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Because top Christian leaders abandon truth: Christianity is afflicted with Doctrine of Devils: Who are the most wicked and evil men in the world today? If in pondering an answer, your mind quickly considers the long list of global politicians, Jewish bankers, and corporate chieftains involved in the conspiracy for a New World Order, that' understandable. William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, Boris Yeltsin, Mikhail Gorbachev, David Rockefeller, Baron Jacob Rothschild, Ted Turner; certainly, these and similar men are to be found in the "foul and mischievous scoundrel" category. But none of them are as evil or as sinister as the men we are about to describe to you now.

Perhaps you have thought about the serial killers as the most evil; bloodthirsty, psychopathic murderers like Charles Manson and Richard Speck. Well you would be wrong again. If you thought about Stalin, Lenin and the other Jewish butchers of the world, you would be close but no prize yet.

Men of religion are a thousand times more dangerous, because none of the killers, murderers, perverts, degenerates, and etc., could get away with their deeds if THE CLERGYMEN AND WOMEN (who have no business being there) IN THE PULPITS OF THE WORLD KILL THE SOUL AND THE BODY AS WELL.

You see, the devil achieves much, much more through the men/women of religion than he does through politicians, financiers, or even the most grim of the serial killers. And THE MOST CARNAGE, THE MOST DAMAGE, IS CAUSED BY MEN WHO “CLAIM” TO BE CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS LEADERS.

Satan's chief objective has always been to introduce doctrines of devils inside the Christian church. This is how he best gains and harvests souls for destruction; through a false "Christian" religion. Yes, the most cunning and wicked men in all of history are those schemers and fakers who "pretend" to be Christians. These men are apostate shysters, appearing to be holy. They aspire to and achieve top positions within the Christian community and then craftily sabotage and ravage men's souls by introducing "doctrine of devils" into the Body of Christ. Christ warned us about such men when He said: "For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many." (Matthew 24:5)

Many highly acclaimed and RESPECTED BY THE WORLD CLERGYMEN/WOMEN; AND RAVED ABOUT AND PRAISED BY OTHER DIABOLICAL DECEIVERS INSIDE THE CHURCH, THESE ARE OFTEN MEN/WOMEN OF GREAT FAME AND RENOWN. Their names are quickly recognized. THEY ARE UNIVERSALLY ADORED BY THE CRAVEN, IGNORANT, AND UNSCRIPTURAL MASSES WHO INHABIT MOST CHURCH PEWS; THOSE WHO KNOW LITTLE ABOUT THE SCRIPTURES AND DON’T WANT TO KNOW MUCH. The masses gravitate to these men because they cater to peoples' loose, carnal desires by providing more and more entertainment instead of truth. The religious masses also love them because the gospel pretenders consistently preach tolerance, love, harmony, and unity.

That's just what these evil men and women specialize in; lots and lots of flashy entertainment and plenty of gooey, syrupy tolerance, love, harmony and race mixing. Indeed, they'll provide and fulfill every fleshly want the ravening, laughter-filled, prosperity-man so-called "Christian" public requests of them. While the one thing they absolutely refuse to do, is to preach the hard truth. The wonderful truth. The Whole Gospel. This the gospel pretenders reject. Sometimes, they go on the offensive, attacking the truth with sarcasm, ridicule, and gloating smiles. More often, however, the apostates claim to be above the battle, posing as admirable advocates of tolerance, love, inclusiveness and positivism.

Every day, these men and women move further and further from that truth, from that Whole Gospel. One of these men, theologian Robert Funk, has founded the "Jesus Seminar," which was held in 1996. This is an organization of so-called "Christian" seminary professors and clergy, funded by the Rockefellers, who meet annually to proclaim "newfound truths" about Jesus and the scriptures. Jesus, hey say, wasn't God and never claimed to be God. He was merely an "itinerant wandering sage, and should be demoted." Christ did not give "The Lord's Prayer" to His disciples, say the men of the Jesus Seminar, nor was Jesus resurrected from the grave, these learned men insist. "It's time to demote Jesus,' Funk proclaimed.

