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Willie Martin

22752 Arapaho Rd.

Justin, Texas 76247

(940) 648-8030

[email protected]

Lance Olson

27' Vega Travel Trailer sold to Linda Foster for $3000.00 on 8\6\03. Paid $500 cash for a down

payment on 8\6\03. On 8\9\03 paid $1000 cash and $1500 in a check (check No. 5380) for the remaining amount owed on the trailer for a total amount of $3000.00. Check from Willie Martin.

Re: Check No. 5380

This is to certify to everyone concerned with the purchase of a Travel Trailer from Mr. Lance Olson, that his check WILL NOT CLEAR THE BANK until Mr. Ben Blunt, Vice President of the First National Bank of Paducah, Texas 79248 (806) 492-3508 has the title to this trailer in hand.

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Buyer   (Linda Foster)                                                  Date

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Seller    (Lance Olson)                                                  Date

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