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Following is the text from the actual recording of John Todd, speaking to an audience. Even though we were painstaking in copying the recording exactly, there are places in the tape where either the recording is poor or the person speaking did not speak clearly. This was particularly true of the man who gave the introduction and on some names of people and places throughout the text. Some, no doubt, is our unfamiliarity with the people or places. Names and places were spelled how the sounded. Question marks were placed behind those we were unsure of.Introduction

John Todd spoke to the Pastor of the Bible Baptist Church in Alta, Maryland,who spoke to me about Brother Todd a few months ago. I don't know just when itwas, I guess close to a year ago (1978). I was talking about him, things abouthim. John is from the family line of Collins that brought witchcraft to Salem,Massachusetts. His occult name was Lance Collins and John was initiated into awitch coven at 14 years of age. He became a high priest at 18. He joined themilitary and served in the special forces in the Green Berets. His IQ tested at175. I could go on and on reading many things about him. I think his mostglorious event in his life--I'm sure he would agree--is the fact that John wassaved by the witness of a faithful Pastor, Reverend Jack Hiller, minister ofthe Capital Hills Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas. I'm sure glad that hewas saved and brought out of that which he was in. Amen? (Amen).

We thank the Lord especially for that tonight. It is a great honor and a greatjoy to introduce to our congregation Brother John Todd. I'm sure that he isgoing to say that which is interesting and challenging and is going to speak toall of our hearts. Let's give him a little of the open door and show him what'sin our hearts. Shall we? (Applause)

John Todd

One thing I'd like to say before I get started is that it never seems to failthat when I'm done, a few of my brothers and sisters in the Lord have fear intheir hearts. There is no reason to have fear in your hearts. Seems like everytime we talk about the enemy, Christians become afraid rather than stirred upand fighting mad. So I just ask that if you have this fear in your heart whenthis is over that you simply get in your prayer chamber or up front, orsomeplace with the Lord and discuss the matter with Him. There is nothing to beafraid of when it comes to the Devil. He was defeated 2,000 years ago. That'swhy I'm here--he was defeated 2,000 years ago. I think the thing that made methe most mad when I got saved was that I served somebody since a child, forover 20 years, that was defeated 2,000 years ago. I guess the only reason thatI served him is that I didn't realize who he was until I got saved and tookthat enlightenment.

I heard Brother Berry preach this morning on the Devil blinding people's eyesand the world's eyes. Take it for a fact, he can do it. For years I served himas a priest and a high priest and later as a Grand Druid and had many thousandsof people serving under me.Never once did I even realize who I was serving. There were many things Ilearned in witchcraft-- I'm not going to tell what they were--but there weremany things I learned and many things that I taught as a standard teaching inwitchcraft. As you go through apprenticeship, or as you go through what we callthe "outer Court", you're told to do things. You don't ask why, you do them. Ifyou do ask why you do them, they will tell you you're being naughty, that youshouldn't ask--mainly because they don't know. I never did know why I was doingthe things I was doing or why I was teaching the things I was teaching. Theyworked, so we did them. After I got saved, it took salvation for me to find outwhy they worked. I guess after knowing that, there's no way you can go back towhat you came out of.Very quickly tonight--it can't be very quickly, but I'll try- -I want to givemy testimony and then I want to turn it over to questions and answers. I'velearned the hard way after five years, that it's normal for me to say thethings I say, but it's astounding for you to listen to them. And I realize thatwhen the meeting's over that many things I say will be strange to Christians.Most of you grew up in Christian homes, or if you were in the world, you workednot very close to what I was into. So when I say things, to me they're everydaythings. I guess that's why we have such a successful ministry with people indrugs and the people in the occult, because they've tried to tell Christiansfor years the things they've been into and the things they've experienced andthey look at them like they're crazy. And I come along and I say, "Oh sure,I'll listen to you, I've been there." I know the same things and I'll sit thereand I'll listen and they find it very outstanding that I believe them becauseI've experienced them too. So I don't gasp at somebody when they tell methey've seen demons or floated through the air or received answers on the OuijaBoards or made people do their own will by spells, I was there. I know it's so.But, at the same time, I know how weak it is compared to what I have now.I've told witches across the United States--we went to St. Paul's when theywere going to have their convention this year, which they called off--they'rehaving it right now in Washington, D.C.; this is the last night of it. And itwas in all the front pages of the newspapers down there. Christians across theUnited States said, "You don't really expect us to believe that witches arethat organized?" No, they've just got senators and congressmen and top witchesdown there all in one convention, they are not organized, not at all! Butanyway, we were there and many witches came up to me and asked me why I wouldbecome a Christian. The witches have the opinion that either Christians are themost evil things that ever lived or they're the most foolish people that everlived. They want to know why I would become a Christian. I said because I'mmore powerful now than I was when I was a witch. That's not the reason, but Isaid it in words so they'd understand it--and they couldn't grasp that. I knowhow they feel. When I was in witchcraft, I never considered Christianity untilthe night I got saved. I never once considered it was an answer. I neverconsidered that Jesus was an answer and thought the things in the Christianchurch were foolish at the least and dangerous at the most and I guess they aredangerous to witchcraft.But to explain what I'm talking about very quickly--I come from a familycalled the Collins. Some of them have changed on this side of the AtlanticOcean from England, have changed their name to Todd back prior to the CivilWar, but that doesn't say all Collins are Todds or this family that I camefrom. But this family brought witchcraft to the United States.I was in Philadelphia the other night and I don't understand what its allabout, but after I left there, the newspaper decided that their greatestcampaign would be against me. And many things I said in my testimony they saidthey checked out and weren't so. Funny, we checked them out and they were stillso. Like many things I'll mention tonight. We even went so far as to say thatwitchcraft started outside of Salem, Massachusetts, and even named the baywhere the witches landed after the head witch, my ancestor, Frances Collins.The newspaper said that the place didn't exist. We looked at the map and it'sstill there. I don't understand quite what they're up to but, I guess theyconfused enough people to disregard it. We wondered whenever people were goingto get around to it. But anyway, I come from the Collins family. Let me remindyou that no witches were executed in Salem. There'll be a book coming outshortly on this from Schick publications. Except for one prostitute, everybodyexecuted in Salem were Christians. And they were tried and convicted by a juryand by a Pastor who was not a Pastor. He was a slave trader hired by theCollins, the church was built by the Collins, and the jury were all members ofthe Collins' church. Needless to say, they weren't Christians, they werewitches. When we were back there, we researched it. But to go on quickly so Idon't confuse you too much because I've already destroyed your high schoolhistory lesson--I have a habit of doing that--I'll destroy more than thatbefore the night's over.When I was a youngster, I started practicing witchcraft. I really cast myfirst spell when I was abut eight and I started studying for the priesthoodwhen I was thirteen. I was asked to join the outer court of the coven there inColumbus, Ohio, where I grew up, and at fourteen, I was initiated. I would liketo add to this before I go on. When the service is over, I'll be glad to