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     In Spain in the 14th and 15th centuries, Jews so thoroughly infiltrated

the Catholic church as to take it over almost completely. Isabella, during

her 20-year-struggle against subversion, had Jewish father-confessors, (as

well as finance ministers) and even the Cardinal was Jewish.

     In the past thirty years the Communists (by the sworn testimony of ex-

Communists) have made great headway infiltrating the Protestant pulpits; and

now we see many ministers who look Jewish and who preach the "social gospel"

of racial suicide, and the Kingdom of God on Earth. So powerful are they and

so cowardly most of our leaders, that the investigating committees have been

unable to conduct a successful exposure of this near-fatal subversion.

     There is nothing on earth, not even a barbed wire fence, to keep

Communist and Zionist agents from invading our churches and preaching racial

integration in the name of Christianity.

     Now, evidently these agents have risen to the top in the National

Council (formerly Federal Council) of Churches of Christ, for that body,

which claims to represent about three-fourths of all Protestants in America,

including the big "old line" denominations, has reached an agreement with

the American Jewish Committee whereby that Jewish nationalist power machine

supplies a stream of "educational" films and literature to these Christian

denominations, works with the National Council staff in preparing Sunday

School and church literature, and has the privilege of censoring any other

NCCC "Christian" literature. This is not hearsay; the American Jewish

Committee told about it in detail in its thick "American Jewish Committee

Budget, 1953." and in its publication called the Committee Reporter in the

summer of 1956, the American Jewish Committee outlined to its agents the

methods its propaganda and strategy board had developed for destroying

Christmas observances in American schools. The Jewish anti-Christians

recommended to their agents "a quiet reconnaissance...before any forays are

launched" against Christmas observances in any school system, "And it should

never be a one-man foray. Once the reconnaissance has been made, the

necessary information obtained, the time is right for intensive discussions

among representative local Jewish leaders and rabbis..."

     If the American Jewish Committee and associates can wipe out any

knowledge of Christianity they will find it easier to impose the Talmud on

our grand-children.

     Following is a reproduction of page 114, of The Jewish Utopia. Here we

see the origin of the idea of a "United Nations," a "Universal State."

Throughout Mr. Higger's interpretation of the Zionist plans, he makes clear

that the world is to be ruled from Jerusalem, and that all "nations" (which

will lose, in fact, their political identity and remain hardly more than so

many names) will be subordinate to the world state, with its world police.

Its "Davidic ruler" will be absolute.

     "The Kingdom of God, as pictured by the Jewish prophets, on the other

hand, is an ideal society of nations on earth, living in accordance with

universal ethical rules of genuine justice, righteousness, and peace. The

ideal Kingdom is a universal idealization of the most important experiences

of Israel in the past. The Davidic ruler, to be recognized universally, will

be the perfect ethical character. The people who are to constitute the ideal

community at the beginning of the ideal future are a remnant. The new people

will not be sinless; but it will be ennobled and purified. The exalted moral

and spiritual state of the ideal stock will manifest itself by the universal

knowledge of God. That knowledge will permeate the life of the individual,

as well as the relation between man and man, or the functioning of the new

society of the Universal State. Peace, justice, and righteousness will

prevail everywhere. Jerusalem will be a center of rejoicing of the ideal

people. All the nations will flow unto God's house in Jerusalem. For, the

religion of the new Israel will be the ideal religion, to which all the

nations will spontaneously be drawn.

     What the prophets anticipated did not come to pass. The rabbis,

unconsciously, took up the idea of the Kingdom of God, where the prophets

left off. The spiritual leaders in Israel expanded and developed that

glorious dream of an ideal Universal [Jewish] State. The people who are to

constitute the ideal community at the beginning of the ideal era, will be,

instead of a remnant, the entire ideal people of Israel. The new people will

be practically sinless. The evil inclinations in man, due to the new

conditions, will be removed. Jerusalem will become the ideal capital of the

new Universal State. God will be universally acknowledged as the Lord of

Love, Peace, Justice and Righteousness.

