The White Holocaust

Hundreds Of Millions Born and Unborn, Killed By Jewish Hate

7/24/2003 6:43:19 PM

Pastor V.S. Herrell, Christian Separatist Society

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The White Holocaust

By Pastor V.S. Herrell

Every white schoolchild in America has heard of the so‑called Jewish Holocaust, in which millions of Jews were supposed to have been murdered by white Christian Germans  during the Jew‑instigated World War II. Yet, few, if any, could tell you of the true holocaust, or holocausts, of the last two centuries perpetrated by Jews against the White Race, which has resulted in the death of over one billion white people, as we shall prove hereafter. The fact remains that even though the highly inflated "official" number of

Jewish deaths during the so‑called Holocaust is now officially below 3,500,000 (New York Post, March 26, 1992), the estimates of white Christian deaths at the hands of the Communist Zionist Jews in Russia are as high as 45,000,000, just since the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Millions were starved to death by Stalin and his Jewish regime, just as millions are being murdered by genocide today.

Yet, few have heard of these horrors perpetrated by the mongrel Jews against the White Race. Their hatred for Christianity and Jesus Christ has compelled the Jews to institute policies of genocide, which are in force at

all times.

Despite the inaccurate and false portrayals of Hitler and National Socialism by the Jews, it is the Jews who are the true monsters, the true murderous devils. Jews and their Zionist vehicle of Communism have been responsible for the deaths of millions of white people ‑ men, women, and children. The majority of Communists are Jews, and it is a fact of history that Karl Marx and his closest advisors were all antichrist Jews. The

antichrist Jews forced the Communist change in Russia by slaughtering millions of bourgeoisie (the middle class) who had no desire to be ruled by Jewish Communism. They began their regime with the vicious and senseless murder of the house of the Romanovs, aided and abetted by the king of England who denied the Romanov royal family political asylum. The Encyclopedia Britannica calls the slaughter instituted by Stalin "repressive measures to control dissent." One must dig deeper to find the real truth.

During World War II, Allied bombing of German railways resulted in starvation of Germans. Needed medical supplies, food, and clothing were kept out of the hands of Germans, yet the Jews paint a picture of feasting Germans keeping food from the needy Jews. The reverse is true for the Ukrainian people under Stalin. A man‑made famine was created by Stalin and His Jewish fellow‑travelers to starve the people into submission  while Stalin and his cronies feasted. The Russian peasantry, called "kulaks," were deliberately starved and liquidated by Stalin. The Ukrainians were producing adequate grain for their own use, despite the fact that Stalin was attempting to force the

inefficient method of collective farming upon them. In 1932, Stalin procured about 50%

of the grain from the Ukrainians, if not more, thus producing a so‑called


Grain towers were filled with unused grain guarded by communist military units, while the farmers who grew the grain, and could even see the towers outside their own doors, starved along with their families and young children. The grain was stolen from them at bayonet point. There was no natural cause for the so‑called famine ‑ instead,  talin was stealing the food from the mouths of white children, deliberately starving them to death while he feasted on the fruits of their labors, all with the approval and the applause of the Jew‑controlled Communist party of that era. The Ukrainians were

fundamentally devout white Greek or Russian Orthodox Christians.

The Jews had coveted the Ukraine for centuries and their methodical liquidation, a  euphemism for genocidal murder, was little more than so‑called Jewish vengeance for the

imagined offenses these Christians had supposedly committed against the Jews. The murder of these white Christian Ukrainians by the cruel and agonizing method of starvation took a toll of eight to ten million. It is small wonder that the Ukrainians and Baltic peoples greeted the conquering Third Reich as freedom fighters and liberators from the tyranny of Stalin and his Jewish regime of living devils.

Those Ukrainians who did not starve to death were rounded up and shot, beat

to death, tortured, and mutilated, all in the name of Jewish Communism. But the greatest insult to the Ukrainian people is that committed by the Jewish American press and media even today. The Communists blamed the so‑called Nazis for crimes which they had themselves committed. The hundreds of thousands of bodies said to be Third Reich murders were in truth the fiendish work of the living devil Stalin himself.

