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Political Zionism

Ezekiel was very accurate and used the correct term in describing modern activities in Palestine as he designated the people who were opposing the House of Israel and seeking to wrest their inheritance away from them. Because many of the Zionists who are today in opposition to the House of Israel are not actually descendants of Judah at all; some are not even Jews racially or religiously, he referred prophetically to them as the “inhabitants of Jerusalem.”

A Zionist is anyone, regardless of race, who adheres to the principles of Zionism, particularly the principles of political Zionism. Actually, Zionism is now a term describing a secular political movement the purpose of which was to establish a Jewish nation in Palestine as the national homeland. Not all Jews are political Zionist, nor are all such Zionists Jews. Non-believers, Communists, atheists, and even some so-called Judeo-Christians such as; Binny Hinn; Bill Bright; Billy Graham; Brother Stair; David Lankford; Hal Lindsey (Jew); Jack van Impe; James Robison; James Dobson;  Jerry Falwell; Jim Bakker (Jew); Jimmy Swaggart; John Hagee; Joyce Meyers; Kenneth Copelan; Kenny  Hagin; Marilyn Hickey; Marlin Maddoux; Mike Evans; Oral Roberts; Pat Robertson; Paul Crouch; Robert Schuler; Dr. Wolf (Jew); David Pilinger; Berst Beach; Rod Parsley; Tom Bambley; James Kennedy; J.W. Williams (nigger), Doug Batchler; Jack Graham; Bill Gather; J.K. Halilton (nigger), Allan Lane, Gilbert Graham, all of these could be termed Zionists because they love the enemies of Yahweh more than Him.

Dr. I.M. Rabinowitch, a prominent Jew, in “The Zionist Movement Unmasked,” stated:

“As political Zionists have repeatedly affirmed, a person, born a Jew, may be an atheist and still be a loyal Zionist. Moses Hess, author of the historic and economic basis of Political Zionism, was an anarchist who, both in writing and on the platform propagated the theories of the Proudhon school of anarchy. Theodor Herzl was a renegade Jew, who rather suddenly became conscious of his Jewishness when, during his assignment by his newspaper to witness and report upon the infamous Dreyfus trial, he discovered that, in spite of his so-called ‘enlightenment,’ he was no more immune than the most observant Jew to the anti-Semitism of his day, and in Tel Aviv, Palestine, the only almost completely Jewish city in the world, one may see violated, flagrantly and daily, by political Zionists, most fundamental Jewish laws, in complete disregard of the feelings of their orthodox Jewish neighbors.

“It is not an accident that the majority of the leaders of Political Zionism are Russians (Khazars) or descendants of Russians (Khazars), for this movement, except for sporadic attempts in the early centuries, had its origin in Russia amongst the so-called ‘enlightened’ Jews and is culmination of that which the Haskalah; the so-called Russian-Jewish renaissance, started. Leo Pinsker was a Russian, and Perez Smolenskin, who gave to Political Zionism its philosophy in a nutshell, was a Russian. There are observant Jews amongst the political Zionists; the Mizrahi, but they are in a small group.

“The aim of Political Zionism is a Jewish state. Religious Zionism is, thus motivated by piety, whereas Political Zionism is propelled by a material nationalism, though of different degrees.”

Mr. Benjamin Freedman, also a Jew, explained further:

“Popular ignorance of the real basis of political Zionism is beyond calculation. Vaguely most (Judeo) Christian Americans have the idea that the Jews claim Palestine because it was the ‘Promised Land’ in which they lived for a period of a few centuries that ended 2,000 years ago. And the thought of a people returning to its ‘homeland’ seems emotionally satisfying and good.

“But here are facts most Americans do not know: ‘Political Zionism is almost exclusively a movement by the Jews of Europe: BUT THE EASTERN EUROPEAN JEWS HAVE NEITHER A RACIAL NOR A HISTORIC CONNECTION WITH PALESTINE. Their ancestors were not inhabitants of the ‘Promised Land.’ THEY ARE THE DIRECT DESCENDANTS OF THE PEOPLE OF THE KHAZAR KINGDOM, WHICH EXISTED UNTIL THE 12TH CENTURY.

“THE KHAZARS WERE (and are) A NON-SEMITIC, TURKO-FINN, MONGOLIAN TRIBE PEOPLE who, about the 1st century A.D., created one of the largest kingdoms of their time. At its greatest extent it covered an area of about 800,000 square miles. About the 7th century A.D., the King of the Khazars adopted Judaism as the state religion, and the majority of inhabitants joined him n the new allegiance.

“Before that date there was no such thing as a Khazar who was a Jew. Neither then nor since was there such a thing as a Khazar whose ancestors had come from the Holy Land. The (non) Semitic people who established Judaism in Palestine many centuries before the Khazars became converts to the Hebrew faith, DID mostly emigrate from Palestine. BUT NONE OF THEM EMIGRATED TO THE KHAZAR KINGDOM FOR TO THE NORTH.

“In view of this fact, what become s of the cry for ‘reparation’ to the ‘homeland?’ these eastern European, Yiddish-speaking Jews have no historic or racial connection with Palestine, or, for that matter, with the other Jews who existed in other countries for thousands of years prior to the Khazar conversion.”

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