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Due to the fact that the Jew Riain telling all his lies, and I found this old report from “Williams Intelligence Summary,” I thought you might like to know more about Jewish subversion and treachery over the years. This is about David Lilienthal a Jewish spy and traitor that as plying his trade, the trade of subversion and treason, so much a part of Jewish life.

Make no mistake about it they are still betraying America that gave the Jews a safe refuge from a world that hates them. That is the reward America and its people get from this ungrateful bunch of devils; betrayal and treason.

Sabotaging American Defenses: David Lilienthal sabotaged American atomic defenses. The facts are self-evident. The hydrogen bomb blueprints were sufficiently advanced over two years ago (1948) that the Atomic Energy Commission should have started then to build the bomb. Lilienthal, as head of the commission, was responsible to see that the new weapon was pushed with all facilities at his command. Lilienthal did not push it. He let the secrets gather dust and when the President became aware that the super bomb was on the blueprints but not being built, WHILE (Jewish) SPIES HAD GIVEN THE SECRETS TO THE SOVIETS, Lilienthal argued publicly and privately against building the weapon. Up to the very week when President Truman decided to build it, Lilienthal argued against it. He thus convicted himself, and his sneak resignation should not be allowed to hide his guilt.

Newspapers reporting the Fuchs case showed that the hydrogen bomb secrets were given to Russia probably as early as two years ago (1948). Public officials, and perhaps the most reliable authority of them all, General Leslie Groves, concede that the Soviets are now far along toward completion of the new weapon, while America is only breaking ground.

An International News Service dispatch from Berlin, February 19, 1950 announced: “Authoritative Allied sources said tonight it has been learned Russia started building a hydrogen bomb last September (1949) and the Soviets are confident they will be able to test it successfully by this summer.” Another source, with a high score of accuracy, declares that the Soviets already have completed three hydrogen bombs.

Thanks to Zionist Lilienthal (Jew), America now is in second place in the race for survival. The sabotage is so evident you would think Mr. Truman would have had the Justice Department file charges against the traitor who thus abused the President’s trust. But Truman has not said a word. You would think all Washington officialdom would be in a fever, demanding justice. But not a voice has been raised to fix the blame where it belongs.

Is the invisible government, the Zionist machine, so powerful tat it can silence every elected official, while its agent commits such high treason? This is the most masterful job of sabotage in history, unless you count the aggregate effect of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s (a Jew) appeasement of and aid to the Soviet machine over a period of years.

It becomes clear now why the Jewish political power was invoked in a total war to suppress opponents in the spring of 1947 and make a reluctant United States Senate confirm the Truman appointment of Lilienthal to head the Atomic Energy Commission. The Jewish power machine, like its agent, Lilienthal, was highly pro-Soviet. By controlling the heart of America’s weapons production it could let the Soviets get ahead of us.

Republican Senator Bricker of Ohio and Democratic Senator McKellar of Tennessee fought back to block confirmation. The smear bund tarred them with all the nasty little smear words in their arsenal, including “anti-Semitic.” I saw a stream of reports throughout the ten week battle showing that Jewish henchmen surrounded Senators, reminded them in various was of the power of the minority machine to destroy public men, and to “promote”an obliging servant.

Skeletons were dragged out of closets. Whispers went round, about “buried bodies” which, if dug up and exposed to public view, would cut short some famous political careers. Some Senators could not forget that powerful newspapers and other interests in their respective states were Jewish-owned and fighting for Lilienthal. Senator Vandenberg stooped to his lowest level of New Deal catering, leading the fight for confirmation, against the interests of the Republican Party and his country (As you can see the leaders of the Republican Party will sell out in a heart beat to Jewish interests, even when it is against the best interests of their country. So the antics of the Republicans today is nothing new). Brewster of Maine joined the parade. So did Hickenlooper; to the surprise and consternation of many of his friends.

Lilienthal’s pro-Communist record was well known: a member the National Lawyers Guild (which still opposes our making the hydrogen bomb), a Zionist, a Marxist, a sponsor of the Southern Conference of Human Welfare, a companion and apologist for Communists. Had he been in the Army, so seasoned Intelligence officer would have “cleared” him for promotion to corporal.

Newspapers carried Lilienthal’s communist record. My booklet, The Anti-Defamation League and Its Use in the World Communist Offensive,” showing the power of organized Jewry behind Lilienthal, came off press during the battle and went in quantities to Congressmen and Senators. One Senator ordered 100 copies by air mail. I had a multitude of reports showing that the booklet was read eagerly behind closed doors. But not a voice was raised to identify the sinister machine in public. In the sorry spectacle, the mighty U.S. Senate bowed before the alien power, voted America down the Volga by 50 to 31. Organized Jewry had triumphed over intimidated Christendom. Thirty-one Senators had braved the smear terror.

Last year (1949) when Senator Hickenlooper became alarmed and dared to charge Lilienthal with “incredible mismanagement,” the Senator was generally discredited by a propaganda machine with infiltrees or ignorant aides throughout the American press and radio. The proselyte Bishop Oxnam, true to form, came out for Lilienthal. The Associated Press reported (June 25, 1949) that the “60th convention of the Central Conference of American rabbis recorded their approval of the administration of the Atomic energy Commission under Chairman David Lilienthal” and that the conference urged that the atomic project be kept in civilian control. Once more the Jewish power machine won; the investigation of Lilienthal was abandoned.

It is too late to repair the damage. But it is not too late to demand that the arch-criminal be brought to trial. It is not too late to write, wire and telephone Senators and Congressmen, not too late for delegations to call on editors and public officials, demanding that Lilienthal be brought to trial. Let us hope that it is not too late to convict and shoot the most accomplished traitor in recent years.

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