What is worse is that even though empirical, indisputable evidence has proven these statements to be absolutely true, the Jewish American media continues to purposely misrepresent the crimes against humanity committed by the Stalinist Jews and blame the Germans for the crimes that the Jews actually committed. This fact alone shows a clear and

demonstrable Jewish prejudice and Jewish control of the American media, so much so that it may be said that there is no alternative media in the police state now called the United States. You may say,

"Well, Pastor Herrell, are you not allowed to continue to publish?" My dear friend, our feeble efforts and financial ability are but a spit in the ocean; a feeble effort that

the Jews understand presents no real danger to their dictatorial monopoly of the media. As I said before, the New York Post reported the proven and truer figures for Auschwitz, showing that the Russian Communists and Jews had purposefully inflated the figures and lied. Today, the same old lies are being told in the public schools. The truth is totally ignored even though it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt as the actual truth. In other words, it doesn't do any good to rationally and logically demonstrate the truth and

show the Jews to be vicious liars. They simply ignore such noble efforts and return

to the lies they have been telling.

The truth is that the Ukrainians were placed in Russian gulags or labor concentration camps far worse than any labor camp ever run by Nazi Germany.

"Millions of peasants died of starvation or were deported and sent to forced labour camps" (A Concise Encyclopedia of Russia, S. V. Utechin, Dutton: New York, 1964, p. 120).

The Ukraine, a highly populated white area, was also experiencing at this time a surge in intellectual advancement and creativity as well as a strong desire for independence which was detrimental to the existence of the Communist regime in Moscow.  Thus, Stalin instituted his final solution ‑ forced starvation and death upon the people  to break their spirit.

"The next famine, that of 1932‑3, was created artificially by the authorities as a means of breaking the resistance of the peasants to the collectivization of agriculture ... the grain was removed from the countryside by armed detachments chiefly composed of internal security troops and Komsomol members" (A Concise Encyclopedia of Russia, S. V. Utechin, Dutton: New York, 1964, p. 175).

Of course, Stalin's real purpose was extermination of the white population.

We now know that the phrase "breaking the resistance of the peasants" turned out to be a political euphemism to conceal Stalin's true intentions of mass murder. The conservative estimate for the number of deaths by starvation under Stalin's reign is 10,000,000 white Ukrainians, as reported by the Encyclopedia Britannica. Yet, other sources show the numbers to be much higher. Taking into account the full toll of Communism on the Russian people, the number reaches 45,000,000. At the Royal Albert Hall in London, on October 31, 1967, the numbers were presented as follows (let us remember that we are talking

fundamentally about white people):

A. Russian Revolution and Civil War ‑ 1,500,000

B. Civilian deaths in the Civil War and Ensuing Famine ‑ 13,000,000

C. Murders of "class enemies" ‑ 3,000,000

D. Famine caused by disaster of first Five Year Plan (installation of collectivism) ‑ 7,000,000

E. Stalinist purges ‑ 1,500,000

F. Labor camp deaths, 1921‑1960 ‑ 19,000,000 Total ‑ 45,000,000

Another angering statistic is that of the drop in enrollment of school children in the Ukraine, while non so‑called famine areas showed expected increases. Because initial enrollment occurred in the USSR at seven years of age, a dramatic decrease in enrollment was seen seven years after the initiation of grain stealing from the Ukrainians in 1932. In 1929, enrollment of seven year olds was 1,585,814 students in the Ukraine. By 1938‑1939, the number had decreased to 985,598.

Another famine area, Byuelorussia, showed a decrease in these years from 369,684 to 358,507 (Cultural Construction of the USSR, Moscow: Government Planning Pub., 1940, pages 40‑50). Thus, in these two areas there was a total decrease of 611,390. This means that at least 611,390 children under the age of 7 years were slaughtered in this time period. We

must also remember that there should have been a population increase, so this number is more likely over 1,000,000, and these numbers do not take into account those students who might be older or graduating but never made it through school because their young lives were ended by the Jew front man Stalin. Someone must be held accountable for those desks that remained empty in the schools of the Ukraine and for those teachers' positions that remained unfilled.