talkto any Mason present and I will compare my initiation to witchcraft word forword, action for action with yours. They are identical, without change, andI'll be glad to discuss the matter with you.After that, at eighteen I was initiated a high priest. This made me the rulingPastor more or less. You see, in witchcraft, the church is a little different.Only the ministers meet and they meet once a month. The congregation doesn'teven know who's in it. They only go to their particular priest and ask for afavor, they never come together. But at eighteen I was made the high priest.That made me draft exempt from the United States Army or from the United Statesmilitary service, because all of the denominations or brotherhoods ofwitchcraft are federally recognized tax deductible churches. Therefore, theministers do not have to serve. We received 4D status but a lot of us at thattime thought it was important to get witchcraft started at the differentmilitary bases so we enlisted anyway and that was in '68 and when I wasdischarged in '70, there was a coven at every military base in the UnitedStates and Europe in all four branches of the service. So it grows veryquickly. But I served in Vietnam, came back and re-enlisted for six years andserved thirty days of my six year term--went to Germany for that time and upuntil this time, I thought that witchcraft was just being like a Baptist orbeing a Catholic. It was a religion. I didn't realize there was anything to itexcept witchcraft and this is where most witches are at. In fact, at this time,I believed in a godhead system of gods and goddesses and believed in it verydevoutly. I'd been raised in it all my life. I believed in occult power andthat's all I believed in.So while I was there in Germany one night, after taking some drugs and doing alot of drinking, I got in a shoot-out in the middle of downtown Stuttgart withan officer. The officer got killed. Now the army has a strict no-no aboutshooting officers. They don't like it. So they placed me in solitaryconfinement and there I was waiting for Leavenworth, more or less, and we'dalready offered a plea to the judge that we would plead guilty if he were togive me thirty years and call it quits. He tore it up and laughed at us, so Iwas pretty sure what was in for me and I just sat there.There were riots that had happened at the stockade just a few days prior and aman was placed in solitary confinement along with me and then released from thestockade. I got word out back to the United States by phone of the predicamentI was in. I had been in Germany such a little time that I hadn't had a chanceto start a coven at Stuttgart and I had no way of getting the word out. So aman placed a phone call to Los Angeles, collect, to my foster mother, and toldof the predicament that I was in and asked if she would forward the power tocast a spell on the jury so they'd think I was a real nice person. And that'sall I thought they would do. I've seen spells cast like this work many times.I've seen them work recently many times in the courts, but I was not expectingwhat took place.About three days after the man made the phone call, my cell door opened andthere stood a senator, a New York congressman, a couple of generals and anhonorable discharge. The honorable discharge gave no reason as to why I wasbeing discharged. I just had an honorable discharge like I had served all of mytime. I had all my time and my rank and grade, even a top secret securityclearance. I was told that my court martial records had been destroyed and thatmy military file would be placed in a top secret security clearance so nobodycould get into it. That was the end of it. The senator and congressmen left andI went to Fort Dix and drew up the rest of my papers and stuff and headed forColumbus, Ohio, scratching my head the whole time and wondering what type ofspell was so good it had senators and congressmen doing its bidding. I stilldidn't catch on what was going on.As for our lives in Ohio, I asked questions the day I arrived there and I wastold that they had been expecting me and here was an envelope with a one wayfirst class ticket to Kennedy Airport, New York City, $2,000 for spending moneyand I was to get on the next flight and they would make a phone call and tellthem I was coming. That was fine except I wanted to know who "them" were. Theysaid I would find out when I arrived. So I got on the plane, took off, landedat the airport and sure enough somebody was waiting to meet me. A person that Ihad read his books and thought was one of the greatest wizards, male witches,that ever lived and felt very privileged that I could be staying with him andlearning more about witchcraft from him.I gave his name, that I am going to give in a minute, in Philadelphia lastSunday night. I even gave his job at the time that I was staying with him.Except that the newspaper and everybody else that they called at the universityhe was supposed to be working for denied he had ever been there. Funny, I usedto sit in his classes at the university. They have a way of covering things up.He has his own college now for witches. His name is Dr. Raymond Butler and atthat time he was the head of the Anthropology Department at ColumbiaUniversity. Although Columbia University likes to say he never existed now. ButI learned with him for awhile, learned a little more in Maryland, went toCalifornia and studied some more.During this process, I began to learn what most witches don't know. That is,that the gods they've been worshiping don't exist. That they are imitated bywhat we call familiar spirits or spirit guides--demons. Witches don't like tocall them demons, they like to call them spirit guides. And that there is onlyone god. The god's name is Lucifer. Now this was a shocking thing to me becauseI was raised to believe that the devil did not exist. You see, witches aren'tSatanists. They don't believe in Satan. And I was quickly explained to thatLucifer was a good god and not an evil god, and that Jesus was the imitator.So I learned, and I learned many things both of witchcraft and I also learnedwhy the senator and politicians were there. They were there because we were thereligion of a political organization called the ILLUMINATI. I was told allabout the Illuminati in history. I was schooled in the things that it had doneand the things it was going to do and the things that I was going to do. And asI go on, if I could have the lights dimmed here and the Pastor will give me ahand, now I want to show a few things that will help explain. I don't know ifyou can take notes in the dark but if you can, I'm going to be going through itquickly, but you can go ahead. (I don't think its going to work but we'll tryanyway.) I didn't make these, Brother Barry made them and I think they have alot to be desired and I don't know if you can see them or not.The first one, this thing you see up here is on your one dollar bill and whatit is, is the seal of the Illuminati. America tells us that it's the reverseside of the great seal of the United States. The only problem is that theUnited States has never sealed one document with it, never, and never intendsto. It was in existence before the United States was in existence and I inviteyou who know your Latin to look at your dollar bills later, your one dollarbill, and down at the bottom you will see some Latin. It says this new orderthat began 1776, that means not the 4th of July but May the 1st 1776, thecreation day of the Illuminati. It consists of three pyramids and a sphinxwhich I'll go through very quickly.They have put a few blocks on there. There are hundreds of blocks in eachpyramid. This is the organization--political organization. This is the middlepyramid. This was the first one up there but I can't see it in the dark. Thisis some of the political and police organizations that they use, and we put upones that mainly concern the United States. This one of the pictures is alittle better. On the top of each pyramid you will see a capstone with an eyein it. The capstone is the Rothschild family or tribunal that rules theIlluminati. They were the creators of it. The eye is Lucifer, their god andtheir voice.At the top block is what I was initiated into, the Council of Thirteen calledthe Grand Druid Council. They only take orders from the Rothchilds and nobodyelse. They're their private priesthood. The Council of Thirty-three is directlyunder them, that is the thirty-three highest Masons in the world. The Councilof Five Hundred are some of the richest People and conglomerates in the world.This is the politics. This is the organization of witchcraft. The golden dawn,the fourth block up there, that is the Rothschild's private coven. The AquarianArts Festival is the organization that ties all of the