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dear barry, thanks for your item... do you know the site, move on....  i just

recently subscribed to it and added in my essay, ten commands... all best,


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Make war exorbitantly expensive so common people and even uncommon people

will believe they are getting something important. The great

turn‑of‑the‑century economist Thorstein Veblen‑‑who so adroitly documented

and labeled this value of "conspicuous consumption"‑‑has left to us the

application, not only to further capitalize it but also to "make a killing"

with capital gains.


Create suspicion around all skeptics and always have increasingly expensive

military hardware proposals so peace initiatives are seldom given serious

consideration. Advance ludicrous peace proposals on occasion to show

absurdity of counter plans to ''military intelligence." Use oxymorons to

military profit.


Always use slogan language closely related to the science, facts and

fantasies of the popular culture. The great film actor and two term

President, Ronald Reagan, used us and Star Wars with uncanny skill, borrowing

his scripts and scenes from Star Trek. Our proto‑economists and Pentagon

potentates skillfully went "off budget" with many military expenditures and

relied exclusively on military lexicons for terms like preparedness,

security, "peace is our profession," strategic defense systems, smart bombs

and patriotism. Desert Storm was a logical consequence of desert invasions.

Make the reports show provoked response and self defense. Mirage derives from

mirages.  Spuds scrub, reversing the scrubbing of spuds, our old familiar

term for potatoes, in the Kitchen...

       Use colorful language.


Engage in brinkmanship in staff and material allocations which cast doubt on

the patriotism of any and ALL skeptics. However, create rumors and

speculations that the brinkmanship is a modest response to gargantuan threats

from "evil empires."


Show dramatically the unemployment threats to civilians when military

cutbacks are proposed for deficit reduction. Deny ignorance and incompetence

in transition from defense spending to civilian development.


Isolate and intimidate any doubters of valiant militarism.


Propose multilateral support from allied tribes. Appear generous with special

materials. Never appear to be causing hardship to enemy civilian populations.


Finance propaganda on disloyalty and subversion from within and blatantly

show treason and terrorism by depressed, unassimilated ethnics of the same or

related background of the alleged enemy.


Create. manipulate and distribute military media, toys, medals, photographs,

and ribbons which support the credibility of war solutions in other eras,

using not only our own history but that of current allies (being careful

never to indicate that have been arch enemies in other wars).


Appear honorable even when behaving in the most dishonorable ways of war.

Pretend that the worst losses we have suffered are due to some scrimping of

loyalty or some error of judgment of an unpopular military commander, leading

astray his troops. Sacrifice occasional commanders when circumstances are

propitious. Make martyrs of lost‑troops such as the servicemen "lost" at

Pearl Harbor and "gallantly" sacrificed on Iwo Jima. Closet the most

traumatic reports of suffering as military secrets except when reports can

show perfidy.


Be stingy with the honor of martyrdom. Create a generous supply of live

heroes with very few disabilities. Avoid letting any disabilities verify the

horrors of war. Be very, very careful to judge the appropriate number of

heroes and make them all politically, socially, economically, racially,

linguistically correct... Under‑represent minority groups among the heroes,

because disgruntled minority heroes can make excessive post hoc demands

unbecoming to war causes.


Dramatize the comradeship, victory processions, and music of war. Disavow

that "since wars begin in the minds of children..."


Create splendid shrines of some utility. Spare no expense on exquisite

cemeteries, but limit occupancy so as not to show the high mortality of

militarism. (We did not miscount. The military gives many more orders than it

counts. Overkill?)


                            No One drew the line at Ten...

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