The Ukrainian population of 32 million in 1927 decreased to 28 million in 1939. Thus, there was a loss of 4,000,000 Ukrainian lives, and this number would be augmented by the normal expected population growth. At an expected population growth of 4,000,000 we are really looking at a loss, at the very least, of 8,000,000 white Ukrainians.

A similar tragedy occurred in Ireland in the mid‑19th century: the so‑called Potato Famine of Ireland. The truth is that the English had in their possession enough food to feed the Irish, but deliberately kept it from them. Therefore the English starved to death or forced over 1,000,000 Irish from their home country. (This was only one of the most recent genocidal atrocities committed by the English against the Irish.) But we must not entirely blame the white Englishmen, for these events occurred under Jewish control. By

1868, the British had a Jewish Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli. This Zionist Jew

was only able to gain this position of power because of the already established Jewish power base in English politics, industry, and banking.

It was this Jewish power base that orchestrated the Irish famine, deliberately starving Irish men, women, and children in order to gain more economic and political power  and to eradicate the Catholic and Protestant churches of Ireland. Their strategy for  gaining power worked, for the Jews had gained enough power to make one of their own Prime Minister shortly thereafter, in a country that had once banned Jews from its borders.

Still, this is only the beginning of the holocaust of the White Race. The Jewish agents who pitted white man against white man during the world wars are responsible for the deaths of those men who fought, often not even realizing it, for the Jewish agenda. After World War II, German soldiers were taken prisoner by allied nations, and civilian women and children were rounded up and placed in concentration camps. Jews often whine  about family members who supposedly died in German camps, yet millions of survivors are left to spread their lies.

How can there be so many survivors if so many died? Yet, we do not hear of German survivors of Russian, French, and American camps. This is because there are so few.  Eisenhower's quartermaster general, Robert Littlejohn, openly complained that he had no way to feed the 4,000,000 German prisoners in US care in 1945. Many of these prisoners had been transferred to the so‑called "DEF" status. This status meant instant death for the

bearer, and was a violation of the Geneva Convention by Eisenhower. American camps

were compared to Buchenwald, and some were reported as having no food at all anywhere in the camp. Donations of food for the prisoners were returned to donors and rations were not distributed. (This despite the fact that the majority, 58%, of U.S. soldiers thought Germans should receive relief in the form of donations.) In August, 1945, Eisenhower placed the remaining German solders in the camps on DEF status, thereby signing their death warrants.

The end result was millions of German women and children being starved to death, in addition to 2,000,000 German soldiers who perished in the camps at the war's end. In the usual Jew manner, the public was lied to, and few knew of the atrocious treatment Germans were receiving at the hands of the Allies. (All this also occurred at the time of the Nurenberg trials, which have been called the greatest legal injustice in the history of America by United States Senator Robert Taft, son of President William Howard Taft.)

If the horrors of concentration camp existence so often portrayed on our televisions were attributed to the Russians and the Jewish establishment of evil known as Communism, then our television would truly reflect a far more truthful and more accurate historical picture of the atrocities that took place more than fifty years ago. The gulags were indeed death camps for the systematic extermination of white people. This was not the original intent of the Germans. Most of those who died in German concentrated labor camps

died of dysentery and other diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis, and things that

were then beyond the power of the German army to prevent. If the Allies had not bombed the German railway system and practiced a scorched earth policy against the German people, then the vast majority of labor camp persons would have survived the war far better than the average German citizen.

It is in truth the Jews themselves and their insane bombing raids upon Germany that

caused the deaths of 2.5 million Jews and other people being held in German labor camps. It is an indisputable fact that the Germans were far more humane to American prisoners and to prisoners of all nationalities than either the Russians or the Americans. 88% of American prisoners held by Germans survived the war virtually unscathed and in good condition, whereas the exact opposite figure was true of the Japanese and their treatment of American soldiers.

In their camps, 88% died or were beheaded as the Japanese played ninja with

the heads of defenseless prisoners of war, especially during the Batan death march. Yet, the Jews have maintained an utter prejudice against the Germans in the United States. Meanwhile, they have embraced wholeheartedly the Japanese, aiding them to gut the United States of its economic power base and setting the Japanese up as the lords of American industry to whom an ever‑increasing number of Americans find themselves bowing each morning as they go to work.