Would Paul and Jan Crouch, the charismatic, country music promoting heads of TV's Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), agree? Well, judging from the couple's October, 1996 newsletter, they might. It's time for Protestants to accept the Catholic reality of the apparitions and visions of Our Lady, Mary, the mother of God, Paul Crouch suggests. His wife, Jan (who looks like the bride of frankenstine, with all the makeup she wears), says that she recently was visited by the miraculous appearance of Our Lady, the Blessed Mary. In her detailed account, Jan Crouch described how "Mary" first gave her a perfect rose and then thanked Jan, Paul, and TBN for their magnificent efforts in bringing  Catholics and Protestants together in unity.

While TBN enthusiastically promotes the Marian apparitions, others have begun to revere yet another female figure; "Christa." At Holy Comforter Episcopal Church in Richmond, Virginia, a rather unusual crucifix has been put on display. The stunning, life-size figure of a naked, crowned woman, dubbed "Christia," is nailed to a crucifix.

"Christa" is described by the Revered Bruce Gay as an excellent opportunity to help Christians "expand our understanding of Jesus' place in the Church." Earlier, the statue had hung behind the altar in the nation's largest cathedral; St. John the Divine Cathedral, in New York City.

Famed evangelist Billy Graham also has gained in celebrating the hyper-feminist revolution within the Christian establishment. When reprobate Christian publisher Tyndale House came out in 1996 with a newly revised edition of their bestselling piece of heresy "The Living Bible." Billy Graham quickly embraced the blasphemous, yet trendy, new production. In both "Time" and "Christianity Today" magazines, Graham commended the false Bible, even though Tyndale House's latest edition shockingly undermines the deity of Christ and rapes the truth.

In a letter sent to Billy Graham, Dr. Carl McIntire, the respected president of the conservative International Council of Christian Churches, asked the evangelist to repent of his promotion of this malignant, false Bible. In his letter, Dr. McIntire cites numerous passages in which "The Living Bible" twists and mangles scriptural truth.

In one such grievous offense, this unholy bible commended by Billy Graham dramatically charges the wording of "The Lord's Prayer," beginning it with: "Pray then in this way, Our Father/Mother in heaven, hallowed be your name, your dominion come." That Graham now accepts the devilish, Mystery Babylon doctrine of a "Father/Mother" in heaven is not surprising. In a recent issue of the ultra-liberal "Parade" magazine (October 20, 1996), Billy Graham not only admits that he is a registered Democrat (thus helping put in a plug for his pal,  Bill Clinton), he also insists that leaders of other religions; Islam, Buddhist, Hindu, Judaism, etc., be represented at presidential inaugurals. "Each time a President has asked me to lead the Inaugural Prayer,' Graham explains, "I have argued that I should not do it alone, that leaders of other religions should be there too."

Billy Graham's touchy-feely, ecumenical "love" teachings and his pandering to false religions is monumental. A recognition of the validity of other religions, Graham tells the "Parade" magazine interviewer, will "put our live into action." Meanwhile, in a separate press release of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Billy Graham lashes out at Southern Baptists who desire to evangelize Jews for Christ (which is something that cannot be done - WM). In his pronouncement, Graham makes it clear that he firmly opposes "proselytizing" the Jews.

Billy Graham's wicked, unbiblical teaching is that, if you are a Jew, you are already part of the Body of Christ even if you reject Jesus. All Jews "are engrafted into the Christian Church," Graham has stated; a damnable lie.

He is the most famous of the apostates, but he is joined by legions of other serpentine deceivers. Indeed, everywhere we turn, atrocities are being mounted in the name of the Lord. At a recent "Promise Keepers Clergy Conference," in Atlanta, Georgia, heavy metal rock music blared from loudspeakers. Cheerleading yells erupted from the crow. The, to wild applause, famed, charismatic pastor Jack Hayford, at the podium, led the audience in performing an "African witch doctor's dance." Hayford said that "the Lord" taught him to dance this way, coming to him in a vision and asking the TBN teacher, "May I have this dance?"

