:12 PM

       Subject: Re: [ChristianPatriot] revolting jews

       I haven't been following these dialogues too deeply

       because frankly, I'm put off by anyone who makes broad

       statements against any race. We are all God's

       children. No one is superior to anyone. We are all

       equal in God's eyes. Any person regardless of race who

       has a righteous heart will eventually find the Lord in

       his/her own way and go to heaven. If you or I make it,

       I'm sure we will be standing next to several people

       who were Jewish on earth. This life is not yet

       complete. We are all imperfect. There are evil people

       in all races. You can't condemn a whole race! This is

       totally absurd. Why not select the individuals you

       want to condemn by name and criticize them

       individually? Condemning their whole race is shallow.

       And trying to interpret the bible to justify your

       narrow views is ignorant. Many of the more plain and

       precious parts of the bible have been removed 1000's

       of years ago. What we have now is like having a few

       pieces to a 2000 pc. jigsaw puzzle. Its impossible to

       see the whole picture....just as its impossible to

       know the fullness of the Gospel or to know the full

       interpretation of the bible. The missing parts might

       shed a different light. This is all I have to say. No

       sense responding because I'm unsubscribed after this

       email...I'm just sick and tired of seeing 'Jew this'

       and Jew that', etc,.. For heaven sakes, Jesus was a

       Jew! lol But I'm sure you have some twisted

       interpretation to remove him from your prejudice too.

       I'm sure you have it all worked out. You live in a

       very small world of misguided patriotism and reality.

       ‑‑‑ Christian Party <[email protected]> wrote:

       > You "don't put [your] faith in statistics"?  What do

       > you mean?  Do you mean that you don't think that the

       > average income of 900 million African blacks is $650

       > per year?  Are you saying that you think their

       > incomes are higher, or lower?


       > The point is that, if you know that Whites in this

       > country earn an average of 60 times as much per

       > capita as black Africans do, you don't have to GO to

       > Africa to realize that blacks can't organize a

       > society, and that it was GOD who made that decision.


       > Neither Christians, the Holy Bible, nor God promote

       > miscegenation, and this is just ONE reason. It is

       > only the jews who are pushing miscegenation on the

       > country, but this is not because they practice

       > miscegenation themselves‑‑it is only because they

       > are just smart enough to know that this is the best

       > way to destroy this White Christian nation.


       > You can't point to a single culture in world history

       > which practiced miscegenation which wasn't destroyed

       > within a century.


       > Around the world, and across this country, both

       > education quality and standard of living decline

       > rapidly as miscegenation expands



       > John Knight


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       >   Subject: Re: [theseries] revolting jews



       >   It doesn't matter John.  God's word helps us to

       > understand what is going on round us. So that we

       > will not be afraid. But to trust God.  And as far as

       > the white race being predominate ‑ well you are not

       > talking to an evolutionist here.  I don't put my

       > faith in statistics.  I am well aware of the fact

       > that God is Creator quite capable of raising up the

       > Black man and crushing the white man ‑ Remember

       > Nebuchadnezzar. Its one think to get excited because

       > you feel that you being lied to but you are so

       > obsessed with it that you have gone to the oposite

       > extreme.  You are now even trying to twist the truth

       > to prove that it is another lie.




       >   Why not put your investigative instincts to work

       > producing a public research web page on the Left and

       > Leftism.   Its origins the way it works. Its

       > political agenda etc.  Lets produce a web page that

       > puts this to shame.


       >   Victoria


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       >     Subject: [theseries] revolting jews



       >     Victoria,


       >     One thing you cannot deny is that the "White

       > race" predominates in the world, and that a majority

       > of the population of both England and the US and

       > most of Europe is "White".


       >     Another thing you cannot deny is that most

       > Whites of England and the US are descendants of

       > Manasseh & Ephraim who are descendants of Shem.


       >     A third thing you cannot deny is that Ashkenazi

       > jews are from a completely different genetic

       > background,  being descendants of Japeth, not Shem.


