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I know that some of you will wonder why I post this sort of thing, well God says our people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. One of the reasons for this is because they refuse to study their enemy and how he thinks. This is just one of many religions that our enemy has created or set up to deceive our people and lure them away from our Father and Savior.

You say well I never heard of this religion, so what is the use in studying it? Well just because You have never heard of it is no reason not to study it, because this religion as with all the others in the world, affect everything you do, say or think in America today. Because it has been brought to America by the aliens in our midst and the alien peoples coming into our country daily; it has been spread throughout America through the false Judeo-Christian ministers, priests, evangelists, teachers like Billy Graham (a Jew), Robert Schuler, Kenneth Copelan, Jack van Impe, Pat Robertson, John Hagee, Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Swaggert, Oral Roberts, Mike Evans (Jew), James Robinson. You hear a vague mention of one form of religion or another setting up temples and altars in our country, by the prostitute Jewish owned or controlled news media. Usually it is mentioned only once that day, and will not be mentioned for several days, so you don’t become curious and investigate.

Many of these religions require human sacrifices, and that is where many of America’s missing children are. They have been sacrificed on the altars to a foreign god; but our people don’t want to know anything about it. And you can be the FBI (Fried Baby Incinerators), ATF (Ate The Fetus), nor any of the other federal agencies will tell you about them.

As you read about some of these organizations, as I said previously, the teachings of the Jews will become more and more evident. This one is called Mazdeism or Zoroastransm, but in reality it is just some more of the Jewish Fables which lead men from the truth; as Zoroaster was a Jew; this information is found in  the Jewish Encyclopedia, Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Judicia.

One must know a little about these foreign religions so they can warn their children and grand children about them; otherwise they may fall prey to one of their proselytes and be led into a life of sin and degradation; and finally to be cast into the lake of fire to be destroyed, instead of being with you in God’s Kingdom.

The Scriptures command us to: “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15) And as I have been appointed by Almighty God to be a watchman on the wall of Israel (don’t ask me why, for I am probably the very worst one he could have picked) it is my duty to warn you of the enemy and his tactics. Thus I present you with these for your information; as it is my duty to do so.



While the origin of Mazdeism seems shrouded in mystery, one may nevertheless recognize its antiquity, probably the same as that of the Rig-Vedha, for it has been proved by Eugene Bournouf and Spiegel that certain parts of the Avesta are as old as the Rig, and the many similarities of this religion with that of the Vedhas proves that Mazdeism must have had its origin at the time when the Aryans undertook the conquest of India, that is to say seventeen to eighteen centuries before our era.

From “Le Mazdeisme, l’Avesta of G. de Lafont,” we extract the following facts: The historic rôle of Media began with Ouwakshatara, a name written by the Greeks Kyouxares, the founder of the Media empire. After defeating the Scythians, Kyouxares went to Assyria where he said siege to Nineveh, after the destruction of which the Assyrian empire came to an end (612 B.C.).

Kyouxares left a son Astyage whose daughter Mandane married the Persian Cambyses and from their union sprang the great Cyrus the founder of the Persian empire.

The Parthian dynasty of the Arsacides, who reigned from 256 B.C., until 226 A.D., marks a fata period for Mazdeism. It was only on the accession of Ardeschir Babejan, the founder of the Sassanide dynasty, that Mazdeism refined its strength. With Ardeshir, Mazdeism became the state religion and Shapour II caused all the Avesta texts treating of philosophy, medicine, cosmogony and astronomy to be collected.

Under the last Sassanides appeared several heretical sects, the most celebrated of which were those of Manes and of Mazdeck. However, in the seventh century, came the Arab conquest; with Yesdegirt the Persian empire of the Sassanides disappeared and with it the influence of Mazdeism.

Towards the tenth century, a few thousand Persians, faithful to the old cult, went into exile taking with them their laws and altars. Some of these took refuge in the Kirman in the Yezd while the others fled to India where they now constitute the well known sect of the Parsees.

The Zend Avesta, the sacred book of Persia and of the modern Parsees, contains the teaching of Zoroaster (Zarathustra), a reformer, said to have lived some 7000 years before Christ. It was first translated into French by Hyacinte-Anquetil Duperron in 1761.

The Chevalier de Ramsy, giving Plutarch as his authority, says: “Zoroaster (who was a Jew - Jewish Encyclopedia) taught that there are two gods contrary to each other in their Operations, the one the Author of all the Good, the other of all the Evil in Nature. The good Principle he calls Oronius (Ahura-Mazda) the other the Daemon Arimanius (Agra-Mainyus). He says that the one resembles Light and Truth, the other Darkness and Ignorance. There is likewise a middle god between these two named Mythras, whom the Persians call the Intercessor or Mediator. Mythras is the Yazata (spirit) of light and the guardian of justice and truth. “

For the benefit of the reader we compile the following interesting information from the previously mentioned author, G. de Lafont: “Pure Zoroastrianism was monotheistic, for in the beginning Ahura-Mazda was recognized as infinitely more powerful than Agra-Mainyus, thus dualism, or the potential equality of these two deities, was actually the development of a later corruption of the Zoroastrian teaching.

