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The Heritage Foundation, CAN, and the Jewish Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith at the Center of the Waco, Texas Standoff

     WHAT IS A "CULT?": Cult: tilling, care, refinement, worship, to cultivate, worship, dwell. 1. a particular system of religious worship, esp. with reference to its rites and ceremonies. 2. an instance of great veneration of a person, ideal, or thing, esp. as manifested by a body of admirers. 3. the object of such devotion. 4. a group or sect bound together by devotion to or veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc. 5. a group having a sacred ideology and a set of rites centering around their sacred symbols. 6. a religion that is considered or held to be false or unorthodox, or its members. (Random House College Dictionary, 1982)

     You've seen the headlines, "Cult commits suicide," "Cult abuses children," "Cult brainwashes followers." This must be the age of cults. Many believe that groups like the Moonies or Jim Jones are/were cults; but not according to cult "experts." They have labeled almost every religion as a cult. Some of the religions on their list are Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Seven Day Adventists, and Christian Identity, to name just a few.

     As shown above, the definition for a cult is simply a system of religious beliefs. In other words any religion that is different than the one the person calling the other a cult! But in recent times it has become defined as a group of persons who have absolute devotion to and allegiance for a particular belief or blind subservience towards a leader. There is no question that some cults are destructive. Anytime a religious or political leader totally controls the followers it is abusive, and a violation of their liberties. These kind of individuals are bullies and tyrants. They manipulate lives by shrewd intimidation, verbal skills, and human charisma. They rudely impose their will on others and use people as if they are a piece of property. It is that kind of cult leader that all freedom loving Americans should stand against. No one with a conscience can stand by while lives are wrecked by abusive cultish con-men. But, that is not the reason the Federal Government and the news media are attacking cults as the enemies of society. They are not being noble and benevolent with these actions against so-called "cults." They are labeling and attacking them because they don't want the competition! The conspirators for the "New World Order" are creating their own world-wide cult {Judaism-Humanism}, and they want a monopoly of power over the people.

     The New World Order cult fits all the definitions of a "cult." They want their system to have absolute rule and they want everyone to conform to their government. They desire to have a one-world cult, with the cult members blindly following the leaders to the death. They want to train the children to be followers of the New World Order cult and to be subservient as their parents have been. They want a public so brainwashed that they will never know now bridled and enslaved they really are, or how free they could be. The New World Order is the worst cult of all, it is THE WORLD'S MOST DANGEROUS CULT!

     The Jewish International bankers and the wealthy elite are manipulating lives like con-men. They are the ultimate bullies and tyrants. They are wrecking families, destroying our Christian heritage and ruthlessly enslaving mankind. They are guilty of the ultimate child abuse, which is slavery and murder. Did those children in Waco have a choice to live when the Federal Government sent tanks tearing into the buildings, and setting the fires which consumed them?

     After the building lay in smoldering ashes did they lift a flag as a memorial to the innocent children they murdered? No! Instead they put up an ATF flag to honor the four ATF agents, who actually shot each other in a bungled, unconstitutional raid! That has got to be the ultimate insult to human decency. But then it is obvious that the federal agents who murdered the men, women and children thought it only fitting that the victors be able to put up any flag they wished over the dead corpses of those murdered, by such brave men (sic-puke).

     They really taught those people a lesson. But more importantly did they teach the rest of the citizens a lesson? Will the other independent Christians cower in fear after seeing a brutal government sacrifice women and children? Will we all decide to submit to higher levels of slavery because we are afraid of a similar fate? These are the fears of cult members, the New World Order Cult. This is the cult of the Jewish International Bankers and the wealthy conspirators. If we don't follow after them blindly they will punish us with their obedient goon squad servants - the ATF, FBI, CIA, U.N. Troops, and our own military. We no longer have a constitution to defend us. All three branches of government defend the gung-ho actions of the military against independent Christians. The news media reported that 93% of the public blame the cult leader in Waco for all the deaths. We are sure this is a great comfort to the women and children who were murdered. The citizens of America have accepted what the Federal Government did in Waco, by their lack of protest and their resignation to an all-powerful cult, called the New World Order.

     There may have been more protest against this tragic incident if David Koresh had not been such a classic cult leader. Unfortunately, he did meet most of the definitions of a cult. There were brainwashing techniques used by Koresh and abuse of women, this cannot be denied. But nothing happened in that religious group that justified a military assault. Nothing that group did validated the burning to death of 86 men, women and children.

     But, if we look at it from the standpoint of our cult leaders, the Federal Government; those people would not obey the rules, they would not conform or submit, they would not worship the cult god who rules this nation. They were rebellious, they were tax protestors. So kill them all, it will serve as an example to the other citizen slaves! From their standpoint it all makes perfect sense. Doesn't it?

     Jim Jones would have been proud of the ATF and any cult agent that is so capable of following their cult leaders blindly, that they would kill their own people! That is the definition of a cult - blind subservience to leaders even to their own death. Those four agents willingly put themselves into an unconstitutional military attack against their fellow American citizens. They did that because they were subservient to their cult leaders, the gods of unconstitutional laws, the gods of force, the gods of their lives. If those men could speak now, what would they say? Would they be proud they gave their lives to defend the corrupt New World Order? Would they be proud at the murder of almost 100 men, women and children?

     What you have seen in Idaho and Waco is the beginning of a war against independent thinking Christian American citizens! It is an attack on free thinking individuals. It is an assault on our freedoms, our culture and our sovereignty as a nation. It is an offensive political and military act of war against American citizens who could be a threat to the completion of the New World Order's plans to enslave America and it's citizens. These military police actions are carried out with great enthusiasm, by men and women with no Christian morals whatsoever and without due process of constitutional laws, and financed virtually with a blank check from the Federal Government.

     These operations have already cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars, and this is only the beginning. They will never run out of money or resources to carry out their assaults against Christian men, women and children. No matter how economically depressed our nation becomes, they will  always have the time and money to kill or imprison the Christian enemies of the New World Order. If they wish to, they will invent stories about certain Christian groups and let the press vilify and destroy American Patriots. The attacks will be carried out by the mercenary ATF and FBI agents as the nation watches on TV. If the group attacked chooses to fight instead of giving up, the Federal Government will gladly accommodate their wish to die rather than to surrender to these anti-Christ, satanic controlled agents. They will simply consider it another problem swept away. it will serve as an example to the rest of the American citizens of another futile rebellion of radicals. {This is the reason for showing the attacks by U.S. forces in behalf of the U.N. on TV. To show our people what will happen to them, if they should dare to resist the New World Order}. All the while the people at home will shake their heads and say, "It's too bad they had to die; if only they weren't such radicals. All they had to do was surrender and submit. Only a crazy person would fight to the death and not obey the government." This is the mentality of a brainwashed slave, a servant to a cult called the New World Order.