occult brotherhoodstogether. The St. Paul, the Wicker Church of America I was a member of. TheChurch of All Worlds is located in St. Louis--these are denominations likeNorthern Baptist, Southern Baptist, Independent Baptist--The National Councilof Churches, the Satanic Brotherhood of America, Scientology. Unity is the mainplatform for witches. The Church of Wicker and other denominations, it's inGreenfield, North Carolina.Aquarian Anti-defamation League is an organization that was formed by one ofthe Grand Druids, Isaac Bonowitz and the American Civil Liberties Union. It'spurpose is to pass laws and to sue Christian churches in federal courts fordefaming witches and the occult. And they have been winning millions of dollarsin federal courts. Cultist Church of the Final Judgment is the church thatCharles Manson belonged to; I was a member of it. They believe in humansacrifice and they believe that the only answer to Christianity is to bomb thechurches and execute the Christians. The Conalian Brotherhood is thetraditional witchcraft in England, Order of the Rose Cross. Another word for itis Rosicrucians. They are a human sacrifice order. The Clothing Order of theGarter is another traditional witchcraft group.I don't know if you can--let me turn that around--I don't know if you can seethis, but this is the most important one. This is the power of the Illuminati.Without the sphinx or the mystery, the Illuminati would have no power. This iswhere all of its power comes from. If you notice, the head of it is theRothschild family and Council of Five Hundred. Under that, the Rockefeller,Dupont, Kennedy, Onassis's and other families. Queen Juliana is also on theCouncil of Five Hundred. Over in the center is the heart, the Bank of England,the Bank of France, the Federal Reserve Bank.Most people feel that the Federal Reserve Bank is a governmentorganization--it is not. It has nothing to do with the government of the UnitedStates. It is a stockholder company owned by individuals. Much of the stock isowned by non- Americans--90 percent of it. The Chase Manhattan Bank, the Bankof America and the First National Bank, the World Common Market, Standard Oil,Montgomery Wards, Sears, Federal Department Stores, Safeway Grocery, Fashions,others, we just put a few blocks up there. Shell Oil. Shell Oil is owned byQueen Juliana and Phillip Rothschild. We tell Christians across the UnitedStates that you cannot shop any day, any week, that housewives and husbandscannot shop without buying from a company that the Illuminati owns.It was about twelve years ago that Phillip Rothschild ordered- -I'll go backto my testimony in a minute, but I want to make this clear--about twelve yearsago, Phillip Rothschild ordered one of his mistresses (Ayn Rand) to write an1100 page book that would describe to all witches how they would take controlof the world through the Illuminati. It was called Atlas Shrugged. One of thethings in it is happening on the front pages of the newspapers across theUnited States right now. In fact, it spent a third of the book describing howthey would raise the oil prices and then later destroy the oil fields and thenthey would also completely shut down the coal. That was written twelve yearsago. It also described how they would blow up grain mills, how they wouldderail trains. Their sole purpose is to bankrupt their own companies and todestroy their own companies until they destroy the currency of the whole world,and still be so financially strong they would withstand it.Now to go back to my testimony while everyone gets a breath. I know youthought you were going to hear a lot about spell casting and spooky ghosts butI surprised you. I've got something more spooky to tell you. Anyway, as Ilearned all of this, I was taken up to Colorado, Colorado Springs, outside theNorad Center about a mile in the same location and placed through an initiationfor this Council of Thirteen. I then moved to San Antonio Texas where I liveduntil I was saved.I ruled the thirteen state area that I had from there. When I was saved, I had5,000 covens, in other words--churches, totaling 65,000 initiated priests andpriestesses. That's just the ministers, not the congregations. So it is quitelarge. No this state wasn't one of them, this is run by Mrs. Butler, but Ohiowas one of them so it's close enough. I lived there until I was saved on LaborDay of '72 and what led to my salvation was this. The Grand Druids meet eighttimes a year on the Witches Sabbath at various locations in the world. I notethat the last meeting that I attended which was held at the San Antonio CasinoBuilding, a courier from the London Embassy, a member of our State Department,brought a sealed courier pouch, so immigration couldn't touch it, to themeeting and left it. It had never been opened from the time it had been sealedin the London Embassy. Dr. Buckland cut the seal on it and took out six lettersthat were sealed with the Illuminati crest. The first one was money that wewere to pay here and there. Actually the Grand Druid Council is nothing butglorified bankers. They write millions of dollars worth of checks to people inreligious and political fields every month. But the last two letters led me towant to get out.I had as a child accidently attended a few Sunday School classes because I hadnothing better to do and during those classes I heard about the Book ofRevelation and a few things in it. It was very strange being back in the early'60s to hear anything like that, at least in the particular kind of church Iwas going to, kind of liberal. So I had a little background of what Christiansfelt was in their Bible. I thought it was foolish, but I had a littlebackground.Now I always kind of snickered, even though I was part of setting up a worldgovernment, I snickered that it was ever going to happen, that we were serious.It was kind of little games we were playing. As long as the Rothchilds had allthe money to spend on our plans, we went ahead and spent their money. So Inever took it seriously until I opened the last two letters. Now in the firstletter that we opened, of those last two was a chart. In that chart, it listedan eight year step by step plan for world take-over, ending in the Decembermonth of 1980. Since I have gotten out, I have not seen one thing fail or bedelayed on that time chart. I am not saying that it won't be delayed but itsgoing to take a lot of Christians doing a lot of furious praying, which Ihaven't seen yet.Next, the last letter we opened contained--now I'll have to quote it then I'llhave to explain it since witches speak English, but they say words that may notmean anything to you. It said, "We have found a man who we believe to be theson of Lucifer. We believe that through his work and our backing, he can becomethe ruler of this world, stop all wars and bring peace, finally to thiswar-stricken world." Now that literally meant that they had found a person sofantastically powered that he could convince people he was their onlysalvation. Now that literally meant in Christian terms, he was possessed likenobody you had ever seen.After reading that on August 1, '72. I decided it was time to look elsewhere,to get out. Now this hadn't been a new idea. Before I was made a Grand Druid, Ithought about getting out but they had a young actress in California that wasordered executed and left hanging by one foot with her throat cut, which is oneof the Taro Cards, to tell all witches that she had betrayed witchcraft andthis was her death. And after seeing this and what happened to Sharon Tate, Idecided to stay in. But now I wanted out. I didn't know how to get out. Ididn't consider Christianity at all a way out but I wanted out.So a month rolled around and I got deeper involved in drugs. In fact, thenight I was saved, I weighed 149 lbs because I was doing $150 a day worth ofmethadrane speed, mainlining it. What the street people call crystal. So I wasliterally in a paranoid mess anyway because it was a drug and all the planshadn't made me any more restful. So one night, or one morning, excuse me,Saturday afternoon, morning, a Baptist preacher came across me in one of ouroccult stores. He was there because overnight, just about, he had come torealize witchcraft was real, not what he had always considered a fable, witchesflying on broomsticks with warts on their noses and pointed hats. The way hefound it out was he found his daughter was an initiated priestess of awitchcraft cult. He'd caught her casting spells in her bedroom one night. So itbecame very real to him and after much prayer and fasting he decided to trackdown a few witches and see if he couldn't witness to them. He wasn't gettingthrough to his daughter. He thought that he might go to the head of it and ifthey got saved, his daughter