Six hundred Catholic priests, along with 40,000 other church leaders, were in attendance at the "Promise Keepers" conclave. The crowd appeared ecstatic with Hayford's demonstration on stage of witch doctor dancing.

In Oklahoma City, Southwest Radio Church's leader, Noah Hutchings, has just published his new book, "The Great Pyramid: Prophecy in Stone." Hutchings is, thankfully, a strong King James Bible supporter; yet he claims that the secrets found in the Pharaoic pyramids are as reliable as the written prophecies found in the Holy Bible. God has given us the Egyptian Pyramids as a sign, as "prophecy in stone," Hutchings  contends. But, Hutchings may have a money-making winner with this new book. After all, pyramidology is a teaching that false Christian teachers, New Age gurus, and Masonic Egyptologists can universally agree on. Evidently, Hutchings forgets that God told His people to "Come out of Egypt" and, in Revelation 11, identifies the world's most contemptible and most wicked, end-times system spiritually as "Sodom and Egypt."

From Rome comes the Pope's fascinating declaration that the Biblical account in Genesis must be corrected by new findings of the evolutionists. Protestants may find this a little hard to swallow, but then, are there any Protestant Christian leadership on the planet to protest the Pope's silliness? Apparently not. From Colorado Springs, Colorado, comes word that Christian psychologist and radio superstar, Dr. James Dobson, has accepted an honorary doctorate from a Catholic University in Steubenville, Ohio.

Curiously, Dobson's new ministry headquarters buildings are shaped in the form of Egyptian pyramids. Could there possible be a connection? Maybe so. You see, Dobson has accepted huge gifts of money from Amway's billionaire founder, Rich DeVos, a diehard, 33o Mason. How appropriate, since Masons preach an Egyptian, pagan religion and Amway's sales methods are basically a "pyramid scheme!"

At a "Moonies" conference this September, the Christian Coalition's Ralph Reed joined hands with Concerned Women for America's Bev LaHaye and the Crystal Cathedral's Robert Schuller. These and other so-called "Christian" leaders pocketed handsome sums for their services to the Reverend Sun Myung Moon as conference luminaries.

Moon, reportedly in the employ of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency, is an antichrist cult leader who has proclaimed himself the "Messiah. But if Rev. Moon is Messiah, what does that make Jesus? As Moon explains it, "Christ failed in his mission.'

Why have all these famous, high-ranking so-called Christian leaders become so deeply involved in such hideous and monstrous acts of rebellion against God? Is it not because they have forsaken the Lord's Word, the Bible, and gone after strange scriptures found in the grotesque, new "bible" versions? "Thy word have I hid in mine heart," wrote the Psalmist, "that I might not sin against thee." (Psalm 119:11).

Instead of hiding God's Word in their hearts, reprobate, false teachers, like Billy Graham, James Dobson, Jerry Falwell, Paul Crouch, Tim and Bev LaHaye, Zola Levitt, Pat Robertson, Jack van Impe, Mike Evans, and many others, have opted to fling God's precious, Holy Bible, God's Word, into the trash heap. What a pitiful tragedy! To their eternal shame, these men have blasphemed Truth and embraced a lie. By their own acts, they condemn themselves as willing, human agents of the Son of Perdition and as stooges of the coming Beast.

How profound, therefore, is this riveting, cutting-edge prophecy, found not in Egypt, not in a Masonic temple, not at a Promise Keepers rally, not at a rock concert, and not at a Moonies conference, but in the majestic and incomparable, Word of God, "Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron." (1 Timothy 4:1-2)

What we are seeing is the Final Seduction of Christianity by a deceitful, rotten, and greedy leadership. Today's Christian establishment is sorrowfully made up of spiritually devoid men and women whose consciences have been seared with a hot iron.

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