     1). The Heritage Foundation has recently been linked to the American Holocaust at Waco, Texas. This Foundation, in connection with Cult Awareness Network (CAN) apparently supplied behind the scenes "experts," "advisors," "observers," "students," and "money" who provided important "information" which became the impetus for the unlawful initiation of the ATF attack and siege on the Christian Branch Dividian Church at Waco. Dr. Colman, in his book "Committee of 300" gives us a the following information about The Heritage Foundation on pages 60 & 61: "This Foundation was founded by brewery magnate Joseph Coors to act as a conservative think tank. Heritage was soon taken over by Fabianists Sir Peter Vickers Hall, Stuart Butler, Steven Ayzler, Robert Moss and Frederich Von Hayek under the direction of the Club of Rome. This institute played a major role in carrying out British Labor leader Anthony Wedgewood Benn's order to 'Thatcherize Reagan.' Heritage is certainly not a conservative operation although at times it may look and sound like one."

     "For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; FOR SATAN HIMSELF IS TRANSFORMED INTO AN ANGEL OF LIGHT. Therefore it is no great thing if HIS MINISTERS ALSO BE TRANSFORMED AS THE MINISTERS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS..." (2 Cor. 11:13-15)

   2). On November 3, 1987, an armed confrontation at the Mount Carmel compound near Waco, Texas between rivals for the leadership of the Branch Davidian religious sect led to a shoot-out. After the shoot-out, charges of attempted murder were filed against one of the rivals, Vernon Howell {who later took the name David Koresh}, and six of his followers.


     According to Vic Feazell, who was then McLennan County district attorney, "We had no problems {with the arrest}."

   4). On Sunday morning, Feb. 28, 1993, more than 100 armed officers of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

(ATF) pulled up in front of the compound with three armed attack helicopters hovering overhead, to deliver and execute sealed search warrants to gather evidence of federal weapons violations.

   5). The 45-minute gun battle which erupted left four ATF agents dead and sixteen wounded, and at least three members of the sect dead, including a two-year-old child. The retreat of ATF agents led to a standoff which has continued up to the moment the compound was destroyed and the occupants murdered by them and the FBI.

   6). While the media have featured a parade of so-called cult experts and religious leaders to shape public opinion regarding this event, the most important questions have not even been asked. One of these is: Why was a peaceful resolution possible with Vernon Howell and the Branch Davidians in 1987, but not in 1993?

   7). Former DA Feazell blamed the ATF for the deadly confrontation, accusing them of "a vulgar display of power." In 1987, he said, "We treated them like human beings, rather than storm-trooping the place."

   8). Feazell said of the Davidians, "They're protective of what's theirs. They're protective of their land. They view their land as Muslims do Mecca and Jews view Jerusalem...if they'd {the ATF} called and talked to them, THE DAVIDIANS WOULD'VE GIVEN THEM WHAT THEY WANTED. His view of ATF blundering was second by anti-terror expert Col. Charlie Beckwith, the founder of the U.S. Army's Delta Force commando unit. "I thought it {the raid} was ludicrous," he told reporters. "The whole thing. It was an embarrassment." Beckwith faulted the plan implemented by the ATF, saying the intelligence behind it was responsible for the disaster.

   9). An in-depth review of the sequence of events leading up to the abortive raid and subsequent standoff shows that officials of the Jewish controlled and financed Cult Awareness Network (CAN) were central to the plans drafted by the ATF.

The Jewish ADL and the CAN Connection at Waco

   10). CAN is a national kidnap-for-hire ring which is involved in arranging more than 500 kidnappings and deprogrammings {a euphemism for brainwashing} a year. Many of CAN;s deprogrammers and "experts" got their start with the CIA's drug and mind-control experiments run as Operation MK-Ultra in the 1950s and '60s. Through its close collaboration with the Anti-Defamation League, CAN has been established as the "authority" on so-called cults, enabling its members to influence and even direct law enforcement agencies involve in "anti-cult" activity.

   11). CAN's recent criminal actions are also detailed in a book "Travesty - A True Crime Story," which was published by Executive Intelligence Review in March 1993). At the center of the ATF's planning in Waco was a shadowy figure named Rick Ross, described by CAN leaders as one of their top deprogrammers. Ross, who was convicted on a felony count for a jewelry heist in 1975, once deprogrammed a member of the Dividians and had been hired to handle another prior to the raid. National Public Radio reported that he had been working as a consultant with the ATF for more than a month.

   12). The most bizarre input to ATF planners came from Australia, from Geoff Hossack, a private investigator hired by former Branch Davidian members. Hossack traveled to the United States three times to "build his case." After meeting with representatives of various law-enforcement agencies in Texas, who were not convinced by his report, he turned to the U.S. Consulate in Melbourne, Australia.

   13). Consulate representative Sandra Stevens filed a report with the State Department after receiving a letter from Hossack which warned that "Howell was heading in one of the following directions: a final Jones town massacre; an armed confrontation with authorities; or some bizarre behavior, such as an attempted assassination of a public figure." This report was passed on to the ATF agents.

   14). The report had a significant effect on ATF officials, as Hossack's formulations became their official line on David Koresh after the tragedy in Waco. In justifying the tactics of the raid, ATF spokesman Jack Killorin said that the agency concluded that "Koresh would either launch an attack on Waco residents or instigate a mass suicide." Another official, speaking off the record, said the timing of the raid "was a {coin} flip over whether they would attack the citizens of Waco or do a Jones town."

   15). In interviews with Australian press, Hossack went further with his scare stories. He said there was a "very real probability" that a child would be sacrificed at the compound, "possibly on Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement." He told Channel 10 in Melbourne that police should dig up the grounds of the compound to discover a "secret cemetery" there.

   16). It is unlikely that Hossack's charges were given credibility because they were believable, but due to his association with CAN networks in Australia. Investigators have learned that Hossack does jobs for the Arnold Bloch, Leibler law firm, whose partner is Mark Leibler of the infamous Leibler family. He and his brother, Lsi Leibler, who is co-chairman with Edgar Bronfman of the World Jewish Congress, have long-standing ties with both the Mossad {Israeli Intelligence} and the U.S. Anti-Defamation League (ADL). A recent Executive Intelligence Review Magazine series on the Leiblers (Feb. 5, 12, and 26, 1993) documented their role as part of Dope inc.

   17). CAN works closely with the ADL, which has run a protection racket for U.S. organized crime since its founding. Lsi Leibler has been spreading the same slanders against U.S. political prisoner Lyndon La Rouche in Australia as have CAN and the ADL in the United States.

   18). A third report which triggered ATF's actions came from Michigan, from anonymous "former members" of the Davidians, containing allegations against Koresh of "child abuse and neglect, tax evasion, slavery and reports of possible mass destruction." {It is a favorite tactic of CAN to produce such reports from former members who have undergone brainwashing {called deprogramming by CAN agents} at the hand of CAN's mind control experts.

   19). A copy of this report was also sent to the FBI. The Dallas Morning News obtained an FBI memo from Feb. 23, 1993 on the Michigan report, which stats that "to date, no information has been developed to verify the allegations."

CAN and "Spin Control"

   20). CAN's role did not stop with setting up the ATF agents. Since the raid, CAN officials have everywhere {been}, serving as unofficial "Spin Control" officers for the media. Both Priscilla Coates, former CAN executive director, and MK-Ultra brainwasher Margaret Singer, were in Waco giving "background" briefings to the press.

