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The Washington Jewish Week, on July 10, 1997 made an announcement the rest of the country has no clue about. In a long anticipated move, President Clinton has tapped Martin Indyk, the first Jewish U.S. Ambassador to Israel, to serve in the State Department's top Middle East policy-making position. Indyk, 46, was born in London, raised in Australia and became a United States citizen in 1993, has been actively opposed so far by only one American Jewish group.

In other news Clinton has nominated Assistant Secretary David Lipton as Treasury under Secretary for International Affairs effective June 30 and a Goldman-Sachs partner Gary Gensler as Assistant Secretary for Financial Markets. Even more worrisome is the promotion of his chief speech writer, Michael Waldman, who supervised five speech writers and prepared every one of Clinton's public statements, to Assistant to the President. Waldman lives in the Cleveland Park section of Washington, D.C., with his wife Elizabeth Fine, and their children. Waldman and his wife are members of the ADAS Israel congregation in D.C. His wife, by the way, is also an official. She is Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Policy at the Department of Justice. Counting the Jewish appointments is a constant job as the turnover constantly skews the percentage of Jewish over Americans to a higher and higher level.

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