would get saved.So he found me in one of our occult stores called the Spanish Bazaar there inSan Antonio and started to witness to me. He knew who I was because I was goingby my witchcraft name, Lance, and everybody about the town had seen me ontelevision, radio and newspapers talking about witchcraft. So he startedwitnessing to me and I told him in certain profanity that I didn't care for itand I would like him to leave. So when this failed, he decided what he shoulddo. He said, "I call on the name of Jesus and I command Satan to stopcommunicating with you supernaturally and I break your power of witchcraft'till you come face to face with the gospel. Then I command your mind to be setfree so that you can perceive the gospel and make your own mind up." Now thiswas necessary in my condition because I didn't have my own mind. And then heleft--and I thought he was crazy--so I went upstairs and did some more drugsbecause I couldn't understand why I was feeling the way I was feeling. And thatwas not too well at that moment.So that night I didn't have anything to worry about. I did all my drugs upbecause I was expecting a very large shipment of drugs to come across atLaredo, Mexico. Except that something happened that had never happened before,the drugs got busted! The wrong guard that was not on our salary was on theborder that night. They even brought the wrong cars across that had the wronglicense numbers. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong and theshipment was busted and I was without drugs. So I found out about it. I made afew phone calls around different areas in the United States trying to find somedrugs that could get to me very quickly because most people already used theirsup who were into it and I was told that I could have some Tuesday morning.That's a long time to wait for an addict as bad as I was.So about Monday night, Labor Day night, as I was going through withdrawal, Igot into my car, started driving it out of the parking lot and almost drove itinto the river. So I left it there and I went for a walk. I walked about fouror five blocks when I came upon a movie theater. Now it was just an everydaymovie theater, still there to this day, shows just regular pictures, notanything to do with the Christian Church. So I thought I was pretty safe, paidmy money and went in, sat down about three rows back and I was going to getright into the movie. The movie was called "The Cross and the Switchblade".(Audience laughed) That may seem funny to you but it was not funny to me at thetime. So I sat there trying to make wisecracks at the movie all night andbecame interested in Mickie Cruz.See, you think with one mind--and I think with the same mind now as aChristian--but as a witch, I thought with a different mind. Dave Wilkerson wasthe enemy and Mickie Cruz was the hero. So I sat there and I thought that waspretty good, you know, nothing wrong with him and then he got saved. Now thatterm meant nothing to us, but when he changed from the old Mickie Cruz to thenew Mickie Cruz, that did something, that was impossible! The cornerstone, orthe whole flat floor of witchcraft--you can't cast a spell, you cannot mix apotion, you cannot do a rite without a firm knowledge of astrology. It is thebase for all practices in witchcraft. And one of its teachings is you are bornof a set personality, there is nothing you can do to change from that setpersonality. Mine was pretty raunchy as it was. So as Mickie Cruz changed, thiswas a miracle not understandable to any witch. So I was going out of there in avery confused state of mind.As I walked out the door not realizing really much of anything that hadhappened, even to the point that I forgot I was even going through withdrawal.I walked out and a young man walked up to me and handed me this tract; said,"Here, this is for you." He turned around and walked off. Didn't hand anybodyelse a tract, just left and the tract was called "Bewitched". It was onwitchcraft.Now I was raised in a supernatural world. All our lives we had spent listeningto the spirit guides. Now since that preacher had prayed for me, my spiritguides had not said a word to me. I was in a vacuum, much described like, haveyou ever gone through a trial when you pray and pray and you don't feel likeyou are getting through? Well, that's the way I felt and nothing was comingthrough and I was in a vacuum. After fourteen years of depending upon thesespirits to tell me everything to do, nobody was telling me anything because thepreacher had taken the authority over them and ordered them to be quiet.As I was reading the booklet, I had sense enough to know something was tryingto get to me, something was trying to get through. But none of my spirit guideswould be giving me a book on witchcraft that was telling me the Devil wasbehind it. So I threw the book away in a keener state of confusion than I hadever been in and I walked back to where my apartment was in the CasinoBuilding. It consisted of several nightclubs back there and I walked into oneof the clubs, Aquarius, walked to the back of the club, sat down in the officeback there by myself and tried to pull things out.Now I had spent several hours trying to think of a Christian church that Icould go to and ask questions of that we didn't own the minister of. That mayseem kind of strange to you, but as an ex-Grand Druid, it is not strange atall. Much of what you see in Christian churches that you just think isliberalism is pay-off- ism. I'll go over that more simply. They take in themoney and reject the Lord. It's kind of hard for a minister who is not sold outto God to turn down a half million dollars that's laid down as a bribe--andthey can get even higher. In fact, one church I know of, got eight milliondollars in two years and another got ten million in one year. So they canreceive the money.Anyway, I didn't have a membership list with me so I didn't know who we ownedand who we didn't and I was afraid to call the wrong Pastor because that couldget me killed. So I sat there thinking for a little bit and I remember that thenight before one of our witches that was a prostitute in the downtown area hadcome screaming into the night-club about a coffee house called The GreengateClub. Strange place. It used to be a burlesque place about three months priorto that when a minister came in and preached an uninvited revival. The revivaltook fifteen minutes and twenty people got saved including the dancers,bartenders, the band, people in the congregation and the husband and wife thatowned the place. So when they got saved, they decided to turn it over to aBaptist church that they were going to--the Baptist church that was fasting andpraying for me.Now don't confuse Jack Pator with the Pastors she meant. He was from anotherchurch--he couldn't get his church to pray and fast for witches. His churchthought he was crazy when he said "witch" so he called on Capital hills whichwas well known for working in the power of God and they asked for people topray and fast. They got about five hundred people to pray and fast over thatweekend that I'd get saved, and I firmly believe that they had a lot to do withit. So she told me about this place and she wanted us to burn it down, buy itout, or something, because it was ruining her business. I mean, here's aprostitute propositioning a soldier and here's somebody over here preaching theword of God to him. It doesn't work. So she was very upset.I decided I would go look this place up. So I walked over by the bus station,went in, it was about two in the morning. The place was supposed to close atmidnight. Now I firmly believe that God breaks coke fountains. Because I wentin there, the manager had stayed to fix the coke fountain that had broken downjust as he was ready to close. I walked in and he started witnessing to me andit was fine for about, Oh, 45 minutes to an hour and then I brought upwitchcraft. So with a white kind of face, he called up the Pastor and said,"I've got this, you know, witch down here." The Pastor said, "Well, we've beenpraying and fasting that he'd get there. Go ahead and witness to him. We'lljust call everybody up and start praying." So they started praying and hestarted witnessing more; started showing me things in the Bible, startedpraying for me. Pretty soon he was praying and I was praying and I was saved.I've never forgotten it.You see, I was born in a witchcraft family where I inherited everything myparents had. In other words, I inherited their demons or ones like the onesthey had. So I was never free from the time the doctor spanked me on the bottomin the delivery room until that night in '72. You may have felt grateful yougot saved; but I don't think you felt as great as I felt when I got saved. Wemay argue that point. But for