   21). Galen Kelly, another top CAN deprogrammer, was interviewed on the Waco events on Fox-TV's "A Current Affair," THE DAY BEFORE HIS MOST RECENT INDICTMENT FOR KIDNAPPING IN VIRGINIA. Also appearing as an expert on the same show was Yuri Dan, a top Israeli Intelligence official. Rick Ross and others were given air time daily, to issue charges against Koresh and warnings of the imminence of another Jones town style mass suicide, and to defend ATF actions. Jan Keith, a CAN leader in Houston, said, "They  {the Davidians} are never going to come out. They {FBI} are going to have to go in and get them. I don't expect a good ending to this."

   22). U.S. political leader Lyndon LaRouche has describe this kind of reporting as "a hoax from beginning to end," one perpetrated by the same networks typified by the ADL which initiated the violence. Instead of interview CAN members, the press should be demanding that law-enforcement agencies investigate CAN for its role in setting up the tragic events in Waco.

   23). Nearly everyone in the entire world by now should be aware of the military type raid on a religious complex near Waco, Texas on February 28, 1993.

     This attack and siege is but the latest of a long series of nebulous and sometimes none-existent warrants being served on private citizens by the so-called Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), using crushing and exceedingly excessive force. The brutality exercised during all of these raids of the past several years shows a total lack of respect for the Bill of Rights and it compares with the brutality exercised by other totalitarian government over the past several hundred years.

Mount Carmel Siege

     24). The information for the following was gathered by a group of concerned citizens from the city of Waco, Colorado, Florida, and Texas and was published in the Jubilee, P.O. Box 310, Midpines, California 95345. As investigators we established very reliable sources in collecting facts from alert Waco residents; released Davidians in jail; TV dish and satellite monitoring organizations; and others.

     HISTORY: The Branch Davidians were originally connected with the 7th Day Adventists and established their first Waco church in 1934 north west of Waco. In 1953 they moved to the present 77 acre site where they were very busy in constructing their maze of buildings, which included a swimming pool and gymnasium. There was an internal power struggle in 1986 wherein David Koresh prevailed as the leader and pastor. His doctrines were bazaar and perverted by allowed free-will to his followers enabling them to come and go as they pleased. His beliefs provided him with many wives and he regarded children above the age of 12 as adults.

   25). This is no surprise, as David Koresh was born and raised as a Jew, thus according to the Talmud (Yebamoth 12b) the ages when female birth control may be exercised, namely from "the age of eleven years and one day until the age of twelve years and one day," with a child "under or over" these ages to "carry on her marital intercourse in the usual manner." This is why Koresh believed that a girl who had reached the age of 12 years was eligible for marriage. The Talmud continues and recommended birth control is to be followed because otherwise the pregnant female might have a "second conception" which would make her fetus a "sandal" or "flat fish." "R. Bebai recited before R. Nahman: Three [categories of] women may use an absorbent in their marital intercourse. A minor, a pregnant woman and a nursing woman. The minor, because [otherwise] she might become pregnant, and as a result might die. A pregnant woman, because [otherwise] she might cause her foetus to degenerate into a sandal. A nursing woman, because [otherwise] she might have to wean her child prematurely and this would result in his death. And what is the age of such a minor [Who is capable of conception but exposed thereby to the danger of death]. From the age of eleven years and one day until the age of twelve years and one day. One who is under [When no conception is possible] must carry on her marital intercourse in the usual manner." (Yebamoth 12b).

   26). Actually the age limit for a Jewish man to have intercourse with a girl is almost non-existent. Baby boys may always be used as subject for sodomy by grown men, according to the Talmud (Sanhedrin 54b-55a). The Pharisaic subterfuge here is that until a child reaches sexual maturity, capable of sexual intercourse, he or she does not rank as a person, hence Biblical laws against sodomy {pederasty} do not apply. Throughout the Talmud "nine years and one day" is the fictitious age of male maturity.

   27). Likewise, under "nine years and one day," the "first stage of intercourse" of a boy with the mother, or any grown woman, is harmless, Talmudically. Shammai, to seem more "strict," lowers the age to eight years in some cases (Sanhedrin 69b).

   28). The Talmud allows intercourse between a grown man and a girl less than three years old: "When a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this - that is, less than three years old - it is as if one puts the finger into the eye - tears come to the eye again and again, so does virginity come back to the little girl under three years.`" (Kethuboth 11b) This is the standard doctrine of the whole Talmud in reference to girls. Sodomy and intercourse with babies is the prerogative of the adult Talmudic man.

   29). "A maiden aged three years and one day may be acquired in marriage by coition..." (Sanhedrin 55b, 69a-69b, and Yebamoth 57b, 58a, 60b). Baby girls of three can invoke sadistic punishments on those who have intercourse with them when they are "Niddahs" {menstruating}, a physical impossibility, of course. (Sanhedrin 55b, 69a).

   30). At three, a baby girl is always rated as "one who is fit for cohabitation {intercourse} that is one who has attained the age of three years and one day." (Yebamoth 60b). But, in the case of a baby girl who is not Jewish-born, or a so-called "proselyte," she may be "married" thus by a grown rabbi: "A proselyte who is under the age of three years and one day is permitted to marry a priest {rabbi};" although "one who is fit for cohabitation {intercourse}," as stated on the same page is "one who has attained the age of three years and one day." (Yebamoth 60b) This Talmud Yebamoth passage continues with the ruling in the case of a baby under three married to a grown man rabbi, and declared eligible to continue as his wife (Yebamoth 60b). The baby girl was a "proselyte," of course, so age did not matter. But "under eleven years and one day" a little girl "carries on her marital intercourse in the usual manner." (Yebamoth 12b)

   29). As a group these people were non violent and well regarded in their community. Many had jobs outside the complex and lived as most of us. One of the ways the church raised money was to buy and sell guns and related military equipment with the use of a Legal Federal Firearms License. They had several legal 50 cal. bolt action rifles which can not be converted to automatic or machine guns. They had good relations with the local law-enforcement, especially, the deputy sheriff. These people were self sufficient, growing and storing most of their food; they were home birthers; they had home schooling; and in general they prepared for survival in the coming hard times. {There is a long standing INTERPOL front that has developed a so-called Cult Awareness Network. For their purposes, a cult is defined as any group of people who resist the current government agenda. Mt. Carmel was the first of a priority hit list of so-called cults in this country. One of the groups of Christians who have been branded a "cult" is the group of about 40,000 people who profess a belief that the White Anglo-Saxon, Germanic and kindred peoples of the earth are the True Tribes of Israel, and are know as Identity believers; and they have been marked for destruction. "ONE of the 'cults' that is shortly going to have to be dealt with is the IDENTITY group which is 40,000 nation-wide." (CNN Television News, April 22, 1993, Reported by David Goodenhauer, on a Denver, Colorado Television Station)

   30). ATF Preparations - Shortly after the presidential elections, operation assault plans were made for the Waco "cult." Early in January 1993, approximately 120 ATF agents were stationed at Ft. Hood for training exercises. Many of these agents were young rookies of both sexes ranging from 23 to 30 years of age with little or no experience.

