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War Games Reveal Uncanny View of Real U.S. Invasion: In recent years the U.N. has been sending thousands of foreign soldiers to take part in military exercises in or near the United States. Military experts have considered these war games to be extremely suspicious since America is at peace and the military hot spots are no where near our borders. Why spend millions of dollars to ship foreign soldiers to our shores when it would make more sense to ship them to the areas where the conflicts are more likely to occur?

One of the recent war games was conducted on the East Coast and included over 53,000 troops and 27 foreign ships. What is uncanny and suspicious about this mock invasion is how the map is drawn up to describe an enemy. Any military man can tell you that when you invade a target nation you divide the country into section so resistance. If there was ever an invasion of the East coast of America, the invading forces would focus on the first and foremost areas where the majority of resistance would come from. Hence you have Ft. Bagg and Camp Lejune being targeted. After they are neutralized the outer areas are dealt with in successive waves of invading forces. The lower half of Florida would be cut off from the north. In military jargon they call that the "Disney Line," since they plan to make the stand near Orlando. There was a diagonal line drawn from West Virginia to Georgia, along the Tennessee border. This is a natural mountain barrier from the coastal states, and the likely area that an invading force would stop before proceeding with the next stage of invasion. Coincidence? Who knows. One thing is certain these military experts that plan these huge war games are not in the habit of wasting the conspirators money on something frivolous. After years of research by concerned Americans it is obvious that something sinister is going on. Germ warfare vehicles are positioned at major cities across the nation, huge underground complexes are outfitted and ready to use in numerous locations, millions of foreign troops have been doing military exercises in Canada, Mexico and the U.S., Russian military vehicles and missiles have been spotted in the U.S. All of these activities are not coincidences. Something storage is going on behind the scenes. We need to keep our eyes open to what is going on or we will be caught napping and flat footed.

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