The Avesta, the bible of Mazdeism, containing the revelations of Ahura-Mazda to the Prophet Zoroaster, is composed of two principal parts; the Avesta, containing the Vendidad, the Yacna and the Vispered, and the Khorda Avesta, or little Avesta, itself composed of six parts.

Mazdeism taught the immortality of the soul, a compensating justice in another world of Heaven or Hell, the resurrection of the body, the last judgment and the freedom of the soul to choose between right and wrong as a free agent, as opposed tot he Islamic theory of fatalism.

Oromazes is the Universal Creator of all that is good, eternal, he created the Good Genii, the spiritual and material world; man is his creature, and at the end of time he will resurrect him to endow him with eternal happiness and will cause the powers of evil and evil itself to vanish from the earth. No cult is rendered to Agra-Mainyus (Lucifer) who, with his Devas (evil spirits) fights Ahura-Mazda (god) through the ages.

Fire, in the Mazdean religion, was worshiped as the luminous and pure element, the work of Ahura-Mazda and for that reason always burns sheltered from defilement. But it is not material fire that in this case is to be considered as a Yazata. The Avesta distinguishes several kinds of fire:

1). Berezucvanha, or internal fire of the earth.

2). Vohufryana or fire of the human body and animals. (Kundalini, Sex-Force, Serpent Power)

3). Urvazista or fire of vegetation.

4). Vazista or fire of lightning.

5). Cpenista or fire of Ahura-Mazda, represented by the fire on the altar.

The Fravashis (Modern Ferouers) are supposed to be the souls of the dead deified. Their cult also forms the basis of the Ancestor worship, of the Pitris of India and the Manes of Latin Countries.

According to Geiger, by “Fravashis” must be understood the immortal, divine part in man, which unites with a body for a limited time only. Consequently there are Fravashis of those who are still unborn. Darmstater further explains that the Fravashis are the spiritual form of a being, independent of its material life and anterior to it. According to Mazdean teaching, Oromazes offered to the Ferouers of men the choice of remaining in the spiritual world or of descending on earth to incarnate in human bodies.

At the advent of death, corpses were supposed immediately to become the prey of the Demon Druge Nacus, the demon of the impurity of corpses. Taus, it being most essential never to allow the elements of fire, water and earth to be sullied by contact with anything unclean, the funeral rites and ceremonies of the Mazdeans differ from those of other religions. Their ancient customs persist today among the Parsees of India where the bodies of the dead are carried to “The Towers of Silence” there to be exposed and devoured by the birds of prey.

Besides the many other parallels between Mazdeism and Christianity, the deity of the Mazdeans, their personal god, Ahura-Mazda, was not a god of vengeance as was the god of the Jews. He was the essence of universal love, charity, justice and activity and the ideal of Mazdean virtue in early times was similar to that of the Christians of today (because of the false teachings of the Judeo-Christian clergy).

Jainism: Jainism, which like Buddhism denies the authority of the Vedhas and is therefore regarded by the Brahmins of India as heretical, may have been founded by Parsva whose death is placed at 250 years before that of Vardhamana Mahavira, the last of the prophets of the Jains and a contemporary of Buddha.

Vardhamana Mahavira died at the age of 72 at Pava 527 B.C. He had eleven disciples to whom he preached the law. Many authorities however believe the Jain Church to be as old as Brahminism itself.

The following paragraph quoted from Hasting’“Encyclopedia of Religions and Ethics,” article on Jainism, describes the Jain theory of the Transmigration of Souls as opposed to the orthodox theory of Reincarnation. It is here referred to as “a peculiarity of the Jains which had struck all observers more than any other, vis, their extreme carefulness not to destroy any living being, a principle which is carried out to its very last consequences in monastic life, and has shaped the conduct of the laity in a great measure.

No layman will intentionally kill any living being, not even an insect, however troublesome: he will remove it carefully without hurting it. It goes without saying that the Jains are strict vegetarians. This principle of not hurting any living being bars them from some professions, e.g., agriculture, and has thrust them into commerce and especially into its least elevating branch of money-lending (you doubt this was started by the Jews :0)) Most of the money lending in Western India is in the hands of the Jains, and this accounts in a great measure both for their unpopularity and for their wealth. A remarkable institution of the Jains, due to their tender regard for animal life, is their asylums for old and diseased animals, the Panjarapolas, where they are kept and fed till they die a natural death.”

The reluctance on the part of an orthodox Jain to discourage vermin on the theory that a louse may actually be his reincarnated grandmother or a scorpion some other reincarnated relative is only a logical development of his religious belief in the transmigration of souls.

The Jains are subdivided today into numerous schools each following the teachings of a certain master but united in certain fundamental beliefs.

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