These are just the tragedies of the camps during and after the war. After the war, Germany itself had been divided into zones, French, Russian, American, and British. In the British zone, innocent women and children were being starved to death at the rate of 220,000 yearly. A type of reconstruction, similar to that of the American South, was forced upon the German people. The millions of deaths of white Germans were tallied as

"other losses." The true number may never be known, as the American records regarding the prison camps were destroyed between 1947‑1950's, and a similar story can be told regarding the other Allied camps, especially the Russians, who took almost 100,000 prisoners (including 24 German generals) at Stalingrad, and only 6,000 survived. Similar actions and many more crimes against the German people are documented in the book Other Losses: An Investigation into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners at the Hands of the French and Americans After World War II by James Bacque.

We can only know that the Jews were taking the advice of one of their biggest frauds, Albert Einstein, who publicly stated that all Germans should be killed. The Jews  used this opportunity to carry out their plans of genocide against the White Race. Stalin  and Roosevelt even toasted each other at the prospect of executing German officers at the war's end; and today there is absolutely no doubt that these plans were put in place not only by Stalin but by the Americans as well. So‑called war criminals, especially anyone who had been connected with the SS, were hunted down and murdered, particularly in

the two and three years following the end of the war. Special units of death squads or hitmen were dispatched to kidnap, murder, or take into deserted wooded areas and murder, in far too many cases, innocent Germans.

The Allied records state clearly and are even bragged about on national TV that  such units were engaged in this demonic, so‑called work. The exact numbers of murders committed by the US hitmen cannot at this time be stated for certain. Yet, we know that it was in the thousands, if not tens of thousands. So much for so‑called "humanitarian" codes of human rights.

Other criminal acts of genocide were perpetrated by Jewish Communists against white Germans in Poland before the war. Numerous eyewitness accounts, by Germans and Poles, describe these acts in detail. Hundreds of pages of historic documents detail these crimes. Photographs also provide evidence.

In fact, many photographs of Jewish Poles committing crimes against Germans are

used by Jews as so‑called proof of German "hate crimes"! The Poles did not limit themselves to starving or shooting Germans; rather, they openly brutalized them, beating them to death, disemboweling men in front of their wives and children. Children were dragged from their mothers and beaten to death by mobs. Women were raped. Men were arrested on false charges.

Once arrested, most were killed or brutalized; the rest were released with death

warrants. The Danzig German population literally begged Adolf Hitler to invade

Poland and put a stop to the Jewish Communist atrocities against white Germans; but once again, the same old Jewish lies continue to persist on American television, totally misrepresenting the reasons for the German invasion of Poland. The fact is, Stalin had already decided that Poland would belong to him.

If Hitler had not acted, Stalin would have taken all of Poland and murdered all  white Germans. It is Stalin who was the true devil and aggressor. It was Stalin and his orders to the internal Jewish Polish Communist party that literally forced Hitler to invade Poland as an act of humanitarian mercy. Most white Christian Poles will be more than happy to tell the truth on this matter even today. The great Polish people have not

forgotten what the Communist Jews were doing in Poland just prior to World War II.

As part of the Jewish plan for white genocide in Poland, German priests and

clergymen were arrested and placed in camps. One priest reports:

"On Sunday, September 10, I asked the commander for permission to say a common  prayer in the dormitory. The answer consisted of a flood of profanity and of blows with a club. The same thing happened when I begged to be allowed to minister to the sick and the dying...The camp guards received us with personal blows and took personal possessions from us; I was not even allowed to keep my New Testament. Our cells were quite empty; we had to sleep on the cold concrete floor" (Father Odilo Gerhard, O.F.M., personal testimony as

published in Die Getreuen, 1939).

Priests and Christian leaders were especially targeted because as Christians they had supported the Christian National Socialist movement. Children as young as four months were killed by Polish hand grenades. Others were shot or beaten to death with rifle butts. A report on these Jew atrocities states:

"The most important finding arrived at in the investigations by the medical

examiners is not to be found in the incredible bestialities, both physical and

mental, as revealed by examination of the bodies. Even more important is the

fact that in the great majority of the cases investigated, military weapons were clearly shown to have been used as instruments of murders" (Polish Acts of Atrocity Against the German Minority in Poland, Compiled by Hans Schadeweldt, Berlin‑New York, 1940 p. 253‑254).