     Read the following prayer that is officially recited three times daily

in the synagogue, and you will realize how rabbinic..."

     This hints that the "Messiah" to come, the son of the house of David,

and God will be one and the same, a human being the exalted ruler, in

Jerusalem; and we see much additional evidence leading to this supposition,

throughout the Utopia. We have discussed this already, but because of its

importance, let us glance again at it:

     "Messiah, the ideal righteous one, will come from the East, where the

sun rises. He will be a descendant of the house of David, who was bright as

the sun; and his light will be a symbol of life for the upright and just in

the world. The very name of Messiah is, therefore, light. Consequently, all

the beloved of God, the righteous, will shine forth as the light of His


     And we see elsewhere that the non-Jews are to be made to believe that

the inner chosen group of Israel will be a holy people:

     " ideal Israel will have to be a holy people."

                          SEVEN-STRATA ARISTOCRACY

     While the Utopia cherished by the Talmudic Jews is to be to a

considerable degree Socialist in economy, some private ownership will be

allowed for the author makes reference to it. He says property cannot be

bequeathed to heirs. The confiscation of property from the heirs is


     Though the Jewish revolutionary leaders proclaim to their people that

Socialism (as also their concept of democracy, the kind found in Soviet

Russia) is a Jewish invention,* and though every sizeable Socialist

organization and movement today is of Jewish origin and/or under Jewish

management, evidently Socialism, like its twin Communism, is largely to be a

temporary vehicle, a vehicle for destruction of the races and nations and

conquest of private property. For in the Utopia after the Jewish machine

gets the power, its leaders will scorn the doctrine of equality which they

now so diligently spread among us.


     * Jewish encyclopedias and other authoritative writings present

Socialism in a friendly light, or make outright claims to the Jewish

authorship of the movement. For example, the small book Jew and Non-Jew,

which rabbis handed to the Jewish soldiers in the U.S. Armed Forces during

the second world war (published jointly by the Union of American Hebrew

Congregations and the Central Conference of American Rabbis) states:

     "It cannot be without its meaning that the Jew has played a leading

role in the great modern industrial movements which have an ethical basis

(sic). Socialism was originated by Jews; and today Jews play a leading role

in its spread and interpretation. And under the leadership of a Jew, trade-

unionism has been brought to its highest point of efficiency and been given

an increasingly ethical bearing. The Jew has thrown himself into the vortex

of modern life with a most commendable zeal..."

     "There will be seven groups of righteous, classified according to seven

grades of light, namely, the light of the sun, moon, heaven, stars,

lightnings, lilies and of the candlestick in the Sanctuary."

     Here again we see the Jewish revolutionaries playing a double game with

us, secretly planning for an ultimate seven-strata aristocracy while

spreading Socialism among us evidently to induce us to let the government

take all our property away and own us outright, because if Jews are the

missionaries of any new movement, such as Socialism, naturally they may

expect to dominate it, if it takes over the government. They then will use

the Socialist government as their vehicle for conquest of men and materials.

     Similarly, in preaching brotherhood and equality among us, their

purpose must be that of making us forsake the pride which preserved our

ancestors for ages, so that we will accept and soon breed downward among the

indolent dark races and the lazy, unambitious, stupid elements of our own

race. Why not, since all of us are "equal?"

