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A Sad Comparison: While the United States has only 4 percent of the population of the world, it has Half of the world’s lawyers! While Japan has become a nation of technicians, engineers, and scientists, the U.S. has become a nation of lawyers. The Japanese own our mortgage, they virtually own the Hawaiian Islands. Major hotels, most of the gold course resorts, are owned by Japanese. About 80 percent of the high-rise office buildings in downtown Los Angeles are Japanese owned. When a Japanese family wants to take a vacation, they board a Japanese government-owned airplane, JAL, fly to Hawaii, stay in a Japanese-owned hotel, play golf on a Japanese-owned golf course, dine in Japanese-owned restaurants, and take pictures with their Nikon cameras, using Fujui film! None of the money comes to America. All benefits Japanese firms. (Twentieth Century Watch Newsletter 12/97)

Mind Control? On December 17th an experiment was launched on children in Japan. A cartoon based on Nintendo’s Pocket Monsters was aired on Japanese television. In one scene, a character known as “Pikachu,” a giant rat-like creature flashed his eyes, which filled the television screens with strobe-like flashing red lights. Immediately, 650 children were rushed to hospitals. Soon the number reached 729 children, who had convulsions and were still having seizures 24 hours later. Some said it was an hypnotically induced epilepsy. (Reuters News Service) This can cause brain damage, but what is more serious is that evil spirits can enter into a person’s body by such means. It is a complete distraction to rational thinking, which breaks down the mind, will, and emotions at least temporarily and opens the door for evil spirits to enter. The urgent question is, will the Illuminsts use something like to seize the minds of billions of people simultaneously at the right moment? (Last Trumpet Newsletter, 1/98, by David Meyer. Meyer was formerly a part of the astrology and occult system, before he became a Christian)

Music Hath Charms: Researchers Frances Rauscher and Gordon Shaw discovered what they call “The Mozart Effect,” which shows that exposure to classical music, even for short periods, has beneficial effects on intelligence. In the study, students who listened to 10 minutes of Mozart’s Piano Sonata K-448 scored higher on IQ tests than students who heard silence or listened to relaxation tapes. (Christian News, 1/5/98)

High School student David Merrill experimented with mice and proved that hard rock music is bad for the brain. He had 72 mice and found that on average it took 10 minutes for them to find their way through a 5x3 foot maze. He then divided them into three groups, one that heard no music, one subjected to classical music, and ne to hard rock, each group having identical feedings and hearing the same number of Hours of music each day. After three weeks David found that the group listening to classical music cut 8 ˝ minutes off their time, while the hard rock group took 20 minutes longer. He said that the project had to be cut short because the hard rock mice killed each other. (The Hoskins Report, 1/2/98 P.O. Box 997, Lynchburg. VA 24505)

Population Control: Negative Population Growth Inc., Of Teaneck, New Jersey recently circulated a letter stating their long-range goal: “We believe that our goal for the United States should be no more than 150 million...For the world, we believe our goal should be a population of not more than two billion.” It has long been the desire of those supporting a world government to reduce the population to make it easier to control. In the UNESCO Courier of November 1991, Jacques Cousteau wrote, “The damage people cause to the planet is a function of demographics - it is equal to the degree of development. One American burdens the earth much more than twenty Bangladeshis...This is a terrible thing to say. In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day.” Betrand Russell was one of the earlier advocates of decreasing the population, and complained that war had failed to do the job. He thought that a Black Death epidemic every generation might solve the problem. The Planned parenthood organization was founded by Margaret Sanger FOR THE PURPOSE OF “ELIMINATION OF HUMAN WEEKS.” She wrote of the necessity of targeting religious groups, especially Christians, for destruction, in addition to “blacks, Hispanics, (and) American Indians.” (Wake-Up Call America, Jan/Feb ‘98, P.O. Box 280488, Lakewood, CO 80228)

A New Religion: The American Council for Judaism recently quoted Prof. Yakov M. Rabkin of the Unviersite de Montreal and his views of Zionist Jews. “Israeli officials tend to convey the impression that Israel owns Jews from other countries...Many Jews have emotionally, and some even politically, mortgaged their future to the state of Israel. For them Zionism and Israelism have become a new religion, supplanting traditional forms of Judaic identification. This substitution portends a variety of dangers for the Jewish Community.” (Special Interest Report of the ACJ, Nov/Dec 1997, Box 9009, Alexandria, VA 22304)

The Cover Up: Right after the Oklahoma City bombing many survivors were interviewed. A man on one of the top floors who was interviewed, said that he was not facing the windows, and received only minor lacerations on his cheek and hands. He instinctively dove into the kneehole of a desk a few feet away. Almost immediately a second intense blast shook the building. He froze for a moment, and then was going to step forward to see what was happening outside. Then stopped and grabbed the desk. At his feet was nothing below. Shortly after this interview the governor and Federal agencies ruled such interviews out, and those interviewed were deliberately ignored by the media and in the trial that followed.

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