   31). February 26 and 27 - Friday and Saturday - The strike force was moved to Waco Motels. The Waco Tribune_Herald carried a front page smear expose' on David Koresh and the Branch Davidians. Also, that Saturday night these young ATF's were on the town drinking in some of the local bars. We have confirmed reports from Kelley's Sports Bar that agents were talking of their planned attack on "The cult east of Town."

   32). February 28, Sunday - At approx. 8:30 AM the strike force was assembled at the Civic center in Bellmead, TX to load into two cattle trailers for transport. The local CBS TV station, channel 10, was notified to be on the scene for the media event. Several alert citizens and friends of the Branch Davidians called the church to alert them of the assault.

   33). 9:00 AM - ATF informant at Mt. Carmel, gets in his car, honks his horn 4 times and drives off.

   34). 9:15 AM - ATF trucks are on the final turn into the complex of buildings. A shot is heard inside one of the trailers, it stops. An injured agent is dragged out of the trailer by two others, one is a black female. This was the first casualty killed by friendly fire {An accident?}.

   35). 9:30 AM - ATF's began unloading and storming the various buildings. Simultaneously, David Koresh opened the front door to see what all the commotion was about; where upon he was shot and struck in the arm. The door was closed. {ATF fired the first shot, no warrant was served, constitutional safe guards were bypassed, sheriff and Texas Rangers were NOT consulted} 911 was called. The war begins. 3 armed attack helicopters begin shooting their M-60s from over head. The Davidians defend themselves and shoot down 2 helicopters. The ATF's enter the buildings in several locations, 3 are killed inside - 4 or 5 are captures. ATF's use flashbang hand grenades, they kill 1 two-year-old child and 8 Davidians. One ATF shoots himself in the foot while climbing a ladder. Soon ATF attackers are pinned down behind vehicles outside and were firing at random with no definite targets. {2 dead ATF's had wounds in the neck - from what direction these bullets were fired is dubious at best}.

   36). 10:30 AM - A cease fire was negotiated and the ATF's retreated, the captured attackers march out of the buildings with their hands in the air. {In retrospect this was a bad move to release these prisoners, Koresh had no idea what was planned for him}. ATF sets up a military perimeter around the complex.

   37). March 1, 1993 - The two warrants signed by Federal Judge Dennis Green were pulled and sealed, not for public viewing. Supposedly, they allege the Davidians had accumulated illegal automatic weapons. No grand jury was convened.

   38). 10:30 AM - ATF press conference. They claimed they were out gunned and the Davidians fired first. Fortunately, there are copies of videos to prove that the ATF fired first. {The original video has since been confiscated by the FBI}. Consequently, the ATF said they ordered 4 Bradley tanks from the National Guard, but 10 Bradleys were delivered from Ft. Hood with U.S. Military personnel.

   39). During the next several weeks various noted attorneys from across the country tried to intervene by using every legal means at their disposal. Several Temporary Restraining Orders were denied by the Federal judges. Several Writs of Mandamus were also filed and summerly denied. Every conceivable legal maneuver was attempted with ultimate failure. Proving that the entire operation was illegal, but the government was going to cover its backside. All Constitutional rights and due process of law were ignored.

   40). Patriots from all over the country came to Waco in an effort to ease the situation by invoking demonstrations and protests. Gary Hunt spent 7 weeks debunking the FBI/ATF press conferences by sending out truths over The Patriot Fax News Network. He was soon rejected from the press conferences.

   41). Louis Beam, a reporter for The Jubilee Newspaper, stood up in the March 13 news conference and asked, essentially this: "Are we seeing the emergence of a police state in using tactics of the Gestapo and KGB?" Days later he was jailed.

   42). In general, the FBI/ATF used the daily press conference as a forum to present their slanted propaganda. In almost every episode they either lied about something or they contradicted themselves. I.E., They said they ordered two Abrams tanks from Ft. Hood, four were delivered. They denied any ATF's were captured. They denied cutting off the water. There were never any real negotiations, just a demand to give up. The children were never abused. The list goes on.

   43). In an attempt to make life in the complex as miserable as possible, the authorities did many things, here are a few; cut off the electric power; destroyed their fuel tank; cut off the phone, except to the FBI; sent in food and milk with viruses in them; sent in medical supplies with bugs {listening devices}; placed visible snipers all around; lit flood lights all night; played psychological sounds all night; such as: rabbits being slaughtered, dentist drills, clicking sounds, etc.; removed all the trees from around the outside.

   44). April 19, Monday - 6:15 AM a M-60 tank retriever vehicle with a 20-foot crane boom began crushing in the buildings at all the know stair wells to inject a CS tear gas {which was a lie - it was an oil based mist}. The Dallas Parkland Hospital burn unit was alerted by the FBI to accept burn patients from Waco. Out of sight of the TV cameras, the ATF/FBI had crushed in the back walls, cutting of any chance of escape in that direction.

   45). 12:00 Noon - An Abram M-60 tank with a bulldozer blade in front and the gun turret pointed to the rear, rams the front door repeatedly. On the fourth entry it almost disappears from view and stays approximately 14 seconds. {There is a front hatch that opens on the top of the tank} 2 minutes after the tank pulls out smoke is seen and the fire starts 20-feet from the doorway. {it was known by the FBI that the Davidians used kerosine lanterns and bales of straw stacked around the windows for protection}. Other tanks were doing similar tactics at the other end of the building.

   46). Of all the released Davidians talked to, they strongly deny any sort of a suicide pact. This was a holocaust massacre - not a mass suicide!

   47). The liberty-conscious citizens of our country are rapidly becoming alarmed {alerted - and rightly so} and they want to know why. From the multitude of radio talk shows and from discussions overheard in the public places of America, the people are openly discussing the courses of action available to correct this un-Godly, anti-Christian and un-American situation. The most prevalent question in the United States today is. "Why is/did this happen?"

   48). To study that question we must go to history. Therefore, we are combining the current national affairs of the Waco story with our history lesson. The origin of the current actions of the ATF, the U.S. Marshals office and the FBI is historical and many of the names of persons and organizations have been revealed in various places.

   49). The story of Waco is complex and it comes in two parts, the exotic and the esoteric. The esoteric means that which is available to the common person without the knowledge available to those initiated in the occult secret societies. In the case of the Waco affair, the esoteric is that information and knowledge we obtain from the newspapers, television and radio. It is that knowledge the controlled media is authorized to give us. It has become obvious to any intelligent, thinking person that only a very small fraction of the truth is being given to us.

   50). The esoteric is that which ia available only to the initiated elite. The background of the Waco affair, as well as the other incidents of ATF brutality, is totally esoteric. In no way does this excuse them but it is doubtful if the majority of the ATF and FBI agents assigned to these missions of hobnailed brutality really know why they are there or who gives the orders. We all have become deeply involved in a psychological war of such proportions that if it isn't ended soon, possibly violently, Western mankind, as we have know it, will cease to exist.

   51). The esoteric information available. First, we will give a review of the information that has been made public by the highly controlled news media. As we shall see, there are some members of the national news media who know that they are being controlled but most of them are not strong enough spiritually to openly oppose their masters. However, throughout this ordeal at Waco there were a few news reporters who were openly defiant of the orders from their own supervisors and the government as well. They sensed that there was a bigger story and they were trying to find it and the government was threatening them.