     This indoctrination is pure Communism. It is spread by both the

Communists and the Zionists. It is offered as a Christian doctrine! The

difference is that the Communists believe it; while the Zionists show that

they are spreading it only for non-Jewish consumption. They quicken the

"race" pride of their own people to a fanatical degree by their own

propaganda attacking all opponents as anti-Semites! And by this clever

double-face propaganda device, they keep most of the Jews scared and herded

into their camp for "protection," protection which would not at all be

needed, in a world of tolerant unsuspecting gentiles, but for the fact that

the Jewish revolution becomes so violent its leaders finally become

identified, thus frightening and angering the alert gentiles and causing


     Western people can hardly conceive of such racial and cultist

fanaticism. If a group of Germans or Spanish or Anglo-Saxons or Swedes said

such egotistical things about their own kind or hinted that God was going to

make their people the ideal or holy people of the earth, the Jewish

propagandists would flood America with movies from Hollywood, broadcasts by

radio and television and newspaper stories about the racial bigots, inciting

us to make war on them as "fascists."

     We have already seen glimpses of "the ideal Israel," in all its

holiness: its bayoneting of helpless Arab women and children and the

constant threat of aggression over neighbors in the Near East.

     The ideal and holy nature of Jewish power mongers likewise has been

demonstrated in revolution after revolution among our ancestors for over

2,000 years. The Jewish-inspired, socialistic, international revolutions,

such as the French Revolution, and in our time, the Communist, or Bolshevik,

revolutions have reddened much soil with the blood of Christians.*


     * Jewish literature is replete with reports showing how their leaders

inspired revolutions which undermined the stability and character of Western

nations and racial elements, from Rome down to the current climactic world

revolution. The Jewish author Marcus Eli Ravage, in two articles in the

January and February, 1928, issues of the Century Magazine, summarized the

Jewish revolutionary role in non-Jewish countries:

     "You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We ARE

intruders. We ARE disturbers. We ARE subverters. We have taken your natural

world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been

at the bottom not merely of the latest great war (first world war) but of

nearly all your wars, not only of the Russian (Communist-Bolshevik) but of

every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and

confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still

doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it."

     Ravage relates his ancestors, hating the Roman government and soldiers,

which had burned Jerusalem in an effort to stop Jewish subversive

activities, infiltrated the early Christian movement emphasizing the

doctrine which said "turn the other cheek" to an enemy, and the hate-the-

rich doctrine (that a rich man could not enter the Kingdom of Heaven) to

soften the Roman armies and undermine the great Roman civilization. Ravage

does not say the Jewish revolutionaries "infiltrated" Christianity; it is

his thesis that they deliberately invented it and spread it among the

gentiles [non-Jews] to make them soft and humble and debase themselves and

thus in effect, commit national (and racial) suicide. It is a fact that the

early use, or misuse, of Christianity did spread the Socialist doctrine of

equality and induced hardy, strong Roman individuals to fraternize with and

mix their blood with that of the indolent, intellectually limited Negroes,

who had been brought into Rome by millions, as slaves, just as today many

fanatical ministers are similarly misinterpreting Christianity, promoting

race suicide.

     Ravage boasted that the Book of Revelations (which is considered one of

the apocryphal books, those of disputed or doubtful origin) was written by

Jewish revolutionaries, inspiring their followers by portraying the coming

destruction of Rome. He contends that the book foretold only the destruction

of the Jewish enemy, Rome, having no significance beyond that era. It had to

be couched in cabalistic language, he contends, because the Jewish and

Christian revolutionaries were in the underground.


     We have already stated that all the wealth of the world is to be at the

disposal of the rulers of Israel.

     "The great majority of the people will be farmers engaged in

agriculture, and will obtain, without difficulty, their livelihood from the

products of the land." (p. 55)

     Think what such a development would mean for America: Today over three-

fourths of the people of our country live in towns and cities. Evidently all

or most of the metropolitan areas are to be wiped out. And if "the majority

of the people" are to be farmers, then the world's population must be

drastically reduced, and it will have to be kept down, in order to provide

farms for "the great majority." (The French Revolution, which had Jewish

fingerprints all over it, was going to reduce the population and send the

remnants back to primitive life).

