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We Are At War

As one watches the television or movies today, it can be seen very clearly that the enemy is really using to his utmost his race-card. It’s simply a constant barage of Satanic ideology. Anyone who is not aware that we are in a race-war simply hasn’t does his homework. Today the clowns called preachers in the mainstream churches are the greatest race-traitors the world had ever known. (I prefer to call the Priests of Baal, who stand and preach the Jews false doctrine in the pulpits of whore houses called churches)

Even some in Israel Identity avoid the use of the “R” word thinking they’re doing Yahweh a favor. (When in reality they do this because they don’t want to be thought of by the masses of people, who have never been right about anything, as racists) Anyone who hasn’t discovered that the Bible is a book about race from the beginning to the end, doesn’t know what Christianity is all about. Therefore today, those uninformed so-called “Christians” (Judeo-Christians) are trying to walk with one arm embracing Yahweh, and the other outstretched to Satan. Ditto for the “univresalists” and “multiculturists” in the Judeo-Christian and Identity, who dub it “the restitution of all things.” However, it is abundantly clear that until the White Race is completely searated and isolated from all the other races, there will be no “restitutin of all things.”

There is also another area I must address which was brought to my attention. It seems there is always someone out there going of on a tngent in the Israel Identity people. The latest is Pastor V.S. Herrell in his article “The Sacred Name Delusion,” which appeared on his Internet Web site. The object of his article was to debunk the Sacred Name of Yahweh/Yahshua. Had he really done his research on this subject, he wouldn’t have come to such and untenable conclusion. In short, he based his assertion that the Sacred Name of Yahweh/Yahshua was false on the assumption that Messiah and His Disciples spoke Greek rather than Aramaic. If yu are having problems with the Sacred Name, you may find the following informative:

(1) If you will go to Josephus’ Antiquities 20:11:2, you will find that he confesses he had problems pronouncing the Greek language. It should be obvious that in that area Aramaic was still a prominent language during that time period, and it was spoken by Yahshua and His followers, contrary to V.S. Herrell.

(2) Recently archeologists have found what they believe to be the ossuary of James, half brother to Yahshua. On the stone box is an inscription in Aramaic mentioning Yahshua, which the translators spelled “Yeshua.”

(3) In the earlier translations of the Bible at Acts 7:45 and Hebrews 4:8, the translators substituted the word “Jesus” rather than Joshua, showing they recognized the name to be the same. Some of the newer translations have corrected this obvious error. It should be noted that in many languages the “J” is pronounced as “Y,” making Joshua = Yahshua.

(4) In addition to these three witnesses, the Papyrus from Elephantine in Egypt written to Bagohi, governor of Judah near the time of Nehemiah, spoke of the “temple of Yahu” (abbreviated form of Yahweh) at Elephantine (The 1916 Archaeology And The Bible, by George A. Barton, p. 388)

Even before the writings of Moses, language was under going a “Canaanite shijt.” There is evidence Yahweh might more correctly be pronouned like our state, Iowa, named after an Indian tribe. It has been discovered that the Algonquian speaking White Indian tribes actually spoke Egyptian hieratic. But until the correct pronunciation is established, I will continue to use Yahweh. (Try “Jehovah;” Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th edition)

At this point are interested in the history of Persia. This is important because the Book of Daniel fits at the Persian Empire. Unless we understand the history surrounding the Book of Daniel, it is next to impossible to understand his circumstances, let alone his prophecies.

It has been shown in scripture that there were four different men by the name of “Darius.” If you thought that was confusing, A. Leo Oppenheim in his book “Ancient Mesopotamia,” on pp. 340-341, lists four different men by the name of Nebuchadnezzar. The one mentioned in Daniel 2 was Nebuchadnezzar II. The last two (III and IV) were usurpers.

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