the first time, I could think for myself withoutthis cotton in my head is about the only way you can describe it.My decision was that if they killed me going out of that place, then I'd diehappy. I walked out, not really thinking about any danger.Later that night, I was back to saying that I'd like to live long enough toenjoy this. My reason for that is that you don't leave witchcraft once you'reinitiated. You're in. To prove this point, since my salvation, there have beenabout five hundred people phased out of witchcraft. That's not very many. Weknow how many millions are in. Fifty of them have been killed in five years. Mylife is in danger all the time, my wife and myself and all people that havecome out.They start at $10,000 bounty and work up to several hundred thousand. But it'snot just witches. I have a few contacts still back in the Illuminati that willdo me favors every once in a while. They don't understand why I want to be aChristian but they don't think that I am all that bad. When I had them run acomputer check through on the computers they have in New York that the occultown to keep tabs on everybody, and I wanted to check out what Christianministers I might know that had this same problem, there were various namesthat came up. They've got $100,000 on one man's head. Jack Schick of SchickPublications, Dr. Van Effie, Joe Boyd, Dan Hartrey, and my Pastor and manyothers to go on and on. They have felt such a danger to them that they havedecided that they are better dead than alive and are willing to spend millionsof dollars to make sure it happens.So it is a warfare, and it goes on, and it's getting worse and worse. We hadto pray much before we came out to the east coast. Everybody thought I wascrazy to move to L.A. to minister to the people out there. They don't know theeast coast! It's been an experience and we ask that you pray for us as we goaround ministering. My wife is usually with me on the road but she had to goback to Los Angles on an emergency. We ask that you will pray for her while sheis on the road. I think what I'll do now is simply open it for your questionsand I hope I have the answers. If you have a question, just raise your hand.QUESTIONS: (Unable to hear)ANSWER: This was planned. Let's see if we can do this without turning thelights off. Yeah, we can. That's a little better than what was up there. I drewthose. These are pieces of jewelry that were traded, by divine instruction, tovery important people. Christians are astonished when I tell them that thegreatest wizard that ever lived, male witch, was Solomon. When he backslid, hereally backslid. As great as his writings are in our Bible, they are as greatin the witchcraft Bible. The very initiation rites, how to prepare a witchcraftBible, how to conjure demons up, everything, even how to commit humansacrifices are writings he created.One of the tricks they could play on Christians was to put this jewelry aroundtheir necks and on their hands. The reason is, this stuff attracts demons. Theycling around where it is. If you're shocked at seeing the Star of David upthere, that's because it's just recently been called the Star of David. Forthousands of years it was called the Hexagram or the Crest of Solomon.Now when a witch wants to practice witchcraft she will get into the pentagram,that's the five pointed star in a circle-- that's their strongest form ofprotection. Then they will lay the six pointed star, that's the hexagram--whichmeans to hex or to practice black magic, or to put a spell on somebody--theywill put it in a circle on the floor and this will cause the demon to appear attheir instruction. It is the most evil thing in witchcraft. I know I may not begetting through to you, but I'm trying to get through to you that it'sdangerous to have. The pentagram, the pinnacle with the one point up meansdemon or Satanism. It is interesting to note that the Easter Star circle is atwo points up, five pointed star. This symbolizes the goathead which Satanistsbelieve is the representative of the Devil. They use the goat head to worshipit like they are worshiping the Devil.The Ankh means that you despise virginity, believe in fertility rites,practice fertility rites, and worship the sun god, Ra. The sun god Ra is theEgyptian name for Lucifer.The peace symbol up there is not the peace symbol. I didn't have to do theinitiation that contained the broken cross because I was born into witchcraft,and that wasn't necessary, and people who have no Christian background do nothave to do it. But if a person raised in the Christian church, whether theywere Christian or not, wanted to join witchcraft, they would take a ceramiccross, turn it upside down and break the cross bars down, symbolizing theirrejection of Calvary and the Christian church. This is said to bring you peaceof mind while you practice witchcraft. That's where it got the name "peacesymbol" from. We called it the peace symbol for the last twenty years, theycalled it the broken cross for several hundred. Now which are you going tobelieve?After that you have what is called the Unicorn's Horn, or the Italian Horn iswhat they're calling it now so they can sell it. It means literally, thetranslation of it is you trust the Devil for your finances. If you don't trustthe Devil for your finances, don't wear it. I can guarantee it would have justthe opposite reaction in a Christian's life.The last symbol is the symbol that initiated priest and priestess covenmembers wear to show they have been initiated. Christians ask me, what has thisgot to do with the Christian Church. You know we don't have to worry aboutthat. This morning, we had a young man we cast demons out of, the young man whogot delivered from this, had an initiation scar on his wrist, was a counselorand a member of the Word of Life ministry. The Word of Life Christian Clubministry! They are everywhere people. The young lady who took my place, grewup, was raised, and was a member of the Thomas Foe Baptist Church, Lynchburg,Virginia, Jerry Falwell's church. Jerry doesn't know it, but that's where shegrew up and was raised and she now sits on that Council of Thirteen. So theyare everywhere.Question: There's a minister in this town, the pastor of one of our churches,who has been holding seances. I'd like you to comment on that and also a secondquestion, I'd like you to comment on the Bilderbergers and the Tri-LateralCommission.ANSWER: The Bilderbergers are the council of Five Hundred. I didn't think youwould know that term so I didn't use it.QUESTION: I've studied the conspiracy for a number of years and I concur withwhat you've said. The Tri-Lateral Commission--I wonder if it is a part of theIlluminati?ANSWER: I'm sure you couldn't see the pyramid, but it was on the pyramid. TheTri-Lateral Council is the inner council of the C.F.R.--the Council on ForeignRelations, which is the American name for the Illuminati. Every member who sitson the C.F.R. or Tri-Lateral council is an initiated member to the Illuminati.QUESTION: Unable to hearANSWER: That's what I'm trying to say, yes. They are not up there without fullknowledge and they are hand picked by David Rockefeller, the leader of theIlluminati in the United States, Okay?QUESTION: Now will you comment on the seances?ANSWER: I don't know, I wouldn't know of an estate. My answer to the questionis, here's a good guess, that's because the United Methodist Church hasaccepted the Omega Brotherhood, an organization started in Phoenix by theUnited Methodist members who believe that seances are Christian practices. Andit is now accepted in the United Methodist Church. So he can do that and not bekicked out.QUESTION: Would you briefly outline the steps remaining in the world take-overplan between now and 1980?ANSWER: I don't know if you all heard that, I'll repeat it for everybody'sbenefit. Would I repeat the steps remaining in the world-take over plan, if thePastor has no objection. I can. The reason I ask this is it can be prettyfrightening and pretty unbelievable. I like to leave that 'till the lastquestion so they'll believe everything I've said before I say this. Theyusually reject everything after that. They're just sitting around in shock.What remains is, they're in a process of trial and error right now, andthey're testing. Last year they tested what it would be like to be without fuelto heat our homes. This year they're going to see if they can't starve you,absolutely shut all electricity off on the east coast. Now the book ended,Atlas Shrugged, the time table ended with this, "When the lights of New YorkCity go out for the last time, we will have the world." Now that meant this,they are hoping towards the end, to cut the cities off completely. There willbe a teamsters strike again. They are in a process of destroying