     "Every one will acquire different kinds of land so that the product of

the fields will satisfy the various needs of the the new

social order, every member of the ideal community of the righteous, will

receive without great effort whatever necessary sustenance he may desire. the ideal era no one will lead a luxurious and spendthrift life

because of inherited fortunes. One will enjoy and use only those things

which he himself has earned through his own labor and efforts...No time will

be spent by a part of the population in supplying useless luxuries. The laws

and regulations of the new Universal State will, therefore, be few in number

and seldom violated...There will always be steady employment, since

production and distribution will be scientifically and universally regulated

...Production will be organized internationally and not nationally. Raw

materials likewise will be controlled by a central authority so that the

present waste will disappear."

                        ISRAEL TO CONTROL EDUCATION

     Control by a central authority is the essence of this plan!

     "Gold will be of secondary importance in the new social and economic

order...The city of Jerusalem will possess most of the gold and precious

stones of the world...The depreciation of the importance of gold and its

like, does not necessarily imply the introduction of the system of common

ownership of property. The secondary importance given to gold in the new

social order will be due to two main reasons. First, the equal distribution

of private property and other necessities of life will automatically

depreciate the importance of gold and other luxuries...The second reason is

that the people will be trained and educated to differentiate between real,

spiritual values and material values."

     Who is to divide up the property? Who is to train and educate the

people to a specific purpose and idea? obviously that authority will be all-

powerful, ruling every life. In western countries, the ideal always obtained

that the parent was responsible for the education of his children; it was

the parent's right and responsibility to say whether or not his children

should be educated and in what way, and in what the education should


     The influence of Jewish Socialism, which swept Germany in the 19th and

20th centuries, threw the control of education into the hands of the state,

largely replacing parentally controlled private education with state

controlled public education. The same Jewish Socialism took root in America

and has now all but completed the transfer of authority and responsibility

for education from the parent to the state. This transfer is throwing power

into the hands of the Jewish machine, since the Jewish inspired "liberal"

movement dominates it. And this "liberal" dominated public education system

is wiping out any knowledge of our traditions, the struggles of our fathers

and their fathers to regain freedom of the individual, sweeping away our

anchorage, leaving our children prime for indoctrination with Jewish

"liberalism" and racial integration.

     The author makes clear that it is the Jewish power seated in Jerusalem,

headed by a descendant of the house of David ("the Holy One") an absolute

dictator, which is to divide up the property, ceding it only to favorites.

   "For to the righteous and upright will belong all the wealth,

treasures, industrial gains, and all the other resources of the world; to

the unrighteous will belong nothing."

     While property is not to be passed on from father to son, still there

will be some private property, as stated heretofore, and since various kinds

of land are to be included, so as to produce a variety of farm products, and

since only "the righteous" are to hold property, we may hazard a guess that

this points toward something like Jewish owned feudal estates. The Jewish

machine made "war" on the feudal estates of Europe and later on the landed

aristocracy, precipitating the blood French Revolution and subsequent

Communist-type class revolutions, which destroyed the last vestiges of the

landed estates and many of the people who had built them. The landed estates

had been founded by the finest of the Teutonic and Celtic tribesmen, the

leaders of the red headed Celts, Goths and Norse Vikings, the Fair Angles

and Saxons...giant men, described by historians as men of great stature,

personal dignity, dogged honesty and general leadership. It was this mighty

racial leadership, the foundation of this age of civilization, which had to

be wiped out if the nationalistic Jews were to march on.

     The propagandists of Jewish revolutions ever have disguised their real

aims; they shape their revolutions along class and religious lines, but the

result is race warfare, since it is by and large the remnants of the old

northern blood and character, even though mixed with other white elements,

which constitute the "upper class." The men of ability and ambition

naturally become the upper class, and in Europe and the Americas, these men

are for the most part men of Anglo-Saxon and closely related stock. And as

for the war on religion, both the Communists and the Zionists hate

Christianity, attack it from without and infiltrate and change it from

within, and in killing millions of Christian leaders the Communists destroy

the gentile [non-Jew] leadership.

