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The call to "unity" is a recurring problem in both the Christian Identity and Patriotic movement. When this happens, we see unity advocates, in one form or another, trying to rally everyone around one man, one organization or one written set of official beliefs.

If Identity Christians and Patriots could just unite into one large group," they reason, "then we could force the world to hear us. God could get things done. Strength in numbers would be our Salvation from whatever the forces of evil might be."

The idea of "independence" is scoffed at even though that is supposedly what America was founded upon. "Freedom" is though of as the power of public approval rather than the power of public indifference.  Many have asked why there isn”t more unity among the pastors of the Christian Identity movement and why don”t they try harder to unify with other pastors and groups.

Refusing to work toward integration and unification is un-American. You still persist in your invitations to Christian Israel Patriot leaders to “unite” to work as a group for “one goal.” This study is why many of us refuse to participate; and will go into additional detail as to why Patriots should refuse to “Unite Patriots.”

THIS IS SENT TO YOU TO INSTRUCT AND WARN YOU. In Communist countries, the Jewish undercover government agents are used to trick dissident groups to “unite” under one head or to have them gather in one place or to publicly work for one goal.

This is done so the bravest and most active anti‑ Communists can be more easily identified, neutralized and then destroyed by those in power;  do not impugn the motives of those who disagree with me on this. However, men who have had experience in this, and in worse situations than ours, warn of being tricked into “uniting” as it could lead to disaster.

Let us recount just one famous incident where the technique of “unite them to destroy them” was used with almost total success. Prior to “The Bay of Pigs” operation, anti‑Castro Cubans in Cuba and in the United States were disrupting “Castroism” and inflicting grave damage to the Communist Castro regime in Cuba. Because of that, Communist agents speaking fluent Cuban Spanish were sent into the Cuban community in Florida by our traitorous U.S. State Department to “organize Cubans into one great blow against Castro.”

The “one great blow” was to be an actual invasion of Cuba accompanied by an internal uprising of the anti‑ Castro Cubans. Disruptions of Castro by small groups were stopped for months while Cuban Patriots in the United States joined in this “one great effort to overthrow Communism in the Western Hemisphere.” Cubans and Americans who attempted to warn the Cubans they were being led into a trap by the American Government were ignored or actually forced out of Florida by American agents so they could not warn the Cubans they might be betrayed.

Eighteen months later, the United States Navy put hundreds ashore in Cuba at the now infamous “Bay of Pigs,” and then pulled out and left them without the promised Navy or air support. Immediately the invasion forces were hit by fire from high ground inland. As the Cuban Patriots fired back, they found their American suppled ammo boxes marked .30 caliber had 50 caliber, those marked grenades had mortar rounds, other marked first aid supplies had food, and on and on.

In the first fire fights, machine gun crews died with open boxes of carbine ammo, men with carbines died trying to stuff 30.06 cartridges in a too small chamber, .50 caliber machine gun crews were slaughtered surrounded by broken boxes containing only C‑rations, and mortar crews abandoned their mortars because their ammo boxes contained canned food, and on and on! betrayed, wounded and dying men had to break open all boxes under fire on the beach to get the right ammo.

They smashed and scattered boxes then prevented them from moving any large amount of supples inland, ending any hope of sustained combat or victory. Before this treachery was discovered, American agents radioed the pre‑planned signal for Cuban Patriots inland to rise up and begin acts of sabotage to help the invaders.

The invaders, now realizing they were betrayed by the United States, and tried to warn the Cuban underground not to expose themselves, but found their radios sabotaged with dead batteries, missing parts, or unable to operate on the assigned frequencies. They could send no warning, and the next event was told by survivors years later when some were released or escaped from Cuban prisons.

In spite of the deliberately mislabeled supplies, the invaders got some ammunition sorted out and soon began to kill large numbers of Castro”s soldiers who were shooting from the high ground. Then, as they advanced inland past the bodies of Castro”s men they had killed or wounded, they discovered they weren”t men at all, but 11, 12 and 13 year old boys dressed in small Cuban soldier”s uniforms with guns with short stocks so that at a distance the invaders thought they were shooting at grown men!

The sight of the dead little boys and the screams of the wounded ones crying for their mothers so sickened the invaders that they ceased firing and after some confusion, decided to attempt to go around the surviving little boys who were still shooting at them and try to make their way to the hills. They formed into small groups and tried it.

Once they were broken up, Castro”s regular troops, full‑grown men who had been waiting a few miles inland, hit them hard with artillery and tanks. Most of the invading Cubans were killed or captured that day or the next. A few made it inland only to find that Castro”s police and soldiers had already killed or rounded up almost all Cuban Patriots who had risen up at the treacherous call from Communist agents inside the United States Government! In one fell swoop, the whole Cuban anti‑Communist movement inside and outside Cuba was viciously betrayed and destroyed.

Well, fools and Communist Agents convinced the Cuban Patriots that  all should that they should and on and on and on. After years of small groups “doing their own thing,” they became discouraged and despondent, not realizing what they had accomplished. In truth, a few more years of what they were doing in small groups {sabotage in Cuba, clandestine leaflets, slogans painted on walls, raids on Communist units, etc.} would have had Castro broken and destroyed. They had been effective!

But, in their eagerness to “get it done right now,” they thought they could do more “together.” When the siren song of “Let”s all get together and do it in one big blow!” was sung to them by enemy agents in America, they were easily deceived and betrayed. Walter, “getting together” was their undoing. The betrayal and loss were so terrible and so effective that even anti‑Castro Cubans who were not involved in the fiasco were made suspicious and afraid of all other Cubans.

They would no longer trust each other, fearing betrayal, and no effective action against Castro was ever mounted again! The joint American‑Red Cuba {Kennedy‑ Castro} operation to smash and destroy the anti‑Communist Cubans in America and in Cuba was a total success! The United States rulers are doing the same thing now (1984) in Central America, collecting the bravest anti‑Communists in each country to “fight the Communists.”

After “controlled resistance,” they too will be betrayed, abandoned and destroyed {Pastor Emory”s words have been proven to be prophetic} just as were the brave Cubans and ‑ more recently, the anti‑communist Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians. This same type of false “resistance to Communism,” and betrayal has been used successfully by the Communists and their secret allies in the United States Government for over 70 years!

Do the anti‑Christs want to stop the Identity Patriots? Will secret Communists try a “Bay of Pigs" type operation on the Right‑Wing? They may try, but if hundreds of groups stay apart, the enemy will have to destroy each group separately. That will take a long time, and even as some are being destroyed, the necessary prolonged and public attack on Patriotic groups will slowly, then more swiftly, alert, awaken and educate our sleeping people to the danger {American Plutocrats}. Our anti‑Christ enemies know that, and fear it. Will they try “togetherness?” Will Patriot leaders fall for it? And that Almighty God will give us wisdom and have mercy on us,

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