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Hong Kong Democracy Crushed The glowing reports of the hand over of Hong Kong didn't mention that within one week the vestiges of democracy in Hong Kong were soundly crushed by Beijing! It's confirmed in the European papers (naturally), but the foolish Americans who think they know what's going on in the world haven't got a clue. The International Herald Tribune of July 7 reported that Beijing established a new electoral system that will limit sharply the presence of pro-democracy candidates in the Hong Kong legislature. IHT said that the move will insure the dominance of "pro-business and pro-Beijing" lawmakers.

The democratic government set up by the British (or the vestiges of it that were allowed) have already been ruthlessly swept away without a whisper in the American press or media. What's more, the man from Beijing Tung Chee-Hwa announced substantial reductions in the number of Hong Kong citizens who could participate in the elections at all! The worst news is simply that China ordered the "ABOLITION" of the Democratic Hong Kong Legislature elected in 1995 under the reforms instituted by the British. The fact that the Clinton administration failed to make an issue of this seals the fate of Hong Kong. It will now be "Communist business as usual."

Within hours after China resumed sovereignty over Hong Kong, the Beijing appointed Provisional Legislature was sworn in. Within hours after that, all elected councils in the territory were disbanded and reconstituted with new pro-Beijing members (in most cases those were the people who lost the 1995 elections). Mr. Tung insists that an oligarchy "of business elite" is the best system for preserving prosperity. In other words, Hong Kong business men are now "Communist businessmen."

Martin Lee, the leader of the Democratic Party which controlled the Legislature which has not been disbanded said "Now we see -- what democracy under Red China looks like." A new voting system was established which is called proportional representation which will allow the Communists to dominate at the next election date.

Key point: This may well be what we will experience as American citizens at some point in the immediate future. You can imagine a U.N. controlled election for the Senate and the House in which the media preselects those who are given exposure and those not so honored are easily swept aside for lack of money and exposure meaning that U.N. Communists are in control of the American House and the Senate (and of course the Presidency). Unless Americans get their backs up, that President could very ell be Al Gore.

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