     The war is against us, but the Jewish strategists, apparently

considering themselves to be a racial unit, have always been too smart to

use the word race (except in writing strictly for their own kind; Mr.

Higger, for instance, speaks of his people as a race). Their appeal,

analyzed is exactly a racial appeal, but outnumbered a hundred to one by

people of other races, they would be foolish to launch out openly on a race

war. Rather they must condemn as bigotry and any thought of race while,

paradoxically, quickening the "race" or tribal pride of their own people by

constant talk of race bigotry and "anti-Semitism" among people who oppose

their program.

     Notice how this cunning propaganda works: it makes the gentiles [non-

Jews] (the White Race) ashamed to stand up for the survival of their race,

fearing to be called a scare name. But it makes the Jews feel that they are

being attacked racially, and thus it quickens their "race" pride.


     The hint that land will be apportioned to "the righteous" in sizeable

estates and the all-powerful position of the Jewish leaders in the Utopian

era, apparently mean that the Jewish planners hope to completely supplant

the masters of the old feudal estates. Thus they will at last (if they

succeed) bring the revolution full circle.

     We find some support for this belief, or surmise, in the economic

process in the Communist countries: the property was taken away from the

gentiles (only a few rich Jews owned property, especially land, in Old

Russia and Poland) by the Jewish-Communist dictatorship; and by the 1930s

and 1940s, certain favored Jews had been granted fabulous state franchises

in the Red empire. Miss Karpovskaya, the wife of Molotov (sister of the

Jewish importer, Sam "Karp" of Bridgeport, Conn.) was given the perfume and

cosmetics concession, supposedly for the entire Soviet Union; the (then)

Jewish Deputy Premier Lazar Kaganovich, was put in charge of all the great

industrial centers (of gentile slave labor) quite a sizeable feudal estate.

The Jewish financier, Jacob Ashberg, former affiliate of the Rothschild and

Warburg banking houses, operating at the Nia Banken in Sweden, handled the

finances for the Reds, went to Russia a few weeks after the Bolshevik

[Jewish] seizure of power in 1917 and, ever since, has been the dictator of

Soviet finance.*


     * The London Evening Star, September 6, 1948, reported a visit by

Ashberg to Switzerland, "for secret meetings with Swiss government officials

and banking executives. Diplomatic circles describe Mr. Ashberg as 'the

Soviet Banker' who advanced large sums to Lenin and Trotsky in 1917. At the

time of the revolution, Mr. Ashberg gave Trotsky money to form and equip the

first unit of the Red Army. A spokesman of the Soviet Legation in Berne said

'Mr. Ashberg's visit will be private. He has property in Switzerland.

'...The financial attache of the Soviet Legation described Mr. Ashberg as

'the most unusual man the Kremlin has ever sent to the West. He bears no

official title, is attached to no government department, is not in the

Soviet Foreign Service and is not a member of the Cominform.'"

     Note that Ashberg, banker for the Communist empire, was a private

capitalist, owning property in Switzerland. Major George Racey Jordan in his

book, From Major Jordan's Diaries (Harcourt, Brace & Co., New York, 1952)

revealed that Ashberg, during the second world war, sent a secret message by

an extremely secret and important messenger, to "the very big boss" of the

revolution in America, Senator Herbert H. Lehman, Jewish banker (for half a

century one of the ring leaders of the American Jewish Committee and also of

the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith). We may well believe that Banker

Asberg was for a long time, and may still be, the "very big boss' of the

Communist revolution in the USSR. He is without doubt one of the foremost

policy shapers of the highly secret self-constituted committee called the

Communist Security System (CSS) which runs all Communist governments and all

Communist Parties.

     The Secret police, which actually constituted the power of, or over,

the government, at all times was headed by a Jew, up to the death or

liquidation or disappearance of Beria. We have no knowledge of the racial

identity of Beria's successor but the "Sheehan document" (entered into the

Congressional Record by Rep. Timothy P. Sheehan, August 5, 1957) indicates

that there probably has been no change in power; the secret, hidden self-

constituted committee called the Communist Security System (CSS) still runs

the government and the Communist Party from behind the scenes and the

officials seen by the public are only puppets.