   52). The raid on the Waco Complex, known as the "Branch Davidian" of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, had been planned for nearly a year. Photographs taken by aircraft provided the exact dimensions of all the structures as well as the location of windows and doors. County and State maps were studied to find the source of water, power and phone lines. Their source of energy for heating and cooking was analyzed.

   53). A replica of the entire compound was constructed somewhere in Arkansas, probably Fort Chaffee, and the ATF practiced assaulting the replica in training for the planned raid at Waco. Each had his assigned function and he was not to deviate from his position. The timing for each agent to be at his aspired position had to be perfect. They did this, over and over, for three months. It was to be a military type operation in every aspect and it was to be conducted with the same precision as that of the Delta Forces or the Special Forces.

   54) The ATF psychiatrists conducted "psychological profiles" on the church's leader Vernon Howell, aged 33 {known as David Koresh}, as well as all of the other leaders within the religious complex. The ATF studied the means of financial support for the church's operation. They donated to the operation of the church in addition to the work the members of the church were conducting in the community.

   55). During the government's surveillance of the Branch Davidian operation, it was learned that the members made numerous trips into Waco to purchase the necessities of life as well as for entertainment. David Koresh himself also made numerous trips into town for the same purpose. Mr. Koresh like to jog for exercise and he was seen on many occasions running along the roads and streets near and in Waco. The local sheriff knew him and visited with him occasionally. {By this we know the massacre of the Davidians was deliberate and was the plan all along}

   56). Directly across the road from the complex there was an empty house. Suddenly, six young men about 30 years old, acting as college students from the local college, moved into the vacant house. These young men quickly showed an interest int he religious training at the Branch Davidian Church and asked to attend the training sessions. Koresh toured the young men through most of the complex and explained the daily routine to them. David Koresh realized that they were under surveillance. However, he continued to welcome the men for training sessions.

   57). On Sunday, February 28, 1993, only one of the young men came to visit the church. He stayed for approximately one-half hour and then left, returning to the house across the street. He stayed in the church complex long enough to determine that everything was normal in the church with no unusual actions. A phone call was received by Mr. Koresh during the short stay but there was nothing unusual after the phone call. The ATF spokesman later stated at a news conference that they did not have a telephone tap on the complex's line. {However, we know that to be a lie, as we have previously shown}

   58). The ATF was devastated by what happened later and still are. They have subsequently stated repeatedly that their element of surprise was lost. All of their training was predicated on the element of surprise. They now accuse the media of causing that loss of the element of surprise because the local paper had published an article regarding the Branch Davidian complex in the February 27 paper. It is reported that the ATF has now sued the paper for releasing that story!

   59). No, that newspaper article didn't do it. While the agents were traveling to the scene, crouched in their cattle trailers, they passed two Bronco type vehicles with television reporters in them. They didn't stop the vehicles to ascertain if their element of surprise was lost. Sure enough, in broad daylight, at 9:40 AM on a bright day, the entire assault on the complex was caught on video film! The agents were seen by town people to get out of busses, change into camouflage combat gear and get into the cattle trailers. This was done in public parking lots in the city! It is discussed in town by many people who have overheard in the Waco bars statements like, "If you want to see some shooting and killing, go out to the Davidian complex on Sunday morning!" Statements such as these and those previously stated are being repeated on talk show radio programs in the area. The element of surprise was lost many days before the actual assault.

   60). Why did the Branch Davidian members feel that they had a need to protect themselves in this manner? it was because they had a very deep-seated religious belief in an Apocalyptic Armageddon; and Koresh growing up as a Jew, had apparently been privy to the secret plans of the Jews for the extermination of Christians and taking total control of the world afterward.

   61). A local citizen, driving along a nearby road, during the assault saw one of the helicopters land rather hard in an open field. Several ATF agents scrambled out of the aircraft. The man ran over believing they might be hurt and wanted to offer help; when suddenly the agents forcefully and roughly threw the man to the ground, face down in very wet mud. They forced him into the ground with their boots in his back in such a way that he was forced to suck in some muddy water and dirt into his lungs. Using vile words, they asked him what he meant, coming up to the chopper. The man explained that he wanted to help them. They continued to curse him and told him, in vile threatening words to get out of there.

   62). The video of the shoot-out was received by a local resident from the uplink to the satellite and was an unedited version. it was the entire scene as observed apparently by the reporters in those two Bronco type vehicles. Others in the area have reported that there were several TV trailers along one of the roads in the area with their uplink dish antennas already in place when the assault took place. From whatever source, the video was received and has been reproduced and distributed.

   63). The video shows a scene of compassion on the part of the Branch Davidians. Apparently the ATF asked for a truce in order for them to retrieve their dead and wounded. it is reported that the video shows agents approaching the complex with their hands up, unarmed. They are then shown retrieving their dead and wounded. This obviously was a humiliating experience for the federal government and probably sealed in stone the anialation of every single member of the Branch Davidians.

   64). The government went into a damage control scenario immediately. It is stated that the President ordered the FBI to take over the negotiations with the Branch Davidians. Experienced Christians in the country would not necessarily think that was the correct approach. It was the FBI that was in charge at Ruby Ridge during the Randy Weaver assault last fall. it was the FBI that was in charge at Smithville, Arkansas when the local sheriff and Gordon Khal were murdered unnecessarily by federal agents. It is well known by Christian Patriots how both of those incidents turned out! In all probability, the Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas knew the details of those incidents.

   65). Their first order was to force the news media away from the site another 2 or 3 miles. They were already 2 miles away. According to reporters, this put the news media out of reach of detailed photographs. They say that sounds of additional gunfire, on the part of either the Davidians or the government, would be difficult to hear. Movements of personnel could now be done in secret {it is believed by many that the additional troops brought were U.N. troops, some of which were obviously Chinese, which are stationed in the United States unknown to the general population). Many also began to rationalize that the Branch Davidians knew what was going on because they were right there in the middle of it with their observation tower still being manned. The government was now free to do anything it desired without the American people knowing what was really happening.

   66). May 9, 1993 - Prime Time Live. A Current Affair, The Dallas Observer and Cox News Service were all briefed at 3:00 PM C.S.T. as to the results of an independent investigation conducted by electronic, forensic, paramilitary and Texas law enforcement experts upon the event commonly referred to as the Waco, Texas Mt. Carmel Disaster.

   67) The results of which are as follows: The "raid" on February 28, 1993 was an orchestrated event oriented toward destroying and/or confiscating certain sensitive videotape and computer evidence possessed and gathered by members of the so-called "inner circle." This information was deemed most damaging to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms but  was also considered "sensitive" by the Department of Justice. This information is actually affirmed in affidavit W93-54M, filed April 13, U.S. District Court, Western District of Texas, Hon. Dennis G. Green presiding.

   68) All four of the reported ATF casualties and at least nine of the reported injuries were the result of accidental discharges, detonations, and, incidental crossfire principally emanating from three armed National Guard helicopters.

