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   Building the Temple: Militant American Christians are raising

millions of dollars to aid the Israeli Jews to destroy a shrine

sacred to a billion Muslims, and to build on the site a great Jewish

temple, which they call the "Third Temple." An Israeli guide claims

that the building materials are ready, that they are preparing the

linen to dress the temple priests and young men are being taught how

to make animal sacrifice. (Grace Halsell in The Link)

   When God called Israel out of Egypt, He instructed them to make a

portable tabernacle, to house the ark of the covenant, with its

mercy-seat to receive the sacrificial blood of the atonement. (Ex.

25:8) About 400 years later, King David complained that while he

lived in a house of cedar God dwelt in a tent (1 Chr. 17:1), not

realizing that the tabernacle was only A TYPE OR SHADOW OF THE TRUE

TEMPLE that was to come. But David had blood on his hands, and had

to leave it to his son Solomon to build the temple (1 Kings 6-8),

which became the pride of Israel, until its destruction by

Nebuchadnezzar in 587 B.C.

   When the Babylonian captivity of 70 years ended, the people

restored the temple, but not to its original splendor. It was King

Herod, using 1000 specially trained priests as masons, who

completely rebuilt the temple, twice its original size. This work

took 44 years (Ency. of Jewish Religion, Holt Rinhart & Winston)

   It was this temple of which Jesus said, "There will not be one

stone left upon another," (Matt. 24:2) in the day of the Jews

judgment, which took place in 70 A.D. and again in 135 A.D. Since

that day there has been no order of sacrifice and worship like that

prescribed by Moses in the Old Covenant {Old Testament} - no annual

sacrifice, no high preist, and no blood on the mercy-seat to atone

for the nation's sins - for the nation of the Israelites had ceased

to exist as such.


ISRAEL OF THE 12 TRIBES. The Jews who established modern Israel

were/are not Semites, but descendants of the Khazars, who converted

to a form of Judaism, (based upon the Talmud, not the Bible), in the

8th century, long after the Roman destruction of the second temple

in 70 A.D. These were not Jews "returning to their home land," but

secular humanists, socialists and communists whose ancestors HAD

NEVER BEEN IN THE LAND OF PALESTINE. "They have no more claim to

Jerusalem and Palestine than do Irish Catholics have claim to

Vatican citizenship just because they profess the faith of Vatican

City." (James Warner in Christian Defense League Report, Dec. 1992)

   Willfully ignorant of these facts, many Christians are promoting

the effort to "rebuild the temple," thinking this will fulfill

prophecy and hasten the return of Christ. Some hold that the temple

will then be occupied by the anti-Christ. Classic premillennialism

holds that the Jewish economy will be reinstated (in the

"millennium"), including animal sacrifices.

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