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     1). It is founded on immoral double standards.

     2). It mocks the U.S. Constitution.

     3). It encourages evasion of U.S. laws.

     4). It undermines America's national sovereignty.

     5). It erodes the individual's control of his own destiny.

     6). It pursues a donkey mentality that believes other pastures

         are always greener.

     7). It is nourished by tooth fairy notions that one can get

         something for nothing or less.

     8). It advocates a me-first philosophy that believes the end

         justifies the means.

     9). It subsidizes those who evade America's laws, at the expense

         of those who abide by those laws.

    10). It protects those who do not produce, at the expense of those

         who do produce.

    11). It grants exemption to foreign products from laws that

         Americans must honor {or go to prison}.

    12). It dissipates government revenues, causing budget deficits

         and lacd of funds for worthy projects.

    13). It erodes American living standards.

    14). It erodes Patriotism.

    15). It is a root cause of the global debt crisis.

    16). It is the root cause of all depressions.

    17). It is global socialism/communism, wrapped in a "one world" or

         "New World Order" flag.

     Since our leaders have taken us donw the primrose path of

mythical "free trade," we should not be surprised by $170 billion

trade deficits; $300-500 billion budget deficits; a $4 Trillion

national debt; the world's largest international debt; the weakest

economy in four decades despite record government, corporate and

onsumer debt; dismantling of America's wealth, and tax-generating

industries when needed most to pay our debts; declining living

standards for most Americans; and an endless list of social and

economic calamities for which advocates of a global economy have no

solution, except more of the same.

     Since this is the price of the free trade "HOAX" can there be any

doubt America can no longer afford it?

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