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White Slavery in Israel

by Kevin Alfred Strom

You hear a lot about Black slavery, even though it has not existed

in this country for 130 years. You hear a lot about the slave labor

used by Germany more than half a century ago. Every now and

then you hear about the slavery and near‑slavery that is still

endemic in much of the Third World. You almost never hear about

the very real White Slavery that existed right alongside Black

slavery, though I have discussed it on this program more than


But I am almost certain that you have never heard of the slave

labor of White people that is happening right now in the State of

Israel. I am talking about White people literally enslaved by Jews.

It was brought to light by a Jewish journalist in Israel named

Schlomo Abramovitch and published in the Israeli publication

"Yediot Aharonot" in March of last year.

In parts of Eastern Europe the economy is devastated and White

people are destitute, on the edge of starvation, and eating by

scavenging garbage. A Romanian man, identified only as Dimitri K,

said he could earn only $95 per month in Romania, so he was

easy pickings for Israeli so‑called "recruiters" who promised him

higher wages.

What he discovered was that, once in Israel, his real status was

that of a slave, who is paid only what his master thinks will

suffice to barely sustain him, and who has no rights whatsoever.

Dimitri was taken to work at a metal plant in Ashqelon. When

they were only paid about one fourth of what they were promised

by the "recruiter," he and eight other workers there dared to


The workers were kidnapped, taken to a secret location and

beaten. "They tied a bag over my head, viciously pulled me

outside, and took me to a pickup truck parked near the entrance"

of the one room apartment he shared with six other slaves. "I did

not see who they were, but at least one of them was a real

hooligan. He swung me like a chicken and threw me onto the

pickup truck. The beatings began immediately afterward. One of

the kidnappers told me I was paying for inciting my comrades to

go on strike." After the beatings, it was somehow arranged for

Dimitri K and the other troublesome slaves to be officially

deported from Ben‑Gurion airport. After all, there are plenty more

White people like Dimitri, starving and willing to believe what the

Jewish "recruiter" tells them.

The Israeli government admits that as many as 100,000 workers

like Dimitri, many of them White Europeans, are brought into the

Jewish state by such "recruiters." The practice is technically

illegal, but little is done about it because so many Jews profit not

only from the trade in human flesh, but from the cheap labor and

high living and high profits it means for some Israeli Jews. The

Jewish author of this revealing report states that these people are

"employed under slave‑labor conditions in factories, workshops,

restaurants, and in private homes. Employers exploit the fact that,

if the workers disclosed their working conditions, they could be

deported. People are sold like slaves by one employer to another

for large amounts of money." Slave women are used sexually by

their so‑called "employers" but have no legal recourse except

escape and recapture by police. If the "employer" has used the

workers for a while and wants to get out of even paying the

customary slave wages, no problem: he can just turn over his

slaves to the police and they'll be deported and out of his hair.

Sadly, more and more White people from Eastern Europe are

caught up in this slave trade by their own desperation: the

"recruiters" promise a wage well above what is available in the

wrecked economies of their homelands, which in painful irony

were once ruled by Jewish Communism, and are now stripped

bare by predatory capitalists, many of them Jewish. Now the

Jews take possession of the people themselves.

If the American government had an ounce of decency, it would

immediately end all aid to the Jewish state and do everything in

its power to help our poor blood brothers in Eastern Europe.


Kevin Alfred Strom


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