They further write that:

"With indiscriminate thoroughness, people of all ages, from 4 months to 82 years of age, were murdered; and that even women in a very advanced stage of pregnancy were not spared" (p. 257).

Numerous official reports speak of Germans being attacked by Poles, murdered and beaten, while most of the women were raped.

"My father was repeatedly struck on the face and the body with rifle butts, then  stabbed with a bayonet. Thereupon my father fell to the ground and as he lay he was shot six times before dying...[Later] About ten men held me down, by the head, hands and feet while one of them raped me" (Vera Gannott, September, 1939).

"Together, they then succeeded in raping my youngest daughter. Thereupon, the two took hold of my eldest daughter and raped her too" (Hedwig Daase).

"My husband was shot in the shoulder and hit in the face with a rifle butt. He reeled but still tried to escape. He started to climb the fence, but was held back by a civilian. A polish soldier gave him another rifle‑butt blow which knocked him out. A Polish lieutenant led me and the children back in the house. From an attic window I could see my prostrate husband. He lingered on for a long time. I saw him draw his legs up and stretch them; once in a while he would lift his hand. However, it was impossible for us to go to him, for he was surrounded by Polish soldiers and civilians. A Polish policeman stood guard at the fence. Polish women shouted:

"The swine is still alive!' Towards evening, my husband was shot three more times by Polish soldiers. He had also been stabbed through the stomach with a bayonet...The woman next door told me that he was still breathing the next day. My husband was tall and

strong and only 38. Probably that is why he had such a hard time dying. He lay

about eighteen hours before he was released from his agony" (Christa Gollnick).

None of these people had committed any crime. They were murdered by the Communist mobs and the Communist controlled army, simply because they were white Germans. Murders of entire German families and villages were also committed:

"The murder of the Beyers, Bromberg gardeners, is characteristic of the cases of innumerable German minority families who, on Bromberg's Bloody Sunday, fell victims to murdering Poles...The murder is also characteristic of murder gangs recruited from recognized Polish Government Officer Organizations. These groups, acting with recognizable cooperation with the army, were guilty of hundreds of mass murders...With brutal violence,

the railway men tore Kurt Beyer, 11, from the arms of his mother, who was clasping him fearfully...Stefan Sitarek, a Pole, found the bodies of Friedrich Beyer, his son Heinz, and of Thiede [Beyer's assistant], lying in a heap...[he] found Kurt Beyer squirming and moaning beneath the dead bodies. Obviously, he was severely injured. Sitarek tried to help the boy, but according to his statement, was rebuffed by the authorities responsible for the transportation of the wounded.

According to statements made by other Polish witnesses, the child lying at the side of the bodies of his father and his brother succumbed to his wounds late that morning" (Polish Atrocities, p. 106, 107).

Hundreds of stories like this one are recorded and documented, yet very few people have ever heard of these atrocities committed against innocent children and white men and women. Many more cases remain unsolved and hundreds, if not thousands, were reported missing, never to be found or accounted for. Once again, mongrelized governments, where hatred for white people prevailed, are shown to have instituted a bureaucratic, systematic execution of white people.

The list of crimes against the White Race goes on and on. Wars instigated and manipulated by Jew mongrels are responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of white soldiers and civilians. These include the American Civil War, World War I, World War II, and numerous smaller wars throughout the world.

These numbers of deaths of white men, women, and children are staggering. In the American Civil War, over 600,000 white men died. In World War I, 8.5 million white soldiers and another 10 million white civilians died. In World War II, over 20 million white soldiers and 25 million white civilians died. These are the "official" numbers. The  actual numbers of both military and civilian deaths are much higher. But even with these "official" numbers, plus the 45 million white Russians killed by Jewish Communism, we see that the number of whites killed in the last 140 years by Jew‑orchestrated wars is

well over 100 million.

