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The Divine Law: Perhaps more important to the human being than any other factor in life is his attitude toward Law; for all basic laws are divine in origin. As a matter of fact, man's very existence depends upon the keeping of certain fundamental laws of life which, if violated, result in sudden death!

There is only one source and origin of all basic laws and this is true whether they govern the material universe, the physical creation; or the spiritual, moral and economic life of man. That source is God; the fountainhead of all law and order, Who has already revealed to men His Laws which govern an orderly creation. To know and to keep those laws is to live; while to belittle or disregard them brings destitution and want, until death terminates a life of sorrow and suffering, the direct result of failure to keep and observe the laws of God.

In the words of the Psalmist, "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork!" This is acknowledgment of Divine Law manifeted in the ordinances of heaven. The operation of the Law of the Lord, however, is not confined to the physical universe alone, for even the least and the smallest in creation is numbered, weighed, and measured in accordance with law. Jesus had this in mind when He said, "But the very hairs of your herad are all numbered."

Natural laws, so-called, govern the entire operation of the universe from the great heavenly bodies which roll in their circuits to the minutest atom and electron; and the effect has long been recognized as follwong the cause in orderly process because of the inexorable operation of these laws. This is understood fully by men who have familiarized themselves with God's Laws of gravity, physics, mechanics, chemistry, mathematics and the many and varied multiplicities in the operation of these laws in their innumerable ramifications; all of which supports the thesis of law and order which the scientists have learned to respect and keep.

No recognized natural law does not cover the entire scope of the Divine Regulations which control, govern and preserve an orderly universe. God in His Providence has enacted other laws as well which, if kept, would ushere in an Utopian Age; an Age bringing benefits to mankind beyond the fondest dreams of those who have longed for real peace and lasting happiness. These are necessarily laws of governmental administraton.

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