   69) There was additional gunfire at approx. 6:00 PM Sunday, February 28. This consisted of ATF snipers firing with long range silencer equipped rifles at 3 individuals attempting to cross a field from a site at which they had been working the morning of the raid. Two of the individuals, Norman Allyson and Bob Kendricks, fell defensively to the ground and were subsequently "picked up" by armored vehicles. The third man, Michael Schroeder, was hit in the back and died on a fence. His body was removed on the evening of Wednesday March 3rd with the assistance of a Bradley type APC. Mr. Schroeder was not armed. This activity was reported to the press on Thursday March 4 as an attempted attack against the 300 heavily armed ATF and DPS forces that surrounded the compound, even though none of the assembled press corps heard any shots. Subsequently, on Friday, March 12, the ATF account of this incident was amended to include a hand-grenade allegedly thrown at ATF forces. Again no press member reported any explosions or gunfire in the evening of the 28th in spite of the fact the "media setup" was only 1/2 mile away. This was done in part to cover-up discrepancies between ATF of the original raid casualties and hospital reports used as exhibits in the search, warrant numbered W93-54M, dated April 13, 1992.

   70). A Mr. Peter Ghent from Australia was killed by ATF snipers in the afternoon February 28 as he attempted to exit the top of a water tower used by the Mt. Carmel Water Co., since 1947. Mr Ghent had been cleaning deposits out of the water tower during the initial "raid." His body lay on the water tower for 8 days before the Davidians were allowed, on National TV, to have a burial on Monday, March 8. The entire community of Elk was told not to drink the water supplied from that tank. They weren't told why.

   71). Negotiations between Branch Davidians and the FBI were completely one sided. This was particularly evident with respect to the 21 children released during the first week of the siege.

     The agreement between Davidian parents and FBI Hostage Rescue Team negotiators was that a written list of friends and family members as well as bank account numbers was to be used to place and provide care and temporary homes for the children in the Waco area. in addition, the children were to be allowed a phone call back in to let their parents know they were OK. NONE of these promises by the FBI/HRT were kept. The kids were handed over to Child Protective Services incommunicado, and the list of care providers was used by the FBI to find "material witnesses." All information for this investigation was gathered over a 6-week period from eye-witnesses, archival and current reports, proprietary video tape and government documents.

   72). The esoteric background on the assault on the Branch Davidian complex. Why did the ATF assault the complex at Waco and what is the history behind it? Is this an isolated case or can we include most of the other ATF raids in the same category? What did the cases concerning Gordon Kahl, Arthur Kirk, John Singer, Randy Weaver, Maynard Campbell, the Knudson family and a host of others, have in common with the Branch Davidians? The recent siege of the LaPorte Church of Christ and the confiscation of private property by the State of Colorado can be included in the group as being singled out for the same purpose.

   73). All of these people and groups have been classified as belonging to cults. But it is not just any cult, it must be a certain type of cult. There is the cult of Isis, the Bohemian Grove cult, the New Age cult, the Satanic cult, the Homosexual cult, the National Organization of Women cult, the cult of Freemasonry, the New Africa cult, the Brown Berets cult, the Aztlan cult, the cult of Judaism, the cult of Baptist, the cult of Methodist and a host of others. Some of these believe in stockpiling weapons and have even been known to use them. None of theses qualify for raids.

   74). What then, makes certain so-called cults, or members thereof, vulnerable? Simply, one must be a member of a group that has been singled out by the Cult Awareness Network (CAN). What is the Cult Awareness Network and where did it come from? To answer that question we must go back in history, where it all seems to originate at the same source.

   75). The CABAL in England at the time of Oliver Cromwell and the combining of forces between the royalty of England and the finances of the Jewish International Bankers. It was agreed that between them they would rule the world. As secular history proves, they did just that and the world heard of such phrases as, "Rule Britannia" and "The sun never sets on the British Empire."

     The coalition between the money and the royalty has always been a curious phenomenon. Each thought they were in complete control of the other! The royalty considered their Jewish bankers and advisors as their Hoffuden or Court Jews. The Jews didn't care because they were people of the world with allegiance only to their own people. They were/are a "government within a government." Their power came from their money. Of course, the phrase that one should really her is "the sun never sets on the graves of the British boys who died creating the empire."

   76). As history has been seen through revisionism, the world should now realize that the "privileged class" gained the wealth for that empire through such organizations as the British East Indies Company. The Chinese opium trade is but one example.

   77). During the rise to power of that coalition in England, the royalty became more and more involved in the Cabala and the occult. The secret societies were developed, truly "marrying" the two peoples together. As the wealthy class became more involved in the occult and secret societies and had more time to spare for such things, they became fascinated with the human mind and how to control it.

   78). The power of the British Commonwealth began to wane in the 19th century. When a group starts to trust and believe in their secret society and their occult more than in God and His principles, it is a promise that they will fail. When the elite of the British Empire realized their plight, they turned more to the tools they had learned in the occult in an attempt to regain that power.

   79). History has shown that the Earl of Shaftsbury, Lawrence Oliphant, Benjamin Disraeli, Theodore Hertzl and a host of others were but a continuation of the earlier efforts of Psycho-Politics. Lord Pahnerston's estate is considered the birthplace of the modern concept of Psychological Warfare. However, the aristocracy {English and Jewish} had already develop a major political secret intelligence operation using the Black Nobility {Guelphs}, Knights of St. John of Jerusalem and the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Lord Palmerston was one of the leading Knights of St. John, a Mason and was deeply involved in the Chinese opium trade. It was from the psycho-politics developed from Palmerston's estate that much of the direction of the U.S. Civil War and the development of the use of environmental concerns for political purposes took place.

   80). Cecil Rhodes {a Jew} realized that the British Empire was falling apart. He, along with Carnegie, Lord Milner and others, organized another "secret society" to rebuild the British Empire and his plans were to regain the United States. That "secret society" manifested itself in the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) {a forerunner of the CFR and Trilateral Commission} in 1919. Its known purpose was to use psycho-politics and the forced submission of the human mind to their will. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Well they meant it and they have had great success.

   81). To pay for this massive effort, another "opium war" would be launched, this time against the United States! It commenced within one year after the RIIA was founded, in 1920, and it was called the prohibition amendment here in the U.S. Prohibition brought us organized crime, narcotics, general decadence and wealth to many families such as the Bronfmans and the Kennedys. It also brought us what became known as the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) and the first restrictive gun laws in the United States, in direct defiance of the Second Amendment. Why have we used only the letters ATF? Why are only the letters ATF on the back of the jackets of these agents? it is most important for us to know that in 1981 the budget reorganization imposed by the Reagan Administration eliminated the bureau and its function! If that is the case, what is the ATF and to whom does it report?

   82). Moral prostitutes on this side of the Atlantic joined the parade which started in England. The Eastern Establishment Anglophiles became wealthier than they already were on the coattails of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The United States became involved with the RIIA officially with the development of the Office of Strategic Services (OHS). The OHS later became known as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA),which is split into two functions, the covert and the overt. It is the covert operations that will be of interest.

   83). Along with the RIIA, another organization was founded, the Tavistock Institute in London. Its purpose was to accomplish the networking of the myriad of smaller organizations in Europe, England and the United States which would use communism, cults, drugs, homosexuality, occults, public education, etc., to reduce the human mind to that of an animal.