all storedfood and farm lands in a farmers' strike, so that we will be without any foodin the cities, or in the countries, or anywhere except what is in federalstorehouses. They will strike so that no planes, air controllers will strikeand nothing will fly over the skies of the United States except militaryflights. The longshoremen will strike and nothing will come off the boats. Andthe train engineers will strike and nothing will move. In other words, nothingis going to move at all. Now if you live in a large city, how are you going toget your food if they don't bring it to you? Everything will be paralyzed,nothing will move. At the same time we will be in riots and revolution withinthe United States, in fact, the whole world will be in it.It seems strange that Christians cannot grasp that a mass murderer likeCharles Manson wanted to be released at Christmas. You should have heard thevote when he was up for release a month ago. He was kept there by two votes-twovotes kept him from leaving prison. Now they didn't want him out and let meexplain something. He did not go there because the jury found him guilty. Theycould not have sent him to prison if the Illuminati did not want him to go. Hewent there for a reason. And we have talked with prison officials across theUnited States and people who are in the motorcycle clubs, and so on, and wehave received the same answer. They have been united.There is a mass army within every prison from coast to coast. They have beenpromised weapons, military weapons. To verify this, the U.S. Army has said, andso has the Marine Corps, that in the last five years, they have lost half oftheir small arm weapons to theft in the United States. That includes hand heldground to air heat seeking missiles that can take a DC-10 out of the sky at40,000 feet. One of the largest storehouses for these weapons is in Baltimoreand the second largest is in Philadelphia. So they are very close to you.Now he has been gathering an army outside the prison, it amounts to 100,000professionally trained military people. They have been hiring ex-Green Berets,rangers, maybe, to train them in Camp Warner (?) down in West Virginia, to giveyou an example. To train them in pressure force tactics. Everyone of them istrained as a Green Beret--that is very well trained. Manson will be releasedeither next year or the year following, they haven't decided yet. I'll saythis, the one thing that will hopefully delay it is if they don't get the gunlaws passed. These people refuse to go out and cause havoc if somebody's goingto be shooting back at them. So I can promise that all guns will be confiscatedbefore they start their move.Now they have been promised they will get this country. What they don't knowis they have been set up just so they will kill a certain amount of people. Thefigure at present is that in the first year one million people will bebutchered. I use that term because that is about how to describe what willhappen. I can leave it to your imagination and your prayer life as to who'sscheduled to be killed.Next, this is just so they can get the National Guard called out. Theyrecently passed a law that gives the President the right to suspend theconstitution and Congress and call martial law and call out the military. Nowthat would seem too harsh to us right now but what happens when millions ofpeople are getting shot at and killed? And we'll be calling for it to happen.That's one of the steps, some of the stuff that's coming out. Some of it islegislation that's being passed right now. House bill 41 went through the Houseand is before the Senate now. If it is passed, it will pull much of the federaltax deductions status from many Christian churches. The ones that keep it, thepeople who give to them, their names will be printed with their addresses,their phone numbers and their work addresses of every giver in every postoffice in the United States. Called Bill 41. This will give those radicals yourdwelling address and where you work so they can come to look you up. Anotherone is the martial law that has just been passed.Another one is the anti-hoarding act. It is, the one thing they fear; see, thewhole thing is if you can be independent of federal help, their plan won'twork. You must be dependent upon the government for every bite of food, everylight bulb in your house, and every warmth that you feel coming to your home,you must be dependent upon them. Now the anti-hoarding act forbids you to storeover one month's food supply, to store medical supplies or fuel supplies over amonth at a time. There's a reason for it--their reason.The last one is called the Genocide Act, some of you may have heard of it.They defeated it eight years ago but now it looks like it's going to getpassed. It's before the Senate now. They can put you in a federal prison forconverting somebody from the faith that they were born into by their parents.In other words, if you convert a Catholic, a Jew, or a witch and their parentspress charges, you can go to a federal penitentiary for it. And it's gettingready to pass now.QUESTION: I kind of wonder if you could tell us whether or not witchcraft isdirectly connected with Communism?ANSWER: Well, you're talking to an ex-Illuminatist who knows there's no suchthing. Anybody coming out of the Illuminati will tell you that the Communistparty is run by the Illuminatists, not Communists. Sometime history will showit. Sometime back in 1776, Abram Pike, then head of the Illuminati, also theheads of the nations at that time, said that they needed to create a politicalparty that would frighten the world and keep it fighting each other until theycould bring peace to the world. And then, Karl Marx showed up.Now if you go to the British Museum, you could find two checks for severalthousand pounds made out to Karl Marx, signed by Nathan Rothschild. Ok? And Ican go into much history about the Communist party, how Lenin and Trotsky bothstayed at the Cluff Mansion in New York financed by Rockefeller, Crouss, andSchiff and others. And how they took four million dollars worth of JacobSchiff's gold to finance the revolution. Sailed from New York harbor wheretheir ship was confiscated by the British government when they tried to run theblockade during World War I. How Woodrow Wilson called and ordered theirrelease so America wouldn't go into war, and how they were sent on their way.This much is history. Yes.QUESTION: What does witchcraft have to do with the Masons?ANSWER: Well, other than that the thirty three highest Masons are on theCouncil of Thirty Three, other than this, Masons do not realize that they havetaken some of the same rites that make a person a witch. They have taken thesame rites to become a Mason, except that we cut our wrists and they don't cuttheir wrists, that's the only difference. It is exactly the same. I can lay outa drawing of our temple plan, your temple is laid out the same. I can describeour witchcraft rites, yours are exactly the same. We have been doing it for8000 years. What's your excuse?QUESTION: What about the Knights of Columbus?ANSWER: I wish you could have seen the organization (on the earlier overheadprojection). Let me read off the organizations real quick. I'll get a piece ofwhite paper behind them, Baha'i Faith, American Civil Liberties Union, theScottish Rites. By the way, witchcraft is supposed to be the old religion ofScotland. The York Rites, the Jaycees, and I want to explain about the JuniorChamber of Commerce. We, the Illuminati, needed a group to fund, to send fundsto finance the training of radical groups that will be used later. The JuniorChamber of Commerce was the group chosen to do the funding. The Masonic Lodges,both the white and the blue. The Knights of Columbus, the nights ofPolytheus(?) and the Odd Fellows.Now I want to say something about these lodges. That means leaders used thatorganization for their purposes. That does not mean that the members of thoseorganizations know what's going on. Clear back after our revolutionary war--youcould find this in the Adams Chronicle--John Adams wrote George Washingtonasking him to beware of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton and theirmisuse of the Masonic Lodges which Washington was a member of. Because he wasusing it, and this is a direct quote, "He was using it for Illuminati purposesand the worship of Lucifer." Now I have in my car, photostatic copies of bookshanded only to chosen ones in the thirty-second, that means just the ones theyhand picked out of the thirty-second level and the thirty-third level,describing the initiation of the thirty-third level Masons, also describingwhat they thought of Jesus. Believe me, it's not polite, and, who the true godis and the true god is Lucifer and that's in black and white out