     We know that the power of Bolshevism, or Communism, originally was

completely Jewish. The Jewish inner clique could do as they pleased with the

regime. During the second world war the regime had to make compromises to

keep the whole populace of White Russia and the Ukraine from going over to

the invading Germans, and now anti-Communism and anti-Semitism are forcing

compromises, and forcing the hidden committee to keep Jews out of

conspicuous positions.

     Almost immediately after the Communist conquest of Roumania and

Hungary, it became evident that a few Jewish Reds had divided up the spoils

among themselves. Even the internationalist Time Magazine (September 20,

1948) carried an article describing Bucharest as a city with the air of a

pawn shop and told of the complete triumph of the dictator-Jewiess Ana


     "...(Ana Pauker) lives in three great houses, moving almost every night

because she fears assassins. One of her houses belonged to Prince

Brancoveanu. One belonged to Nicolae Malaxa, big industrialist and

speculator. And one belonged to red-headed Magda Lupescu, ex-King Carol's

mistress and now his wife.

     Ana replaced them all. The power...has passed into her hands. She runs

Roumania...She is the leading Communist in the band of states running from

the Baltic to the Adriatic...Ana Pauker was born (1903) in Bucharest, where

her father, Zvi Rabinsohn, was a shohet, i.e., the man who kills animals in

accordance with Jewish rules...Ana went to the Jewish school on Anton Pan


     Through seven huge Sovroms (Soviet-Roumanian combines) the Russians

(sic) almost completely control transport, oil, timber, banking and

everything else they can lay their hands on, even including Roumania's tiny

motion picture industry.

     ...A recent visitor described Bucharest as 'a city with the air of a


     Roumania was Ana Parker's feudal estate. Accusations in America that

the Jews were the authors of Communism seemed to have forced the

revolutionaries to withdraw Ana and other Jewish dictators from public view

and replace them with nondescript characters.

                       TO BREED TALL, HANDSOME "RACE"

     If the plans of the Zionists for conquest of property and people seem

fantastic, you haven't seen anything yet. They plan to up-breed and out-

breed their race or tribe into one quite different from the present Jewish


     "...A sturdy race of strong, healthy, tall, youthful and handsome

people will be raised." (p. 58)

     "The Holy One thus said: 'In this era, some people are healthy and

handsome, and others are not. But in the ideal era to come, all people will

be handsome and praiseworthy.' This will be in accordance with the prophecy

of Isaiah: 'All that see them shall acknowledge them, that they are the seed

which the Lord hath blessed.'...Physical defects, like dumbness, blindness,

deafness, lameness, stammering, barrenness in women and similar bodily

imperfections, will like wise, not exits."

     The quotation from Isaiah indicates that the "people" here referred to

means the Jewish people, or rather the chosen, "righteous" elements among

the Jews.

     The most beautiful thing on earth is human beauty. And the Jewish

tribal fanatics are not the only people who have wished their kind more

beautiful. Such a wish is normal. Any who does not, either consciously or

unconsciously and instinctively, hope each generation of his race and kin

will be more beautiful, physically and spiritually, more vigorous and

gifted, than the preceding generation must be some sort of pervert. I

believe it is generally accepted that the Creator planted in the breast of

every man the ideal of his own race and hence the natural urge to see it

improve and prosper.

     But to set out to make all the descendants of present day Jews

beautiful and healthy requires quite a lot of authority over the Jews. Any

breeder of good livestock knows the processes by which strains are improved:


carefully selected strains. The Jewish planners will have to liquidate

untold millions of their own people to stop the breeding of defective

individuals and individuals not "tall and handsome."