It should be noted that not only is the blood of Jesus Christ and these millions of people on the hands of the Jews, but also the death of their posterity. How many white children would the Beyer family have produced? There will never be another Friedrich Beyer, and his sons, who would have carried on his name and mind, were murdered along with him by mongrels who do not even have the right to life. This is true of tens of millions more white, Christian men whose names have been erased off the face of the planet, and whose names the Jews are attempting to remove from the memories of those white people

who remain. The same Jews who proclaim the "never forget" philosophy are attempting to make the few white people who remain forget their white heritage and the Jew‑created holocaust of the White Race and cause them to turn against even their own racist grandparents.

Many of these 100 million were the most fit and able men of their respective generations who were not given the opportunity to have children of their own. The 20 million white soldiers who died in World War II, had it not been for the war, would have certainly gone on and had children of their own. If we are conservative and estimate that each of these 20 million white soliders had only two children, and that half of those children married each other and had two more children, then instead of 20 million white men being murdered, we are actually talking about 100 million white people who would have lived in the last 50 years. If we make this number 3 children to each family, then we are talking about 170 million, 90 million of whom would be alive today. This number represents just the soldiers who died in World War II. If we do the same math for all those who died in World War II, plus go back another generation for those who died in World War I, and then go back two more generations for those who died in the Civil War, then we get the

following results:

American Civil War:

Generation 1: 600,000 (killed)

Generation 2: 1.8 million (children)

Generation 3: 2.7 million (grandchildren)

Generation 4: 4.0 million (great grandchildren)

Generation 5: 6.0 million (gr‑gr‑grandchildren)

Generation 6: 9.0 million (gr‑gr‑gr‑grandchildren)

Total Killed: 24.1 million

World War I

Generation 1: 18.5 million (killed)

Generation 2: 54 million (children)

Generation 3: 81 million (grandchildren)

Generation 4: 121.5 million (great grandchildren)

Total Killed: 275 million

World War II

Generation 1: 45 million (killed)

Generation 2: 135 million (children)

Generation 3: 202.5 million (grandchildren)

Total Killed: 382.5 million

White Russian Holocaust

Generation 1: 45 million (killed)

Generation 2: 135 million (children)

Generation 3: 202.5 million (grandchildren)

Total Killed: 382.5 million

From these four sources only, we get a total of 1 billion whites killed, at

least 535 million of whom would be alive today (this includes only the last

generation, but certainly most of their parents would also be alive). 535 million is about how many white people are on the entire planet today, so that the effect of the above Jewish atrocities is that the white population of the world is half of what it would be today had these actions not taken place.

Today, this holocaust continues with the genocide of the White Race by mongrels and blacks, all promoted by the world Zionist coalition. Jews have incited blacks to openly hate and plan the murder of innocent whites. For example, a black college student at Penn State University, a major university, was able to freely write the following for his school newspaper:

"After looking at all the evidence there is only one conclusion: white people are devils...I believe that we must secure our freedom and independence from these devils by any means necessary, including violence...To protect ourselves we should bear arms (three handguns and two rifles, maybe an M‑16) immediately and form a militia...So black people, let us unite, organize and execute" (African Americans Should Not Trust Devilish White

People by Chino Wilson, as published in The Daily Collegian, January 28, 1992).

Of course, there was no public outcry regarding this statement, although there is clear and explicit intent to cause people to commit murder. Has the FBI hired paid informants to entrap Mr. Wilson by selling him illegal weapons, or he is allowed to continue his daily activities without interference? Or maybe his activities will one day get him a seat on the Supreme Court in the Clarence Thomas position of the Black Panthers. Where was the media hype when this was printed? How can the Jewish media, which openly preys upon news stories wherein a black or mongrel is murdered by a white (even though the

crime was not necessarily racially motivated) justify their silence over such a statement? The fact is that the Jews also desire the death of white people and therefore actively suppress such information to keep it out of the hands of justifiably angry white people.

Another instance of Jewish media silence occurred regarding Hulon Mitchell,

leader of the so‑called black "Yahweh sect." Mitchell repeatedly preached to cult members that whites were devils and must be murdered. He was fond of saying: "All over America, white heads are going to roll!" He then ordered his followers to kill these white people and bring their heads back as trophies. When one follower decided that he would have difficulty carrying the heads of his white victims through downtown Miami, Mitchell settled for an ear. From 1986 to Mitchell's trial in 1992, sect members would do just that ‑ bring the fingers or ears of white victims to prove they were doing what they were


Is it realistic to believe that such devoted servants have stopped doing that

just because Mitchell was found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder? Yet, even though the murders of flagrant, antichrist homosexuals or black drug dealers receive at least two weeks of complete media coverage with regular follow‑ups, this story was never big enough to reach the evening news.