of the Masonicbooks. I've got it in my car, if it gets into a debate after this service, Ican go get them, and let you read them out of your own books.QUESTION: I want to say I had a deck of dealer cards (Mr. Todd: General Cards)you know right after James Bond kidnaped (Mr. Todd: yes, yes) of course I gotrid of them because I started getting edgy about some of the events that hadbeen taking place. (Mr. Todd: Oh, I'm sure) Yes, I was scared, (Mr. Todd: Yougot your answer from demons.) Yes, that's scary, I believe it.ANSWER: If you had read the 18th Chapter of Deuteronomy, you wouldn't have doneit. You could have been stoned to death in the old country for it.QUESTION: If the cards are up a certain way, why does that mean something thatthe cards are set up like that?ANSWER: Every drawing means something. And the demons control how they fall anduse them. But, they can only be 90% accurate. Nothing in witchcraft is ever100% accurate.QUESTION: Unable to distinguishANSWER: It's Witchcraft, called sorceryQUESTION: What is the Illuninati's plan for Israel?ANSWER: They will use Israel to gain control of the world. All nations, exceptthe United States, will go after Israel just before they take over the world,called World War III. And Jimmy Carter, with the U.S. government will step inand save Israel. Right now, Carter is losing popularity. Don't let that deceiveyou. Give him a year. He'll be a god to many people. That's all I can tell youright now. If I told you everything, I'd lose you. Ok? Just hang in there. Isaid what I said tonight five years ago and people weren't even listening. Nowthey are listening to me because they can see it in the newspaper.QUESTION: Unable to hearANSWER: Give us more time. It's short. See, they'd tried twice before. They'venever been this organized. They tried twice before in 200 years to rule theworld and came very close, once during Napoleon's time and once during WorldWar I. They came extremely close to gaining the world both times. Now, let'spray that the Lord messes up their plans one more time. I haven't seen ithappen yet, but I'd like to see it happen.QUESTION: I was invited to a coven in ?burg. Do they have a coven inPittsburgh?ANSWER: A coven down where? I'm not familiar with the town. I don't know. Iwasn't over in Pennsylvania, so I don't know. If you were invited to a covendown there, there's one down there. They don't invite you to a coven unlessthere was one there. Now I've got a question for you. Have you been playingwith a Ouija board at seances?QUESTIONER: I don't have to answer that. (laughter)(Todd:) I can only tell you that they wouldn't have invited you down thereunless you had been doing something of the occult. I'll let it go at that.QUESTION: Is rock music an outgrowth of witchcraft?ANSWER: Whew! I'll repeat that one for you. Is rock music an outgrowth ofwitchcraft? You can't practice witchcraft without it. Now when I was in there,I was president of the largest booking agency. They've had to change their namesince then, because of the publicity I've been giving them, but at the timethey were called Zodiac Productions. I knew most of the rock groups in theUnited States, still do while we live in L.A. Some of my closest friends arelike David Crosby from Crosby, Stills Nash and Young and Grand Mash and othersthat are around there and I still talk to many of them. They all are members,most of the rock groups are members of the witchcraft church. That doesn't meanthey have been initiated, it means that's their religion. And when they do asong, they'll ask the witch covens or the temple to cast a spell over that songso it will become a hit and sell.Now what takes place when a witch casts a spell is they order a lot of demonsto do things. They don't know that's what they do, but that's in essence whathappens. That means, that when you do buy an album and you take it home withyou, it's like buying a box of Crackerjacks, you get a free surprise--it'scalled a demon. It goes along with the records. Now much of the music iswritten in witch language by witches. Elton John has made the statement that hehas never written a song or sung a song that was not written in witch language.An example--Beyond the Yellow Brick Road--is 100 percent in witch language.That's why many songs you don't understand. That's why many people who listento them don't understand them until they get high on drugs and then all of asudden the meanings start coming to them. Some songs that have been written inwitch language was the whole album by Carol King, called Tapestry. The Book ofProphesy to witches is the double wide album the Beatles produced containingthe song Helter Skelter. Every song in it is prophesy--the Horse with No Name,One Tin Soldier. I could list thousands of songs that were written this way.They definitely have demonic influence behind them.Parents, I want to say this to you. Have you noticed the increase of rebellionin teenagers in the home? The reason is, it's your fault. You let them listento it. It stirs rebellion. It's not the words in the song, it's the music.Witches know it. They hit certain chords on purpose. As many people that haveworked in hypnosis like Dr. Berry when he was younger was involved in hypnosis,can tell you, the music is hypnotic. It stirs up a warlike nature in the youngpeople. Now they're going to boss me when this is over, but it's still thetruth anyway. Now if you want to baby them because you're afraid they might getmad at you and will run away from home or something. You go ahead and let themkeep on playing it because they are going to do it anyway.But, you go home and break the records and you burn the covers. Now whenwitches get saved, nobody tells them to get out of rock music. When they handtheir witchcraft items over to be burned--you don't throw them in the trashcan. That's scriptural. They hand their records over too. Because they've livedin a world of supernatural and they know the supernatural is tied in withmusic.The most perfect description of Lucifer that ever existed is in the 28thchapter verse 13 of Ezekiel on the King of Tyrus. It describes Lucifer beingcreated with musical instruments imbedded in his body. It's true. As a personwho's seen him, it's true. He thinks he is a god and therefore, he must havemusic because Gods must have music. So you can go ahead and let his music beplayed in your home if you choose, or you can become a stronger Christian andget rid of it. You're the parent. The parent's the one. The kids aren't goingto answer for it. You're the head of the house, you're going to answer for it.QUESTION: Unable to hearANSWER: No, it wouldn't be coming in at all. It's strange but it wouldn't havegotten passed without the Christian's help. See, witchcraft never sacrificesanything that they don't gain ten thousand mountains. And when they lost thebattle on purpose in court with the Mooneys that set the stage for the GenocideAct. While we were still yelling, "Yeah, get them out of those false cults andrehabilitate them," we were setting the stage for our own downfall. You don'tgive up freedom to control(?) some group without losing it yourself. Theyalways set us up this way. I'm always surprised at how easily Christians fallinto it.QUESTION: How do you feel about the John Birch Society?ANSWER: How do I feel about them. Did you see that pyramid? You couldn't see itback there could you? I'm against any organization whose leaders arethirty-third level Masons. Now he's taken off his Masonic ring in the lastthree years but he's still a thirty-third level Mason. You could not get theIlluminati to be part of it. That's why they call-the Illuminati knows thatpeople are going to find out about them. People find out about them without myhelp. Brother Berry knew about them before I came along. And so when you findout about them, the best thing they can do is call your attention towardsomething else and say that's that. So they have reflected the attention onZionism and said that is where it's at.The only problem is that most of the people in the Illuminati aren't Jews. Thefounders were Jews by birth but not religion. But most of its leaders, exceptfor the Rothchilds are Danish, Scotch or French-English. It's got nothing to dowith the Jews. My family and most of the people chosen for the Grand Druids,their family trees go back to the pagan temples in Rome and Greece and England,to the original priesthood. Some go back clear to Egypt and Babylon. It's gotnothing to do with the Jews. So I don't like them. I don't like anybody that'sa hate group for one thing and I've heard too much hate doctrine about theBirch Society. See, I'm not choosey about who I get. (laughter)QUESTION: See question restated by Mr. ToddANSWER: Did everybody understand? A person who has been in the occult