       >     Jews know that miscegenation does not work which

       > is why a person can be a jew only if their mother

       > was a jew.  They know that the IQ of the mixed breed

       > children of Whites and blacks is lower than the

       > average IQ of blacks and whites, which is evidence

       > that miscegenation is a degenerative process.  It is

       > the ultimate hypocrisy that jews in this country

       > push miscegenation on Whites, while they themselves,

       > both in the US and in Israel, are the most "racist"

       > race on the planet.  It would be hard to imagine

       > that God would approve of miscegenation for this

       > reason alone.


       >     The 900 million black pagans of Africa earn an

       > average of $650 per capita per year, whereas the

       > relatively pure Whites of Germany earn $25,468 per

       > capita, which is 39 times as much.  Without wage

       > subsidies in the US, American blacks would be

       > earning something closer to $650 per year, rather

       > than $13,000.


       >     Miscegenation destroys, which is partly why

       > family incomes in the US are literally one third of

       > what they were just 3 decades ago, and why SAT

       > scores plunged 98 points in that same timeframe, and

       > why the US was dead last in TIMSS.



       >     John Knight









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       >       From: GPP

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       >       Sent: Thursday, October 05, 2000 9:51 AM

       >       Subject: Re: [theseries] Re: revolting!



       >       The Bible does not preach any racial purity.

       > Totally absurd notion.  Get out your Hebrew

       > concordance and start letting Scripture interprete

       > itself.  It preaches spiritual purity. Not racial

       > purity. The life of the flesh is in the blood. And

       > no flesh will inherit the kingdom of God.  God is

       > Spirit and those who worship him must worship him in

       > Spirit and in truth. The Bible is about migrating

       > from one kingdom to the other. We are ALL in Hell.

       > We all exist illegally and falsely and

       > parasitically.  And we exist only by grace because

       > God in His grace has set aside one day in which to

       > do all the judging.  In the hopes that some might

       > come out from that parasitical realm of lies and

       > illusions and deciet before God destroys it. You

       > parasites on God's Kingdom are going to be

       > destroyed.  There is only one way out and that is

       > via Messiah. God does not take immigrates because

       > they corrupt.  A little yeast spreads through the

       > whole batch of dough.  You can not imigrate into

       > God's Kingdom as you are.  You must be born again.

       > Everything has to be born again ‑ not just humans

       > the whole earth has to be born again.  Nothing

       > enters God's Kingdom without being born again.


       >       The Bible is written in such a manner as to

       > allow a higher being to communicate with a lower

       > being.  The Bible takes from the things, and people,

       > and places, that you are familar with and converts

       > them into a prophectic parable or scenario. Actually

       > that is the other way around.  Things are the way

       > they are and even the earth is created in such a

       > manner as to communicate with us.  God desires none

       > to be lost ‑ but all to come to a knowledge and

       > understanding of the truth. God's enemies are not

       > people. Our battle is not against flesh and blood

       > but against powers and principlities of the air.

       > Well what are those principalites of the air.  Lies

       > and the liar.


       >       Our job is to expose lies not create them.

       > You people are creating lies and you are serving the

       > father of lies not the father of truth.



       >       You people are discusting. You are falling

       > into the same error that you claim the Pharisees

       > fell into in the Old Testament.  Do not be decieved.

       > You are going to reap the Judgment that you sow.

       > Prophecy is there so that God's people know not to

       > fear these end days, and so that we can identify the

       > Messiah and excape the judgment that is coming.

       > Your genes will not get you born again.  Only the

       > seed of righteousness planted in you via Messiah

       > Jesus the Christ will allow you to be born again.