     All thinking persons doubtless would be sympathetic to a sane and

humane up-breeding process for the Jews as well as for each and every race,

if the process could be done voluntarily and intelligently among the people

themselves, according to the laws of nature.

     Hundreds of writers, speakers and scientists of our time have deplored

the progressive degeneracy of the American stock and some governments in the

past have undertaken to improve the stock of their people. Augustus Caesar

tried it (with little success) a few years before the birth of Christ, by

organizing colonies or settlements of selected families; Adolf Hitler tried

it (after his strange fashion) and the Zionist political and banking

machinery went into high gear to induce Nordic Christian anti-Communists of

America and Britain to destroy Nordic, Christian anti-Communists of Germany,

the best blood of the Anglo-Saxons sacrificed to destroy the best blood of

our first cousins, the Germans, the Western world committing suicide, for

the benefit of the Communist-Zionist monster.

     The one thing above all else which the Zionists could not tolerate was

the upbreeding of the race, now much diluted and cowardly, which for over

2000 years had stood between them and world domination.

     But notice a striking difference in the gentile [non-Jew] and the

Jewish advocates of race improvement; the former group idealized the best

types of their own race, whereas the latter group want to build a new Jewish

race! For "tall...handsome" people are not Jewish, except as the Jews have

taken in blood from other racial elements.

     The Jews traditionally are short in stature, and never so far as I have

observed, have been described as a handsome people. Jews of recent centuries

class themselves in two ethnic and linguistic groups, the Ashkenazim and the

Sephardim. Webster's unabridged dictionary defines the Ashkenazim as "the

Jews of middle and northern Europe, as opposed to the Sephardim, or Jews of

Spain and Portugal." Of Sephardim the dictionary says "Jews who are

descendants of the former Jews of Spain and Portugal. They are as a rule

darker than the Ashkenazim or northern Jews. They are chiefly settle in

North Africa, Greece, the Balkans, the Levant, Holland, England and


     For many generations the Sephardic Jews considered themselves so far

superior to the Ashkenazim that they would rarely intermarry. They traced

their culture (and some blood) to the Spain of and preceding Isabella's time

(before Isabella expelled most of the Jews to save Spain). But in the past

two centuries they have virtually wiped out the lines of distinction. The

Ashkenazim in Northern Europe had taken in much German blood; while in

Eastern Europe and Asia they had for centuries absorbed blood from the

Khazars and other dark, coarse Asiatic, Mongol elements. Thus there are in

reality two divisions of Ashkenazim, though both speak Yiddish, a composite

of German, Polish, Russian and Hebrew, using Hebrew characters.

     It might be said that the Mediterranean Jews, also, are divided into

two almost distinct groups, the elements from Ethiopia and the Eastern

Mediterranean, with dark skin, thick lips, noses curled downward, heavy lids

and kinky Negroid hair, and those interbred with southern and western

European stock. (There are of course, in small numbers, Chinese Jews,

Japanese Jews, Philippine Jews, and so on).

     The Mediterranean Jews generally have lost leadership during the past

century, while the more virile "German" Jews have risen in finance, in

science, in commerce and in political influence. But towering above these in

fanaticism, cold-blooded brutality, cunning and political organizing are the

"Russian-Polish" Jews. Anna Rosenberg,* Harry Truman's appointee as

Assistant Secretary of Defense, has some of the features and characteristics

of both the Ethiopian and the Russian-Polish Jews: heavy skin, coarse black

hair, hooked nose, black or brown eyes with heavy, Oriental lids, coarse,

crude, vulgar features and a fierce fanaticism which knows no conscience but

is utterly brutal. (Generals who suffered humiliation under this small

strumpet's tongue-lashing say she was as foul mouthed as any sailor).


     * There is abundant evidence that Mrs. Rosenberg was a Communist. The

former Communist, Ralph de Sola (himself Jewish) swore before a Senate

committee that he had known her as such, and the December 8, 1942, issue of

the then official Communist organ, New Masses, carried a pen drawing of her,

fully identifying her as "NY Regional Director, War Manpower commission,"

with an article contributed by her to that Red paper, copies of which still

are to be found in some public libraries.