   84). With that brief background we not can describe the Cult Awareness Network (CAN) and its relationship, not only to the Waco incident but to most of the other sieges and arrests that have been accomplished against selected groups and individuals in recent years. The current Executive Director is Cynthia Kisser, who was reported to be previously, a topless dancer at the Blue Note lounge in Tucson, Arizona!

   85). The parent organization for CAN is the Tavistock Institute. In the United States the CAN effort is funded by several Anglophile endowment foundations. The Bodman Foundation, the Swig Foundation, the Scaife Foundation and the Acheflis Foundation are principal donors. The legal services for CAN is provided by two very prestigious law firms, Morris and McVeigh. Melvin Swig was a national commission member of the Jewish ADL and a national executive board member of the American Israel Political Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

   86). The Bodman Foundation also financed the Temple of Understanding which is the only religious chapel in the United Nations building. The Temple of Understanding is a creation of the Lucis Trust which was originally called the Lucifer Trust. The offices of the Temple of Understanding are in the Anglican Church of St. John the Divine in New York City. The Bodman Trust funds that church also.

   87). Responsible for the foundation funds and providing a "mother" organization is the American Family Foundation (AFF). The American Family Foundation and the Cult Awareness Network are housed in the Washington, D.C., headquarters of the B'nai-B'rith! The money, political power and the Anglophile family ties of the above organizations provide the interface to the United States Government. There can be no dispute that when an individual from any one of the above organizations places a telephone call to anyone in the government of the United States, the response is always, "Yes, sir" or "No, sir!"

   88). With that in mind, the relationship between those organizations and the Department of Justice, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Treasury is very cordial.

   89). The intelligence gathering and enforcement arm of the B'nai-B'rith is the Anti-Defamation league (ADL). Funding for the Cult Awareness Network comes down from the foundations to the American Family Foundation, through the Anti-Defamation League to the Cult Awareness Network. Another integral part to the direction of CAN is the American Jewish Committee and the Jewish Community Relations Council's Task force on Missionaries and Cults. The ADL also accomplishes networking between CAN and other organizations responding to the ideals of the Travistock Institute. Thus, many individuals have been known to move from one organization to another as needs and opportunities arose.

   90). CAN hires a number of psychiatrists, security specialists {kidnappers}, and so-called "deprogrammers." After a considerable number of briefings between the government and the American Family Foundation network which includes, "intelligence data" provided by the ADL, "psychological profiles" provided by the CAN psychiatrists and the tactical plans provided by the CAN "security specialists," it is decided to "rescue" selected people from selected so-called cults.

    CAN "security specialists" brag of actually kidnapping hundreds of members of selected organizations. At the 1992 national convention of CAN, their kidnappers and deprogrammers boasted of over 1800 kidnappings with a 95% success rate for deprogramming. Once a person is kidnapped, a complex deprogramming takes place by the psychiatrists. If the selected person can actually be deprogrammed, he is than reprogrammed into believing what CAN wants them to believe. That person is then used to provide suitable "witness" material to the appropriate law officers of the country.

   91). Their work is made much easier for them if the organization called a cult has a member or members whose families vehemently disagree with the beliefs of the organization. In this case, the family members will even pay the expenses for the kidnapping and deprogramming, even though the ADL and the foundations already have funded the operation. Thousands of dollars exchange hands in this manner.

   92). Not all organizations or families can be penetrated and in some cases they don't need to be. For example, Arthur Kirk was too determined to be deprogrammed. He was a suitable candidate to put fear in the hearts of those farmers who were active in the Kansas and Nebraska farmers' rebellion against foreclosures, which they knew were orchestrated by the grain cartels. Arthur Kirk was psychologically profiled. The rest is history.

   93). Gordon Kahl was a determined man. He was speaking out on the drug cartel in North Dakota. Investigations have proven this point. No psychiatrist could have deprogrammed Gordon. The rest is history {slaughter and a fire holocaust by federal agents just as in the case at Waco}.

   94). The Randy Weaver family is another example where they couldn't be penetrated for deprogramming. There wasn't a person in that family who was not sufficiently determined to remain true to their principles. It was Vicki Weaver who was psychologically profiled. The rest is history {slaughter and attempted holocaust by fire}.

   95). Fire! It is the "final solution" by a government desperate and defacto {illegitimate}. It is clean, efficient and through. It destroys all witnesses, all evidence, and makes court proceedings unnecessary. It is probably the most cost-efficient action taken by a government such as our. They burned the house with Gordon Kahl in it ten years ago because of the damaging evidence he had against the Government. They convicted his innocent son Yori, imprisoned ever since, and threatened to place him in solitary confinement for the rest of his life because of what he knows.

     They burned the house down over Robert Mathews on Whidbey Island nine years ago, denying him a trial, because of what he knew. {Why else would they be afraid to try him?} Many persons of all persuasions have questioned that decision.

     They tried desperately to burn the Weaver cabin and kill Randy's entire family last August because of what they knew of government deceit and deception. Only the presence of witnesses prevented it.

     At Waco they caused the needless deaths of some 87 people, including 17 beautiful children because for some reason they didn't want David Koresh alive {they could have picked him up any time prior to the assault} and obviously knew that once again, they could suppress the truth and the evidence.


* Local sheriffs and child welfare agents had made a thorough investigation, including a visit of the entire Complex {even the bunker} and could not find any evidence of child abuse or neglect? {Doesn't sound like they were afraid to talk to, or to see the inside of the Complex does it?}

* The men at the "compound" had regular jobs in the community.

* Being theologically incorrect is not a crime. Koresh's theological views are protected by the Constitution {at least they were supposed to have been}.

* The Branch Davidian sect began in 1935.

* On the day of the initial raid, attack helicopters fired through the roof of the church complex killing a nursing mother.

* Mark Schroeder returned from work on the day of the original raid and tried to get to the building to be with his family. He was shot in the back by federal agents. His dead body slumped over a fence and left there in plain view of his family. The coroner said that after the buzzards got done there was nothing left to identify him.

* ATF, during the initial raid, fired the first shot and injured Koresh's hand and side.

* Jubilee Newspaper reporter, Louis Beam, was arrested from TRYING to re-enter an FBI news conference after being expelled from the conference five days earlier. He was "expelled" for asking the wrong question.

* 90% of the news media were pulling out of Waco at the time of the fire because they were running out of finds.

* Attorney Linda Thompson tried to convince agents to take donated food to the children, but were refused.

* three weeks after the original raid, Waco had an ATF Appreciation Day to honor the agents for all the business they were bringing to town?

* On the day of the fire, eye witnesses saw agents giving high fives and cheering "A Texas size barbecue!"

* The FBI knew that the children did not have gas masks.

* The impact of the tank caused door jams to become twisted, trapping many women and children to die in the inferno set by the ATF/FBI agents.

* The fire occurred 218 years, to the day, after the "shot heard round the world'" in Lexington-Concord.

* Federal agents have no jurisdiction over child abuse.

* Federal have no jurisdiction over drug raids.

* Attack helicopters belong to the military and can only be used for drug raids, by special permission from the governor.

* The church had no drugs stronger than aspirin.

* David Koresh had all the necessary permits to own guns.