and beensaved are they more troubled by demons more than a person who has never beenthere? Yes, if they haven't been through deliverancy but at the same time theyare a bigger weapon against the Devil. You can't trick a witch with falsedoctrine, they've heard them all. You can't pass off a phony Christian on awitch. You can pass a witch off onto a Christian. They've been there, they knowwhat to spot. And I want to know it, I want to know who I'm talking to. Andwhen you've lived in the supernatural world and you've dealt with demons likewitches have, it's not different when you spot them in a person who'sprofessing to be a Christian who isn't living the life.So, they are a stronger weapon against the Devil because they've served him.See, as close as we are to Jesus now, as loving and as compassionate in therelationship as we are with him now, that's how we felt about the Devil,whether we knew he was the Devil or not. And so when you're that close tosomething, you know about it. Now if you backslide, you still know aboutChristianity. If you backslide as a witch, you still know about witchcraft.It's the same thing. But they do have problems, and needless to say, the Devildoesn't like it so we are hit a little harder than maybe somebody else mightbe. But at the same time, we grow faster and stronger because of it.QUESTION: Unable to hearANSWER: Oh I didn't realize that was in there. Yes, we are starting a retreat.As I told you, many people have been killed that have come out. It's gotten sothat witches aren't trusting to come out of it now. Very few are coming outbecause of the fear and there is no place for them to go. I mean, you ask aChristian, "Will you let this witch come into your home so they have a place tostay?" And then all of a sudden you visualize people throwing grenades throughyour window and shooting up your home and you change your mind, because that isprobably what will happen. So we have decided to build a retreat in wildernesscountry, somewhere on the west coast, I'm not going to say where. An armedretreat where these people will be safe until they grow and then they caneither leave the retreat or they can stay. It will serve a double purpose, Idon't want to go into, later for Christians, but right now that's it's purposeand were believing that it will get built. We need $50,000 and in a month and ahalf since we've been trying to raise the money, our Pastor's received $25. Yousee it's kind of hard to convince Christians that a place like this is neededwhen they can go home to their safe house every night. Not realizing that for awitch to become saved, for a witch to leave witchcraft, their life is inextreme danger and they probably will be killed. It's easy to feel safe whenyou're safe. I guess that's why I feel it, because I'm in danger all the timeso I know how they feel. I've had many a close friend killed--that have becomeChristians and then killed. So we are trying to build such a retreat.QUESTION: Can certain folks possess demons who profess to be Christians and notknow it?ANSWER: I really don't think... Yeah, I guess you can because of traditionalteachings. I have to look at it from your point of view. A demon that was aChristian was at Brother Berry's church this morning and we put her throughdelivery. In other words, we cast the demons out of her. She was not possessed.A Christian cannot be possessed--I want to make that clear. But she had demonicspirits. She would try to take her life. She would go into fits of depressionwhere her prayer life could not conquer them. She hadn't in 18 months I guess,felt the joy she felt this morning after it was over. When you can no longerstand to crucify the flesh and it goes on just crucifying the flesh, then it'stime to cast out the demons. (Voice in background - this is done throughprayer.) That's how it's done. It's done through the blood and through the nameof Jesus. I'll pray. I just tell the Devil to get out. Actually, it's very welldone, if you have the faith. You could do it for yourself if you need it.Actually, they're the ones that are doing it anyway, we have to say a prayer ofrejection then we just take the authority over it but they can do the samething if they believed it.QUESTION: (Something about Charles Manson who killed Sharon Tate being releasedfrom prison.)ANSWER: Well, you've got to understand something. If Tex was a born againChristian, he would tell all. Nobody and several people were supposed to beborn again of that group, they have not told anything. If they were born again,they'd be telling all, and they're not. That's why I don't believe it. You canbelieve it if you choose, but I don't, because I know Manson, he's a buddy ofmine. I know what went on and it wasn't a mass killing, it was a contractkilling. Even the police who tried them knew that, but they didn't want topress it in the trial because they didn't think they could get a conviction ifthey pressed the conspiracy theory behind it. I talked with the police officersbehind it-- no, I don't think believe it. If Tex was born again, and he was inprison, they'd be trying to kill him for one thing. Manson runs the prison.Nothing goes down there that he doesn't give the orders to--and that's from thevarious guards that work there. So I don't accept it, I'm sorry. I came out ofthat world and I realize, let me give you this. They recently asked AnitaBryant whether Jimmy Carter was a Christian, for instance, I'll just use thisexample. I loved what her answer was. Christians are so gullible. I reallyappreciate Anita for this. She said, "You're not a Christian because you sayyou're born again. you're a Christian if you have the fruit of the spirit. Doeshe?" That's the whole question. If the fruit's there, they're Christians. Ifit's not there, then you have thorns and not apples. That's all I can tell you.QUESTION: Unable to hearANSWER: You talked about Jesus rock. That's what you're talking about. Imentioned a church earlier that we spent eight million dollars in three yearsto build. It's called the Calvary Chapel, the Pastor is Chuck Smith, it's inCosta Mesa, California. The organization that he created is called MarinoffProductions. They started Jesus rock music in churches that did not allow rockmusic. It's not what's sung or the tune it's the music. I'm going to answer onemore question, two more questions and then I'm going to turn it over to thePastor.QUESTION: Can a person being a member of a fundamental church actually be awitch and not a Christian?ANSWER: Absolutely. They've spent millions of dollars putting plants intofundamental churches around the United States. They train them in Christianbeliefs. The newest form of blasphemy by a witch towards a Christian god is tosit there and praise the Lord and act like a Christian laughing the whole time.Absolutely! That's what Regina, the girl who took my place, her greatest trustwas to keep an eye on Jerry Falwell's church while she was witch queen ofVirginia. And then when she was good at it, they made her a Grand Druid when Iresigned. So there's a lot of it. In fact, the church that reached me had fourhigh priestesses attending the church and had it in a mess until they startedfinding out what it was all about, took a hand and corrected the matter.They've tried recently to get witchcraft, mainly the Ouija board and seances inmany Christian high schools because 95% of the people inducted into witchcraftthe last several years, were inducted by their junior high and senior highschool teachers in a public school system. By teachers that were scholarshippedand trained and put through college, that were coven members, just so theycould spread witchcraft. And so we've been eliminating liberal practices atschool by using Christian schools. So now they're trying to get the Christianschools.QUESTION: Is Liberty Lobby part of the problem?ANSWER: I don't know. I don't keep tabs on that. The only thing I know aboutpolitics is what was happening when I got in, and I try to stay away frompolitics. I was very political minded when I was a witch. I try to stay veryChristian minded now and you can't do both. I'll take this one and then I'mgoing to close.QUESTION: Unable to hearANSWER: Those books aren't the same books. The two books that I have, and Idon't have any with me tonight, one was written by Charles Finney (?) who wassaved out of the Masons and another was the man, the first man executed by theIlluminati for betraying them, Captain Morgan. And this is the reason I carrythose two books, because they expose. But I don't believe that a Christian canhave books written by witches in their library and get away with it. I don'town any, I burned all of mine when I was saved.The time was turned back to the Pastor.

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