     Bernard Baruch might be cited as one example of the "German" Jews.

Standing six feet, four inches, he obviously has a great deal of "European"

blood in his veins. He has the Jewish nose and a type of Jewish mouth; but

by comparison with so many of the crude, almost hideous Mongol and Negroid

Jews, he may well have been described as handsome in his younger days.

     Strange to say, his Nordic blood has not eliminated the Jewish

temperament entirely, for his life has had steeped in secrecy, cunning and

intrigue. It was he who maneuvered to get Truman to appoint Anna Rosenberg;

it was he who, with Communist-friend Dean Acheson, drew up the plan to give

all our atomic defenses over into a United Nations world police force or

dictatorship, as soon as the Soviets would agree to inspection of their war

plants, inspection not by Americans, mind you, but by persons appointed by

the Jewish inspired United Nations! Mr. Baruch's trap may be spring on us at

any time, for our government has publicly committed us to the plan.

     During the past two centuries thousands of Jews have inter-married with

the British aristocracy. For the most part, they retain the names of the

once great Anglo-Saxon families; they had the estates; they speak English

with a British accent. They had developed a great deal of loyalty to Britain

and almost forgot they were Jews until the war with Hitler subjugated them

for Zionism. Many of these English Jews are fine individuals, physically and

intellectually; many are three-fourths or more Anglo-Saxon.

     There are also many handsome French and Spanish Jews, though not very

tall as a rule; and some of their women, like some of the English and German

Jewesses, are quite attractive.

     Only by such interbreeding with other racial elements, with tall and

handsome people, can the Zionists raise up a breed of "tall...handsome" Jews

for Israel. For like begets like; you cannot bread up a line of race horses

from plow horses or mules. The genes of your ancestors determine whether or

not you are to be tall and handsome.

     This strange adoption of the racial ideals of another race is a

tantalizing phenomenon. It reminds me of the theory of some students of

ethnology that the reason the Jewish propagandists hate and ridicule the

"pure Aryan" Anglo-Saxons and other northern Europeans is that they are

jealous of the fair complexion and the refined features. Mr. Higger's Jewish

Utopia tends to confirm this theory.

                           BLOND JEWISH CHILDREN?

     Reports almost incredible are coming out of Israel to the effect that

many of the children, unlike their mothers and fathers, are blonds, even

with northern European features. An article by Adrian Crawley in the London

Daily Telegraph of May 25, 1938 said:

     "Fair hair and blue eyes are so common in Zionists that not even the

most blatant Anglo-Saxon can prove his identity."

     Anne Sharpley in the London Evening Standard of November 6, 1956 says

of a Jewish couple in Israel:

     "She and her husband are dark haired, but by the same strange alchemy

that affects all Israel-born children, their baby son is fair haired Israel-

born Israelis (called Sabras) can be immediately spotted all over the

country. They are bewilderingly blond and big. If you saw them in

White chapel you would swear they were Sweded."

     Blue eyes and light hair come from the genes of only one race in the

world, the northern or Nordic, from mostly around the Baltic. There are

light brunette Nordic strains (with fair skin) but no other race produces a

strain with blue or grey or light hazel eyes and red, blond or light brown

hair. Wherever you see these characteristics you see evidence of Nordic

ancestry. Whether Jew or African, Chinese or American, Italian or Spanish,

the individual with these features is at least part Nordic.

     Whence comes the "blond blood" in Israel of this generation? A brief

item in the California Jewish Voice of June 28, 1957, may be related to this


     Tel Aviv (JTA) (for Jewish Telegraph Agency) Many children and

teenagers brought to Israel recently have developed deep personal problems

as a result of the sudden awareness that they are Jews, Moshe Kol, head of

the Youth Aliyah movement reported here.

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