* Less than two hours following the fire the Justice Department announced that they had two people who admitted to starting the fire. {This was a lie; they have since reported they do not have these people}.

* The ATF and FBI broke numerous state and federal laws to do what they did.

* President Clinton has promised there will be more such confrontations in the future.



* Why didn't federal agents arrest Koresh when he was away from his church?


* Why didn't the agents allow a group of preachers to go in and talk with koresh as they requested?

* Why were the federal gents claiming that the cult started the fire only minutes after it started?

* Why did the agents give the order to "light the lamp?"

* Why did the agents call Parkland hospital prior to the fire and ask about hospital facilities for burn victims?

* Why did the agents go in on such a windy day?

* If agents thought there might be a fire, why weren't the fire trucks on hand?

* Why did agents call the Waco fire chief a couple of weeks prior to the final raid to set up a plan in case fire help was needed? When the call did finally come, the fire trucks were not allowed to the site for thirty or so minutes.

* What were the two attack helicopters doing overhead when the fire began?

* Why were the media kept three miles back from the church property?

* Why did the agents lie about having automatic machine guns?

* Why did the agents initially report that there were bullet holes in some bodies, when they had not been examined? The corner denied their existence.

* Why did the media have prior knowledge of the initial raid?

* Why did the body armor of the federal agents fail? According to the manufacturer it was the special 9mm bullets, used only by special agents, that permeated the armor.

* Why didn't the Branch Davidans have a right to practice their religion in peace?

* Why didn't the agents allow Koresh to discuss his side of the story with the press? {The agents allowed themselves daily press conferences}.

* Was this a tactic to place an attitude of terror in the hearts of America?

* Were they trying to build up their reputations as law-enforcement agents in order to get more money from Congress for their budget?

* Who will decide what is a cult and what isn't?

* Why aren't the Freemasonry Cult, or the NOW cult, the Judaism Cult, or the Church of Satan Cult, etc., targeted for raids?

* Why did the agents say they cared about the children and then pump gas into their home, knowing it would kill them

     Is there something deep inside you that thinks the United States Government may have overreacted slightly at Waco, Texas? Have you ever considered the idea that you, like the late David Koresh and his hapless followers, could possibly be the target of zealous agents of the federal establishment because of your political activism?

     Maybe it was the sight of all those armed FBI and Treasury Department goons storming the religious compound of Koresh's followers on February 28th that jolted our psyches a little? Or could it have been that TV image of a huge M-60 tank battering holes and shooting tear gas, napalm and oil mist into the fortress on April 19th? And you thought the cops were bad in LA?

     The final tally shows more than 86 Branch Davidians now dead, which included 24 innocent children. One of the dubious justifications for the Vietnam-like attack on the religious compound was to save the children from child abuse. Can there be any worse child abuse than burning them to death? For that is exactly what the government did! THE GOVERNMENT SPREAD THAT FALSE RUMOR, DESPITE THE FACT THERE WASN'T ANY EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT IT.

     The White House lied again and said: "Protecting the kids was the ultimate rationale for going in."

     Now, ask yourself this question: "Do U.S. law-enforcement agencies need more power from the Congress to abuse its citizens?" The American people have reason to be incensed at the irresponsible and hypocritical actions of this Administration. If this kind of force is being used to intimidate the rest of us, it's only engendering hate and disgust toward a bunch of mindless and heartless bureaucrats who are totally unprepared to deal with those who have strong convictions and who refused to let the experts {the so-called deprogrammers, etc.} have a try at it.

     Do such senile servants as Sessions expect us to believe they "intended no harm? Were the Federal Barbaric Infidels (FBI) really "shocked and horrified" when the fire started? Are they stupid? What kind of people would be taken by surprise in such a situation? These are the persons upon whom our lives and safety supposedly depend, officials who have decided that INCINERATING CHILDREN IS PREFERRED OVER "ABUSE" {whatever that is}"unsafe" and "Unsanitary" conditions.

     And who's to decide what those are, the ATF/FBI who had no ambulances on hand when the firing started, no fire trucks when the conflagration began??? No they intended to surprise David Koresh and his followers and exterminate them to the last man/woman/child! Make no mistake about that.

     David Koresh, whatever his beliefs, proved one Biblical fact: Americans are under the judgement of an angry God {Yahweh}

for their denial of Him and His Word/Law upon which this country was founded. That judgment has taken the form of every person having placed himself in subjection to their new god - government, rather than accepting the responsibility of being sovereign over it and subject only to Almighty God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

     This Government of Men has become lawless, ruthless, deceitful, barbaric, ignorant, insensitive, incompetent and irrational and includes senators, congressmen, judges, officials and bureaucrats. They view "people" as "human resources" to be consumed in order to keep themselves in power and wealth.

     The "people" have asked for this kind of government; they pay for it; vote for it; pray for it; deserve it. Until each person returns to acknowledging, respecting and fearing The Creator and the behavior required by His Laws, Statutes and Judgments, he will find no safety, no security and no relief from natural and man-made disasters. Only then will Life once more become precious in this land.

     Until the American citizen takes action to regain his sovereignty over his government, politically incorrect thought will be punished, and Yahweh/God will allow it. In this spiritual War, now an actuality, Yahweh's people must defend themselves from this Anti-Christ form of Government. Americans MUST arm themselves to the teeth, in accordance with Luke 22:36.

     The ATF/FBI have raised their standard {flag} over the spot where once there stood the church/home of a peacefully-assembled group of men, woman and children. War has been declared on Christians by our own government, and there is no use in denying it. Otherwise: Where will the fire be next time? In your home? In your church????

     God will avenge the death of innocent men, women and children. He will judge these wicked acts against our American Israel people. These evil rulers have deliberately destroyed the lives of Americans without mercy or regard for women or children. They have arrogantly usurped tyrant rule over God's children and people and are no longer the legitimate leaders of our nation. This nation was established by Christian patriots who stood for Christian principles. They gave us a constitution that was based on God's Laws and Biblical principles that would govern this nation perpetually.

     But as a nation of dumb sheep we have forgotten our God, His Laws, our constitution, and our responsibilities. We have inherited a nation in chains of slavery to the Jewish International Bankers. These sinister anti-Christ men came into our nation, a nation given to us by God Almighty, and subverted our constitution and have passed new laws, which will all them to kill Christians {P.L. 102-14} and to control us. They control the press and the education system, therefore they control the minds of the people. They look at people as "human capital," not a person worthy of individual rights, but merely a dollar figure to be used as property. These corrupt men are like parasites who are draining the life blood from the host victim - the Israel people of America. These conspirators have appointed themselves as rulers and leaders over God's people in this nation. Through robbery and murder they have positioned themselves in authority in our nation. Now they want to exercise authority over us like they were gods.

     True Christian patriots know who the real God is. They know what the constitution stands for and what liberty is all about. They will never surrender the sovereignty of this nation or the destiny God has for His Chosen Israel People. The constitution may be in exile, but it is still alive in our hearts! Christian patriots may be a minority in the land today, but with the power of God on our side we are a majority. The enemies of God may endure for a season, but they will not endure forever. Our God is not threatened by the enemy. Our Father's plan will be accomplished in the earth and His Children will endure forever!

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