       >       You are servants of Hell and the father of

       > lies.  Every word that comes out of your mouth is a

       > LIE.  Stop spreading your corruption.  You have to

       > be born again to enter God's Kingdom.  The Kingdom

       > Of Truth.  Your white color and your genes are not

       > allowed in the Kingdom Of God. Our battle is not

       > against flesh and blood it is against the

       > principalites and powers of the air ‑ which are

       > LIES.  Words are spirit and they are life or death ‑

       > if they are false they are seeds of death. If they

       > are truth they are seeds of life. Our job is to

       > expose lies.  Not create them.  And you who are

       > twisting and corrupting God's word are Satan and

       > Anti Christ.  And you don't have to go to hell

       > because you are already in it.  All you have to do

       > is stay right where you are. In your lies. If you

       > want out you had better get your imigration papers

       > in order because there is not much time left.


       >       Victoria



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       >        From: Martin Lindstedt

       >         To: [email protected]

       >         Sent: Thursday, October 05, 2000 7:49 AM

       >         Subject: [theseries] Re: revolting!



       >         At 12:40 PM 10/04/2000 GMT, you wrote:


       >         >Martin, Thanks belatedly for responding to

       > my e‑mail.  I have more

       >         questions,

       >         >but am kind of busy and reading as much as

       > possible, including The Revolt

       >         >Against Civilization.  I think he ‑ and you

       > ‑ take some liberties with

       >         >Scripture, but overall the analysis is

       > compelling.


       >             Dr. Lothrup Stoddard didn't take very

       > many liberties with Scripture,

       >         other than referring to the Whites as being

       > of "the imperious Sons of

       >         Japheth."  Now while I would disagree with

       > Dr. Stoddard on that point,

       >         the point that both Dr. Stoddard and I agree

       > on is that genetics is

       >         far more important than mere political

       > indoctrination.


       >             I endeavor to avoid taking "liberties"

       > with Scripture as I do not

       >        find Scripture to be against a policy of

       > racial purification and

       >         cleansing, but rather that the Bible, taken

       > in its entirety, is meant

       >         only for, and concerns only, the White race.

       >  While it may well have

       >         been a mixed multitude which left Egypt, the

       > LORD practiced 40 years

       >         worth of both positive and negative eugenics

       > so that it was a relatively

       >         pure unit of tribes which crossed over

       > Jordan under Joshua.


       >         >I would like to speak with you in person

       > some time, perhaps while

       >         >visiting SW Missouri?  Anyway, one

       > question:  where do you address

       >         >the issue of international involvement and

       > response (including

       >         >occupation) to our country's present and

       > future disruption?


       >              International involvement and the

       > immigrunt response is merely

       >         the work of evil satanic 'jews' and their

       > whigger supremacists trying

       >         to establish a world order like that of

       > Nimrod, altogether at the

       >         expense of Christian Israel.  Therefore the

       > only possible response is

       >         to have "A Revolt FOR Civilization," with

       > the effective subtitle of

       >         "The Extermination of the Under‑Man."


       >              So while Dr. Lothrup Stoddard saw any

       > revolt by the under‑man,

       >         in the case of his 1922 classic as being

       > Khazar 'Jew' Bolshevik

       >         Commissars as being something to be avoided

       > at any cost, the fact of

       >         the matter today is that it is the

       > Under‑man, the Bolshevik 'Jew'

       >         Commissars and their imperial whigger

       > supremacist scalawags who are

       >         destroying our great race by means of having

       > taken over the Evil Empire.

       >         Therefore, the only solution is White

       > Revolution, and the extermination

       >         of racial aliens and traitors from our

       > presence.  In this case, there

       >         is absolutely no conflict between the Bible

       > and Dr. Lothrup Stoddard's

       >         1922 classic.


       >             cf.




       >         >Meanwhile, God bless you and yours,  XXXXXX


       >            By all means, drop in some time if you

       > are in the Joplin area.



       >         ‑‑Martin Lindstedt




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       when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and

       only a precarious chance for survival. There may be a worse

       case. You may have to fight when there is no chance of

       victory, because it is better to perish than to live as

       slaves." ‑‑ Winston Churchill


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