The statistics prove further that whites are by far the largest victims of racially motivated crimes today. According to the Department of Justice, blacks kill twice as many whites than vice versa. These are only cases where the killer is known, and it is a well‑known fact that over 50% of homicide cases go unsolved. Other crimes are no different. Blacks are 20 times more likely to rob a white, and 52 times more likely to commit gang robbery against a white.

A black male is 900 times more likely to rape a white woman than a white is to rape a black female. One such woman, raped by a gang of blacks in New York, received much media attention when she was accused of being racist and a white whore for being raped. Blacks openly threatened the judge who provided sentencing against the blacks, and nigger newspapers published her name and broadcast it to all blacks who would like to rape her again. This could have easily been just another rape‑murder victim if she had not somehow

survived the beating that followed the rape. In short, a black is 103 times more likely to commit any crime against a white than a white against a black.

All these statistics are especially startling when one considers the fact that there are 6 white people for every one black and often a Hispanic or Jew who commits a crime is classified as white. Thus, though there are more whites than blacks in the United States, blacks and mongrels commit most of the crimes in the country. (We are also not  considering black‑on‑black crime, wherein most homicides of black males are perpetrated by another black.)

Furthermore, in any instance where a white has committed a so‑called crime against a black, it is immediately assumed that the crime was racially motivated. This is not so the other way around (assuming the crime even gets any media attention). The following is a news story from Orange County Register, December 11, 1991 (emphasis added):

"'Wilding' Attacks: San Diego police are investigating 50 unusually savage assaults that they liken to New York City's notorious 'wilding' attacks, perpetrated by youthful robbers for the sake of committing violence.

"Police said the young attackers are black and their victims, 46 men and four women, are white. The victims were attacked in the Hillcrest and North Park neighborhoods.

"'There is no evidence they are hate crimes,' Detective Steve Baker said."

Obviously, these attacks are hate crimes, as are the other thousands of crimes perpetrated against white people in America. One has to hold a person in contempt or detest that person in order to commit a crime against that person. All black crimes against whites are hate crimes. This is a typical reaction from the Jewish‑controlled media, which promote that all whites are racists, while blacks are always the victims. In fact, the statistics point the other way. Any attack on a white person is a hate crime, as the hatred of white people is promoted at every opportunity. In fact, most blacks have

an ingrained feeling of hatred of whites, and they believe that drugs and diseases like AIDS were created by white people to destroy blacks. Advocators of such beliefs include Spike Lee, Bill Cosby, and Jesse Jackson. Most blacks in general believe such nonsense.

Another heinous hate crime against whites is perpetrated by the United States' legal system, wherein predominantly black juries have often set free black criminals in the face of overwhelming prosecutorial evidence. Yet, white jurors rarely pass judgments based on race and do not typically set free criminals just because they are white. (Although non‑black jurors have been browbeaten by the threat of race riots or murder to vote not guilty and set free nigger criminals)

These hate crimes are but another part of the plan for the genocide of the White  Race. More insidious criminal acts against whites include open discrimination against  whites who apply for jobs. Jews cry for so‑called diversity in the workforce, in the schoolplace, and in all aspects of society, while qualified whites lose their jobs to inferior negroes. Every time a white man loses his job because of so‑called affirmative action or the desire for so‑called "diversity", the mongrels are stealing bread from his family, thus perpetuating the holocaust of the White Race. This is observed also in

acceptance rates at universities and schools across America, where the standards have been lowered to ridiculously low or non‑existent levels so that retarded blacks and other mongrels (many of whom who are not even citizens of this country) can gain entry to the school or be awarded coveted scholarships, which really belong to the hard‑working, highly qualified whites. These white people are then either forced to quit school or work full‑time jobs in order to pay tuition. Others must delay completing their degree in order to work two full jobs to support themselves and their families. These and many more atrocities are fully documented in Jared Taylor's book Paved With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America.