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Following is what you can expect if the niggers and Jews take over in America: South Africa in Civil War, Systematic Genocide Targets Whites, a letter to the Patriot Report.

Dear George Eaton, My name is Gary T. Semmens and I am the commander of the 131st Natal Christian Militia. We have been in operation for approximately two years now, strictly as a defensive organization. We believe, as Christians, we have a right to defend ourselves with whatever we have. We are a survivalist militia. Our main concern is the protection of our Christian faith, our fellow churches and families. Have we the right to wage a defensive war against the Communist atheists, or do we rely on our faith entirely?

We are making contact with as many Militias as possible in the U.S.A. Our main aim is to supply you with information on the situation here in South Africa. As you know, Christians living under a pro-communist government have little or no say with regards to the governing of that country. There is a grave concern that the Christian structures in this once beautiful country are about to collapse and be replaced with a Communist system.

The situation here in the R.S.A. at the moment is extremely volatile, with the crime rate spiraling to an extent that the police forces and defense forces are unable to contain this wave.

Now with the A.N.C. in power, the table has turned and they are responsible to the people. Unfortunately, they are so busy filling their pockets with the wealth of this country that the man on the street is worth nothing, especially if you are white. I am sorry to say that the majority of the murders, rapes, hijackings and robberies are being directed against the White South Africans.

New laws are now being introduced concerning the training or organizing of resistance, be it passive or aggressive, with prison terms ranging from 10 to 15 years if caught and convicted. The government is hoping to create a gun-free South Africa with the introduction of a new fire-arm law. All private firearms are to be confiscated. This will disarm the law-abiding citizens, and arm the criminals and definitely their Communist allies. It has been introduced in Britain as well as Australia, and we are next.

We are now in a civil war situation. Nineteen thousand people thus far have been killed, a majority of them White Christians. The following are the latest crime statistics:

Murders: 1,231 White Farmers have been murdered by black Communist supporters (pro-ANC) 90,000 White Men, Women and Children have been murdered to date. The latest killings are directed towards our Clergy.

Rapes: 19,000 White Women raped, assaulted and robbed by blacks.

Robberies: 52,300 robberies and assaults on Whites, by blacks.

Hijackings: 19,000 Whites were hijacked and robbed of their vehicles by blacks.

What do we do? This is only one of many questions: Have we the right to wage a defensive war in defense of our religion, God churches and families, or are we now classified as rebels or outcasts, although we are Christians?

All we require is a little moral support and an indication that there are Christian movements  out there, who are at least concerned with our situation. The facts are that the Christian structures here in South Africa are gradually being broken down, but hopefully we will survive this. We have the will and the faith to do it.

Now I request that each of you write him at the following address and tell him that God does not require that a Christian to lay down and die, but to stand like men, sell their clothes and buy guns (swords) and protect their own, even if they have to wage total all out war to do so.

                     Gary T. Semmens

                     P.O. Box 4843

                     Empangeni, Natal South Africa 3880

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